Xperia X10 launch date disappears from SE Store; time to fear the worst?

by X10 on November 18, 2009

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Xperia X10 delayed?The official UK Sony Ericsson store recently posted an Xperia X10 pre-order page showing that the handset was expected to land on 10th February. However, the same page has now removed the date and replaced it with “To be announced” and says that the Sensuous Black version will be available “from Q1”.

Now you could read the worst into this and expect the handset has been delayed. However, my guess is that SE didn’t want all of the publicity surrounding a specific launch date. It would only be a rod up their backs as they approach this date and didn’t want to be held hostage if it was ‘delayed’ by one or two weeks, especially as they didn’t formally announce a launch date to begin with!

Given that the guys over at AllAboutPhones also confirmed a February launch date with Sony Ericsson just yesterday, I’m still hopeful that we’ll see this before MWC next year.

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