Xperia X10 getting Android 2.2 update in H2 2010?

Android FroyoWe know that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 handset will be getting an Android firmware upgrade from version 1.6 that it will ship with. However, we don’t know exactly when nor exactly what the firmware will be upgraded to.

Cnet Asia is reporting that the handset may be updated to Android 2.2 (rumoured to be the ‘Froyo’ release) during the second half of the year. They were told by a Sony Ericsson spokesperson that the upgrade “will be an Eclair variant, so it could be 2.1 or even 2.2.” Good news if true, but first things first, let the handset hit retail!

5 responses to “Xperia X10 getting Android 2.2 update in H2 2010?”

  1. I am in the UK and have had my X10 for 4 days now – yes it is running V1.6 Andriod but I can report it is superb. I had an iPhone 3G for 1 week and sent it back to Vodafone – i did not enjoy the phone although I thought the app store was superb. Not the case with my X10 however, I love this phone and although Android V1.6 is installed and is a little choppy in places, I believe it is an allround better phone than the iPhone I had previously – and the apps are good too. So far, the only disappointing thing I can report is the battery life which in my opinion is not the best – but then almost all smartphones today would seem to have this problem. So – I am no expert but whatever an Android update brings to this mobile is only good news as I am happy with it the way it is now!!