Xperia X10 Review Roundup #1

Xperia X10As we are now on the verge of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android handset hitting retail, it’s probably no surprise that a number of reviews are starting to be released. We have rounded up the main reviews that have been released thus far and will do more roundups as others are released.

The reviews we’ve seen so far seem to share a few things in common. This includes criticism over the touchscreen keyboard, the Android 1.6 implementation (rather than 2.1) as well as the touchscreen not up to par versus its competitors. However, positive impressions included the gorgeous 4-inch display, good camera quality and as well as the nice work Sony Ericsson has put through on the Mediascape and Timescape applications. Click through for the reviews seen so far.

Cnet: “The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 offers a slick, user-friendly design with a solid feature set and good call quality. Data performance was uneven, however, and the Timescape application and keyboard miss some details.”

Engadget: “The X10’s input problems alone would unfortunately be enough to turn us away from the phone within a few days’ use — we just write way too much email and way too many text messages to deal with a situation like that — but it feels like these guys are just a few minor tweaks away from a great custom platform that pairs rather beautifully with a phone that easily goes toe-to-toe with the Nexus One.”

MobileTechReview: “The good news: it’s gorgeous as you’d expect from a high end Sony Ericsson phone and it’s quite stable and quick even with pre-release firmware.”

Swedroid: (Translated) “Xperia X10 is a skilled and fast phone that you can continue to browse and to swallow most of what we throw at it without major problems. The touch sensitive screen, we are experiencing is not as smooth and as soft as competitors and this may be due to what appears to be a relatively low refresh rate, it is still fully operational.”

Stuff: “Dream specs spoiled by a slightly out of date OS. Given an update, though, the X10 could still be a winner.”

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3 responses to “Xperia X10 Review Roundup #1”

  1. This time Sony Ericsson really put in a lot of effort on the UI.
    The “Timescape” is really very useful, especially for youngster who always sms/facebook/email alot.

  2. When will these guys understand that smart-phones should be released with physical keyboards BEFORE (or at the same time as) virtual ones?? If I wanted one with a virtual keyboard, I’d probably have an iPhone!