Xperia X10 units hits US retailers

US FlagWhilst we still await for European retailers to list the Xperia X10, it appears that some US sites already have them in stock and are shipping to customers.

The cheapest price I’ve come across is from Plemix and timtechs that are selling it for $770 sim-free. I don’t imagine this includes shipping or insurance costs either. Certainly not cheap, but I suppose that’s the price of an early adopter. Have any US readers bitten the bullet? We’d love to hear from you below!

6 responses to “Xperia X10 units hits US retailers”

  1. Reading the specs, both places claim to have the phone but not the US one, it seems to be the Euro spec the one they have, which brings a lot of doubt in my mind as if no-one seems to have it for retail in Europe, how this model is already on this part of the world?.. uhhmm.. Anyways, is not that the phone won’t work here, just the 3G speeds won’t be reached, only GPRS (AT&T). I made the mistake with a M600i and while the phone has been excellent, feature and usage wise for 5 years now, I’m still stuck using GPRS only (with AT&T) and not the 3G speeds. Is my understanding that these specs work on T-Mobile.

  2. I think these are the quad-band version, Xperia SO-01B for Asian markets.
    the one for europe, the X10i has T-mobiles 1700/2100 3G bands and the one for N.A like the one to be released Rogers , the X10a will have AT&Ts 1900/2100 3G bands

  3. hey guys…I have just made a purchase of a luster white color xperia X10 with one of the e-tailers in Hong Kong. I have asked the guy before i made the purchase and the guy told me the xperia x10 (sensuous black and luster white) they are selling are 900/1700/2100 Mhz. For the previous months i have been researching for the countries which will have this T-mo USA UMTS spec, and found out Hong Kong and Taiwan are selling. (you can go to or to check this out) I am not sure if the phones really works out with our T-mo USA 3G bandwidth, but will let you know once i got the phone….peace!

  4. hey guys…i got my luster white xperia x10 yesterday, and plug in with my T-mo USA sim card. Confirm the phone supports the T-mo USA 3G network. About the phone, it has some lagging issue but not like the prototype one that lags a lot. The lag (i believe) was caused by opening too many applications. Maybe this will clear out when it got to Android 2.1 update. The timesacpe and mediascape are awesome as some reviewers or bloggers comments previously. I would say this phone can compete with Iphone as of current moment but if it is said to be an Iphone killer, then i will leave it until the latest Android OS come out to determine. Overall, this phone is worth USD774.00

  5. i want to get the xperia for sure, but i want to know if i ca upgrade it to android eclair. any replies would be appreciated