Explore a virtual Xperia X10 before you buy

Xperia X10This is superb. Sony Ericsson has released a virtual simulator for the Xperia X10 Android smartphone that allows you to try almost every feature of the phone. You can flick through menus and explore the Timescape/Mediascape apps. You can even see what the camera menu is like. For those considering buying the handset, then we suggest you have a quick try of the simulator yourself here.


11 responses to “Explore a virtual Xperia X10 before you buy”

  1. The blue “fconnect” button is on the left. Do note every region’s page has that function. My own region (sg) don’t have that function. But region “gb” one has.

  2. they should take this down, if the phone is as slow as this they wont sell many!

    After playing with this Im glad I got the HTC Desire instead, far better!

  3. mingguan,
    Yeah I tried that and it’s so cool! Ordered my phone now and can’t wait!

    I agree I couldn’t get it to work!

  4. you guys should just get the Desire, its awesome and you wont have to wait god knows how long for updates, or put up with no multitouch. Ive been a SE fan for 10 years but this disaster has turned me away, and its done me a favour!