Xperia X10 photo/video samples around London

Xperia X10 photo sampleOne of the biggest plus points of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is its imaging capabilities. Daytime photos are simply the best I’ve used on Android, I say daytime as the flash on the X10 is pretty much useless for night photography.

Anyway, to give you an idea of the camera’s abilities I took some pictures whilst in London recently along with taking some video footage. You can check these out after the jump.

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  1. Funnily enough, I was today in London and got to play with an Xperia X10 for the first time! 🙂 Overall very nice experience, love the responsiveness of the device (thanks Snapdragon!!). Mediascape and Timescape didn’t impress me as much as I thought they would, but hey, that was me playing for 5 min with it so I can’t really judge. Go Android!

  2. I got this phone last week but I am so disappointed with it.
    It advertised to have the best camera among the Android phones on the market so far, but the camera application with the phone is soooooo bad.
    First, you took a photo and you would like to see whether it is good or not, but when you enlarge it, no matter what, it is blur. Seems the photos cannot refine themselves. So, it is really difficult to see whether it is really blur because of shaking of the camera or it is OK.
    Second, you cannot use the LED light as flash. Either you turn it on all the time or you need to turn it off, and there is no short cut for it, you need to always go through all the setting steps to turn it on or off. Also, the camera application is quite energy consuming, it will take 10% of the battery for everything 15 to 20 minutes use.

    Other problems with the phone is the UI is confusing in some place, i.e. it still has the unmount SD card option, but you cannot take the SD card out, since it is blocked by the batter. The stupid SEMC UI design people never think through the problems. Also, when you are making a phone call, the power button is used to end the call not turn off the screen as it is in other scenarios. It has face recognition features, but you cannot add the face to a name that is not in your contact list. So, for example, if you took a photo of your boss and his wife, you cannot put his wife’s name on the photo without creating an empty contact.

    There is apparently not that much improvement of this phone compares to the first HTC android phone on the market around 6 months ago. You can still not use the alarm when you turn off the phone and you cannot charge the phone when it is turned off. Also SEMC does not fix all the common Android problems, such as you cannot force stop the running applications even though in the settings you have options to do that. So, they spend 6 months more only for the two badly designed applications Timesacpe and Mediascape.

    There are also lots of problems that I am tired to mention here. I am quite disappointed with this phone and the developing ability of SEMC. Apparently they can never make good product. Swedes+Japanese=Bad quality and Kinky ideas.

  3. I have also noticed the problem with the photos not refining themselves once you zoom in. This is not only true for the captured photos, but also for any other larger resolution, perfectly clear photos you may put on the device. This is completely unacceptable from a phone of this calibre, especially seeing that they have taken the time to create a application such as Mediascape, yet with all its flamboyant-showiness (although asthetically pleasing) they forget the most fundamental aspect of a picture viewer, which is the ablity to view the picture for what it really is.
    I have emailed Sony Ericsson about this, but have not yet had any correspondence on the matter.

  4. Wow! I see your london footage it very nice. Today Morning I have taken one footage video of Ahmadabad traffic. It very good quality I will post on youtube for demo . Thanks a lot for share photo and video of xperia x10. I love my mobile .:)