Improving your Xperia X10 battery life

Battery lifeThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 handset has now been released in a number of markets and one of the biggest negative points I’m hearing on the handset (apart from the keyboard) is its battery life.

There’s no denying that the Xperia X10 does drain its battery quickly, even compared to some other Android handsets, however there are some simple tips to get the most out of your battery. Each of these should go some way to significantly enhance your X10 battery life. Check them out after the break.

Xperia X10 Battery Tips

1) Charge/discharge battery a few times initially
When you first get the X10, you will need to cycle the battery from full charge to near empty at least 4-5 x. Many complain when they first use the X10 that it discharges too quickly. It is only once you’ve properly charged it a few times will you start to see an improvement in battery life.

2) Use TaskPanel/Startup Auditor to prune start-up apps
There are some applications that start by themselves when you switch on your phone. One of the biggest culprits on the Xperia X10 is Moxier. I’ve never used this app before, but it’s always there leeching the battery whenever the phone is switched on. This is where Taskpanel Lite or Startup Auditor ($0.99) comes in handy. They allow you to disable any apps from start-up that you don’t use.

3) Lower frequency of Facebook, Picasa, Twitter updates
Go to Settings –> Online service accounts and then click on the drop down arrow next to the service you want to change (Facebook, Twitter, Picasa). Click on ‘Update automatically’ and lower the frequency of updates. I have mine set to one hour for these services.

4) Turn off automatic widget updates
This includes weather updates and any other data-polling widgets. They constantly seek to download data and do a good job of sapping your battery.

5) Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off
An obvious one. Make sure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is only switched on when needed. Keeping this on is a big battery drainer.

6) Disable Wireless network usage for location purposes
Another area which leeches the battery is the use of wireless networks. Go to Settings –> Location and make sure ‘Wireless networks’ is not ticked. You should also deselect ‘Assisted GPS’ if you’re being particular frugal. Just keep ‘GPS satellites’ ticked.

7) Turn down screen brightness
Go to Settings –> Sound and display –> Brightness and deselect the ‘Adjust automatically’ tick box and lower the brightness of the display to save on battery life. Personally, I’m not a fan of overly bright displays.

8 ) Lower screen timeout time
Go to Settings –> Sound and display –> Screen timeout and lower the time interval before your display locks out. I have mine timed to 1 minute but often tend to lock my screen without waiting for the screen to lock itself once I’ve finished with it.

9) Use 2G when a 3G connection is not needed
Click on Settings –> Wireless controls –> Mobile networks and deselect ‘MMS & data’. This will turn off the 3G connection on your phone and hopefully improve battery life. You can always switch it back on when you need to browse, use apps etc.

10) Use Advanced Task Killer/ TasKiller to switch off apps not in use
One of the big benefits of Android is the ability to multi-task. However, there is no way to close apps that you’ve used. Every application that remains open is using processor power, which in turn is draining your devices battery. This is where task management apps such as Advanced Task Killer or TasKiller are useful. They should be used to close apps that you’ve finished with, although make sure you don’t force close any processes used by Android.

11) Use dedicated power management apps
To monitor your battery usage, your first port of call is Settings –> About Phone –> Battery use. This shows you what is draining your battery, I have this setup as a shortcut on the homescreen so I can access it with ease. However, there are several dedicated power management applications such as JuiceDefender or UltimateJuice (€2.79) that can save you even further battery life. For the chartists out there have a look at JuicePlotter that combines a battery usage graph with full at-a-glance information about your battery consumption.

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  1. 1. Moxier mail if that’s what you mean is a must for working people.
    2. MMS and Data takes away Edge, AFAIK. 3G is called WCDMA and is nearby in Network Mode

  2. Thanks for the information.
    My x10 will be delivered tomorrow and I think some of these tips are very usefull.

    A little tip from me:

    The best way to charge you mobile phone (in my experiences) is to charge it (in the beginning) after your phone turned off by itself as cause of low power. Then charge it to full with your phone turned off. Not on! If your phone is turned on while charging, it will charge fast but also lower fast. In the other situation, with your phone turned off, it will take longer to charge to full power but also take longer to get low. In the future it doesn’t matter how to charge your phone. Just make sure you will charge it to full power every now and then.

  3. GREAT POST!! Thank you so much!

    What is the difference between taskkiller and advanced taskkiller??
    (i did not find the advanced on in the android shop)

  4. @Jeroen – The problem is that you can’t seem to charge the phone whilst off. Each time you connect the charger the phone switches on.

    @greg – Search for ‘Advanced’ on Android Market, it should be the first entry. Both are different apps, I’ve used both and don’t really have a preference – both are good.

  5. I have to disable 3g, set the facebook app to refresh never and the facebook online service account to update no more than once an hour. If I do this I can enable pretty much everything else and the battery life is then reasonable (around 1-2 days). Without the aforementioned changes I see a drain of about 6% per hour – giving a battery life of less than a day.

  6. Did all that after updating to version 16 and used X1 battery ..

    Went to sleep about 11 pm with 52% battery life, then wake up after 6 am with 50% battery 😀

    Thanks mate 🙂

  7. Discharging then recharging a few times definitely helps. Also, I’ve started to use JuiceDefender and it seems to help a fair bit. But the application has a log where you can see what’s happening, and to my surprise I found another culprit: the front buttons.

    What seems to happen for me is, I have the phone in my pocket, and the front buttons keep getting pressed as I walk around, sit down and so on. And of course, every time they’re pressed, they wake up the phone and turn on the screen. This seems to account for a not insignificant part of battery drain for me.

    Anybody know if there’s a way to disable the wake-up from standby function of the front buttons?

  8. Hi,

    Another tip, I used my X1 to charge my X10’s battery and now it’s a lot better, because X1 can charge while being switched off.

  9. I have been charging my phone from dead to full at least 5 times now and still am only getting 5 hours battery life with all auto syncing off and also it seems to be getting rather warm on the back too, is this normal or do i have a faulty handset???

  10. Update: JuiceDefender does in fact not help. I’ve done a semi-controlled test, and from the same battery level, and with the phone lying in the same place without being used, Juicedefender in fact draws slightly more power than leaving it off.

    What does seem to help a lot is to not use Wifi at all. Seems there may be a bug, where, once you start using it, some part of the Wifi circuit keeps being powered on even after you shut it down. What I do now is that whenever I’ve used Wifi, I turn it off, then shutdown and restart the phone. That seems to make a major difference in battery lifetime.

  11. I have had my X10 for 10 days now and the battery was very very poor after the first charge of 6 hours. it only lasted from 7-30am till 1500pm with 4 text messages and 2 10min phonecalls. I was for sending it back but it is such a superb phone. I phoned O2 helpline and they were very helpful. They said they would change it but try this fix first. run the battery to below 4% then do a full charge of a minimum of 16 hrs but try and do 20hrs. I did a 21 hr charge and bingo it lasted for 36 hours and was only down to 36% with very little loss from 8 10min calls. I did quite a bit of surfing on 3g around 4-5hrs. O2 also told me to reduce the screen brightness and switch off 3g and wfi when not needed, now I am very very happy with the X10. I charged it again from 36% to full (6hrs) and used it for loads of music while out walking the dog. Utube Pink Floyd videos(these are quite long videos) on wfi, various calls and loads of text. It lasted 2 days and was only at 30%. I charged it for 8hrs till 8am this morning, it is still reading 92% 13hrs later. It took around 3 hrs to drop from 100% to 99% I used it for 3 calls and around 20 text messages. 20mins on wifi to download Timescaple thats all so far today. At the moment I am well pleased with it. I also switch off the screen with the top button when I am finished and set Timescale to manual download. Hope this helps.

  12. After using the X10 for 16 days and having to charge it twice a day (with not a great deal of use) I have found the 2 biggest gains are:
    a) Rebooting the phone after charging it
    b) Switching off the automatic brightness level which JuicePlotter detected as always set to 10, and setting it to 2 (which is still brighter than automatic was)

    I last charged the phone at 18:00 on Sunday and now on Tuesday at 13:20 it still has 50% charge. This is an amazing difference.

  13. Angela, “b) Switching off the automatic brightness level which JuicePlotter detected as always set to 10, and setting it to 2 (which is still brighter than automatic was)”. How could I do it?

  14. ive done at least 90% of the stuff peeps sed. and hope fully me fone will be better,. .. but while messing with the bloody thing. ive deleted the notifiction sidey thing from the top, some how…. does any one know how to get it back. ive looked all over the net and cant find out how

  15. I got my phone on Saturday and am still amazed at how quickly the battery drains. It has flattened itself completely twice so far, even with a few charges. I have not yet tried any of the above changes but will have a bash when the damn thing finishes charging. Great phone apart from this tho. Now time to figure out how to change my gmail details on it…….

  16. Is it a good idea to just keep the phone charging when at home or in the car even if the battery doesn’t need a charge? Or would that damage it?

    To the anonymous poster who posted this above, I agree and i am having the same problem.
    “The problem is that you can’t seem to charge the phone whilst off. Each time you connect the charger the phone switches on.”

  17. Thanks Peter, think I’ll just keep it plugged in at home then. Ridiculous thing to have to do with a mobile but needs must. Still a pretty incredible phone though.

  18. I was really excited about the X10 coming out and I very nearly held off buying a RIM device for it however I’m glad to say I didn’t (No, I’m not going to launch in to bashing the X10 before the fan-boys start). I found this blog as my better half is going crazy with her X10 as she to is having to charge it twice daily just from “moderate/normal” useage which is pretty poor even by comparison to say an “iPhone 3G”.

    Anyway, digressing: Some good tips here especially tweeking the auto-brightness & auto-network update settings which have seemed to decrease the consumption on her battery to make it marginally better though it’s still poor. I’m going to try the “3G off” option and maybe get her to use the home WiFi more when in range to see if that has any effect either way also but the main reason people buy the X10 (along with other handsets) is to use them on the move without the need for a juice pit-stop every 2 hours and its an area all manufacturers should be investing heavily in. My 8520, admitedly lacking a 3G data features, lasted 4 days recently in the Netherlands on a single charge cycle… that’s with “cautious” use of phone and WiFi features but it shows that it can be done. If a laptop can last 9hours now on a single charge cycle why can’t a smart phone/device?

  19. my friend set a pattern to unlock the phone. but i entered the wrong one many times and now the phone is blocked asking for gmail ID and password. but i haven’t set any id through phone. even i restated the phone but there is no use it is showing that you have entered too many patterns. what should i do? plz help me out.

  20. Hi there, a useful guide and nicely laid out thank you. Just one shard of advise required if anyone can offer it. With reference to point 9 –

    “Use 2G when a 3G connection is not needed
    Click on Settings –> Wireless controls –> Mobile networks and deselect ‘MMS & data’. This will turn off the 3G connection on your phone and hopefully improve battery life. You can always switch it back on when you need to browse, use apps etc.”

    Whilst I have noticed that turning off 3G is incredibly helpful for the preservation of battery life, it is also incredibly inconvenient to have to keep switching the modes manually. (Ok, that sounds a little dramatic but) It would be nice if there was an application or update that would allow the 3G to be turned back on whilst you go browsing (or playing Pocket Kingdom!) for it to turn itself back off again automatically.

    Is anyone aware of such an application?

    Regards fellow X10’ers,

    Keeping the faith,


  21. I am on my second X10 – had to take the first one back after 2 days as it was faulty but the second one is driving me mad! Why can’t I charge the phone while its switched off? Why can Apps get into the system tools to ‘stop the phone from sleeping’ but I can’t access system tools to over ride this feature? I charge the phone overnight and by late afternoon the battery is less than 10% and thats with text messages and occaisionally checking twitter and facebook? I wish I had gone for another phone – the iPhone and Blackberry don’t need charged so often – if it wasn’t for the great camera megapixels I would have gone elsewhere!!

  22. Gill,

    You’re not alone in having these problems but don’t chuck in the towel on a phone with so much potential. The main points to follow are those listed, but also ensure that you have at least one suitable app/task killer that will automatically stop processes causing battery drain.

    Advanced Task Cleaner Pro is probably the best one. You can customise it to zap just about everything by simply pressing the standby key. Combine this with 2G-3G OnOFF and ensure you make use of it when not requiring 3G data and give the phone a few more full charges and you should have a phone that will gladly get through a 24 hour period for you as mine does now.

    Arguably you shouldn’t have to go to these efforts when you purchase a new phone, and lots of people will be put off by the poor battery life to start with, but apply these tweaks and you won’t regret it.

  23. Oh, and when SE finally take the baton from their derrier’s in Q4 of this year we shall see an OS upgrade to Android 2.1, which should iron out all the teething problems and hopefully bring about multi-touch functionality. Just follow the tips for now!


    Louis. 😀

  24. I too have been having a battery problem, but do not mind keeping it on charge as I can plug it into the computer at work. I have tried the fixes on other sites, and will try al the above advice as it would be good to get a bit more battery life. One thing I have done which seems to have made a big change is turning off the “settings>location>wireless networks” option because when it was on my phone said I only had 2.5 hours remaining, and that is after the phone has been in standby mode for a while, but after turning it off and leaving it in standby a little longer the life has gone upto over 5 hrs.

    I might turn it back on to drain the battery quicker so I can do a complete charge from empty 😉

  25. Hey just found this blog, after playing with my x10 for a while. Battery life is exactly how you all say because all these battery-draining apps seem to be on as a default from the first switch on. Having done all the things you suggest however, I’m sure things will get better. One point to Louis Cook, is that the x10 will never have multi-touch (it’s a hardware issue rather than a software one). still amazing though! 🙂

  26. I’ve had this phone for 3 weeks now, and have never experienced so much disappointment with a piece of technology. You should not have to be hacking around with it in order to get enough battery life to be able to make and receive calls when you need to. I guess this might be my age, but the experience of using this phone (actually not a phone, more a portable web browser) has made me hanker after a simpler cellphone experience. Maybe less is more.

  27. Hey Rhyso,

    I’m disappointed to hear that, but until it has actually been confirmed by SE themselves I optimistically refuse to believe it. 😉

    Earl, as I stated myself, it shouldn’t require so much tinkering in order for it to be fully functional form the outset, but then almost all new platforms have their teething problems. I sympathise entirely with you, and for the first three or four days wondered why I had even bothered with this handset. Given a little time however, and a few adaptations with its software, things are much better. Though, little consolation for those who simply just want to pick up a new handset and have it work. Others are more inclined to mess about with them perhaps.

    I suppose you could join the elite faddist that are the iPhone owners though 😉

  28. This is handy to save battery life but to me what good is this phone if you have to turn off all the features you want to use, The phone has all these extras but you have to spend time turning them on and off to conserve power all the time it can get tedious. I know that the batterys are not very large but they should try to design a larger battery with room to store it, I love my new X10 but I am tired of having to constantly monitor what is running and what to turn off.

  29. Glad every other x10 user in the world feels the same 🙂 i only got it at 4 days ago and at first i thought it was cuz i was playing with it non-stop… but honestly the battery was lasting the same time no matter what i was doing with it (wifi excluded). I charged it just before i went to bed, unplugged it, and by morning it was 50%…

    I love her to bits but she doesn’t last anywhere near as long as i’d hoped (story of my life). Gonna try the discharge / 20-hour charge technique and see if that gets me anywhere, i’ll keep ya poster 🙂

  30. Hiya,

    I am having trouble with battery life, so am going to try all the above tips, thank you…but one of the main things I am having probs with is charging in the car.

    It will charge fine in the house, and from the Laptop/PC, but regardless of charger, car or cable I can’t get the thing to charge on the move…something my husbands HTC Desire will do fine with any of the above combinations, so I know its not the kit. Is it the phone? Or is it my handset? I have just called Orange (Where I got it from on upgrade) to see if they can shed any light, but they were LESS than helpful and quite rude!


  31. just make sure when you are on the move that you turn of the wifi,mms and data reduce the email fetching that that should give you a full day with out running out of battery. i got a car charger from ebay and it works fine

  32. i had the same problem as every se user but have done some research and the phone is a wonder easily the best phone on the market listen to what everyone has done and the battery last ages.

  33. glad your all happy with getting a £500 (can easily get a computer cheaper) phone and dissabling everything on it, but im not. I got this phone because of the heavy advertising of everything it could do. But then I have to do none of what it can do, and essentially end up with a phone as good as the ones I had 5 years ago, nah. This isn’t on. It’s Sony-Ericsson’s responsibility to fix this, and they have seriously f**ked and conned every single one of us.

  34. i jus went through all the things provided hre… but i do not understand how to charge my phone keeping it switched off … n the phone stops charging in 3-4 hours …how can i charge it for like 20 hours…as said by people above ?

  35. please someone tell me how many hours should i charge my x10 the fisrt time. . .

  36. On my second X10 after returning the first one to Orange. I have followed all of the recommendations and got a reasonable 3 day battery life for the first three weeks. However- last night I charged it, and by the morning it had discharged completely. I reckon this is a software problem, not hardware.

  37. An update. Although the graph said that the batter had discharged in 9 hours due to “50% System Idle, 49% Cell Standby” (or words to that effect), I don’t believe it. I reckon there was either a zombie process in memory draining the battery, or the software to monitor battery usage is not working properly.

    I restarted the phone, charged it, and I am back to a more normal (though still not very good) battery life.

    I want a phone that will be there for me when I need to make a call. It’s not much to ask, is it?

  38. Aarrgghh!!
    I have waited for this phone for ages now I finally have it I could gladly throw it out of the nearest window!! What use is a ‘mobile’ phone (mobile meaning you can take it out with you!!) if you have to keep it permanently attached to a power source!!
    I gave up an iPhone for this but am seriuosly wondering if I had a rush of blood and should have played safe with a blackberry or waited for new 4G !! Unfortunately I am on Orange and they won’t change it for a different handset so the battery better get it’s s**t together or I’m stuck with a semi functional phone for 2 years !!!
    Ps am I the only person who finds navigating round the phone quite complicated??
    PPs I am posting this via my iPhone!! Guess what my X10 is doing???? No prizes!!

  39. As said before, these tips are great but won’t grant you a batterylife that used to be common on my SE W800 for example (2 days at full capacity at the very least(!)). Besides, why doesn’t SE/Android, knowing the battery isn’t that great, give you the option to let the phone handle these tips automaticly? Want to use the internet? Let the X10 switch on the 3G by itself, start up the browser and when you close down, so does 3G. This shouldn’t be an app, but common sense!

    Surely this is not the purpose of having a X10, or any other (Android) mobiles for that matter. I do hope SE comes with a solution of some kind or that Android 2.2 gives some relief. If not I’m afraid I’ll have to start looking for something new…damn shame.

  40. @ Louis Cook: I’ve tried several 2-3G switches but found APNdroid to be the best option up until now. It’s as easy as 1 click but which is, in my opinion, still one to many.

  41. I m having kinda weird thing about battery timing.
    One time i charge it , it give me 1 day only with normal use. and then i charge it again then it lasts for full 3 days with same usage. but next time again 1 day and then again 3 days like this so on.

  42. wot????? guyz….im thinkin to buy x10…is it worth it??? i mean so many complains???? n is it true that u cant gharge the phn if itz switched off????wot if the bat is over n it switches off???

  43. @ akshay : i think it is worth it … the phone is amazin…leavin the battery thing… by the way i havent used it for much days cant say if the battery backup might increase in sometime… bt if the phone switches off…n u plug in the will automatically switch on…

    n i believe that one of the things thats draining my phones battery is the front buttons… n moreover the phone isnt givin me a constant battery backup… it lasted almost a day once…n the other day i had to charge it twice… can somebody help ?

  44. ive read and been told a couple of times to cycle the battery at initial use but i dont think ive been consistent enough.. sometimes charging when its a little less than 30% -which is bout 2 hrs talk time. ive been guilty of just leaving it on charge overnight often for the sake of conveniece. im afraid im doomed to be stuck with this issue forever. does anyone know if i can still maximise the battery life if i do the cycle properly now or its irreversible and the only cjancw i have is to buy a new battery? have had the phone for about two weeks.

  45. thanks,.. great efforts to put the list of things together for which i bought this phone,…

    in other words,.. conclusion shall i stop using my phone

    to me it does nt make any difference that i can put my phone on charging at the end of the day as long as i can enjoy it whole day… 🙂

    but thanks it is good things, i can at least use few.

  46. Another update…

    Since my last post I have not charged my phone. It’s been active and used (a few calls, SMS, occasional web surfing on 3g and WiFi) for about 5 days. The battery is at 41%.

    Conclusion: There’s nothing wrong with the battery.
    Suspicion: I think there is a software issue either with the battery monitoring or there is some other bug that forces the phone to consume battery under certain circumstances.

  47. I think you guys should ask Sony Ericsson or your provider. If the problems you mention are common (more people contacted them with the same issue(s)), they may have found a solution to it. If not, they can work on it so that you and others can be helped. Asking this on a forum may result in some good advise, but I would prefer help from the manufacturer over that of a fellow user.

  48. thanks for your tips, if i followed all your tips is killing the joy of using the phone???????
    i have to compromise a dark screen? a 2G connection? No Wi-Fi ?
    No updates on my social media like facebook?
    NO! this NO! that….then we mind as well buy a simple phone??????????????? without having these functions?????? a phone with all these functions but cannot be utilise ???? so ironic?
    why build in the first place. i have the phone fully charged and by use it 9am to 12noon the battery is 22% ????????????????????????????????????????????????? battery really sucks!

  49. Thanks for your tips on how to minimise the battery life.
    I did what you mentioned and of cause the battery life stay longer than the first week when i was just bring my x10 back.
    By the way, now im still charging my phone i think once a day?is it normal? cause those phones i use before normally im charging them once in 2 days.
    How long can your X10 battery life stay?

  50. Do not buy an X10 if you are thinking of getting one. I have nothing but trouble with mine and lose signal/connection/3g all day long. I live and work in Central London! Several times friends or colleagues have asked to see it in action and I say how quick the internet and processor speed is but then errors come up and connection drops. I am not anti SE and have had 3 or 4 of them in the past. Plus the texting/key pad could be better. I hate Iphones and hoped this phone lived up to the hype but it doesn’t. I am now stuck in an 18 month contract with a phone that does not work. Overal 5/10 mainly because connection drops off 20/30 times a day and I cannot receive calls etc. So close. Yet so far.

  51. Works like a charm! Very fast, nice display with good touch and good apps from android market. Battery is better then my friends iphone and Desire, both on paper and in real life. And it has… The look!! I got the white, nice looking but a little bit slippery. The BT headset that comes with the box works very well and also…. good looking.

  52. yes shall i not use the phone to preserve a good battery life Guys…it is insane what these people talking about…switch off everything and it will be ok…ok I agree with u…I don’t use my phone for calls or sms or gps or…barely use mediascape…and u know what? it is draining faster everyday…there is something wrong guys either with soft or hard ware…but it is serious…a wonderful phone will go down the drain..and i will not use Sony again if it persists…they need do something either update software or replace battery for us! simple…or give us our money back since they fooled us…

  53. I have X10 and use task manager, battery last 5 days without charge and not much use apart from phonecalls and texts and a few games… I think you guys have faulty battery.

  54. When i have used the camera shortly, it seems it continues to consum battery. I can’t kill it with taskpanel!

    Is it possible to get a battery that can chage the phone?

  55. winge winge winge.^^^^ he never said dont use your phone and turn it all off he said here is some tips to help so with tips you use the ones that would help you not follow them like a rule book so like me i have just used the ones that are not as important to me that i dont use as much. another thing that helped was get rid of the single live timescale off the homescreen it saves u some life also after all u just gotta flip to ur timescale any way…… but great phone had it for 2 weeks now and cant stop playing with it…. the phone that is. and i sell phones and its the biggest one im recemending and selling with the iphone.

  56. I just got my phone 6 days ago and i’ve already noticed how shitty the battery life is… it was plugged in until 630am, it’s 12 and it’s nearly dead! I love sony but this is pissing me off

  57. I haven’t seen many smartphones that can go more than a couple of days without charging if you’re using them /heavily/. While some people seem to think that the battery life issues on the X10 are more severe than that, I find that it’s not. I am constantly using my phone for Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and gaming, and it will go a full day (24h) without dying. I could probably stretch it to 2 full days if I was willing to drop my polling frequency on Timescape and not game quite so much. Do you really need much more than that? How many times are you going to be unable to charge your phone for a period longer than 48h? And if you are, try turning the thing off completely for a while when you won’t need it. A bit of planning is all you need to mitigate the issue. People complaining about low battery life are just trying to find something to complain about. People who tell me that their previous phone could last for a week before they needed to charge it are most likely using a non-smartphone. Yes, you’re right, a ~250MHz processor does suck a lot less power. It also does a lot less stuff.

    TL;DR You get what you pay for. Get over it.

  58. Battery life was so bad on my phone that forgetting to plug it in at night would end up with a dead phone in the morning. (3G and WIFI are off when i don’t use them)

    Last things i did was disabling the automatic time sync and location by wifi and current stats are;

    last disconnected: 13h 23m ago
    62% battery left!! (that used to be about 15% if i’m lucky)

    Used about 32% on calls (1.5h calling) , 6% on wifi, 4% on the display and system
    29% standby and 27% inactive.

  59. Am on my third handset in as many weeks , first handset i was lucky to get four
    hours standby time after a full charge , second handset was only slightly better
    Even with my business tarif , my provider has informed as Sony have not yet admitted
    a major production fault , they must request i turn to an Iphone !!

    I travel globally constantly and worst still , if i turn my handset prior to a long haul flight
    the battery is empty when i switch it on 10 hours later .

    Waited four months for X10 release , utterly utterly dissapointed !!!

    Good luck all

  60. I nearly sent my X10 back to Vodafone mainly because of the short battery life but also the difficulty with 2 way sync with outlook calendar and contact list. The SE support team gave me the same advice listed here and there has been a dramatic improvement . Not switching on WiFi when you don’t want to use it, seems no loss. I have not altered screen brightness . The battery is now lasting 2 days with internet use phone calls and SMS.

  61. ui upgraded my mobile and decided to get the x10 after some debate! i didn’t want to be another iphone user (even though i would be one lol ) after receiving my new mobile my first impression was this is great i like the android software and the touch is smooth and laggs here and there but nothing major. I was appauled at the length of the battery life though not lasting even half a day when playing with this mobile (like you do with a new phone!) but i decided to give it a chance and let the battery have a couple of charges.. untill today only 2 weeks after receiving it!.. i was really annoyed with the fact my mobile had been on charge since 10pm last night and was full when i woke up at 8am today to find even with not much playing (like not touching it other than getting some texts off friends) it the battery was on 56% at 13:00!!. I have since been looking on the net for some web help and found it.. for any users of this mobile please do what i did and download the task manager/ startup auditor (found this one for free) and get rid of the apps that you don’t use!. I have also moved the wifi bar to the main center screen to make sure i don’t have bluetooth,wifi,gps on when i don’t need them. I hope this helps others with this mobile.

  62. I got my X10 about 2 and a half months ago. When I first got it, the battery life was really awful. After a few weeks, I turned the brightness down, and it has done the trick for me. I always need to charge it at night, but that’s after a day of heavy use. Also, it only takes around an hour to fully charge. I have installed the Task Panel Lite after reading this, to see if this helps too 🙂 thanks.

  63. Just root it, and remove the SE crap software, my battery life has increased by more than 5 times. 🙂

  64. I switched from Nokia smartphones as they kept crashing so often…..the X10 IS a great phone, pretty much everything I need…………except….yea, battery life, this really sucks, everything but bluetooth is turned off (as I need this for car handsfree kit) but with only a few business calls, few texts and a little internet browsing, by 2.00pm the batterys getting ready to give up on me, I have just got off the phone to Orange who are going to send me a new battery……..I’m hoping this will resolve the awful battery life….if it dosen’t, my next move will be to contact Sony Ericsson to vent my anger.

  65. I like most others am appalled at the ridiculous battery life and he fact that the apps continue to run when you have closed them. I have just downloaded the “Advanced Task Killer” which is free from the market place app on your X10. I was amazed to see how much I had running which I did not know about.

    I am going to see how this affects my battery life from now on.

    On another note, a poster here mentioned that they can charge their phone in an hour?!?! I certainly cannot by mains or by PC USB. In fact I have mine plugged into my PC most of the day when at work and it takes all day to get close to full.

    I believe an X10 update is due out soon which will help us sufferers with the battery life. We live in hope.

  66. I have the X10 for just a few days now.
    So far i’m enjoying the phone.
    However, could someone please tell me, is it normal that the phone has to be on when charging?
    I’m used to switching my phone off to charge, however with the x10, if you switch the phone off, plug it into your wall socket to charge, the phone switched on!
    Is this normal?

  67. Updated successfully to R2BA023.
    Battery timing is improved like hell.

    Right now status is
    Unplugged since 4days 4hours 6m 21s.
    Voice Call time is 1h 40m 29s.
    Display on time is 1h 47m 14s.
    and still battery remaining is 34%.

  68. best tip:
    turn on fly mode.

    ….there was a time, where standbytime of mobiles was count in days!

  69. Hi Guy,
    I had my X10 mini and oh God i was so excited the day i got this phone. But believe or not i sell it after 3 days losing 300 Swedish Kronor and the reason was shit battery. I will really recommend you people please if you gona buy this phone, then you will definitly face the battery problem.

  70. After I rooted my handset I installed setcpu. On standby I’m using about 2% per hour with 3g and background data sync enabled which is a HUGE improvement. WiFi and the display are the two big battery drainers I find.

  71. is anyone else having probs with the phonebook not storing changes or new contacts? i’ve tried uninstalling the task killer but still not storing changes.
    Another prob is that facebook wont update anymore…..any ideas on that one? i’ve tinkered about with settings on fb and the phone but no luck so far
    re battery life, i’ve tried all the above and still have to charge my phone every 24 hours, a serious downside to an otherwise superb phone

  72. Hi Gull i gust saw you’ve written you’ve had updated your phone with the latest version of the software – R2BA023. Mine is R1FA014 and when i go through updates it says it’s the last version. Any idea how i can update it as well to this one.
    Also i set up this Task Killer and it’s “killing apps” but still pressing the middle button it’s easy to see that the apps are running. Any idea how to check if really those are still on?
    Can someone recommend some more useful programs for killing those apps that are still running?

  73. I’ve had the Xperia X10a for about 3 months now and my biggest disappointments with it is:
    1.Battery life (using best apps out there to take care of it but still wastes 15%-25% life in 8 hour sleep)
    2. NO FLASH YET TOO (I thought iPhone was stupid for that)
    3. Camera flash not great
    4. SPEAKERS NOT LOUD.. hellooooooooo, SE is known for good speakers but what the hell is this??
    5. No multi-touch (hoping for that with the 2.1 upgrade in sep here in Vancouver Canada)
    6. For some reason (I don’t know if it’s just me) but my A, L, P letters on the keyboard don’t work sometimes unless I press a few times and when searching I need to press ENTER 2 or 3 times for it work too. Touch is not all that smooth. iPhone (which I had 3GS) still KING on that.
    7. Apps on Android not as good (smooth, design, graphics) when comparing to apple’s app store but that WILL CHANGE in the next year or 2 for sure. IT’S GOOGLE man!
    EVEN with all this, still I prefer to have this over my previous iPhone 3GS because it allows me to actually customize the phone without the use of hacks and what not. BEST OF ALL, IT DOES NOT NEED iTunes or anything to transfer stuff. Take the card, put stuff, and that’s it. I know you need to use Media Go BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO. O and one more thing, Bluetooth actually works!!

  74. Hello!
    I am using the sony ericsson Xperia X 10 Mini and facing the same battery issues.
    Will it help me also if i let my phone run out of charge and charge it full again??
    And since I have the Mini version how many hours shall I charge it for??

  75. I’m trying to charge it at least 24 hours. i left my phone yesterday at 11pm and i’ll let you know if it’s helpful 🙂

  76. I am having a problem leaving my phone on to charge. after it finishes it’s charge cycle it turns off the charger and then drains the battery before I notice it. I have it plugged in using google navagator and the phone just shuts off with no charge left while it is plugged in. is there a problem with my phone. the other thing I noticed is that sometimes it just won’t charge. most cigerett lighter to usb adapters are 500ma it dosn’t like those so I got a 700ma one like the wall charger rating and it made it so that it would charge, but it still drains it quickly after charging while still plugged in.

  77. Hey Guys, I want to know the call hacking manager software in my xperia x10 mobile….. First it is appeared in the market of my mobile….. Now its not…. I don’t know y? please tell resource website of that software……

  78. I bought xperia x 10 1 month back when i keep the phone for charging im not able to receive the calls its saying ” your phone is not reachable”.Please let me know if any of u had faced the same problem.Many of my friends have complained that my phone is not reachable.

  79. Does the xperia x10 mini pro have the same problem?
    Do the new updates sort out the issue? Don’t really want to experiment with specific apps.

  80. Just got this fone last week… really awesome! Just a few tips to optimise battery life:

    1. Only charge the fone when the power is less than 5% and stop charging when it reaches 100%.
    2. Turn screen brightness to the lowest level. Its still bright enough to see everything clearly.
    3. Turn off wifi, bluetooth and sattelite when not in use.
    4. Use advanced task manager (I heard its better than advanced task killer) to kill running apps that are not being used.

    My fone lasts around 2 days with the above settings. My fone usage is moderate: calls, txting, surfing using wifi and some youtube.

    Hope my post was helpful.

  81. Hi. This is kind of annoying but how do I get rid of the red line over the GPS on quick settings? I have disabled MMS and data, as well as Assisted GPS but the red line still shows over the GPS. Is there anything I’m not doing correctly?

    Thank you in advance.

  82. Probably the biggest effect on longterm battery wastage between charges is the unit’s usage when it is in your pocket idle. This happens when you have had the phone for a while and you find that the time you leave it alone increases. Well it is just these times that make up the most usage of the battery assuming you arent clicking the screen or watching the videos constantly during the day.

    You simply want the unit to be idle when you are not using it right ?? you would not like the unit to be frantically buzzing its cpu going nowhere when it is in your pocket or handbag.

    Well surprise surprise, that’s exactly what your stock phone is doing. This is one of the main drains on battery power.

    there is a program called setCPU which requires your phone to have superuser access…now stay with me here..that just means you would be the administrator of your own phone and able to change files if you damn well please.

    Well this setCPU also works in readonly mode if your phone is straight from your service provider and not unlocked or whatever. I found that my phone was running at full cpu speed of 998MHZ even when it was idle. I dont know what it was doing but for its clockspeed to be maxed out like that must have been using more battery power then necessary when it was in my pocket waiting for the next call or usage.

    I have now changed my phone so that I have ‘superuser’ access or root access as it is called. This means that the setCPU can now work in write mode and lower the CPU of the phone right down to 250MHz when say the battery falls below 10% or the screen is turned off or its in your pocket. This dramatically increased my standby time of the phone. Kinda like your car’s engine being on idle when you are stationary rather than revving out at 7000rpm and using up all that petrol / battery life in the process…same analogy with phone battery.

    so… whilst the steps above are a good way to help with the battery life, you ought to realise that your phone generally spends more time idle than being used and so idle standby is a better way to lower battery usage and increase battery life.

    So.. how do you allow your phone to idle nicely … just go to xda developers website and look for R2BA024 upgrade and follow the instructions of a 3 step process.

    Be warned that this voids the warranty of your phone…. but in return you get full control over your phone, a battery life that easily extends past one day and the ability to backup all your data and programs and contacts and call logs and sms snd emails etc.. for whenever you wish to upgrade to the next software improvments that come along each 6 months or so.

    the xperia X10 in its standard form is limited and you are not nearly getting the potential of such a sophisticated piece of equipement by leaving it as it is…otherwise you’d have bought an iPhone wouldn’t you.

    good luck then.. Rod

  83. Yatin,

    The redline over the GPS on quick settings simply means its turned off nothing more…so I presume you want to use quick settings to turn on the gps.

    from time to time, the gps gets itself in a twist and wount turn on.

    try rebooting your phone but make sure you take your battery out to ensure it really is starting from full shut down.

    I dont thing mms should matter..

    also try turning the gps on by using the settings menu to see if the quick settings widget is faulty. I suspect that it is fine and that the gps is playing up through software glitches rather than the hardware itself.

    good luck..

  84. Charging is also better with a superuser access upgrade. you can charge your phone with a profile in setCPU application that detecs that you plugged the phone in and reduces the cpu. so to use my analogy before with the car engine…you are putting petrol into the tank while the car is idle rather than while the car is reving at 7000 rpm for no apparent reason.. I hope this analogy is understood, the petrol is like the electricity the cpu clock speed is like the engine revs and the usage of the petrol is like the usage of the fuel.

    your phone will charge faster…I noticed after a much shorter period the phone says ‘battery now at 50% with “voice alerts” application.

    so control of your cpu can make for faster charge times, longer standby and more efficient use of the available power which of course in a mobile device of any kind is best conserved wherever possible.

    just an afterthought….


  85. substitute “usage of battery” for “usage of fuel” in the above text..

    sorry my bad 😉

  86. hi! i just installed Advanced Task Killer. I added it to my widget. when i tapped it, it just had a notification that it closed 6 applications. and then that’s it. how will i know which applications it closed and how not to force close any processes used by Android?

    thank you!

    i am using a X10 mini btw.

  87. and does anyone know how to turn on the 3G? i asked my service provider, and they said that my X10 mini is not compatible to receive this setting. ?? help please.. thank you

  88. “If your phone is turned on while charging, it will charge fast” – Yeah, SUUUUUUURE

    That’s so dumb an invalid would be considered intelligent by those standards!

  89. If you are worried about breaking the warranty with rooting the phone, Not with the Sony E.

    whilst the firmware has been hacked.

    the bootloader has not.

    This simply means that the update to R2BA024 that does not use the bootloader to achieve its aim will not void your warranty. So, you get root access and still get to keep your phone warranty… how cool is that.

    as for charging, this lets you charge your phone turned on but very very slow cpu, meaning charging is faster than with unrooted phone.

    My Sony E. battery life is currently 24.10 hours estimated by battery life app and has proven to be correct to within half hour or so.

    If i got a Mugen battery of 1800 then I presume that would increase to 30 hours or more of time till dead…hmm worth considering.


  90. Erika,

    the advanced task killer has an ignore list. When you see the list of apps it is able to kill, you can press the line with the app that uses android until a menu appears. that menu has an ignore option which tells the task killer to ignore that app. you ought to open the task killer every now and then in the early stages and add the apps you definitely don’t want to kill to the ignore list.

    Also, in the settings of advanced task killer, which is accessed by pressing the menu button of the phone when in the task killer, you can specify the level of apps that the task killer deals with. by pressing this to ‘high’ you are telling the task killer to only kill the apps that are furtherest away from androids lower level details.

    hope this helps.

  91. Hi Tony,

    The reason for charging your phone while turned on is so that you dont miss any contacts through the phone being turned off.

    It sounds obvious, but this trade off for slower charge time has some payback for availability.

    by rooting the phone, you get the best of both worlds, you get a charge time associated with the phone screen of and the cpu virtually parked. and yet if you do get a call when charging, you are able to answer.

    For me this means being contactable as I have by choice not installed a land-line in my house. yet when I leave the phone to charge from empty, I get a voice alert after only 10-15 mins saying the battery is up to 25%. this is because the cpu has been slowed down to a crawl for the purpose of quicker charging.


  92. i got the experia x10 yesterday, to find out in the shop, it’s got an 8hour battery life, soon regretting getting the phone! but i got the APN widget, which makes turning off 3g so much easier, it was running out of battery really fast, i’ve charged it up 2 times fully, its been 2pm since last charged and now at 20 to 11, i have 85% battery left, which isn’t too bad considering about 100texts and some internet 😀 it’s a good phone, and looks amazing 😀 it really looks the part, lets just hope it can live up to it!

  93. Hi Rod,

    All of your posts here are great, I bought the X10 mini this Saturday and here are my observations.

    From 84% – 74% : within 7 Hours of idling,
    Data transfer turned off,
    3G turned off,
    Just the phone is switched on in GSM mode,
    10% battery drop in 7 hours of idling. 🙁
    It isn’t normal right ? DO you think the x10 mini is also running at full 600MHZ speed ?? 😀
    I’m yet to root teh device, Hopefully will do it tomorrow 😀

  94. *Edit

    I use Advanced task killer, and before testing I killed all the taks, but when I checked after 7 hours of idling there were 2 tasks running, 🙁 🙁

  95. Have been using X10 mini pro for a month now. The battery life is pathetic and strange. At times it lasts just a little more than 24hrs and at times it drains in about 15-16 hrs.
    The usage is moderate.

    I will try turning off the “wireless location” and post back.
    also will give a try rooting and using setcpu..

  96. I have downloaded task killer, tried ADW launcher (which did help a bit) stopped wifi, stopped blue tooth, turned off 3g all to save battery. Hang on a minute……aren’t all those features the reason I got this phone????

    I hate this phone, I might aswell put a rock in my pocket..because that is all its good for….

  97. I got my x10 a few days before from Rogers. I have been using it continuously for the 24 hours , wifi on , camera , bluetooth , messaging all the time , playing games 4 to 5 hours and still i am able to get 36 hours of battery timing . I started using wifi only when the battery was at 15 % and it took almost 3 and half hours for the battery to reach at 5 %..

    by the way i kill all those applications which were no in use and no facebook update and no twitter update during this time

  98. Re: #32 Earl. You are a man of my own heart. And I’m only 26.

    I got one of these phones, hoping it would live up to the hype, and enable me to save some time by typing up e-mails and arranging the calendar on the go. So far it has been nothing but a complete waste of time. What is the point of having a boat load of features, when they are poorly integrated with the phone as a whole, and rarely can be used anyway (since if you start using them, your battery will be dead in no time, and you’ll miss that important phone call from a client).

    I have also borrowed an iPhone 3G for a while and it suffered from just as bad battery life. I thought this was a fault with the specific phone or worn out battery. Reading some forums and blogs has now revealed this was not the case. Smartphone users are accustomed to 20-hour battery life with moderate use of their phones and think it’s fully okay.

    My old Nokia 6030 lasted for two weeks. With moderate use, that is, some texting and 15-20 minutes of calls a day.

    Is this evolution in technology or has just tightly focused marketing convinced people to purchase and use products which, in the end, waste a lot of time and money? I suspect the latter.

    If the Android 2.1 update does not make this better, it goes into my drawer as a historical object depicting the utterly tech-hyped-mobile-experience-Facebook-iGeneration-2010s. I will then get a $30 Nokia and get on with life.


  99. hi. have just updated my x10 on computer when switched back on i have lost everything
    163 contacts /photos/ etc my fault or what. (in a panic) can you help thanks john

  100. I got my Xperia X10a 2 days ago.

    My battery lasted for about 26hours on first cyclone (IE : Playing around with it right out of the box for a few hours, pulled it down to 30% battery, full charged it from there) -> 25hours later I was on 11%.

    This is without doing the tips above.
    Naturally i disabled auto-update on online services (facebook twitter) like seriously do you really want it to auto-update? manually update when you actually log on facebook.

    Disabled GPS satelitte and such, Wireless is always off until i feel like/want to use wireless, there is absolutely no need to keep it on constantly scanning if you’re walking around cause thats just being ignorant.

    Screen Brightness is set to ‘3’ and its still pretty damn bright

    In the 25hours, i’ve listened to 1 song (4minutes), surfed android market for about 20mins, watched a 3minute video (all set to max volume), sent bout 10 sms (using timescape the battery drainer mind you) and switching the phone on and off (unlocking it too) randomly constantly for fun.

    I’m doing the drain->full charge cycle now and hopefully it will continue to get better. I have advanced Task killer killing some apps. Trying to find out how i can remove moxier mail and all the useless apps that came stock with the phone, if anyone knows how i can totally remove them. Send me a tell here 🙂

  101. Update :
    Its been 22 hours (with 2hours of playing around with the phones brightness, games, sending sms’s, making a few short ( full recharge (took about 4-5hours to charge from wall socket)

    Atm im hoping after a few more discharges the phone will be able to last a lot longer idling (not burning 1% per hour but 1% per 5-6hours of idling / standby)
    I went to sleep i think with 75% or 71% (I don’t recall) i woke up 8hours later with the battery at 69%. So I can say the battery is only going to get better from here, unless it just slumps into a terrible lifespan. I can pretty much have the phone working for up to 2 days with minimal usage (because lets face it, i’m not gonna be surfing the net on the phone constantly or using it as an mp3 player if i already have a stand-alone mp3 player and a computer at home, its only for an “oh shit i need the net” situation i would use the web.

  102. There is an update due at thew end of the month which includes a tweak to make the battery last longer!!

  103. New Update : After using my phone battery down to 2% Yesterday and recharging it, I left it on for 12 hours and it ate 50% of my battery already, I have no idea whats wrong but i charge it via phone USB this time maybe thats why it happened, previous times were at the actual wall socket

  104. Dear Lord! Never have I come across so much written about a battery! It scares me! Looked at the mini pro yesterday and came home to internet it before I bought today and all I got was complaints! And not just on this Website, EVERYWHERE!

    What do I do? I still want this phone BUT, I surf alot, take pictures and then blue-tooth everything all the time. If these are the VERY things I’m being told that the mini-pro will not do then should I bother?

    And I CERTAINLY don’t wanna be walking around with my charger! I used to be an SE user a long time ago (T29/T39 were some of the best phones on the market…) but that was pre-smartphone time.

    I shifted to Nokia, am now on 5800, love the battery life, love the millions of Apps but bored and wanna switch back to SE.

    Now I’m afraid if I do, I’m going to regret it. Should I wait for the Nokia c6-01 and it’s Symbian 3 or should I bite the bullet and go with the mini-pro Android?

    I’m Kenyan and money doesn’t come easily but I’m a phone freak AND a net freak and need to be connected all the time.

    So. Someone please give me an honest helping hand? To buy or not to buy?


  105. hi,
    my xperia x10 mini have problem of battery which was almost empty when i go to home from jo about to 13 hours later,

    will you pls tell me how long battery life we have to aspect.

    and another thing i have to put it in charch for whole night as i have to go in morning for job so it will reduce my battery life?????????

  106. hi there my fellow x10 users i want to thank you all for the tips on battery life ive purchased an x10 in the last 2 days and im hoping the tips work cos im now thinkin ive made a mistake i took it to work today and the battery only lasted 4 hours then shut down this is an outrage and the service provider did tell me i would have to charge it every day and they gave me no other tips on battery saving( you would think they of all ppl would know) many thanks again im now putting these tips into effect and will post news of my findings…………………………………………………!!!!

  107. the results of my test are as follows………… follow the earlier tips they really do work my battery went from 4 hours to 24 hours by just putting on advanced task killer so nice 1 guys and thanks…………………….

  108. gyyyyyyyyyz plz tell me shoud i buy this phone or not becauze that i like it but i m confused about this battery matter????????????????????????????????//////////////////////////////////

  109. I believe the battery problem is strongly related to your service provider and the services and frecuencies that it uses.
    Here in Mexico the X10 lasts up to 36 hrs with 3G enabled and using all the default settings, and most of the complains I’ve read are from users using the vodafone network.


  110. I don’t understand all the complaints with the battery life. I got my X10 yesterday, had it on charge for 3 hours and then started using it, it is now 11 hours later and my battery life is still 87% and I have been using timescape, messaging, social networking programs,Maps and constantly exploring the phones features and it is on 3G. I have no task killer apps loaded or anything. This is an awesum phone!!

  111. hey guyzz , i dont have the android market icon in my menu and i dont know how to get it can any one help meeeeeeeeeeee thanks in advance??????????????////////////////

  112. i m having x10 mini n havin a ridiculous battery life.. its lasting for only 4 hrs.. n even while charging it doesnt seem to … it will stop aftr sometime… i charged it for d whole nite wid around 5% battery life initially n den aftr 10 hrs of charging it still shows me 18% battery… dont know wats wrong.. i m not bein able to use any of d service… coz of dis battery it gets discharged easily.. guys help me its been a week n havin still d same problm….pls people help me wid dis problm…

  113. hey rahhooooooooooool , i think that u have to disable the gps/wi-fi/and 3g while not using it, and adjust the screen brightness to automatic i hope this helps

  114. Thanks for this brilliant thread. I was going to send my Mini Pro back but now I think its the best phone I have ever had . I get 2 days moderate use and one day heavy use without charging. The 2 things that changed it were Advanced Task Killer which is brilliant and letting the battery go through it’s 5 complete cycles a tthe start. The 5 cycles didn’t seem to be working but I gave it a 24 hourer as per the advice above and that seemed to make a big difference. I tried the 3g/2g but it was useless so I uninstalled and in the end I didn’t need it anyway.

  115. this is a crap phone.

    Battery is rubbish… and putting this aside… the processor cannot handle its ‘timescape’ feature as smoothly and promptly as it should… it’s very slow.

    You can have mine for $350 if you want. =]

  116. I’m already on my second Xperia X10a, because of the bad battery problems. Once, my battery died while I was out for the evening, and when I reconnected it to the charger, it would not take a new charge for anything. I just had a bricked phone with a blinking red light for days. I called AT&T, who could do nothing, and who kicked me over to SonyEricsson. SE replaced the device (warranty exchange, since I’d had the phone for a mere 32 days) in about a week. Now, I’m afraid to leave home without my charger. What’s worse is that the Xperia X10 will not work with ANY other USB car charger, so I can’t even charge it while I’m driving around and not using it. LIke another poster, I’ve used a bunch of SE phones in the past, pre-smartphone days, and they all were absolutely BRILLIANT. I still use my W600i today, in fact. This phone is absolute garbage, at least, with Android 1.6 on it (which is the only official version that AT&T users have available to them). I hear that Eclair 2.1 adds some much needed stuff. But if you’re considering buying the phone – it’s beautiful, but read what people are saying on here about the battery, the in-call volume, the useless Timescape “feature,” no real camera flash (just a stupid light that you toggle manually and which lights nothing), and the fact that SE will not upgrade Android past 2.1 (i.e. you WILL NOT even get the Froyo 2.2 that other devices on the market have NOW, much less the Gingerbread version that’s under development now). I only wish that I’d known about all of these issues before I spent so much money on this phone. The HTC Android phones are so much nicer! 🙁

  117. Found this website while trying to find help for my, yes you’ve guessed it, problems I’m having with my Xperia battery.
    I totally agree, for the money paid and technology touted, people shouldn’t be having to spend their own time to find fixes for what must amount to definite issue with the battery.
    I have had the phone for 3 months. To begin with I’d get about 3 days on a charge but now I’m lucky if the battery lasts a day – without any calls or texts being made.
    Interestingly, I’m on Vodafone though I can’t see how a service provider would affect a battery life.
    I’d also like to add this is the most unintuitive phone I’ve ever come across.

  118. hi….

    i bought the x10 mini last week.. n have same problem with the battery… the battery only last for 5-7 hours (for, I think, normal use… not so often used for browsing, etc). I’ve already tried the 20hours charging and it seems the method didn’t work for me… :-(. After discharging for about 2 hours, the battery remains 69% (i did the browsing max 5 min., lowest brightness, use adv task killer). is it normal? (not normal for me i think). Have another method?

    oh y…. I also experience this: the battery is out by itself, then I charge, but the phone didn’t respond for charging (no red light), and then i tried to connect with cable data to my lappie, and it worked (there was red light), and then I charge with the charger (normal charge). I’ve experienced this twice…. Does anyone has same this problem too?

    For all the battery problem, I can conclude this: the battery has inconsistent quality I think, coz not all people have same problem with us (who have battery life problem). In some forums, many people say their battery can last at least 1 day (incl. browsing use). Fiuh…. I’ll try to contact service center to solve this problem (hopefully get the reasonable answer and solution).

  119. I’ve had the X10 for 3 weeks and have found that the tips online are somewhat helpful in reducing battery consumption. However, I am not happy that I have to babysit the settings on this phone, let alone search for problems online. I need a phone that is reliable, not just fun and amazing. Sony Ericsson has lost a customer.

  120. I just got off the phone with Sony Ericsson Xperia support. I was barely into my diatribe explaining the issue when they offered to send a new battery free of charge. They are obviously well aware of this issue if they are quick to offer a free battery replacement. Also, I was not on hold at all. Must have been my luck day, or maybe S/E really does have that high level of customer service.

  121. I too experienced the problem of low battery life, before I realized the extent of battery usage due to frequent connection to internet by apps like gtalk, facebook and email. I downloaded one application “Motat GPRS” from android market, which you can place on your home screen for easy switch on/off of GPRS/3G. I switch on GPRS only when needed to browse or chat. Battery life increased by 3 times. This may not work for somebody who is always online.

  122. Since upgrading to 2.x my X10 has become worse then ever for battery life..

    After the new (marked 2010) battery from my X10 started lasting less then a day, and doing the ‘slow red flash’ – i swapped the battery with the ‘2009’ one from my X1 – a strong battery that had been conditioned to last 3-4+ days on the X1, and within a month of use on the X10 it developed all these memory problems we know & hate.

    The issue is NOTHING to do with the battery – it’s the X10 itself. Proof of this is the 2010 cell from the new X10, after conditioning will last 3-4+ days on the X1, but if used for a while on the X10 will AGAIN develop the memory issue.

    SE will send you a pre-conditioned battery, but after a month or so it will be as weak as a kitten.. the X10 definatly has problems with smart charging..

  123. Got the X10 now for a few days and batterlife does pretty well. Using the phone whole day to make pics and upload them to facebook. Editing the pics also in for example Photoshop Express. Email is pushed. Don’t seem to be able to drain my battery in one day :/
    What does use a lot of battery is when my son plays Need for Speed.

  124. Everyone agrees with each other…
    This mobile phone Sony ericcsson Xperia X10 mini pro (U20i) Really has a problem…
    Its the battery… Its not good at all, i hate it, ima go trade it for a nokia 5800…
    But the X10 is so amazing, its hust that the batttery sucks…

    Somebody tell me:
    Does this battery get better or do i have to go trade it?

  125. You might have a chance the battery will fix itself within 3 or 4 full charges (from empty)
    I have recently bought my X10, and it seems that the battery charges slow,
    but luckily discharges very slow too.
    If you are really satisfied with the nokia 5800, buy it. It’s worth about the same as
    the mini pro and you can even get the same OS on it.

  126. Probably this won’t occur in Europe, where I live, but mostly in the USA;
    where they have crappy cellphone companies like AT&T! Hahaha.
    The problems and solutions may differ from phone to phone.

    NOTE: If you want to buy the Xperia in the USA, or wherever you are, you may risk the chance
    of getting a power sucker.
    If you have a subscription phone, you can usually switch phones at your provider…
    Be patient with the X10 as well.

  127. Bought mini about 2 weeks back. Tried all the settings even without extensive use don’t last more than a day. One of the big mistake from Sony

  128. Hi All
    I experience a slow respond when ever i use internet via 3G, can anyone tell me how to inprove it, i am on andriod version 2.1.

  129. Im having the same problem with my xperia x10. this is my second x10 now since i sent the first one back to SE.. This second one is just as bad as the first one. It was good on the first weeks but gone bad after a while.. Dont know why but it used to last atleast a day of HEAVY USE (MUSIC, CAMERA, INTERNET , APP DOWNLOADS) then it became a nightmare. It drains battery as fast as 1-2 percent battery in every 3 mins.. Not at idle though. It doesnt drain much at idle but crazy when screen is on. .. it was sent to me with android 2.1 installed… . Now, it wont last aday now with minimal usage (30 txt no calls, a few times to check the time) .. I go to school so i dont use it. That means from 3pm to around 9pm or sometines less(i take naps after school).. Its annoying me so much!

  130. i tried to repair the software using PC companion just incase something went wrong/.. although theres not that much cases for that since it came updated from sony ericsson but theres no harm in trying 😀 and besides, i dont think sony would send me another defective x10 after the other.. what are the chances of that happening? i personally think they wouldnt.

  131. does anyone know if there are other battery’s out there who will fit this phone and have more juice?….. thnx in advance

    peace !!!

  132. “1) Charge/discharge battery a few times initially”
    Do you know anything about Li-Ion batteries? This is completely useless (aside from calibrating the Software battery-meter) and will only serve to SHORTEN the life of the battery in the long-term.

  133. Does anybody know how to toggle GODDAMN unlock screen activation via front from MENU (central) button?
    I.E. – I have exactly same problem as Janne has – this bloody button (because it is higher than surface of screen) constantly pressed in pocket, making screen on, and draining battery.
    All other android phones – are not reacting to menu buttons in sleep mode, only to power button, which is usually securely mounted and cannot be accinedtally pressed.

  134. hi,

    i brought the x10 (big) on contract for a stupid price i mainly use the internet, but i must say if your going to buy this phone dont, the screen is really bad and scratches, also the touch on it is shocking and i cant get over how bad the camera is.

    if you are looking to buy a phone i mus recomend the iphone:)

    all batery life on these phones are crap, it first came out at 500 pounds and the battery life last 2-3 hours if your on the internet, i have tried all the things you said and more, and it just makes the phone bad, might aswell buy a crap one.

  135. My x10 drains about 1 % in every 2,5 h so after 24h of being idle i had 89% battery left, which isnt too bad but still a bit too much for me. I also had wifi and gps turned off.

  136. this is what i do everytime my battery seems to die fast, i do exactly what most of the above says but sometimes its just doesnt work, i have been doing these method since way way back.
    Remove you battery from celphone
    get a plastic bag or sandwich bag
    then put the battery inside the bag make sure its tight sealed and dont blow the inside of the bag
    then put it in a freezer for atleast 4-5 then charge it for 20-21 hours.
    the cold temperature of the freezer make the battery to fully discharge every last drain of electricity it has.

  137. Hi,
    In my Xperia X10 often when im in calling mode(ie while im talking through phone) mobile getting switched off and i cont switch on again. After half hour only mobile is getting on. Is there any prob with Android OS ? Is there any possible chance to get ride off this prob, can anybody suggest me some idea?

  138. i am using chines android pad , i cant use pad without charger.please tell me what to do ???

  139. Hi guys,
    I cannot agree with an opinion to disable 3G and to use only 2G instead. I had suffered with only like 28 hours of standby time (almost no use) as the maximum with “only GSM” allowed in the settings menu. I have tried really all the settings as advised on many webpages during that time. Including software reinstall several times. I even sent my phone to service for the battery claim. They tested and returned back to me with the result that the battery health is “good”.
    Last week I accidentally turned 3G on (“prefer WCDMA”). To my surprise the phone last much longer. It is capable lasting like 3-4 days of standby. I have never had such long standby time before.
    During last days I tested it a bit in different areas. These tests confirmed to me that I can get the power consumption only app.1 percent of battery / hour in standby in 3G, while in 2G it consumes like 4 percent / hour.
    Nowadays I always prefer 3G network wherever it is available.
    Give it a try and you will see. I have got X10 mini.

  140. lli: Freezing a LiIon battery won’t do much to its charge state, but it will change its characteristics as long as its cold. Most likely your perceived longer battery life is a psychological phenomenon.

  141. Iv had my x10 fro a cple of months now and iv done near all listed here and im lucky to get 7 hrs total and thats also with only a small amount of usage??

  142. My battery doesn’t work.. At ALL! And I dot know where to buy one from,haven’t used my phone in 4 month 🙁 I, dying here -.-

  143. switch it all off! I ask you – what’s the point? Most disappointing battery life, won’t last half a day. Rubbish. SE needs to at least offer upgraded batteries 2 years after the launch – we’ll pay for them!

  144. cant you guys read at all on your phone??

    if you go to support built in app on your phone there is a battery optimizer option to the far right lol

    honestly noobs you must explore your phone instead of trying to jump the gate
    also if your after a task killer that auto kills your apps then get automatic task killer as thats the best auto killer does what it says.

    for those that like manual kill there is a option on this task killer for that

    also battery life yer its short but i went and ordered a 2430 mah battery for x10 mini pro off ebay and it works soo much better

  145. Hello
    Has anyone installed the new software update (2.3)? I did it at the weekend. Since then my battery life has been atrocious. Yesterday it was full in the morning, then dead by the afternoon. Had full charge when I went to bed and then noticed in the wee hours that it was dead, so put it on to charge. And now it is down to 15%. Not happy. WiFi is turned off, automatic updates are off. Used Advance task manager to kill off everything that isn’t necessary. Battery use says that cell standby is using 50% of the battery.

    Feedback welcome, thanks.

  146. HI guys,i buyed xperia x10 mini some 8months ago.Mobile works fine overall,but thr r some mattters tht donot go fine.The serious of thm is battery problem,the thing is tht only display eats 44% of the battery?lame,isnt it.secondly swithing off ur wifi whn not using it is a gud option.(wifi takes 28% of battery).
    I think the mobile is not given a bunch of time to develop it.The company usually makes alot of mobiles;tht might b the reason;giving less attention towards quality.They shud work on quality not on quantity.also,if thr is less quantity it will b easy to choose a gud cell phone.Now when u go to shop,ur brain becomes mad which xperia to choose.

  147. […] timeCompatible with PSP-1000/2000/3000 seriesCreated exclusively for use with the PSP programProduct Descriptions: If you are looking for the finest replacement for the original Sony PlayStatio…ou add enhanced battery life to your PSP entertainment expertise for even much more gaming, movies […]

  148. Dear friends,
    My xperia x10 turns off automatically when 30% battery still remains. I turn it back on and I can use it, if I keep using it, it works fine but when I standby it and put in pocket, it turns off after sometime when 30% battery is remaining. Is there a way I can set it to 2% or 1%?????
    Can anyone help?

  149. This phone sucks, when I bought it I was delighted with it, (April 2010) but then it don’t support a lot of things and the battery life is getting worse and worse and worse, no matter what I do no matter what app I try it spends the majority of it’s time on the charger, can’t wait to upgrade it, S.E. have a pup with this one, I’m lucky now if I get 8 hrs and that’s not using it , Don’t buy an e train ticket on this phone you will end up in serious trouble

  150. I can say one x10 mini pro battery is a disaster.Dont buy android phone with low capacity battery.

  151. If I want to turn everything off, then why dont I go back to use nokia 3310, whats the purpose of smart phones, this is not a solution, I really regret getting sony ericsson

  152. do you use anti virus?and which antivirus use?where sms is packed in mobile or in memory card?
    in 3G standby time is 360 hours in 2G Standby time is 285 hours .. does that mean that the battery lasts longer in the 3G version? a 3G talk time is 3 hours and 30 min, and 2G talk time is 4 hours?my bettery lasts 3days sometimes 4 days,but the brightness screen is off all the time,and its on 2G,and minimum use WI-FI…i send 60 sms at the one day,and 2 minits of talk..and turned off mobil over a night(and he take me 2% of battery over a night,i dont now why,when he is fon turned off )

  153. my xperia x10i switches off even when the battery is 30 – 40 %.
    I have to restart it again & again to use it..
    please suggest a measure to tackle the same.


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