SE ends Xperia X10 multitouch speculation once and for all

No MultitouchDespite the efforts of brave modders trying to determine whether the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10’s display is capable of multitouch, SE has moved to end speculation on this for good. They have released a statement that says the X10 will never have multitouch capabilities.

The statement says that a combination of hardware and software configurations will prevent the X10 from getting multitouch capabilities in the core platform, even with a software upgrade to Android 2.1. In a reaction to the criticism the company has received, it claims that multitouch capabilities were never advertised and therefore has not misled customers.

It goes on to say that the Xperia X10 will “delight consumers” despite the multitouch limitations. Personally, it’s something I can live without. However, I can imagine many people being swayed against the handset because of this confirmation. Check out the full statement below.

“At the time of the announcement of Xperia X10 (3 Nov 2009) we confirmed on our product blog that Xperia X10 would not support the android core feature of multi touch at the time of launch. As the project has evolved we have subsequently announced that that Xperia X10 will be upgraded during its lifecycle with improvements in the User Experience Platform, incorporating software feature improvements and a later release of the android OS. However, owing to the particular hardware and software configuration of the X10, multi-touch capabilities will not be enabled in the core platform irrespective of the software upgrade. Whilst there has been intense discussion amongst online consumers about many of the detailed features supported by the X10, Sony Ericsson has at no point made any official statement indicating support of multi touch as a core feature of the Xperia X10.

Whilst Sony Ericsson does not generally comment on speculation about future product or feature announcements, our communication principle is to have an open and honest dialogue with consumers and we make the above clarification in order to avoid any mis-conceptions among purchasers of the Xperia X10. We have had extremely positive consumer feedback following our first shipments of the Xperia X10 and we are very confident that this product delivers a user experience that is truly unique and will delight consumers the world over.”



34 responses to “SE ends Xperia X10 multitouch speculation once and for all”

  1. i just got my X10 last week when it launched here in Canada, multitouch would have been nice but its not that big of a deal really.

  2. Chris indeed…
    Multitouch is not needed for general use 🙂 it could be nice if we have it ( x10 owners) but Im not crying because i dont have it 🙂 only 1 think it could have its new software 🙂 but to be honest x10 is i think the best phone out of all of the phones which are out right now 🙂 and i love it 😛

  3. Regardless of Multitouch, X10 is the best phone i’ve owned, and the best phone in canada. With a unique power to make all my coworkers and friends jealous 😛

  4. I totally agree, I have an Xperia X10 too. The multitouch is not something that is a neccessity.The device works fine without it and it’s a superb piece of technology and software incorporated into one. I can’t wait to see the updated O/S, although having said that… I’m very happy with the current one. I’ve waited for this phone to be released for a while, and though I’ve refrained from buying other phoes, I can honestly say it’s been well worth the wait and I absolutely love the Xerpia X10 and it sure is the best phone I have had to date.
    Rock on Xperia!!!

  5. Personally I find multitouch slightly overrated and will upgrade to an x10 from my old ifone regardless of support; what I find infinitely more annoying is the fact that it ships with an already outdated droid version and rooting it to manually install 2.x is a pain… I know an official update is scheduled but it remains too little too late.