Rebranding your Xperia X10 [Tutorial]

SEUSFlashing the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 that was originally running X10i firmware to X10a (and vice versa) leads to a problem that means SEUS will not be able to update the phone for future updates. If you have this problem, we have posted a short tutorial below that will get your handset rebranded.

If you have not debranded your X10 yet, please make sure that when you do you choose the relevant generic firmware (X10a for X10a handsets and likewise for X10i). This means that you can ignore this tutorial and rebrand your handset using the same methodology as in the debranding tutorial (using your original backed up files).

Tutorial on rebranding your Xperia X10

This tutorial is intended to rebrand X10a handsets from X10i firmware. The files have not been tested to go from X10a to X10i, therefore there is no guarantee of success. We will update the tutorial when the necessary files become available to rebrand from X10a to X10i.

[Please note that you should backup all files before proceeding. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.]

1) Download and unzip this file.

2) Place the ‘back_x10a’ file and all ‘x10a_xxxx.bin’ files in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service


3) From the downloaded files in step 1, place the jar file in the Plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\Plugins).


4) This will overwrite the jar file already present. Once this happens, a usbflash_log.txt created. Please check the directory (C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service) to make sure it is there.


5) Now run SEUS. Run the option to install. This will start to download the Japanese X10a firmware from the server.

6) When SEUS has finished the download, remove the USB cable. Now use the original debranding tutorial to re-flash to your original firmware.

7) Once complete, your handset should be rebranded. 8)

Many thanks to goroh_kun, daeshawn and arcticreaver over at xda-developers for getting this working!

Update: For those that cannot get this to work, try this different solution from the guys over at xda-developers.

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  1. Ok. Now I am confused. Is it necessary to rebrand my phone ? I de-branded my handset from X10i to X10a ( UK generic firmware ), also my handset is on contract from T-mobile in the UK. Can’t my phone be updated or rebranded using update service by Sony Ericsson. By Deleting the debranding files and downloading the original ones by sony that will make my phone back to X10i ? What I mean is, after debranding my phone, will i still be able to update the software or firmware on my phone, or do i have to rebrand it in order to do that. and if i do have to rebrand the handset, do I have to follow these steps or can I just install the original firmware that came with my phone ?

  2. Iglesias – Use these steps if downloading the original files does not work. For many people it doesn’t, hence the steps outlined above. Hope that makes sense!

  3. Hey all,

    I got the Japanese FW on there, but for rebranding, do I have to remove the bin files that update 7 adds?

  4. if you have a X10i and flashed with X10a firmware you will never receive Software Updates for the phone and vice versa. so it is very important that you do flash the correct firmware for the correct phone model.

  5. @ X10
    I understand how to do it. That’s not the issue. The issue is. My handset is from the UK. On contract with T-mobile. My handset came with X10a on it. I debranded my X10 because it improved the battery life dramatically and ironed out a few other minor problems. But now I am being told, that because my handset came with X10a on it. And after debranding it, I got X10i, that I will never receive any updates ? If that is the case, I know how to put the original files back onto my phone. But does that mean my battery life will suck again because of this ? I did use the UK generic files to debrand my X10 if it makes any difference. One more thing, after debranding, my baseband and raf build got upgraded too. Is it fully necessary to rebrand my phone again ?

  6. Iglesias, I’ve also got an X10 on contract from T-Mobile and it’s definitely X10i. Take the back cover off and remove the battery, there will be a sticker with info on it – it will say X10i. If you have debranded using the original instructions then you now have the latest firmware (as you stated) and you will most probably be able to update with SEUS when the next update comes – so go enjoy the phone without worrying 😀

  7. i debranded from the files given in the forum. they did not specify if it was a or i, i started out a and now is i if i rebrand could i recieve updates again?

  8. some things i noticed while rebranding:
    1. the .log file is created only after you start seus and connect the phone and begin the update process.
    2. This is the japanese firmware, so you get ntt docomo’s boot screen, etc. you will have to flash it with the generic X10a files again, using the old replacing techinique.
    3. After that, it puts it back to the 014 firmware and battery life is not very good.
    4. The good thing though is SEUS works and you can update your phone.

  9. This method is only used for X10a@X10i. If you flashed your X10a with X10a generic firmware you can also rebrand it by using branded X10a files and the debrand tutorial; same goes for X10i.

  10. If you read the intro you’d realise that’s exactly what this tutorial is for.

    If you’re already on X10a and flashed to X10a (same with X10i) there is no issue, you’d just use our original debranding tutorial to change back. This tutorial is for those that had problems who had a X10a handset running X10i firmware, having problems switching back to X10a (or vice versa).

  11. Ok, so why call it “Rebranding your Xperia X10 [Tutorial]” while it’s only for cross-region flashed X10?

  12. Mainly to highlight the issue for people that have debranded either way. The intro lets people know that if they’ve cross-flashed they can follow this tutorial and if they haven’t we point them to the debrand tutorial to rebrand.

  13. I got an X10 2 weeks ago and today it won’t turn on at all. Tried to charge it, no blinking light. It was a good and fun 2 weeks with the Android though.

    Anyone’s X10 down?

  14. same thing happened to me after about 5 days, it just refuses to turn on???? come on Sony this phone is pants!!!!!

  15. Has anyone rebranded from x10a to x10i yet….if so what is the processs.

  16. Someone needs to update the zip file. The current SEUS Update Service has been updated to, which makes the zip file above unusable. I tried to rename the file but it doesnt work. Can someone update it?

  17. I’m also looking for the updated version as well as an updated link to zip file.

  18. I purchased my Xperia X10 about a week ago. And mine will also not turn on. The LED will just blink red once or twice regardless of how long I charge it for. Help?

  19. just want to let you know, that the link above does not work


    waiting for the file 😉

  20. You can find the files here!!!
    I did just what you said!! but i cant bring my model to X10a back!!!!
    Im so frustated!! how to do it?

  21. yeh same for me the main problem is when i copy paste the plugin it doesn’t repleace anything :S
    So i tried to rename to the existing plugin file, when i did that i got the inf. file

    but seus keeps on saying that i have up to date software

    such a piss off

  22. @Murph187 I was looking at that, do you mean you paid for it and it didn’t work? I am hesitant to pay for something I can probably do for free with some tinkering.

  23. Hello guys.

    i have one problem with my xperia x10i, it doesnt have a market icon out of the box and the phone is unlocked, it makes me feel not yet using android phone, the phone is useless with no market in it, please someone help me with advise if rebranding will bring market to my unfinished xperia, my email is the current FW on the phone is R2BA026 if i have to rebrand it please tell me which FW has the market.

  24. Hello to all. I’m from Brazil. My brother was in vacation in Saint Martin (a Caribbean island) and bought to me an Xperia X10, but I’m not able to use my SIM card (TIM Brazil). Appears a message to enter a “SIM network unlock code”. I’ve already tried to buy a code at those site that say they unlock your phone for all networks in all regions, but the code did not work :/ I’ve noted (Service menu) that it is locked to T-mobile UK. And the model is X10i. The agency that regulates communication in Brasil says, in its site, that the model approved for Brazil is X10a. So, I ask you: If I debrand my X10i to a X10a, do you think I will be able to use my TIM Brazil SIMcard? I’ll really appreciate if anyone can help me. Thanks a lot.

  25. I think here is a mistake, because rebranding means that you return to your mobile operators firmware (with it’s custom pictures, ringtones, etc), but if you apply other firmware that not correspond to the original firmware is “flashing” only. Remember rebrand means recover the original firmware of you mobile operator.

    Regards from Chile.