New X10 firmware [R2BA013] to bring performance boost, Creatouch app?

CreatouchTreat this with a pinch of salt until confirmed, but joakimudden over at esato has revealed some intriguing new information on the next firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. He says the update (build number R2BA013) will bring with it small UI improvements in the Timescape/Mediascape apps as well as the Creatouch app.

He goes on to say that performance and battery life is much improved and that there is a new slide animation when browsing the gallery. He couldn’t point to a release date but hopefully it won’t be too long now. Creatouch is an app that allows the user to personalize the home screen of their X10. This involves creating personalised wallpapers and sharing these socially. Check it out in action after the jump.

Via esato.

21 responses to “New X10 firmware [R2BA013] to bring performance boost, Creatouch app?”

  1. Haha. can’t wait !

    @ TimVK
    FW .16 is already out. you have to debrand your phone to get it.

  2. I’ve emailed Sony Ericsson about this update, to ask for a rough ETA when we can expect it. As of yet I have not had a reply.

  3. @ Iglesias
    Normally it’s not branded. I just bought it in a SE box without any kind of supplier. It’s the Belgium version and I’ve heard from some other Belgian owners that they also can’t update yet to the .16 version.

  4. I have asked Sony Ericsson about handsets not being updated to FW .16, they replied me only generic devices will get it. So, debrand is the way.

  5. But how do we know if we have branded or generic device? I got mine from operator but it doesn’t seem branded because there are no operator logos or anything. There were only shortcuts for downloading APN profile but nothing else. So do I have generic or not? Firmware is .14 but when I check for updates it says that my device already has the latest firmware.

  6. looks great, but was wondering does it allow for different wallpapers for each of the 3 homescreens as well as just the 1 image used across all 3 as shown in the video?

  7. The PC Companion never gave me the 0.16 Firmware version. Tried once with the S-E Update Service (‘SEUS’), it instantly gave me the new version.

    So anyone having trouble getting the latest firmware and not willing to de-brand, try using the Update Service (seperate download from S-E website).


  8. @Tim van der Leeuw: Tried that already but still no update available for me 🙁 So I think they are going to update BE as one of the latest 🙁

  9. R1FA014 newer version or this? I don this Creatouch App in my device. Firmware version 1.6 latest? I use my SE PC companion to check, this already the latest software. Is there any newer updates available in Msia?

  10. Asking a silly question on firmware update. For those ever updated the firmware for their X10, would like to find out from you that after the update to any latest version, the locale still contain lots of languages or just english alone? I haven’t done the update as i afraid that after doing so, the locale just left english and i may not be able to view chinese sms.
    Asking so as i left with english option after update my wife’s Satio to latest version. SE Customer Support said it is common as they only put english language on the new rom and ask me to bring the phone to the nearest service center to add language packs.

  11. I’ve updated the firmwire but now I lost my sim toolkit. Does anyone know how to get it back?