Spotify Mediascape/Timescape integration demoed on Xperia X10

SpotifyOne of the questions I get asked a lot is whether there are any customisation options within the Mediascape and Timescape apps. Currently this isn’t open to users but Sony Ericsson does work with operators to tweak certain services for its customers.

One demonstration of this is for Telia customers in Sweden. Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has been integrated so that it appears within Mediascape and once a song is player it will show up as a tile in Timescape. Quite nifty, I just wish this was open to more apps and also to some element of customer control. Maybe it will be for some future update. Check out a video demo of this after the cut.

Via SE Product Blog.

2 responses to “Spotify Mediascape/Timescape integration demoed on Xperia X10”

  1. I wish they’d allow third-party developers to hook into mediascape. I really miss Flickr integration, and I don’t use any of the social sites included, so that aspect of mediascape is pretty much useless for me.