Official Twitter app arrives… for Android 2.1

Twitter for AndroidEveryone seems to have their own personal preferences when it comes to choosing an Android Twitter client. Twidroid and Seesmic are my current faves, but Twitter has now launched its own official app in the Android Market to shake things up.

However, Xperia X10 owners shouldn’t get too excited, the app is currently only available on handsets running Android 2.1. Whilst that rules us out for now, at least we know an upgrade is coming at some point that means we won’t miss out altogether.

The app comes with a home screen widget to read your tweet timeline quickly, you’ll also be able to view a tweet location on a map. Like other clients, you’ll also be able to share photos too. Another cool feature is the ability to sync tweets with your phonebook contacts so that you can view your friends latest tweets straight from your phonebook.

Currently there isn’t multiple account support, but hopefully this will be included by the time we get Android 2.1. Google plans to open source the code for the new app so hopefully devs will create some exciting experiences using Twitter APIs in future apps. To see what you are missing, check out some hands on videos of the official Twitter app in action below.

4 responses to “Official Twitter app arrives… for Android 2.1”

  1. There are some unofficial twitter apps in Market. That’s not a problem. And we have Timescape too.