Xperia X10 is NTT DoCoMo’s fastest ever selling smartphone

NTT DoCoMo XperiaSony Ericsson launched the Xperia X10 Android smartphone in early April through the NTT DoCoMo network. The X10, simply known as Xperia in Japan, has gone on to become the quickest selling smartphone in DoCoMo’s history according to a Barclay’s Capital report.

Figures show that the Xperia sold 120,000 handsets in less than three weeks beating the HTC Android (model unspecified) that sold 80,000 units across 10 months. It was the best-selling phone on the network in April, scoring even higher sales than the 32GB iPhone 3GS. It all makes for impressive reading. Click through for an excerpt of the report.

Barclays’ Capital note on NTT DoCoMo:

“Last week we upgraded DoCoMo to Buy to reflect our increasing optimism that the company could be the big beneficiary of smart phone proliferation in Japan, given their high quality network and evolving philosophy.

DoCoMo’s new smart phone, Sony Ericsson Xperia, has sold about 120,000 units within its first three weeks on sale; Tsusaka’s data shows that the initial 100,000 unit shipment to distributors sold out in 10 says, but another 50,000 units delivered in mid-April, and a third set of 30,000 units is apparently scheduled for late April.

Stores which open on weekdays are mostly sold out. Sales of over 100,000 units make a positive contribution to the company’s net increase in subscribers, so it looks very likely NTT DoCoMo will again have a top share of net add in April.

You can see that the Xperia handset is enjoying unprecedented demand compared to previous smart phones on DoCoMo’s network:

Xperia sales versus DoCoMo’s previous smart phones

Xperia 120,000 in 20 days
HTC Android 80,000 in 10 months
Blackberry Bold 60,000 in 14 months
Toshiba Windows Mobile 60,000 in 10 months”

Via PRLog.

8 responses to “Xperia X10 is NTT DoCoMo’s fastest ever selling smartphone”

  1. Well done Sony Ericsson.

    They’ve been after a mega-hit phone in Japan for a long time now so this should also increase their market share somewhat. Competition in the Japanese market is cut-throat so this is quite an achievement.

    Let’s hope they can bring us more of the same next year – more Xperia goodness.

    Oh, and nice blog btw. 🙂

  2. Picked up my black Xperia X10 from DoCoMo yesterday. There is a waiting list for the white ones, with new stock expected end of the month.

    Service setup is complicated, and you have to sign a letter of acceptance showing you understand that data charges can be high. This letter strongly suggests getting the pake-hodai double service, which caps data charges to 6000 Yen a month.

    What I did find annoying is that I can’t use the X10 at all without a SIM installed. I would of liked to have been able to use a free WiFi hotspot to do gmail or browsing without going through the carriers network.

    At least the first question it asks after installing the SIM is the language. DoCoMo phones are known for burying that particular feature deep in the Japanese menus.

    Will certainly keep an eye on news from this blog.

  3. I have the “other” Google phone it is the HTC-03A just another word for HTC Magic.

    I had a chance to look at the HTC Desire that Softbank has and it is so awesome I wish Docomo got the Desire instead of the X10 I guess I will wait hopefully they get something better this summer.