Official: Xperia X10 to get Android 2.1 and HD video recording in Q4 2010

Xperia X10We’ve been waiting months for details, but now Sony Ericsson has given us a timeline on the Android upgrade. The Xperia X10 Android handset will get the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update along with HD video recording, DLNA wireless connectivity and improvements to Timescape/Mediascape in the fourth quarter of this year.

Sony Ericsson talks of this upgrade as being part of a UX platform (UXP) and will see similar Android 2.1 upgrades across the X10 mini and X10 mini pro. It is unclear from the SE Product Blog post, but it seems that UXP will deliver a new user interface. Other smaller software updates are also scheduled, the first of which will be in the next couple of weeks addressing performance issues.

I’m glad finally SE has given everyone an idea on timing, however all I can think right now is why not update to Android 2.2 (Froyo)? Especially as they have until the end of the year. Surely by the time they actually release Android 2.1, everyone will be clamouring for version 2.2 instead. Anyway, we’ll keep you posted with further developments.

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  1. DLNA, liking that. Wonder if it can become almost a ‘slingbox’ handset, so I can watch stuff away from my home?

  2. Happy cat has a replenished supply of happy! 😀

    This made my day, I’m glad to hear that Sony Ericsson is making this even more of a premium product.

  3. I have mixed feelings about this… I was hoping the update would be by September at the latest and 2.1 when the Nexus One etc will be on 2.2 maybe i would’nt be so bothered but i really want Flash 10.1 on my phone web browsing on the X10 is awesome with the big screen but having flash would make it even more awesome. And we’ve got to wait until maybe december for live wallpapers :(.

    On the other hand at least we know theres a update coming and HD Video Recording sounds good and DLNA could be a hint of a forthcoming PS3 Remote Play App?.

    Hmm whos gonna stick it out or whos gonna fold and get a Nexus One / Desire instead? lol hmmm.

  4. Do you think SE will add own app2sd to 2.1 upgrade? i think it is more important than multitouch..

  5. how can anyone be happy with this? they couldn’t make the date any further away. Since when does it take 6 months to sort something like that out? And by that time, everyone will be on at LEAST 2.2. Then it will be Q4 of 2011 for the update to that.. they have really messed up this time.

  6. I don’t understand why it takes so long for the them to update to 2.1…if they only had invested in 2.1 they wouldn’t have the pressure of coming out with 2.1 NOW. I like the phone and everything, but really SE needs to be faster…now the question is how many owners or interested buyers will stick out until that time period…big loss imo.

  7. Very disappointed with SE and feel I have wasted my money on a bug ridden phone. Why on earth are they upgrading 2.1!?? Time to sell.

  8. while its good to have confirmation that the v2.1 upgrade is coming… but its annoying to wonder for what reason do they need SIX months just to roll out an update.

    its not like they have only 2 software engineers around so much so that everything is done in serial?

    @Burdie: go read more. you need it. no Multitouch for X10 even if its Android v.1001.99 . hardware doesn’t support as far as SE have confirmed.

  9. time to sell i think no more chances now SE had it with them i have been only buying them since the t68i came out and over the past few years they have been getting worse bugy crashing restarting and slow to update. i buy a new phone at least 4 times a year just got rid of c905 and a satio and got the x10 and vivaz.
    the x10 is a good mobile phone if it worked like a mobile phone as the battary is utter crap mine lasts about 8-10 hours and i dont use it that much my satio lasted 2 days and the c905 3 days. the sounds are very low i cant hear the phone ringing when its in my pocket. as i am on vodafone uk i cant update it yet as they are slower then se at doing anything! why do se sell phones that are not ready to be sold like the satio and maybe the x10.
    rant over
    ps going to debrand and see what happens

  10. debrand done sound is a bit better now running baseband 1.0.16 dont know about battery life yet.

  11. Announcing an upgrade to Android 2.1 by end of the year while Google is about to announce Android 2.2…. sounds like a lot of bad PR to me 🙁 Haven’t they learned yet from releasing the phone with Android 1.6 that this gave them a lot of bad PR, seriously hampering sales of the phone? (That and lack of multi-touch, which for some reason I don’t understand myself is a hot issue for many).

  12. Actually for the battery life, you can search around the X10 forums around

    turn off 3G and any mobile data. Off GPS.
    2G enough for calls.

    get a task killer to kill Moxier Mail (apparently a very big culprit)

    and others.

    or just hope that their power saving update comes earlier. they really should consider giving us incremental updates than to wait so long.

    most people should be able to last 1 day, which is pretty much the norm for Smartphones nowadays anyway.

    /Everyone prods the SE Developers together with a very big stick

  13. now this is bad news! i have no market app in my phone. purchased from the middle east! SE hasnt released the market app in some regions. Was desperately waiting for the 2.1 in which they promised to put in the market app. Any idea if i can get the existing OS ( uk version)

  14. @mel
    try debranding your phone with the generic UK firmware. A tutorial on how to do that is available in this blog.

  15. @mel

    I didn’t know that Moxier was a major culprit, thanks for the tip. I tried using it but it doesn’t even work propery, it stops syncing every time!
    Gets a sync error for whatever reason I don’t know, and then disables the syncing. Bah!

    I should really get rid of it and install a better working Exchange sync client.

  16. Hi…
    I’ve bought an x10 but its black…and I am deeply regretting it coz the white one is AMAZING…is there any white body available yet…if there is can anyone please tell me where I can buy it from…I will really appreciate the help…Thank you…;)

  17. Will Andriod 2.1 gonna enable FM Radio in X10? I heard that inspite of having 16M only 65k colour is effective so will it remain the same or 2.1 gonna utilize all 16M? Please someone reply!

  18. To be honest I’m not suprised it’s taken this long. Sony are nortoriously forgetful when it comes to their existing customers. I have a sony laptop that about 2.5 years old now, and the graphics drviers have *never* had an update. I’ve had to find third party drivers that did the job, but it’s hardly the point. Not everyone has the ability to do that and surely that why there is an update function on their products. It’s their for some reason, but apparently their definition of update isn’t the same as mine. Shame really as it puts a negative spin on some generally quite good products.

  19. Hello everyone here,
    I bought my x10 for around a month now, and it keep restarting itself automatically when i work on games, applications, browsing the internet, or just restart. I’m really fad up of this phone and SE should find a solution for this fatal problem. I went to their maintenance agent in Egypt, where i live, but they were so UNPROFESSIONAL AT ALL, and they formated my phone and changed the platformt o android 2.1 – and you will be wondering if i told them that it finally came to Egypt, and they answered NO, and at that time i had the 2.1 already on the device, and even after i showed it to them, they kept rolling their eyes, and that was really funny and made me sarcastically laug.

    PLEASE if you have any idea about sovling this problem, just let me know, or at least let me know if its common, software, or hardware problem, so i can rest and make decision.

    Thanks Every Body 🙂