Minor ‘R1FB001’ firmware update rolling out

Minor ‘R1FB001’ firmware update rolling outA number of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 users are reporting a new firmware update (R1FB001) that is hitting their handsets via SEUS. SE hasn’t released a changelog but users are reporting a slight performance improvement in Mediascape/Timescape. This does not look like the update that will include the Creatouch app. There’s also no notable improvements in battery life.

So far it seems only to have been released in Sweden, but I imagine SE will slowly roll this out to other countries too. Has anyone downloaded it yet? If so, what changes have you noticed so far? Let us know in the comments below or in the forum.

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  1. I have a question: if we debranded our phone to be able to get .16, how do we now get updates? Do we have to debrand it again using new files?

  2. @ Alex. The whole idea is so you can get the updates before such people as Vodafone get their hands on it, and delay the release for about a year. You update as everyone else does. Connect your phone to the pc and run the SE Update Service.

  3. SE has a good engineering team, and a software team that deserves to be cleaning homeless armpits instead.

    Software side always pulls sony down. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

    Can’t say I’m disappointed in my X10, but it can be a lot better.

  4. Its been released in Brazil too. R1FB001 is the Brazilian generic firmware and comes factory installed. It updated from 1.4 t0 1.6 on the night to Monday.

  5. When I bought the phone on May, 7th it was already updated into 1.6 firmware. So I think it has been released in Indonesia, too.

  6. I have debranded my Orange X10 and installed 1.6

    I have found the phone doesnt seem to suffer from the slowdown that 1.4 suffered from when using apps for a while, it also feels a little snappier throughout.

    The battery only used to last 1/2 a day when frequently used and 1 day when not used alot.
    The batter now lasts about 1.5 days when frequently used and 2.5 days when not used so much. No complaints here!

    I just hope they hurry with the role out of Android 2.1 as ill be upgrading my phone again in 10 months and that means, new phone so, is it realy worth it to me? and im sure many others!

    Shame SE are taking so long on this update, i would have thought they would be working on it Night and day to get this out as it would mean taking the market by storm!

    Ah well, hope they get it right next time and learn from the misstake.

  7. i have 1.6 build number R1FA016 is this a new one? i am in the uk with a debranded vodafone handset. thanks

  8. How do i debrand my phone and upgrade to 1.6? It keeps on saying i already have the latest update but i have 1.4?

  9. @gading
    hai i’am from indonesia too..
    but my firmware is 1.4 and it say i already have the latest firmware..
    how do you update your x10

  10. Hey guys i bought Xperia x10 recently , while i was browsing using wi-fi ystrdy all of a sudden the webpage stopped loading , i thought it was somthing wrong wth my router but it was fine cuz my laptop was browsing seamlessly , so i thought i’ll switch off and switch on the wi-fi… when i did, the wi-fi option in the screen stopped responding(the Wi-Fi icon was neither enabled or disabled but in the transition part with a loading circle on it) I tried using other applications like camera , music-player but all of these applications became unresponsive (Note : the phone did not completely freeze i was still able to navigate through screens)… I had no other option but to switch it off and on again… when i tried powering it off it got stuck in a endless cycle saying phone is shutting down but never did … I kept pressing the power button again and again for a while and the whole screen went dead but the phone was still on(no wasn’t on the standby mode) after a long wait wth no other option i had to take the battery out n put it back to make it work again … This just happened once after that it is working seamlessly however i wanted to check whether you guys have experienced any similar kind of problem and what should i do if i experience this same problem again

  11. Hello,
    I am on Vodafone UK and my X10i is just upgrading Software. It will take another 15-20 minute. I will update soon.
    OLD SW on My phone:
    baseband = 1.0.14
    fw = 1.6
    kernal 2.6.29-rel semc-android@semc #2
    build = R1FA014

  12. I have not noticed a change, this is my first Sony Ericcsson and probably my last!! still on android 1.6, why are big corporate companies so dull/thick. People paid top money for this phone and are not getting 2.2. SE are going the way of Sega, which hung on and hung on to their Mega drive when so many people wanted new versions of their console, but they didnt listen and look what happened, Sony are going the same way and thats to become a minor player in the Mobile phone market share!!!!!!

  13. Hi guys. I have updated to 2.1 in India. Except display changes too many points SE has proved weak side of their R&D. 1) Image viewer is very poor while zoomed out 2) The PDF file is also not legible while zoomed out 3) SE has failed to provide on screen controls like Back Button etc. 4) processing speed is also compromised compared to Firmware 1.6. If someone has alternative of these, pl let me know. Thanks