X10 mini Debrand Tutorial

X10 miniNow that the X10 mini is becoming widely available, many users are looking to debrand their handsets. Just in time, we have a debranding tutorial for the X10 mini that should help ease your woes.

The methodology in debranding the handset is essentially the same as that for the Xperia X10. However, we’ve still outlined the necessary steps below along with the UK Generic firmware. The Xperia X10 Blog absolves itself from any responsibility should anything happen to your handset, so please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Tutorial on debranding your X10 mini

Please note: This tutorial is for X10i mini handsets only. Flashing your X10i mini to X10a mini (and vice versa) will result in SEUS not being able to update your phone for future updates.

1) Download and install the latest version of Sony Ericsson Update Service (found here).

2) Download the Generic UK X10 mini (E10i) firmware. The download contains two files (a 80MB one and a +10MB one).

3) Delete contents of db folder (C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db).

4) Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) to update your X10 mini

5) Go to C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs.

6) Sort files by date in descending order (latest date at top). The two files at the top will be 80MB and one around 12MB.

7) Backup these two original files into a different directory. This is an optional step but means you can revert back to the branded firmware if needed.

8 ) Now find the two files that you downloaded in Step 2. Rename the largest file with the same name as the top one in blob_fs. Do the same with the second.

9) IMPORTANT: Please read this step fully before executing it.

Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) again. It should say that you already have the latest update, click on the reinstall button anyway. The program will then start to re-download the same files. The trick here is to replace the files that are being re-downloaded with your new files from Step 8.

Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the blob_fs folder. SEUS will first re-download the smaller (+10MB) file. Constantly monitor this folder to find out when the smaller (+10MB) file has been fully downloaded again. Once it has, immediately move your smaller file from Step 7 into the blob_fs folder and overwrite the file.

Now for the larger file. Keep an eye on the download progress bar in SEUS. Once the download is very near to completion you will need to copy the larger (+80MB) file from Step 7 into the blob_fs folder and overwrite the file. Time the file transfer for when there is literally around 1/2MB left to be downloaded.

If successful, the installation will carry on as normal. If not, try again. Don’t worry you will not brick your phone if it doesn’t work. It will simply tell you that the installation failed.

10) Voila! Your X10 mini is unbranded. 8)

38 responses to “X10 mini Debrand Tutorial”

  1. I can’t seem to be able to download the firmware from speedyshare…. i get the: “The requested URL /files/23100797/E10i-CUSTOMIZED_UK-1237-0392-10A136.rar was not found on this server” message. Am I doing something wrong?!? Am I supposed to do something before this?

  2. Hi regarding debranding the X10 mini, i can’t seem to transfer the files from the Winrar to the C drive to overwrite the existing files into the blob_fs folder, overwriting the original files.

    Please can you help.

    Thanks Matt.

  3. I couldn’t get this to work. I extracted the contents of the rar file, renamed the files as per the instructions, copied them to blob_fs. When I run SEUS, it seems to download a fresh copy of the firmware (90.8MB) from the internet, rather than using the firmware extracted from the rar file. Can anyone help?

  4. At step 9 . SEUS will download and overwrite yours with new files … in blob_fs …

    Get your files renamed and ready on desktop…

    During the downloading process (at step 9) at about 40%, replace the smaller file (12mb), then near completion about 95%, replace the larger file (80mb).

    That will work

  5. Thank you, I can confirm that the above instructions worked. I waited right till the last moment to copy over the larger file of the two. I now have a de-Vodafone’d Xperia X10 Mini!

  6. Hi, I do not have the folder C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service or anything with db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs. In my Sony Ericsson folder in Program Files I have 2 folders, SEMC OMSI Module and Sony Ericsson PC Companion, neither have the above mentioned included in the folders.
    I have tried re-install Companion several times still no joy.
    The phone details are;
    Model No E10i
    Firmware 1.6
    Baseband Ver Unknown
    Kernal 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost #1
    Build No 1.0.A.1.37

    Help would be appreciated,


  7. Thank you very much for this excellent tutorial (and thank you #5 for the additional precisions) My “de-oranged” phone is now a joy to use as the battery lasts much longer.
    Best regards from France

  8. Does this work on the x10 Mini Pro? Is the firmware basically the same? I want to sim unlock it aswell but im unsure if i can use a service that states the x10 mini and not the x10 mini pro…..

  9. It worked. But I still have all the preinstalled apps that came with the phone. Is that normal?

  10. I reinstalled again, without copying the files in, and the apps were all in place again, with everything reset. This didn’t happen when I copied the files.

    Does that mean the branding was unsuccessful?

  11. Hi,

    I tried this way of doing it and followed the instructions to key. The install seems mostly to have worked correctly. When i turn on the phone it’s working, except the menu button isn’t working so I can’t get past the key-lock. touchscreen isn’t working either. Keypad is non functional. I would like to turn off the mobile but the Power off button needs touchscreen pressing. Tried to take out the battery, no help.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  12. De-branded means that I can also use the phone on any other networks besides the one the was branded?

  13. Dear
    if i need to return my software upgrade to an older one please somebody advice me how because i did the insturctions but later i disvocer that this one for X10 mini and not X10 mini pro and i found the new updates for X10 mini pro but later i cant make repair for my mobile and always the service update givine me you have the last version and no avilable software
    please advice me asap.

  14. I have already follow this tutorial until finish. I started my X10 mini pro and its have loading sony ericsson logo. After that I must set the language that i want to use. But when i wan to choose the language my X10 mini pro not responding. When i try to power off its still not responding. X10 mini pro touchscreen seems like do nothing with my finger. Any one can help me..

  15. Dear
    same problem i faced with my SE X10 mini pro, i sent my mobile to the company to check they said maybe some faulty on the mobile it self and they are going to fix it !
    anybody have info about what type of problem it will be?

  16. I have teh same problem ..The phone is now not functioning at ll . Is there a way where tehh update can work again . I tried to update teh phone one more time but it does not alow the SW to be installed .. any

  17. Hey guys,

    I tried this method and failed miserably. So I rooted it and deleted the apps I didn’t want by using the shell. Helps if you have some Linux (or at least extensive MS-DOS or Windows (&/PowerShell)) experience though.

    Still trying to find a way to edit init.rc so I can skip the boot animation.

  18. Hi, I want to debrand my phone, but it seems that there is only the E10i firmware available.

    I need the E10a, because I live in Brazil, so any firmwares from America would fit in my case. Can someone send me the link or give me the directions so I can debrand my X10 mini?


  19. Ok, I managed to download the firmware, but it’s one version older than mine, so the question is. Can I patch an older firmware and after that run the SEUS to update to the latest one?


  20. Ok, so I downgraded it and after that I used SEUS to update my phone to the latest firmware. I used Omnius to flash it, its free for now, but don’t know for how long.

  21. I have the mini PRO which is model u20i…

    I cannot find a tutorial directed specifically to the mini PRO…

    Is this the same thing?

  22. i try several times and doesn’t work with new SEUS… i overwrite the files when the transfer are 2, 1.5, 1.3, 1mb left for complete… several times in each…. and doesn’t work for me….
    could u help me?? an easiest method??

  23. the same thing happened to me…like angelgpg…the new seus doesn’t seem to work with this tutorial…pls help us…

  24. I tried about 30 times to no avail 🙁 I ended up using DaVinci for about £9.20 to debrand my phone. Absolutely perfect now!! Got rid of those horrible Vodafone icons, It’s faster and there’s more available RAM 😀

  25. if there is anyone who knows how to debrand a x10 mini for free…then that’s the really smart ass guy.not those who do this for money.if someone whants to help me contact me at R_ocketboy@yahoo.com…cheers!

  26. Hi! i have an x10mini pro , which is locked on o2 UK.If i debrand it, will the sim lock be removed ?

  27. I tried this serveral times and it hasn’t worked i waited right up until the last minute and copid the files before the download finished, it always seems to say that the install failed any ideas??

    Cheers Kyle!

  28. Thanks a lot……
    It worked 100% with no problems and I am still using the phone and I love it ….;)
    Oooh yeah it worked from the first time I tried …..;)

    Thanks again

  29. This is for the X10 mini (not pro). Search ‘debrand Xperia X10 mini pro’ if you want the pro version.

    Debranding is NOT the same as unlocking. A debranded phone will remain locked to the network it was originally on, but all vendor related software and themes will be removed.

    To unlock a phone requires a vendor/provider authorisation code to ‘release’ the phone from its specific network (which is why unlocked phones originally cost more + unlocking costs between £5-25 depending on the handset). Locked phones are under contracts to their network/s they connect to, hence paying a fee to be ‘released’ in the same way you would if you canceled your monthly contract early.

    EDUCATE yourselves people.

  30. Caveat Emptor.

    Upon checking the ‘download’ in the rar set, the security check flags an unknown alteration for the larger file tagged ‘1’.

    So you guys may well be debranding your phones, BUT, do you really know what’s in the code you are loading onto your phone?

    Just because something is free initially, does not mean it’s going to cost you money at a later date!