Xperia X10 root details “imminent”

Android RootOkay, we know that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 root has been achieved, but what we’ve been lacking are the details. However, it appears that the coders from xda-developers are very close to releasing the instructions.

Jerpelea says that the root release is “imminent” with instructions to follow shortly. To prepare for root, he says you need to download three files (attached after the jump). They are at the final stages of refining the process, but encouragingly he says that setup is easy and should take less than 5 minutes. We’ll bring you further details as it happens, but until then click through for the files that you need.

Preparatory files for Xperia X10 root:

Flash Tool
R2BA020 (for Flash Tool)
R1EA018 (for Flash Tool)(SO-01B ROM)

Via xda-developers.


17 responses to “Xperia X10 root details “imminent””

  1. And we’ll sure hope that this rooting method works on the X10 Mini/Mini Pro as well.

  2. SO-01B what does it mean? Why are this rom nesesarry for root? Sorry if this is a noob question.

  3. Hi! R1EA018 (for Flash Tool)(SO-01B ROM) is removed from Hotfile. Please, can you share it again? Many thanks!

  4. @Busby: The Root does not mean you can install a Froyo Rom. For this there is needed some more work at the Bootloader. So at the moment, with “only” root yóu cant install custom roms, but this is a big step to get custom roms 😀

  5. Legend112, I respect Jarpelea and all xda’s developers, so I will donate some money for them (again) when the root process is completed.
    About the files, I think they are property of Sony Ericsson, not Jarpelea, so I am free to share it with everybody (you included). We do not want to wait for download two files from a private server.
    Now you can choose the download link, in the same way you can choose if give or not a donation.
    Please, excuse my English.

  6. @estebantet, thanks for your links I totally agree w
    ith you, in worst case you can always share witjerpeala the download count.

  7. There’s download count in Wuala. I win nothing sharing it. Many thanks, Joe.