Xperia X10 Android 2.1 feature set begins to leak

Xperia X10 Android 2.1 features begin to leakThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is not expected to see the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update until late Q3. However, Sony Ericsson is no doubt testing the ROM extensively before release. gbil from xda-developers has managed to get hold of the test version and is revealing some information of what he’s found so far.

First off, no features from Android 2.2 have been included in the 2.1 stack. This means no native tethering options and no Flash. The build tested includes live wallpaper and “better customization of the messaging app.” He says that the integration of SE apps (Timescape/Mediascape) is better, along with a more responsive browser. The dialler is the same as before and there seems to be no change in speaker loudness.

Other changes include a lock screen that adopts a similar design to the stock Android 2.1 build. The sliding arrow is gone apparently, however this may change in the final version. In-call volume has yet to be tested. HD (720p) video recording is also available and a sample is due to be posted shortly. Further details are expected as he plays with the build and we’ll update you with any major developments.

Xperia X10 Android 2.1 features begin to leak

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  1. wow hope they dont get rid of the slide lock, thats a feature iphone users wish they had

  2. I hope this will come out soon 😀 iam really tired of this 1.6 version now 🙂 I want live wallpaper and HD recorder 🙂 flash can wait 🙂

  3. to think, 3 months ago we would have been totally satisfied and pleased with Eclair 2.1 as the OS on our xperia x10. But now I’m pretty sure we are all lusting after the 2.2 and even the rumored gingerbread 3.X. when will our phone ever catch up haha

    that aside, I’m glad our phone’s receiving 2.1 soon

  4. Great . finally we will have full screen colours.
    by the time we get 2.1 on x10, if gingerbread is out , it would be better for SE to skip 2.2 and start working directly on gingerbread.

  5. Not sure but Sony Ericsson is make good profit with the android phone sales but a total lack of software support is not acceptable IMHO. They really need to get there act together and speed up their software department. Other then that. I’m looking forward to the long promised firmware update.

  6. Ang Minh, Du ma?????? hehehe

    Các phần mềm sẽ đến sớm. Hãy kiên nhẫn

  7. What about x10 mini…
    Will it have similar interface and can it have HD recording?

  8. Sony has really been sloppy since they released this phone. This phone had such a great start and with Sony taking there sweet time on putting out the update is what killed it, It is sad to see all these phones running 2.1 and 2.2 and we are sitting with a brand new phone running 1.6 and have had to wait 6 months or more for the OS update, that is ridiculous. Even older cell phones are getting 2.1 before us. This to me shows us how little Sony cares for there customers concerns. Sony is a huge company and It does not take that long to add a few Sony add ons to Android, They could have had us running 2.1 months ago and a update to 2.2 withing the next month or so. I have had several Sony cell phones and even my old W300i could run animated wallpapers and it was made back in 2006. This is my last Sony product, I am looking at selling my X10 and going to the HTC Evo 4G or the Motorola Droid, they are great phones with company’s that are able to produce updates quickly and not wait until the phone is obsolete. I hope that Sony realizes just how much business they are losing over this phone, The net is filling up with Petitions, Blogs, Posts, there is a lot of unhappy customers……

  9. Sony needs to upgrade it version from1.6 to 2.1 coz I cant even download skype and some other applications in it, if u compare with iphone sony is still lacking something….hope they will release the new version as soon as possible.

  10. I have purchased x10 just 1 and half month back and i must say that after getting it update version of 2.1, our phone will not have the feature which other phones have, i.e., autoflash and the output sound volume ( I was not aware of that ). why SE is not bothered about such problem? they should take such request of the customer and should change the same features in latest upcoming updated version. please SE do something before you lose faith of your customer or else i have to shift to HTC Evo, which got updation most frequently.

  11. hey my name is usher im 24 years old i have 2 problem with my phon Sony Ericsson xperia x10mini i have,t bluetooth send to file and i have,t system pls help me ……….if any one help me ….this my E-mail address:……….

  12. Listen, smart phones is the way of the future but big companies like SE and Nokia do not believe that. They want to keep making super expensive simple hand sets. There is great oposition against continuing the android path.

    New companies like HTC can virutally come in and steal the whole market from SE and Nokia just because they understand what the customer wants.

    In 2-3 years, if SE and Nokia have not adapted they will die, as simple as that.

  13. We’ve long been hearing SE will be releasing Android 2.1. Its rather frustrating and disappointing from SE . Till now there is nothing of that sort, and all Xperia users are still waiting.

    SE when will we expect to see any update???? Come on, in a fast moving high tech environment, SE is being too slow and may lose some share of the market.

  14. I have become 2 h8 my x10i after 3 months i want a htc ther so much better my gf has 1 and it takes the p!ss how much better it is. Angry customer… infact the only way i can see sony saving xperia is coming in higher than 2.2

  15. i was thinking of buying X10 since 4 months ago but until today i can’t see anyone use it even at WiFi spot. iPhone & N97 is quite common now. When i did my homework, i noticed that X10 family has poor ringer & even worse when its in pouch. Samsung & HTC has better display too. When will SE realize this mistake & start producing something that able to compete? I might have to make Samsung or HTC as my new friend. Sorry old friend.. Vivaz Pro probably the best you can produce at this time before Sym3 & Android 2.2 start its invasion next year.

  16. no flash!!! that’s it. that’s the last straw!! this phone is a beautifull piece of hardware but i have had it with sony’s total lack of support on the os. this phone is going to my kids and i’m gonna get a black berry or htc or anything else that is not a sony/erikson product

  17. Why SE is doing late to upgrade its software to 2.1 version….its annyoing using 1.6…it sucks..XDXDXD

  18. I finally got it today… but guess what, Gingerbread’s here… on some other phones…

    Raise the game SE, or lose dedicated customers… it’s only right.

  19. If you don’t like how your x10 is setup then I recommend learningabout your phone and how to use android so you can do.what you want author. I liked the hardware plus it was a free line upgrade. Stock it still had 1.6, and between art and se they crippled the abilities of this phone, bu I took the time to read up on the OS and now I have it running 2.1 and rooted, and it rocks!