Android 2.1 on Xperia X10 gets video demo

Android 2.1 on Xperia X10 gets video demoThere has been much excited talk in recent days given the fact that details of the Xperia X10 Android 2.1 release are slowly leaking out. We now have a preliminary idea of what features are to be expected, along with a 720p video sample, but we haven’t had a view of the phone running Android 2.1 until now. Youtube user Josifbg recorded a video (via Skype) with an unknown tester that shows him playing with an Android 2.1 build on the Xperia X10.

In the video, the tester shows off the live wallpaper functionality and, well, that’s about it (can’t complain for a 1 minute video). According to Josifbg, this firmware version has been distributed to the “cloud for test purposes before official release” which may indicate the release could be hitting handsets in the very near future. We’re not as optimistic but you can check out the video for yourselves after the jump.

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  1. Its youtube, how can it not be working, haha…
    So we get more homescreens, yes?
    And I really hope the new firmware can change themes/theme colors. I mean my x10 is black and I get this weird dark blue theme color…
    Anyways, thats just me complaining. So yeah… I hope they release it waaaaayy ahead of schedule!

  2. youtube is restrictive sometimes it doesnt allow useers to see some videos out of the originating country!!
    stupid innit?

  3. Video dont work in germny but thanks 2 upload @jeshurun …me2 i cant wait android 1.6 sucks -.-

  4. Just a question to all x10 rooted users… would u update to 2.1 as soon as it comes out? or would you wait for developers to crack the boot loader and be able to run 2.2 on a custom rom???

  5. Anything’s gotta be better than 1.6. 720p sample on youtube looks damned impressive I must admit.
    I’m still a bit reluctant to believe all the leaks regarding 2.1 specifications on the x10, which I don’t think it will be released until after the X8 is launched – sometime in September.

  6. I hope one of these testers uploads a copy of the files for the update so we can have our eclair sooner rather than later.

  7. big deal eclair is old, they should’ve been working on froyo instead sony makes me sick!

  8. Sony is pissing me of. The x10 is a great phone but sony is managing to bring their phone down. My friends are running android 2.2 and i am still here waiting for the 2.1 almost 6 months.

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  10. After consider for a few months and decided to get SE X10 over iPhone 4. Hope they will release the update soon for proud owners in SG.

  11. same man…. I cannot wait for eclair, let alone Froyo. damn… the potential this phone has with the latest firmware like froyo is remarkable. c’mon!!!!

  12. Is it true that you have to have 2.1 installed before 2.2 can be? Who knows maybe SE will have 2.2 up their sleeve shortly after. It is shocking though. It should have been done months ago.

  13. Sorry to spoil it but Froyo upgrade never confirmed for X10. Only 2 updates have been confirmed so far. 2.1 upgrade in late Q3. Timescape and Mediascapte updates in late Q4.

  14. SE website says they’re committed to supporting a device up to 2 years after the device is released. X10 has been out 6 month and there’s a year and a half of support left. Hopefully, that will mean we’ll get to see 2.2 or maybe just straight to 3.0.

  15. if what you say is true about 2.2 in q4 or q1 of 2011 then id say sony will be upto date with most of the other phones by then. Seeing how long its taken other phones to get 2.2 now id say there will be a delay with 3.0 with most aswell

  16. oke, the video shows that we get more unnecessary stuff like funny wallpapers and loose things like the curved unlockmethode??

  17. Very dissappointed with SE… with such a great phone but with such a sucks service for update. Motorola is going to launch Froyo for Droid but we will hoping and begging SE for eclair…. No wonder SE sales is declining compare to MOT. Will SE ppl read our msg here? Very very sad n disappointed with SE products.

  18. Regarding MT function, is it over?
    Are we all not going to get MT on X10 or is there still a chance?

  19. Alex Lai @ HKSAR// I think we are not going to get it at all. It’s not included in 2.1 updates so I don’t see SE including MT function in any future updates. But who knows, I might be wrong.

  20. then could add MT but hey wont so then next generation of sony ericsson fones will have it and make people buy them.
    i dont believe for 1 second its hardware thats stopping it at all

  21. so they sucked everyone in by showing them a great hardware good job SONY it worked cuz ur software sucks and ur mediascape and timescape sucks ass too…oh the battery, cant hear anyone calling almost all the important things that matters in a phone failed miserably…but its okay cuz we have a good hardware hahaha you guys r a joke compare to other phones…oh your staff must be the smartest of all cuz i know non of em owned this phone cuz if they did non of these common issues we’re having would be brought up…so congratulations for f******** us….ppl pls do your research before purchasing any phones who would’ve thought SONY would be the biggest f**** up!

  22. I love this phone. And dont worry about what 1 person said about 2 years of support. Sony will continue to support this phone until they cant make the latest OS, whatever it is at the time, work 100% on the phone. I use to work for Sony in the Playstation division, and still have some friends in corporate Sony, and they have informed me that we may even see multi-touch in OS 2.2. They said Sony could not make it work 100% and it was very choppy in both 1.6 and 2.1, but that with 2.2 they should be able to make it work no problem.

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  24. I think updating to 2.2 from 2.1 will not take much effort as it was from 1.6 to 2.1 and its all mainly due to Mediascape and Timescape. We will never see 3.0 on X10 due to low RAm which is required for that OS so 2.2 is our final destination. I am so off this phone now and will sell it at very first moment I get good price 🙁

  25. the update is taking too long we might not even get 2.2 but i totally agree with Sid’s comment. i dont use time scape its nothing special!
    im hoping to get a decent price for my phone soon too…sorry Sony i wish things were different!

  26. Am I the only one who’s perfectly happy with his X10 with android 1.6? The only thing I really miss on it compared to some other offerings is support for flash video, but I can live without that and indeed work around it with Skyfire.

    Never had a complaint that my voice is quiet on calls (about 50% calls held, 50% bluetooth). Battery life after a 3 complete discharge / recharge cycles is comparible (and in some cases better) than most other smart phones I’ve heard of. (I just manually synch on mine to improve it still further).

    Sure I’ll probably get 2.1 and beyond when it comes out but seems to just be candy mostly. My phone is my mp3 player, business phone (I’m actually perfectly happy with moxier to synch with my exchange account), personal phone and I use it for twitter / facebook and general browsing the web as well. Don’t use the GPS much but I’ve tried it out and seems pretty good to me. Multi-touch would have been a nice to have but is far from essential. Other than that what am I missing aside from candy?

  27. @Richard: I’m with you mate. I love this phone. I really don’t see why everyone is bitching.

    Flash on my phone? it’s a freaking phone, not a PC; Multi-touch would be nice, but I knew when I bought it that it didn’t have it. If that was an issue, I would have bought something else.

    Am I the only one who remembers the days when you’d buy a phone and it’d NEVER see a software update, NEVER gain new features. SE are working on software updates and have stated they’ll do so for 2 years, even though they’re not making any more money off you, you’ll still end up with a better phone that you bought. I’ll definitely update to 2.1, 2.2 and even 3.0 if they go there, but if they don’t, it’s still a damn good phone.

    If you’re having buyers remorse, or if you really do hate the phone so much, sell it, chuck it or post it to me.

    If it’s faulty or not fit for purpose, take it back to the store and get your money back, but lay off the entitlement cry baby act.

  28. The x10 should have been released with 2.1 to keep up with the best.I got rid of my x10 and got the samsung galaxy S.I have been a devoted SE user for many years but there updates are too slow and this will be there downfall.I personally will never own another SE phone.

  29. @Jason & @Richard, HooooYa fellas I’m with ya, been a SE fan for years and years always had a phone that was extremely stable and well manufactured. Android 1.6 is old yes but it works without issue. Cant wait for 2.1 update extra screens for my app widgets and hopefully some nice new apps that havent been setup for 1.6.

    In call volume is an issue but not so much as to make me wanna chuck this amazing piece of kit. Be patient X10 owners SE will release when its been tested and tested and then tested some more, unlike the HTC desire users that got the 2.2 update and had to revert almost immediately because it screwed their devices. Be sure that SE will release a fantastic and stable version of Android.

  30. sony will get multi touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!??
    “Sporting an expansive, 4″ multi-touch screen, the X10 showcases your movies and photos in awe-inspiring fashion. Every pixel is crisp, with saturated colors and details that come alive in the palm of your hand. And with the added real estate, you’ll spend more time enjoying and less time scrolling.”

  31. Uh… That site doesn’t mention multi-touch:

    Sporting an expansive, 4″ touch screen, the X10 showcases your movies and photos in awe-inspiring fashion. Every pixel is crisp, with saturated colors and details that come alive in the palm of your hand. And with the added real estate, you’ll spend more time enjoying and less time scrolling.

  32. Damn i have just bought this phone today then i found this website…….OMG……….i sure hope all you guys are lying

  33. “Sorry to spoil it but Froyo upgrade never confirmed for X10. Only 2 updates have been confirmed so far. 2.1 upgrade in late Q3. Timescape and Mediascapte updates in late Q4.”

    actually, Froyo hasnt been officially announced but SE said there is a chance of a froyo upgrade.

  34. Sony has their reasons to release the 2.1 update a lil bit late, Their custom applications had critical errors with the 2.1 release date so Sony is working their magic to make 2.1 compatible with timescape and mediascape. I honestly don’t mind waiting a little bit. It will be worth it in the end, Believe me.

  35. dude, who said that we can not have os3. google has said that 512 mb ram is recommended but it is not the minimum requirement…………. so still we have a chance to get upgrade to os.3……………

  36. Varshil, yours is a triumph of hope over experience. Do you seriously believe that the x10 has any chance of being upgraded to android 3.0. Even the upgrade to 2.2 is looking extremely unlikely at this stage. Really, the best X10 family users can hope for is that SE compensate with the 2.1 upgrade by including applications that in some way make up for not having 2.2. Get real my friend and face the reality. The X10 with the sole exception of the Iphone 4 is one of the worst high end phones you could have bought in 2010. A let down as it happens in both hardware and software. Cut your losses and look to the future. SE will soon announce officially the release of their next high end phone with 3.0 and that will surely herald the end of support especially with respect to O.S upgrades for the X10.

  37. Problem with 1.6 on SE for me is..
    1) limited homescreen
    2) does not allow login to some https portals.
    Strange thing is 1.5 & 2.1 does https better.
    It also seem to lag more than my old trusty htc magic 1.5, n force closes more.
    So Xperia x10 has ironically been a downgrade from my old 1.5 android phone!

    I also miss holding menu key to call up keyboard that works in app drawer and contacts/phonelink to utilize on the fly search within apps.
    Never understood why that was removed after 1.5!

  38. hi all … i have x10i and i tired to update the phone …..but after i turn it on i still see the old software …. so i tired again but still the same ….
    any one can help please?