Gold X10 mini and Pink X10 mini pro hit shelves next month

Gold X10 miniTwo new colours for the Sony Ericsson X10 mini family are due to land next month. First off is a very bling Gold X10 mini. It comes with a metallic finish and the three front buttons are also plated in gold along with all of the fonts.

In addition, the X10 mini pro will come in a pink colour to cater for Sony Ericsson’s female audience. Check out larger pictures of both after the break.

Gold X10 mini

Pink X10 mini pro

12 responses to “Gold X10 mini and Pink X10 mini pro hit shelves next month”

  1. @wot – If you’re viewing the blog from the front page, you won’t see the larger pictures. Hence the “after the break” makes more sense rather than if you’re viewing this page directly.

  2. @wot
    I guess “break” here is more like a page break rather than a snack break which i think is what you are assuming 🙂

  3. I can not believe this! Just bought the sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro and I wanted a pink cover but they sed they dint do one and prob wont then i read this 10 days after facing up to having a plain black one!! I hope that you will be able to buy the covers so that i can change the case. Do u think i will be able to buy yjust the pink back case?

  4. Have been looking at phones and love the x10 mini pro but was disappointed it only came in black – very pleased to here that it will be coming out in pink. Will this be available for everyone/every network, or limited to certain countries/networks?

  5. When exactly are the new colours going to be available? I have an upgrade soon and I have my eye on the Gold!