X10 mini wins best “European Mobile Phone 2010-2011” EISA award

X10 mini wins EISA awardThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini has certainly been a winner for the company. The diminutive handset has been reasonably well received by the tech press, as well as doing well with the female audience, and it keeps on winning awards.

Following on from the red dot success, the X10 mini has been named the European Mobile Phone for 2010-2011 by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). The handset won brownie points for its stylish design and uncompromised tech specs given its size.

In the other mobile categories, the Apple iPad won the European Tablet award 2010-2011 (surely it’s the only major tablet released?), the bada-powered Samsung S8500 Wave won the European Social Media Phone 2010-2011, whilst the Samsung Galaxy S won the European Smartphone 2010-2011 award.

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  2. Is funny how the flagship X10 was supposed to be the big successor “before launch” but it receives nothing but complaints about the lack of its technology and problems associated with it. While X10 Mini really didn’t get much attention only “after launch”. Ironic 😛

  3. Excellent phone all-round. Even managed to achieve a quadrant benchmark score of 470 on the stock 1.6 OS ( HTC DESIRE with double the specs was scoring 530 on android 2.1).
    This thing will be even more awesome with an update and given the price, how can you possibly fault it.


  5. KECY: Kinda of an odd place to post this question but no it does not come with a TV out cable nor is an aftermarket one available.

  6. Hmm European? sony? i own a x10i so no x10 bashing but this is a buyable price, the samsung galaxy s has also won this price so, i’m asking myselve how many other pricewinners are out there?

  7. Is this some kind of joke?!

    The mini is not a great mobile, it’s a nice toy for dolls!

  8. obviously bzhslap, there are many who disagree with you. The mini might not be a top notch smart phone but it does pack a punch for its size. Plus its much better built than the problem ridden x10 which i suspect SE will ditch because of its poor reception. I am not suprised by the award as the x10 mini(particularly the pro version) and the Samsung galaxy s are the only two phones out there that receive near total positive reviews. Remember bzhslap most mobile phone users don’t want the large 4 inch monsters out there but simply a wallet friendly handy device that can cater for most of their needs. You tech fanatics need to understand that your in the minority. The vast majority of mobile phone users don’t like what u die for.

  9. Well said zodiac.
    A majority of mobile users wouldn’t have a clue if their phone runs Symbian, Android, WM6.5, BADA, Blackberry OS, or iOS4.
    The X10 Mini is less intrusive, and whats-more, you can use it to make a phone call.

  10. “The diminutive handset has been reasonably well received by the tech press, as well as doing well with the female audience”… either you are a doll or gay!

    The award is understandable because of the technology SE is providing to build such a tiny/miniature “smartphone” with Android. Remember that Sony is the company always ahead to deliver very tiny electronic devices (at a certain cost ;-). That is what the performance is all about but please do not tell me what I want and do not think you know what everybody wants!

  11. bzhslap your logic is incredibly sterile and childish. According to your reasoning
    x10 mini/x10 mini pro user = gay or female. If its impossible for you to grasp that there are people out there with very different tastes to yours then you must be a very very silly person indeed. The kind of character who does not think a lot or even at all before they make judgements or pronouncements. Flipping grow up nerd.

  12. This is not my logic but what is published in this article, I made a citation. Do not take this personally, control yourself please. You have a point of view and you need to defend it with arguments… please be a man! I personally have nothing to defend since all I am saying is in the article, sorry. Enjoy your mini!

  13. “The diminutive handset has been reasonably well received by the tech press, as well as doing well with the female audience”
    that is the extract from the article your citing. My point is you conclude that because its well received by the tech press and popular with women, it must then be for gays or dolls. Correct me if i am wrong that part was your own rational and not part of the citation. The iphone is very popular with women. From your logic any man with an iphone must then be gay. The extract your quoting is perfectly fine ..its your reasoning I find dubious.

  14. Well, I love my X10 mini and last time I checked, I wasn’t gay. I go jogging in London and use “My Tracks” or “Buddy Runner” with the built in GPS to track my routes and times. It’s great that it’s so small for that reason among many others. The price is very good for an Android phone as well, which meant the firm I work for included it as a phone I could choose for free as an employee perk. A year ago, we had no smart phones at all to choose from.

  15. Great sound, lots of functions for a phone this size. fantastic clear pictures No more bulky phones .When i want a laptop , i use a laptop.That simple. X10 mini (not even mini pro) is good and suitable enough for me.
    And i am not gay.

  16. forgot to mention one important fact, it is the easiest moblie to use with one hand. All mobiles should be like that. Very satisfied a mobile like that is in the market.
    and it a Smartphone….

  17. Hi to all those x10. Mini pro operators out there ! Best phone I have ever had the pleas
    ure to come into contact with. Simply the easiestdevice to use? Are there actually higher quality devices out there? Not quality there is’nt ! Come on guys and girls , its sony !

  18. really satisfied with x10 mini, i would like a tv output but its no possible as i can see… i need a phone to be easy to use with one hand and easy to carry. now i can get rid of my big nokia 5800