Xperia X8 manual uncovered, expected to cost under $300 in US

Xperia X8The Sony Ericsoon Xperia X8 Android smartphone passed through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) earlier this week and brought with it the handset’s manual too (see the above link for the PDF).

Engadget also spent some hands-on time with the 3-inch device and have been told by reps that it should be priced under $300 when it lands in the US. The X8 will arrive loaded with Android 1.6 but will get the Éclair update in Q4. Their first impressions were of a chunky handset, but with intuitive and responsive UI. However, they found the keyboard to be a little too cramped.


2 responses to “Xperia X8 manual uncovered, expected to cost under $300 in US”

  1. Coz It’s the X8, X10 is rolling out from late Q3. X10 will be first closely followed but mini mini-pro then X8.

    Roll out will continue into Q4 as they have to change drivers for different GPS, Camera CPU configurations