Sony Ericsson Canada points to Q4 Xperia X10 Éclair update

Sony Ericsson Whilst Sony Ericsson UK is consistently saying that the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update is due to hit the Xperia X10 before the end of Q3, it looks like our friends in Canada will have to wait a little longer. SE Canada’s twitter account yesterday confirmed that they are “aiming for Q4”.

This doesn’t really surprise too much given the customisations that Rogers is likely to deploy on the handset, meaning that SE can’t use the stock/unbranded firmware for the region. However, it’s not going to mean much for those waiting for the update. When asked to clarify on the timeline, SE Canada simply replied “Q4 runs October to December – hope that helps.” Erm, probably doesn’t help very much. Check out the twitter screengrab after the cut.

Sony Ericsson Canada

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  1. Darn, I was hoping for september… oh well, the phone is still hugely functional. I’m really looking forward to the new apps, color depth, and possible performance enhancements.
    HD video recording will also be pretty cool.

  2. Since I am not with Rogers but WIND, and use an X10i, I am curious if I might get the update before the rest of Canada, and get it this month????

  3. **** you SE knew it would be delayed! this sucks Canada was among the first to get the phone and now were gonna be the last to get the update?!!@#@#$@#%

  4. This is disappointing for us Rogers customers, but I’m not that surprised. Maybe we’ll get it in time for Xmas. The 2.1 update isn’t make or break for me, I’m more concerned about the in-call volume issue. And yes, one could always debrand and take their chances, but I will likely wait it out.

  5. The in-call volume isn’t that bad. I was able to have a decent conversation with someone while in a club/bar. However the volume really changes depending on how you have the phone positioned over your ear. I’ve found the sweet-spot, moving it a few mm can make it much harder to hear.

  6. As a Canadian customer who got the phone back in April when it first came out, I have only two words left to say:

    Awww fuuuuuuuuu%#!

  7. Seriously? I regret ever getting this phone. I love Sony and mostly everything about this phone but the OS is complete crap. All it ever does is freeze while texting when the battery is low and it’s annoying along with sending multiple text messages to people. Figured the upcoming update would help but now I wont know for another 4 months. As much as I dislike the iPhone I regret getting rid of mine.

  8. Then its guaranteed to come week of Oct 24th. The first day I go on vacation for a week and out of country it’ll come. 😛

  9. so…. it will take rogers 3 months to replace the SE boot screen with Roger’s?

  10. Pretty funny because the 1.6 Rogers version is about as plain a “branded” version gets. This leads me to believe that Rogers will be implementing plenty of new stuff in 2.1. I hope that it comes with a price drop because Bell is kicking Rogers allover the nation with the Galaxy S. Heck, the ugly Desire is $100 less than the X10 right now, despite having a hideous design, same lack of MT, and only a 8Gb memory card.

  11. Seriously, screw SE this is the last time i am getting a SE`s Phone. Ill be getting ANDROID 2.1 when everybody is preparing for Gingerbread?? ARE U SERIOUS???????

  12. Im going for my ultimate comment… FU SE & Rogers… Seriously, this is bad shit. Im debranding my phone for sure, we’re still on R2BA020 for christ’s sake. I’m pissed hardcore… If any of Rogers people read my comment… welll fu personnaly cause i’m being screwed. It’s already crazy to have SE so slow, but when ur phone company is even slower with the firmware updates, its just madenning!

    Videontron just starting selling the Nexus One for 100$ with a 3 year commitement… mmmmmmm nexus one…..

  13. I think if this is the case I am about done with this phone. It is so dated and all of the new hardware that is out is killing me.

  14. what the hell is this sh**?? Here i am expecting to get the update so soon since it is september and the month is almost over and then there saying october to december. Im honestly not going to get my hopes up, they probably wont even release the update just release a new phone or something. My first SE phone and already turning out to be a tedious task. I should have never read the news about it going to have HD recording.

  15. @BlehQ
    thanx man im gonna try to unbran my X10a from rogers….those fcukers im so pissed we have to wait longer its not fair.

  16. So get a se phone… get screwed by se…

    And get a se phone thru rogers… get screwed again…

    Now ask for an update… get screwed by BOTH!


  17. I received this phone through work, could have had anything I wanted from Rogers. The rep said, of yeah the update will come out soon and should be able to go all the way to 3.0. The definition of soon must be open for interpretation and 3.0 required 512mb RAM, we only have 384, so I guess we are screwed again. Great.

  18. when the update is available in Canada… I’ll probably wait a few weeks before I update just in case there are any bugs, or slowdowns or anything like that.

    Hopefully though the update improves on functionality and performance

  19. this is such BS. we’ve been so far behind the times, and even though we’ve had this phone for ages, we are getting completely getting effed up the a. this is my last Se phone for sure, and defiantly my last Rogers contact. I am so sick of getting let down time after time.

  20. Man i wished i had listened to ppl with all they other PoS SE phones nothing but probs on them took my chances and got this phone never again will I touch an SE phone or product. All i can say is typical SE NEVER AGAIN!!

  21. Does that mean us with unbranded phones in Canada are still going to have to wait for Rogers and others to finish massaging the update? I hope not!!!

  22. This is a huge disappointment. SE not moving to 2.2 was the start of the disappointment, but Rogers delaying the release past this weekend is making it worse. Mine will continue to gather dust. I’ve moved to the nexus one. Fastest release of new Android operating systems. When will the hardware vendors realize that they don’t understand the game? Would you buy a PC that wouldn’t update until 6-9 months after the new operating system was released? Worse, which hardware vendors would consider that a reasonable upgrade path? To the employees of SE – start packing your bags, you’re out of business.

  23. I got the 2.1 update (I’m debranded) and I’m not impressed. I’ll reinstall the Rogers’ version when it comes out though to see if the X10i firmware on X10a hardware is causing the troubles.

  24. I debranded my xperia x10a to x10i 2.1, i must say its way better the 1.6 to say the least. I’m a Rogers Canada MB user and i wasn’t going to wait any more for Rogers or SE to give me the update for the x10a version. I’m happy with some of the new features. 😀 This is how the phone should have been released in the first place. I hope SE gets their crap straight and gets the update for 2.X soon!

  25. i’ve a sonyericsson rogers x10a.
    firmware 2.1-update1
    baseband 2.1.55
    kernel 2.6.29
    build number 2.1.1.A.0.6
    can i know whats the new update and how i can get them please.
    i am at srilanka.