Xperia X8 gets promo and preview videos

Xperia X8The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 is due to hit the market by the end of Q3 2010. So far we’ve not heard anything definitive regarding release dates and all-in-all it’s been very quiet on the X8 front. SE were planning to release the device with Android 1.6, but given that the Android 2.1 update is around the corner maybe they’re holding back to release it as an Éclair device.

Anyway, to keep things ticking over until then, a few different videos have been released. One is a ‘Getting Started’ video from SE, whilst there is another short 40-second promo video. also has a preview video (in Italian) from IFA that is worth checking out. You can see all three videos after the break.

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8 responses to “Xperia X8 gets promo and preview videos”

  1. On voadfone with a debranded x10i wood not me update over the air had to use pc i was hoping it was 2.1 but se are never early with anything!

  2. X8? it wont sell.

    @ David, OTA update is possible with out X10’s. Over 90% of X10 owners updated their X10’s OTA to 020, 024 and 026.

  3. Usman,
    I am sure you thought the same thing about the x10 mini/mini pro but they did better than x10 itself. The x8 is going to be cheaper than the minis, less than 200 euros. I believe the phone will fly of the shelves. There are many many people out there who can’t or won’t pay a lot of money for their phones and this will just appeal to them greatly. An pretty decent android phone with a 600mhz processor. This will more than meet a lot of peoples needs. I think SE are being really clever by producing these cheaper but decent alternatives. The high end spectrum is becoming saturated. There is money to be made lower down the scale and SE recognize that.

  4. What’s the point of comparing it with a Galaxy or iphone??? I bought an x10 mini because it was cheap and gave me an insight into the Android OS. Granted it only runs 1.6, I can safely say I’m not all that impressed with android so far; Let’s see how 2.1 goes.
    Next year will a very interesting time for the smart-phone market. Major releases include Meego, WM7, Symbian 4 and Gingerbread. From what I’ve seen Meego looks very impressive, so Nokia may well be the dark horse in this race.