Sony Ericsson shows funny side with Xperia X10 ‘product testing’ videos

Sony Ericsson shows funny side with Xperia X10 product testing videosSony Ericsson has released a number of hilarious videos about the Xperia X10 that shows the rigorous testing that takes place at their ‘Product Testing Institute’. They have produced five videos with various groups including glam rockers, guidos, surfers, models and toddlers. All deserve a watch and you can check them out below. My favourite was the one with the toddlers. What’s yours?


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  1. So that is how we end up with 1.6 instead of newer versions. They should have gave it to geeks instead.

  2. Funny…

    But am I the only one in here that thinks Sony Ericsson can invest the resources used to produce these ads in something more useful?

    I dont know, something like hiring more QA teams to finalize and release Eclair and then start working on Froyo???

  3. Obviously if SE would have tested the x10 on geeks they would have end up with a Evo or similar, hence they do not target geeks, they target normal people that only prioritize a phone that works and has a 8mp camera and large screen. Either way the x10 can do the same as Evo except multitouch (i think) :p

  4. @Jobe83

    I am right with you. All I want is a decent 5mp+, a decent media player and a large screen to view my movies. I can only foresee a HD video upgrade with autofocus that really catches my attention. But other than that,that’s all I need! X10 is perfect the way it is for me the way it is, with or without the upgrade.

    Very happy X10 customer :]

  5. Bayhas Kana – couldn’t agree more. Sony are just making themselves look a joke in the industry. And I’m already preparing myself for the inevitable ‘slip’ for the 2.1 update to the end of the year…sigh…perhaps one day I’ll be able to install the Google Earth, official Twitter app ect ect.. and news of the new handsets means I’m also waiting for the inevitable abandonment of X10 to 2.1 only.

    And hint to all the product developers at Sony – learn from your mistakes and your triumphs – why is it the best camera I’ve ever used on a modern phone was the K800i – with a *proper* Xenon flash – why bother with LEDs if every review and surely your own product testing reveals they are USELESS for indoor shots.

  6. Pretty funny videos… maybe not the best use of development money…

    As long as we get some updates before the end of the year I’ll be happy. As is, the phone works great for pretty much everything I want it to do.

    I actually like the LED. I think it’s more useful for video than taking pictures. It works great as a flashlight. If I was going to use a flash I’d grab my SLR and do it properly. The camera works reasonably well in low-light anyway(as long as you have steady hands).

  7. These videos are…stupid. It’s funny, but it doesn’t really says anything about the X10 itself.

  8. Man you people need to relax. Its just some fun videos, sorry its not your android update. Bunch of ungrateful babies. You would probably complain if you were hung with a new rope. I have an x10, I can wait and so can you just like everybody else.

  9. Don’t get me wrong, I laughed at the vids…

    But just to clear things up, so I don’t look like I am just whining to be whining, I am looking for the 2.x updates for 2 very particular reasons:

    – Native Exchange support to replace Moxier, tried and tried to get that thing to work, then gave up and used IMAP4 email for now instead…

    – Full BT profiles support, including logical (virtual) DUN; so I don’t have to carry a USB cable around for tethering…

    And I agree about the picture quality, it is nowhere near the quality of my old K850, although the X10 has 62% more pixel count. I care less about this particular feature, but it is nice to have it getting better quality is nothing than a software update…

  10. Bayhas Kana,, im agre whit you but tethering you can do whit bernacle, if your phone is rooted, now you can do that whit out the need of flashing your phone, you can do the rooting, go to xda and youll find the solution on the xperia forum

  11. I use moxier mail, works fine. There are only two things I would like to change:

    1) it should be possible to sync your telephone contacts to the moxier, and not only moxier to telephone contacts.
    2) I would like all my emails in one app.

    As for setup, it was easy. I use Exchange from Godaddy.

  12. I don’t think these are a waste. Smart, funny, and made me want to watch all of them. Sony got their wish. I even “liked” this article on Facebook. This is a marketing scheme, nothing more. Looks like they didn’t put too many resources into it anyways guys. The few bucks necessary to make these shorts would barely put a dent in the resources for development of the eclair update.

  13. ok, ok I got the point with the first video – you kind of went overboard on the other 4 videos – i didnt watcht them, I can guess the outcome…

    I live in the UK and have had this phone for 3 months;

    ************************** PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ******************************


  14. People, I need a favor, if someone can help me it will be great!
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