SE white paper suggests no 16m colours for Xperia X10 Éclair update

ColoursSony Ericsson has released a new white paper for the Xperia X10 that gives some more details on what to expect from the forthcoming Android 2.1 (Éclair) update. The paper (dated 16 September 2010) highlights that the TFT display will remain at 65,536 colours after the update. This will be a big disappointment for those who were secretly hoping for 16m colours once the X10 moved to Android 2.1.

Don’t lose hope though, the feature may be added with the Android 2.1x UXP update (due at some point after the Android 2.1 update). However, the ironic thing is that both the X10 mini and X10 mini pro currently sport 16m colour TFT displays.

Other interesting details include confirmation that the capacitive display is single touch only and that Adobe Flash will not be supported. The only other point of note is that the browser will get an update to include double-tap zoom. For those interested, you can download the Xperia X10 white paper here. The X10 mini white paper can be downloaded here and the X10 mini pro white paper can be downloaded here.

213 responses to “SE white paper suggests no 16m colours for Xperia X10 Éclair update”

  1. I am very disappointed, and I am not alone with this. In this price cathegory….

    + SE want to get money with x10, for the further phones. But who will buy them. I am using Ercicsson Phones from GH198. If no 2.2 udate comes, I will change all SE phones in our company to an innovative one.

  2. Guess people like me who own an X10 mini have something to be happy about..
    I am still waiting for the 2.1 and 2.1x updates to come….
    I am also eagerly waiting for 2.2 update

  3. OMG!!!…
    16M color display was one of the major update we looked forward…
    its pity you can’t include this time..

    lets C guys what features of android 2.1 carries the update.

  4. SE is far behind other competitors and I believe this announcement leaves the current phone owners even more upset. When they’re upgrading OS to 2.1 while other vendors are upgrading their phones to 2.2, there must be something special on top of the upgrade. I don’t see SE coming back into Smartphone market as a mainstream manufacturer if this kind of support persists.

  5. Oh no.

    No multi touch. No 16 m Colors.

    Late with updates.

    A complete rampage.

    No wonder customers switch.

    Not really smart and customer Friendly!

    Well Lets Hope for the best.

    Hopefully they keep their promise for this week!?

  6. i just sold mine. i now got a nexus, yes i cant believe that i am missing a lot. nexus one is just superb.

  7. What is the release all about?
    is that just the name 2.1?
    it would have been a great leap if SE would like to hear what customer needs in their phone, and have a release.
    I needed the following, which is just missing still.
    1. 16M color display
    2. ADHOC wifi Support

    guys! lets have a list what we miss still in update. and give them a chance to release it again.

  8. SE…what the hell!!!
    I dont want to wait this stupid 2.1 anymore
    Im waiting my new iphone 4 shipment

  9. I can’t believe you guys. There has been so many confirmations about MT and you still go ahead with it and (I’m sorry to say, or actually I’m not) you keep nagging! I hope you didn’t buy the phone because of design and then hope on your own for superb updates.

  10. i dont really care much about the 16m color, but i just hope it’ll fix the lag on my xperia, if not, i will regret for not buying an iphone 4 since it runs much smoother and react fast

  11. Oh my god.. No MT & 16m colours. My phone is completely useless now.
    I really am ashamed to be part of the x10 community.

    So when SE release FROYO in February next year and your HTC Desire/Samsung doesn’t receive the so called “gingerbread” update, what exactly would you have achieved ???

    P.S. You do know Gingerbread is being developed for the tablet and not the smartphone market don’t you ???

  12. So 720p video recording is nothing? Support for apps that REQUIRE 2.1 (I’d like to play Crush the Castle :P) and other things that I don’t remember right now. But hopefully a little battery improvements and earphone volume.

  13. i frankly have no idea what you are all whining about

    16 million colours sure itll be easier on the eye but to be honest day to day usage your not gonna nptice

  14. Whats the point of the upgrade if it does not address customer issues, SE you tell me?
    I will not buy the X10 as i intended & will opt for a nokia or samsung.
    SE you really are great disappointment

  15. When is the upate?
    featureless SW, and even delayed!
    What is SE doing?
    I will not be surprised they return to loss this coming quarter, they can only blame themselves.

  16. Pilot and jo u know nothing please be quiet gingerbread is developed for smartphones u tool and 16 m colors is standard n improves screen visibility n games.

  17. Why is Sony Ericsson so bad at telling the truth and admitting they make terrible decisions based on profit margins.

    It’s customers shouldn’t be treated this ways time and time again, but once more we are given scraps disguised as a major updates and to top it off we find out through a white paper rather than a letter of apology or a press conference that because of the lack of Multi Touch the flagship phone will not only be behind the rest of the competitor phones but it shelf life has been halved because we can’t have flash support at any point.

    What will be the point of 2.1 if you don’t get the full 2.1 feature set and if (Which I’m doubting will ever happen) there was a 2.2 or a version 3.x update what other features will not be available because Sony Ericsson would rather pretend they are hard at work creating a great User Experience through two slow and clunky apps that single bedroom developers out shine with a fraction of the money, time and resources.

    This is far from a good User Experience and bizarrely there’s no Megabass options and the media player is basic at best, there’s no panoramic feature in the camera software and the features from a w810 of six years ago should be standard because this is a Sony Ericsson phone.

    I’m tired of the disappointments and the constant reminders of a lack of value for money.

  18. Why is Sony Ericsson so bad at telling the truth and admitting they make terrible decisions based on profit margins.

    It’s customers shouldn’t be treated this ways time and time again, but once more we are given scraps disguised as a major updates and to top it off we find out through a white paper rather than a letter of apology or a press conference that because of the lack of Multi Touch the flagship phone will not only be behind the rest of the competitor phones but it shelf life has been halved because we can’t have flash support at any point.

    What will be the point of 2.1 if you don’t get the full 2.1 feature set and if (Which I’m doubting will ever happen) there was a 2.2 or a version 3.x update what other features will not be available because Sony Ericsson would rather pretend they are hard at work creating a great User Experience through two slow and clunky apps that single bedroom developers out shine with a fraction of the money, time and resources.

    This is far from a good User Experience and I’m tired of the disappointments and the constant reminders of a lack of value for money.

  19. Can someone explain to me what is the significance of 16m colors??
    I understand the lack of flash is lame, but…what are the consequences of lack of 16m colors?

  20. F*** you SE!!! Is that all you’re really good at? disappointing people and crushing their hopes! /facepalm!!!!

  21. I agree with some of the guys here – what are you all complaining about ?

    Sony has said from the start that they wont have multi-touch, yet some of you people obviously missed that news flash.
    I see no difference with the colours, I’ve given my phone to a number of people and they have commented on how good the colour is (and some of them have the new iphone 4 even).
    Why comment saying that if they don’t upgrade soon I will buy a different phone, eg desire, nexus….why didn’t you just buy that phone in the first place with the updated software, with multi-touch, even with the 16m colours ?? Why buy a phone with ‘outdated’ software on it in the first place and then bitch about it – is it just so someone may notice you ?

    I love my X10, i had test driven a desire, X10 and even a iphone, even though the x10 was ‘behind the times’, I still found it to be an excellent phone which outweighed the others. I did research on when the update would be available and was advised that to expect an update maybe oct-nov, thats fine with me, even if I dont get it til december, the phone does what I want it to do.

    ps. I know to expect harsh comments from the negative people about what I’ve said, but do I care – No.

  22. The Question is when exactly are o2 users going to get 2.1 I wonder….it can’t be wise to hope ill see it this week, more reasonable to hope ill have it by xmas.

  23. I dont know why I was feeling so proud to own every latest phone which was under my budget. From the time of ericsson I was quiet happy till p1i but after all this phones xperia dissapoint in every field. I was so secure about se that I knowingly put myself in this bad pit of mud. The word trust and se was so much inter related till p1i. This phone is making me so sad for this crap. It is very worse than p1i. P1i have more feature than this so called xperia. Touch is same cauz single touch. Good email support. 256 colour screen . Good working wifi. Slow ui but with lot of feature like access to status bar to change volume, phone profile ,others and the most important things are mod which was great. I now hate myself for being fan of se and am really dissapointed with se service.

  24. By removing Moxier Mail my battery backup has increased already so I am not worried about that. I hope they they improve the lag and volume issues, as this update is really not worth the wait for X10 users 🙁

    I think SE is now focusing on selling X12

  25. I’m trading in my x10 for the htc desire. Never a Sony Ericsson phone for me. Made twice the same mistake now.

    once with the x1, now with the x10.

    crappy se

  26. Sounds like SE have a track record of betraying the trust of their users. Unwillingness to invest the manpower to develop this update properly will see many people switch away when it comes to changing their phones. It’s laughable how they treat their flagship products.

  27. So S.E have issued the white paper of the things that will be included in our long awaited 2.1 release…by the sound if things thats all they revealed…a white peace of paper they took from the photocopier drawer, blank!

    So what exactly will the 2.1 release bring to our phones? Hmmm animated wallpapers…ooh we really cant wait!

    Now seriously…ask yourselves and be honest here…is the X10 the cutting edge frontier of Sony Ericsson hardware?
    Previous, infact ancient S.E phones had the ability to send and recieve business cards (not via downloaded apps), had fantastic speaker and ringer volumes and had simple sms text forwarding options! These are not massively hard things to implement but are things that are strongly needed for users to love the phone.

    Now im NOT saying the X10 is a bad phone in fact I do think its a pretty remarkable peace of kit however, I was expecting S.E to listen to its users needs and incorporate them into the 2.1 release.

    Perhaps kidnapping the C.E.O of S.E and holding him to ransom of our demands is our only solution…im joking here. Psycho’s please ignore this part.

  28. @mezman
    “Pilot and jo u know nothing please be quiet gingerbread is developed for smartphones u tool and 16 m colors is standard n improves screen visibility n games.”

    You’re the tool with no idea my friend. Keep living in lala land.

  29. Well let’s hope it fixes the constant freezing that this POS has or mine will be up on eBay too.

  30. @Kris – I do care about your comment, but no harsh words from me. I doubt that the contributors to this blog (and others similar in content) are truly representative of the general users of the phone. I’d like to guess that I’m fairly average and possibly representative of the general public (but I’m here so that can’t quite be true).

    I must say that I am a small amount bothered that 2.1 update isn’t out to us yet – HOWEVER, from my recollection of other comments from this and other blogs suggests that 1.6 with UXP was basically 2.1. So, 2.1 update is basically meaningless…if they just popped stock 2.1 on the phone, not much would be different (if my previous statement is valid). This means to me that there must be some additional work to be done (which would explain the “late” update). Another user had commented that SE wouldn’t want to rush an update just for the sake of getting it out and that does sound like a good policy. Perhaps the original plan was to implement 16m colours, but what looked good on paper caused the phone to hang or lock up. Maybe they wanted to do the ad-hoc WiFi, but it consumed so much battery power that the phone life was halved, or the antennas overheated and caused physical damage to the phone. Who on this site wants to have those issues with an “approved” update? I bet very few.

    I am happy with my phone and have been from when I got it originally. I have had some hardware and software issues, some due to manufacturing and some due to a failed SEUS update. 95% of the time the phone is stable. It can make and receive calls, I do not suffer from low call volume, the ringer volume is set to maximum and my particular tone is quiet but I can still hear it when I need to, the phone connects easily to 3G/EDGE/WiFi/Bluetooth when I want it to and it connects easily with Facebook/Twitter/Gmail/Hotmail/internet. Some apps are useful and some are not. Some of the apps originally on the phone are crap and are only good for discharging your battery, some are not crap. Some service providers have added their own apps as default as well, some have blocked SE default apps, and some have basically just thrown the phone on the shelf. All that to say that I feel like I got what I paid for.

    Of course, there is a “but”. I am disappointed that 16m colours will not exist with the initial 2.1 update. IF it is added to 2.1x, that will be fantastic. I’ve learned already not to expect much from this phone due to the updates and marketing and “plans” that are never promises. I got this phone early, April 15. This is my first smartphone, so maybe that is why I am satisfied with it. I’ve never used multi-touch so I can’t compare, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. When I got this phone, I did my research. Many of the reviews were positive with caveats. “This phone will be great as soon as they fix the lag of Timescape” or “The colour is good, but once they implement 16m it will be amazing.” Other review focussed on the weight, battery life, and appearance in various lighting environments – all with positive statements. There were some direct comparisons with other phones, and often it came down to “It depends on if you like multi-touch, or multi-function” or “It depends on if you like Android or Apple”.

    I, for one, am going to be patient. I shall wait and see what this update brings and if it improves my experience. If the rumours of additional home screens is true, I will happily fill them with more widgets and shortcuts. There are things that I use often, but don’t feel like having on a home screen, but with 2 spares, why not? Ideally, you could continuously scroll through the screens in a loop instead of having a “central” and then 2 on each side…but again, we shall see.

  31. I read a long time and watch what happens with 2.1 and K10, is now realized that they did not care for our customers K10, K12 has developed which will of course be better than K10, and then take our money on it, but it will not be good , so we offer K14 and so on .. Market Law

  32. If I didn’t actually own an X10 I’d think that the phone was the incarnation of the anti-christ by reading this. Fact is though that lack of 10^6 colours is not noticeable in almost any circumstance. I opened this page with its colour circle image at the top in the X10 and looked hard for banding. There is none. There’s some JPG compression artifacts, but no banding at all. The number of times the lack of colours has disturbed me in 6 months can be counted on one hand – with all five fingers amputated.
    The lack of MT is perhaps odd, but except in games is reasonably compensated for by other controls. And except for a PR mix-up way at the beginning, SE never said the phone had MT. Roll on 2.1. I am happy with this phone.

  33. Hi guys, I’m new on here as a poster but have followed this blog since the article to use a HTC keypad. Well done for the people who update here but I thought its about time I spoke out….

    For the people who have been called moaners or complain too much I can understand their point of view.
    I think the people who defend this undefendable situation are very stupid. For who ever on this blog who comes and says they like this phone and don’t mind not to have multitouch are pathetic. I expect to hear that from a rude boy who’s probably stolen the phone and wants to show off to his mates.
    As far as smart phones go the xperia is shit hands down. And before people say why I bought the phone it was only because I live in Japan and needed Google maps and didn’t want a iPhone 3g and I listened to a stupid review from engadget who bogged the phone up at the time. Otherwise a desire would of been the better option. Besides you never would of expected SE to be this shit with updates.
    Don’t think I’ll buy a SE product ever again.

  34. I’ve been using my x10 for about 4-5 months now and i don’t find it’s laggy or buggy tbh, it’s certainly the fastest sony ericsson i’ve ever owned, people are moaning about the lack of 16m colour screen update, and no multi-touch, but that is down to the hardware… not the actual firmware, the quicker people realise that the better, sony ericsson release phones sell them then release another phone? yeah that’s called playing the market EVERY single mobile phone company tv company, etc etc do it… that’s just how it works.

    I’m awaiting the 2.1 update yeah it is a bit disappointing that its not 2.2, but at the end of the day, HTC owns the android phone markets anyway, if you go out an buy a htc desire im pleased for you, the desires a really good phone and the one i wish i had picked… but for the love of god, stop moaning

  35. My X10 has recently got itself stuck in a boot loop and is going back for repair (won’t stay on for longer than 30 seconds)- something is smoldering under the hood and it’s not good. I fully expect to sell it when it does come back because frankly I am sick and tired of having one problem after the other. I used to love SE but they seem to be shockingly unable to produce a stable phones at the moment i.e. Satio, X1, X10. They seem to be more concerned about pumping out as many phones as possible without producing any real quality. Although I really don’t want to I may have to switch back to Nokia with the N8 or take a risk on another Android phone in the form of a HTC. Very dissapointed.

  36. Well you know what, SE sucks..

    I dont understand all this delay, I dont understand why they are limiting display colours I dont understand why they are doing half the shit they are doing doesn’t make any sense.. Who makes these decisions ? Why are these decisions made ? Why is it so incredibly difficult for them to update the firmware ? Why is it done in 2 stages its take them the best part of a year to do this firmware update and yet they break it up into 2 stages ? Is 1 update just to awesome for the people so it must be done in long drawn out stages ?

    I bought it because the phone had potential compared to the desire, they are wasting the potential.. The only real question here is is this because of the Sony division or the Ericsson division ?

    They have basically taken one of the best moves they have made so far and are completely ruining it.. I cant wait until this phone is cracked wide open and we can get custom firmware running, I think the only answer for this phone is custom firmware. They obviously are incapable of creating firmware

  37. Professor X September 20, 2010 at 11:37 AM

    The Question is when exactly are o2 users going to get 2.1 I wonder….it can’t be wise to hope ill see it this week, more reasonable to hope ill have it by xmas.

    gotta agree with you on that comment 02-uk were terrible with the updated firmware and they have been keeing htc desire users waiting 7 weeks for 2.2 update and highly doubt they will give us 2.1 straight away when its released we will get the usual “we are still testing the 2.1 update and will issue it as soon as possible” statement like opthers have said unless ur an iphone user 02-uk arent bothered

  38. well thats that then was really looking forward to the update but as usual se have kicked us while were are down , not delivering vital features to a top end phone which should have been already in it from launch very dissapointed

  39. SE is definitely disapoitment.With that policy of costumer support
    they will lose the trust of loyal costumers and it is better for
    them to withdraw from the android game which they are obviously unable to play.

  40. SE fanboys need to stop downplaying the concerns of users who whine and moan about the shortcomings of the x10.These concerns are legitimate and folks who have paid such a high price for the device are entitled to feel disappointed by the lack of these features. If you are happy with the device, then that’s great but surely it can’t be beyond the realm of your imagination to understand that others might not be happy with a device that cost as much while lacking what are very basic features. The advice to them should be to learn from their experience and research(if possible test) phones properly before purchasing. I am sure some of them just bought the phone because of its design expecting all these things to be present as they are pretty much standard in other phones but SE had very different ideas.

  41. Well at the moment the update is the least of my worries, my x10 will not charge at all!!!

    I thought SE build quality was excellent ?? apparently not, I keep hearing HTC, HTC

  42. Well, kinda disappointed not getting 16m colours but I think 720p HD recording makes up for it. But since se take so long to update I had hoped that they would have full 2.1 features.. and maybe some exclusive connectivity to the ps3 like using the bluetooth as remote or even as a control pad for games 😀

    What next? When we update to 2.2 they will probably leave out flash lol

    SE will go n concentrate on x12 or tht rumoured psp phone.

  43. see guys..
    i think that SE will surprise all with amazing update for all its android phones >>>

    and all who sell there phone they will lose!!!

    just trust on SE this time and we will be happy for the new update!!

    I hope SE to not disappointing all!!!

  44. No, it seems to be a handful of ignorant x10 owners from America, Canada and the UK kicking up the biggest fuss about mostly insignificant features.
    The phone was released with 64k colours and now people are jumping up and down, trying to blame Sony Ericsson because they were too stupid to research the handset’s specifications properly.
    For the life of me, I really cannot understand why people are so upset ? This is one cool phone. The UI is absolutely beautiful when compared to the interface found on HTC or Samsung phones and regardless of the number attached to the OS, it already has many 2.1. features included.
    I can tell you for a fact, this phone has a way of growing on you. At first I hated it too, now I love the bloody thing. The more you use features like timescape and mediascape the more you come to appreciate just how much easier it makes using the phone. Crappy gimmicks like 64k colour , multitouch and live wallpaper lose their appeal after about 5 minutes of use, then you’re left with the raw phone itself. This is when you step back and say to yourself “hey, this thing ain’t that bad after all.”

  45. Sorry X10 mini owner
    your gonna be disappointed
    and jack ass
    one thing you forget is that you need multi touch if you want to use the android x10 as a PS3 game pad!!!!!
    but nice idea though would of been nice, would i have forgiven them, yeah probably as multi touch is something i really want so i can play SNes and megadrive games on the go!

  46. Lol, multitap zooming is already available in other browsers such as xScope GL. Yeah, I already have 2.1 then? Let’s wait until we can test and see how it behaves, shall we? I am happy with mine so far. Feels better in the hand than other handsets. Would not switch it for any phone at the moment…

  47. Thats it iam gonna wait for the Developers at XDA, if theres no action there then iam giving up on this shit.

  48. im not going to buy a SE anymore it makes me disappointed im waiting for this update for 4 months now but the update is not enough what i expected a lot of very good smartphones now by the way…

  49. This informative blog has suddenly become a flame-/troll-venue.

    Could someone add the IP address of the posters here. There is very little new information, and very much flaming. Would be good to be able to IGNORE certain IPs.

  50. This has been an interesting read for me. I’m a little on the fence with how I feel about the rumours. (Let’s face it, they are rumours as Sony Ericsson haven’t said anything to us).

    The main thing that I’m disappointed with is the communications and support from SE. They have not kept us updated at all, they must be hearing the same information as us and have not put our minds at rest.

    I’m not bothered about Multi touch as SE have come up with there own way around that (long press options). This will only really effect games so if you have brought your phone for games you have brought the wrong device.

    Let’s face it, we have a great device, ok it’s not got the latest software but if you look at the features the phone has got and compare it to other Android devices its still up there. Infinity, Mediascape and Timescape are intergrated into the standard software so we really have an enhanced version of Donut. We are about 3 months behind the major releases of Android but as long as it doesn’t go to far beyond that and we get the enhancements then I’m ok with it.
    Basic stuff like 16m colours should be part of the standard upgrade along with Adobe flash support, better editing when writing, panaramic camera options and a better flash.
    SE have gone downhill slightly with this (current) flagship phone when you compare its camera with the K850i and have really missed a trick by not intergrating the PS3 remote play into this device like they did with the Anio, they would have ass the PS3 users queuing up for this device.

    About the X12, I can understand why all X10 users are upset with this news, we were sold a flagship phone and before they have updated it to current market trends they are working on something else. Maybe the should fix 1 problm first before they go developing something else otherwise they would not have learnt from their mistakes. I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist but a lot of these rumour could have been planted bt Apple so that SE lose their customet base. Don’t you find it weird that these rumours all started circulating when Antenna-gate was born and later fixed by a phone case and a crappy firmware update to slow down the status of the
    reception levels.

    Anyway, we were told that we will get an update by Q3 end, let’s wait to see what we get before we all start moaning again.

    Faith with the X10

  51. Remember that you could always root your phone and add Froyo or Gingerbread (when available) on yourself.

  52. Jo, i think you’re wrong, no matter how you feel when you’re using the phone, it still has a price-range and some competitors with which it can be compared. Everyone understands this is SE’s first Android phone but still, this doesn’t mean SE should treat one of its premium products as test products. Why the low support for this model, how could you possibly explain the delay and the lack of common sense regarding the way they seem to be shaping the update to Android 2.1? I mean, no Adobe Flash? I can buy phones at half the price with Flash support, I can buy much cheaper phones with better camera controls. What do i get when i compare this phone with Galaxy S or with iPhone? Hopes, because it has a lot of potential. But it seems this is all i’m going to get in the end for my X10, hopes. Boy, was i stupid to not learn from my mistakes with SE, i should have known this was going to happen. The one and only fact is this phone costs a helluva lot more than it delivers right now. That can be corrected but it seems SE is busy thinking how to market their next model and ditch its customers one more time. I’m pretty sure this is my last SE phone, what a waste…

  53. I hope SE is reading all the above comments. I think it’s pure inefficiency when it comes to giving latest software updates, hardware is awesome though but no point cause software doesn’t support the potential of hardware!! How the hell r they gonna take on the I phone with such pathetic support??

  54. i could have swore when this blog first began the comments were all filled by proud owners… now it’s an angry mob. haha.

    Yeah I’m disappointed too with how SE is dealing with this flagship phone too, but considering I’m basically stuck with the phone for a while, I gotta make the most out of it. So far there are 2 more updates announced, the upcoming 2.1 update included. Personally I’d wait and see how the phone fares when all the updates have been applied, and see if SE makes a public announcement that there will be no more updates for the Xperia x10 before I chuck mine out the window.

  55. I personally am sick of this. SE nees to get their stuff together and get this update out. It looks very unprofessional when for months you can’t even get a confermed date from them on when there going to release the update and now all you seem to get is what isn’t going to be in it. I’m going to get rid of this phone and swear off SE forever

  56. you have to wonder why SE lets these things come out AFTER the launch in each area rather than before when they could have honnestly addressed the rumours.

    i dont mind as the phone is good, but you have to ask if SE misread the android roadmap and then got their specs very wrong.

  57. se marketing department what r u doing every company is providing 2.2 and so many r running 2.1. all companies moving like a rocket in there development but se is moving snail.wake up atleast now.i am big fan of sony thats why, i am buying
    se not for the sake ericcson .

  58. SE makes walkman phones. They only started making Smart Phones a year or so ago. I believe that SE is in a great position considering the time they have been in the game. I really do not think they have the experienced personel yet to go head to head with other manufacturers. I really think we should be commending SE not condeming them. Be patient and trust me, this device will be the best device out there once SE gets it right. When the X12, 13, 17, etc… comes out, trust me people will buy them.

    SE make high end, quality devices and they will continue to be leaders in the mobile device market. I will always be a SE, Sony loyal customer. Ann if you are listening SE, hear is my wish list.

    Remote Play
    8MP Camera (16:9 Ratio)
    Better Battery
    Artwork for Videos
    PlayNow (US Version)
    High End Crystal (Saphire, Flame Fusion etc…)

  59. There are a lot of Negative Nelly’s on here 🙂

    Its an ace phone even as it is on 1.6. I Bought it for what it could do when I bought it. Not for what it might do in the future. Anything new that gets added is a bonus..

  60. yeah sparks, me too.
    i bought the phone because it had what it had.
    but as it was a premium product and se were late in getting it out from when it was first shown, it does seem they made some weird hardware choices – they must have seen 2.2s expected spec needs.

  61. no color upgrade? why should someone need it? on MINI??? you buy a phone with a screen you dont like? how stupid is that to wait for an update?

    for my budget the best phone. lets see what updates we get. 2.1 is just one update. for those who want updates to come out imidiately, buy the droid.

  62. I’m guessing not even 1% of the current X10 owners know about this site and comment on the posts. Yet it seems that 80% of that (not even) 1% that do comment are idiots..

    You knew the phone specs when you bought it and you were perfectly happy with it’s features! If you didn’t and you weren’t, then I’m sorry; but you are an idiot!
    Who buys something without knowing the specs and knowing you’re not going to be happy with it? Idiots do!

    For those of us that bought the phone knowing the specs and being satisfied with the features; we are still happy with the phone!
    ANY update SE brings us, ANY new feature SE brings us; we welcome those!
    We’re getting new ‘stuff’ for free!
    Who cares if HTC gets it a few weeks/months earlyer, we’re still getting it!
    If you know/knew SE, you’d know SE isn’t the fastest with updates!

    If you hate SE and the X10, just sell it and stop ranting here!

  63. y do these idiots come on here to start moaning about people who want better specs, you fools are people who settle for second best in life and always will be behind. I make no apology for wanting the best im guessing most of you are snobby english or stuck up americans

  64. I agree with sparks, I bought the phone for what it can do, not what it will do after an update… People seam to be very nit picky about every last specification when over all it is a great product. You can still make calls, play music, watch videos and surf the net on it cant you?!?

  65. Hello Mez a.k.a. one of the idiots.

    1. This isn’t a forum. It’s a blog with the possibility to comment on the blog posts.
    2. If you wanted the best, you shouldn’t have bought the X10 when you did. You should have bought an HTC, who is always first with updates. So again; idiot!
    3. The phone specs do not change, only the software changes; making better use of the phone specs.
    4. Ofcourse people can vent their frustrations, but these ‘frustrations’ are based on bullshit and them being idiots.

    ps; I’m not from the UK nor am I from the USA, but keep on guessing!

  66. i see all this people blaming the non-satisfied users for speaking their mind, coming with texts like “didn’t you know what you’ve purchased?”. i knew what i’ve purchased, 1Ghz proc, 384 RAM, a 8MP camera with the possibility to shoot HD content, great hardware but weak software support. however i read about this issue before i purchased it and all reviews praised the phone and highly spoken about the future updates which would solve the software-related downsides, and i believed them taking into consideration the current Android version was a mere 1.6; so i know it for a fact the device can perform better, why am i guilty for asking for better software support? how is it that people asking for better service are idiots compared to the ones who are just neutral? we’re reduced to the status of “flamers” just because we disagree with what’s going on.

  67. Dear Sony,

    I know some of your employees are actually reading this comment. What the f*ck are you guys thinking? Are you, seriously, deliberately trying to lose all your customers? I don’t get it. And don’t suppose only geeks will care about this thing. A lot of people I know didn’t but this phone simply because of 1.6. Drop timescape & mediascape (make the software open-source, for example), just let google do the O.S. and the updates. Froyo is awesome, and you all know that the X10 hardware is qualified. All your customers will have a far better experience and besides, it is way cheaper for Sony! You don’t have to make all the custom OS-bullsh*t!

    A guy who still kinda likes his X10

  68. I am an X10 owner that is torn. I love the android system and the openess if affords. The free nav app from google is amazing, I use it all the time. I know with the iPhone, Garmen charges $200 for a nav app! Although I don’t see why there is so much hate for the iOS, it is a great system too! It is extremely stable and very easy to use. I own a 3rd generation 64GB iPod touch, and I love it. I love having tons of music and movies and of course games and apps. Now after owning my X10 for a few months I regret not getting an iPhone 4. Now before y’all berate me for this statement (looking at you Zodiac) let me explain myself.
    Before I bought the X10 I was a blackberry user, a curve 8900, it worked great for email and texting and for using as an phone actual phone. It was terrible as web browser, it was actually unusable. The lag on that thing was insane, even after updates! A lack of apps in the blackberry app world was also terrible, and the apps where expensive. But it worked great as a phone, never crashed, good reception and extremely reliable! But I got caught up in the android craze going around, and it is a really great system. I did do my research on the X10 and it seem like a good choice. I believe myself like others where convinced that SE would support this phone long passed 1 year, I remember seeing a video of the release party in Toronto and a SE rep saying they would definatley support this phone long passed a year. I would think that a phone that has many issues would be delt with. We all know the fiasco that the iPhone 4 went through, but at least apple delt with the issue in some way and it was done in a relatively quick manner conpared to SE. It seems SE would rather ignore what it’s customers say about the phone and don’t do much about it except for the battery life update that I found out from Rogers itself that all carriers complained to SE to fix. Why they would even release a phone with such unusable battery life is beyond me. I knew it would not come with multitouch, I did not think not having it wouldn’t be a big deal, and its not really, unless of course you want to play games, which I do like to do. I was so excited about having and SNES emulator, only to be crushed and not able to use it unless i want to play tetris on it, same goes for the psx emulator. These emulators need multitouch, unless you want to use the accelerometer to move around, which really sucks.
    This is my second x10, my first suffered from a blown headset speaker right out of the box! Also sometimes when I receive a call, the person calling cannot here me for the first 15 seconds, I can here them, and this has continuned on the brand new X10 I got as well as my brothers X10. The update did not fix that. As well my X10 likes to shut itself off tuen come back on again randomly, at times it won’t come back on. It has happened a few minutes after a battery pull and after a full day of being on. Quite irritating when you are using the great Nav app and the phone shuts down inthe middle of driving and a bit embarrassing when someone else is in the car. Have to start the phone back up and wait, and wait until all the apps start again, then I use the advanced task killer the use the nav app again. Stupid. It shouldn’t do that. My friend in the States that own an EVO, doesn’t have any of the problems my X10 has, and his battery lasts longer and he uses it more then I use my X10. He has a bigger screen and it doesn’t lag. I just bought fruit ninja on my phone. Finally a cool game that doesn’t need MT, and guess what? It lags. The iPhone version is so much more smother and suffers from, get this…no lag. Isn’t there a 1 ghz processor in this thing? What gives? If the EVO, a phone with similar specs and a bigger screen works awesome why can’t the X10?
    Now let’s talk about the software on this phone, the keyboard. It is unusable. The Sony keyboard is hopeless, even after the update. The android keyboard better but not by much and is pretty bare bones. Thank goodness for the htc mod keyboard I found on this great site and to the openess of Android! But then isn’t having a good keyboard on a touch screen phone a necessity? I shouldn’t have to go hunting for a new keyboard. It should already be in place, that is fundamental. I had issues with having to click a minimum of 4 to actually make a phone call! On a damn phone! Thank goodness someone on this site was nice enough to tell me about acontacts which is much better then the crap that was used on this phone. But then again, shouldn’t a PHONE come with a great way to make good calls? I shouldn’t have to keep on hunting for a better way of doing things, when it should have had it in the first place.
    Now when I look at the iPhone, sure it doesn’t have the openess that android has or the avialiabity to put one any kind of app on the phone, like one to play avi files. And it doesn’t have file access like android or even blackberry for that matter. It doesn’t have the great nav app the google put out(for now) and the screen is smaller, I quite like the size of the X10. But for all there short comings it is a stable, very usable PHONE. I can get my email, texting, web surfing, games and great apps (let’s be real here iPhone apps look and perform better then android, for now anyways). For all the cons, and out right apple hate that goes around it sure is a RELIABLE phone, unlike the phone I am using today. I do feel slighted that SE hasn’t said any thing about froyo! I hold out hope we get it although the evidence speaks to the contrary. Not even a year in and we know they will stop supporting it. Points for apple for supporting a phone that’s almost 3 years old, yes I know it has slowed it down, but the last update made it a bit faster the next with improve if further, at least they are trying. I know that by getting an iPhone now, iPhone 5 will be better and cure the antenna problem, but I have full confidence that I’ll get my updates, and my phone will be very stable, and if I want to watch avi movies I’m sure there will be a app for that as well, the iPad already has one. Oh yes, also cut and paste works great on iPhone, not so much on android.
    I really respect all the people on this form who are passionate about their phone, either they hate it or defended it and our decision to purchase it. For those who still love their phone, that’s awesome, seriously. You have a phone you can live with and thats great. It does what you want it to. In my experience I have not found the same. Times of where I love this phone are put off by all it’s problems that don’t and seemingly won’t get fixed, ven with the updates. Maybe I’ll try android again, will never touch SE even if the X12 is amazing, because I know SE will piss off it’s customers again some how, apparently they have a track record of doing so. I will instead look to HTC, samsung, or motorola for my android fix. They seem to get repeat customers is the best way to make money, look at apple and all the “idiots” that keep buying there stuff. They know like the rest of the companies I’ve just named keep you existing customers happy, and they’ll come back for more. As a sales man I know that for a fact.
    I will be updating my X10 like everyone else, exercise patients. But I am now in the process of saving up for an iPhone 4, an unlocked on I can buy from the apple website in Canada, and be content with my reliable, very stable phone (that admiditly has it’s faults, although I’ve notice that it’s camera is substancially better then ours) and be content with it and with “being in the clouds”. Sometimes ignorance is bless. Peace.

  69. Nobodies saying your wrong to be upset, its your feelings and your free to feel what ever you want. BUT its YOUR fault for getting this phone, if you buy a phone that you dont like because you didnt research it you have nobody to blame but yourself, however if you do research it and still buy the phone “hoping” it will get better with software updates then once again.. you took the gamble and its your fault. I had a choice between the htc aria, samsung captivate, and the xperia x10. I looked at the features and picked which best suited me, good camera, good call quality, good software. I got my xperia and was happy with it out of the box. Does it drop calls depending on how you hold it? NO! does it crash for unexplained reasons? NO! does it do everything you want out of the box? if yes then your a happy camper like me, if no then sorry but SE didnt promise it was going to do EVERYTHING that EVERYONE wants. Sure i would be lying if i said i didnt want multitouch or flash, but they never said they were implementing it so its not their fault. If you really wanted it that bad then you wouldnt buy this phone, and if you did buy this phone hoping it would happen then.. well like i said before.. YOUR FAULT. And as far as 16 million colors goes, they DID say that would happen so be patient, man up, and get on with your lives.

  70. Dear Sony

    Please refer to the last post, Hardware is fantastic, let google do the OS and updates. Users buy this phone for Android not because it’s Sony. Why do you think HTC is now a major player? They don’t even have outstanding hardware, they have quick updates.

    I’d prefer to update my phone every day and deal with bugs because i know the next update will have an improvement over the next over nothing at all.


  71. For those stating “you knew what the specs where went you bought it” just haven’t grasped why people are unhappy. This is ment to be a “smart”phone. So what you get at day 1 should not be tthe same 180 days into to its life. A smart phone should evolve over its year and a half shelf life. I for one am disappointed with the evolution of this phone thus far. I’m hoping that se do a better job on the second half of this phones life. Otherwise I think my school report on it will read “must do better”

  72. I give up on any updates for this phone… Samsung galaxy S or an HTC HD will most likely be my next phone.
    good buy Sony Ericson it was fun while it lasted.

  73. I am an experienced SE customer: T610, W880, W890, W995, Xperia X10.
    I just sent my Xperia X10 into retirement. Tried everything on the Xperia. ADW Launcher, Zeam, SlideIT, Swype, tons of widgets, but finally gave up.
    Got me an HTC Desire instead. Rooted, running a Custom ROM, enjoying 1250 points on Quadrant benchmark… (Xperia is 450)

    All you geeks, believe me, put your Xperia to ebay. Everything that’s annoying on the Xperia is just working on the Desire. Its the sum of all the small things: Multi-Touch, neat feature to highlight text, faster web experience, not to mention HTC Sense which is great.
    Typing while in portrait view: even though it has just a 3,7″ screen, the responsiveness of the screen/keyboard combo is very fast and almost allows me to write blind. Et cetera…

    Get yourself the Desire or one of the new Desires and let SE go the same way Nokia went: to hell.

  74. why are you consumers, (whiny little bitches) complaining about the x10 i have it and have personally tested it against the evo htc incredible nexus one and epic 4g and it smoked them in performance and over all ease of use if u fucks want to quit se because u want 16m colors and flash u are idiots damn idiots go try and zoom on an evo or any other phone and tell me u can do it better than the x10s camera tell me other phones boot faster or a five year old can operate a g2 or evo or epic when they cant but they can however operate an x10 grow the fuck up and stop whining

  75. @ beast. . . I’m guessing your about 14 so I’ll go easy on you. please explain how the x10 smoked the phones you mentioned? The x10 reminds me of the Atari Jaguar great hardware software not so much. . . .

  76. i disagree with some of my frens. the thing is se just advertise saying 16 million colour while it is only going to support 65k which mean it is 65k for user and it say multitouch while ad campaign and later say sorry no multitouch. and multitouch capacitive screen for mini and pro but not activated what does this mean? it is single touch for user . and say flash light in photo for xperia but cannot use due to software limitation. the same thing applies to this and same thing about wifi .if it say wifi is bg certified then why is it having trouble connecting with the internet????? can anybody explain me is this a fair game played by se to the customer ? it lie and lie over every specification to user. the specification table doesnot relate to real end user experience to user. and you may say that there is no different between 65k and 16 million then it is like saying water and ice is same. it may be same in it source or chemical composition but it behave certain different properties which lies deep within its molecular structure.oh god this se is making me crazy he he. and se is just letting people down. its been a month i am talking with se regarding app which cost me about fifteen pound and to solve problem related to it i already spend 8 pound just to talk with them and they have not found any soln and have not contacted with me for a week or so.and some where still within my heart i have love toward se phone like 810i ,p1i and k810 but the latest range of phone is making me sick and tired. se really cheated on us . android os is supposed to upto date with other phones and market. but se is heading toward its destination with a amputated leg. any one know best second hand phone buyer. i am so desperate to cell my phone or to trade in..

  77. I hope Dummy-Ericsson will die soon! They deserve nothing less! SHAME ON YOU! MY X10 is for sale now!

  78. Extremely disappointed with SE… and extremely regret in getting this phone. I should have gone for Samsung Galaxy or even wait for the Apple I-4. What TF of services SE offering to the customer??? This will be the last time for many ppl around the world to choose SE, no wonder SE market share in smartphone getting worse n worse.

  79. i am disappointed with my purchase, this long overdue update seems useless, I am not sure how much longer I can wait before selling this for a real high end Android phone.

    We want the latest for SE, and can’t careless about the SLOW-S mediascape and timescape!! or just provide an unlocked bootloader for us!!

  80. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. No wonder the world has so many problems.

    I can just see it now. All these whiney x10 owners selling their phone, then regretting it 5 months later when they realize no gingerbread update for current model HTC, Samsung or Motorola phones.

    Sorry guys/girls but the old adage about the grass never being greener on the other side has never been more true.

  81. here’s whats gonna happen, a huge amount of second hand x10’s is gonna hit the market.
    se are going to sell a pitiful amount of new x10’s
    a soon if the desire hd hits the market i am gonna buy this phone and trade in the x10
    and i don’t care about the amount of euro’s is going to get me,probaly zero
    however it goes…..
    never s.e. again and who ever asks me about my se experience I’m gonna advise to let se be and go for a phone with decent support, software and upgrades, this is why the dinosaurs extinct. lack of adaptation

  82. If 16M colors enabled may lag the phone or drain the battery faster, I think SE should release 2 2.1 ROMs and let consumers decide if they want to download the 65K or 16m colour version.

    As for my x10. I got it for free when i swapped a new Bold 9700 I won for it.
    I’m eligible for a HW upgrade end of year. I hope stupid rogers brings a android phone with 2.2+ and a qwerty keyboard. Maybe the Mot Droid Pro or something new from HTC.
    I wonder what the X12 will offer?

  83. when people wants to create drama they just talk sh… and attack other’s opinion to diverge from the real issue, that SE promised an update soon after the release, multi-touch which was later cancel (although I still believe it has to do with Sony providing camera sensors for the next iphone) multiple issues on basic phone/smartphone performance such as low volume even on speaker it’s not loud enough, you can say that if you are in a room yes it will be loud enough (speaker mode) but if you’re driving and you have the phone on speaker since there are issues with bluetooth handsfree devices (not to mention Sony Ericsson’s recommendations on how to improve battery life (turn off gps, bluetooth, wifi, 3G) ) the volume is still bad and choppy.

    How about the camera, it has a 8mp sensor but it still the pictures are not good enough, yes they are better than other phones, but not by a lot. but then again, the lag it just horrible, why does it take so in between pictures? also one of the coolest features was face recognition which well so far it hasn’t work for me or any of the people I know that has an X10, people that I actually know, not reading some opinions or imaginary people agreeing with me on a blog, by posting multiple replies to my post saying oh yeah I agree with what you said, oh yeah you are so right, how pathetic is that. back to the point, how is it that one of the important features of X10’s camera doesn’t work and if it does recognize a face/friend it label it as someone else even if it was a picture of the same person few seconds later in almost the same position and facial expression.

  84. I wonder why the hell is SE giving an update. Better they don’t give any update and stop with their chain of outdated Android handsets. They are charging the customers like anything and giving away outdated stuff and now outdated updates. I still feel that I should have wait more time and bought an HTC Desire instead for less money and more features.

  85. if you feel like you have to sell your X10 is totally understandable, SE couldn’t keep up with other companies but yet again they want to be #1 in the android smartphone market.

    regarding other phones have even bigger issues or more issues, well which phones? Samsung Galaxy S have a GPS issue which will be solve with the following update which is froyo what is it a month or so after it was released with Eclair, or the i(diot)phone well that’s just pathetic that apple can’t accept they fu…ed up big time with their design, the slimest smartphone in the market but yet again you have to put a case so your signal wont die so the whole point of making it slim is gone. nexus one havent heard any other issues regarding it, if there are other issues from other top of the line smartphones I and I’m pretty sure a lot of us will want to read them, because we can all use bulls… made up arguments based on nothing more than opinions or hope that the other phones/companies are doing the same or worse and not facts.

  86. if you are tired of people complaining on how SE lie or break their promises and all that well why are you even posting anything on this blog, yes it is a free world and you can do what you please but if you read the title of the posts you can see that are NOT about how much people love their X10, or how the X10 is superior to all other smartphones, or how stupid people are if they point out X10’s problems.

  87. I`ll be more than happy that i bought x10 when i get mt i dont care about the 16m colors that much or flash led or stuff.. i just want to see mt or atleast dt .. and as long i`m still having the X10 (if things are going this way not gonna be long) i`ll expect SE or someone in the world to make something about MT option … because no one in certain knows about the type of the screen last night i read about it and there is two possible screens that se has used. The first one is the same as iphone because one guy in the xda forum just dissasembled his phone and the screen number without the letters was the same like iphones … and the other thing is about the ClearPad 1000 series … but nobody seems to know which one is used …so i`m still hoping for mt

  88. Sony, get your ass in gear. If you are not able to code around this then it’s time for looking for a new development team.

    If the phone doesn’t get Android 2.2 you have lost a roll out plan I was going to do with our current PBX system to provide everyone SE Smartphones. The phones would have a custom piece of software that would allow them to have a SIP phone at the office and as soon as they leave the office the call will be passed over to another gateway that will bridge the call via the GSM network.

    Like I said, if this doesn’t go ahead you not be in our current or future plans.

  89. Sony, get your ass in gear. If you are not able to code around this then it’s time for looking for a new development team.

    If the phone doesn’t get Android 2.2 you have lost a roll out plan I was going to do with our current PBX system to provide everyone SE Smartphones. The phones would have a custom piece of software that would allow them to have a SIP phone at the office and as soon as they leave the office the call will be passed over to another gateway that will bridge the call via the GSM network.

    Like I said, if this doesn’t go ahead you will not be in our current or future plans.

  90. Apple patented the multi-touch so not every one can use it for free. That is why HTC and others are sued by Apple. SE does not want to be sued so they forgo multi-touch, they will do double tap zoom only…

  91. I was stucked Nokia 5530 XM i later switch to X6 and was a good phone for multimedia, i became so eager to switch to Android, i then went straight and got the Xperia X10i thinking i will be happy with it. my problem here is not the lack of MT or the 16M support no but the missing market on the phone is killing me, now i have no choice but to shutdown my X10i and move on, even if i give it free to a friend he will never be happy with it, just like giving a car with no key. i am thinking of taking HTC Desire but Samsung has bigger screen, or i should wait for Desire HD?

  92. The funny part is X10 mini owners (myself included) may well get acces to 16 million colours and multitouch with the 2.1 update.

    Unfortunately for Sony Ericsson it won’t matter what they give the whingey idiots here it will never be enough. The same thing will start over again – “Where’s my 2.2″. Where’s my gingerbread”. “Where’s my multitouch”.

    This forum reminds me of my bratty little spoiled neices, carrying on until they get what you want. row up.

  93. I now know why they kick off about MT and 16m colors i down loaded a 3d fighter game and cant get past level 3 as i need Mt fire rockets and slow down at the same time what a waist of 5 pounds lol the games are cool but cant play them right without MT. This phone is going to be a other satio. 550 pounds sim free the week it came out the uk rip off. Htc arnt much better look on There blogs.

  94. I think it is pretty shocking really. Mine is buggy and recently will not pick up a 3G signal despite my girlfriend and mum being on the same network and picking up the signal with their phones. No matter where I go it will not pick it up. I work for a large phone company and have check all the settings and it is nothing to do with this either I have even put the sim card in another phone which worked and put my GFs sim in mine and it did not work! I am very disappointed that a flagship model from SE have taken so long to release the update which offer very little. Yes it is a good phone for the time it was released but I think people are disappointed that this handset has not moved forward where others have. I love Sony and go out of my way to stay with the Sony brand but I feel this is a really wash out. HTC maybe the way forward in future I feel, well certainly in the mobile phone industry but I suppose its been like that since the XDAs/MDAs.

  95. Rod H, I have and will never berate anyone for moaning about the x10(God knows there are a lot of things to moan about). I just ask them to be a bit more honest with themselves and accept that the mistake was theirs. What I have learnt personally from my experience with the x10 is, in future to make sure the phone I will be getting comes with the latest version of android since I am one of those who wants an android phone(android first and phone second) rather than someone looking for a phone running android. The only thing that puzzles me about you is even after your experience with android, you still speak so fondly of the very mediocre Iphone which is functionally much worse than the x10. Maybe it’s simplicity appeals to you but for me that thing is not really a smart phone just a platform for running applications(a point smartphones passed some time ago).
    To all others who have issues with the phone, you have two choices:One, accept that you bought a phone that’s not up to scratch and stop waiting for software updates that will miraculously transform the phone into something else(realistically that’s not going to happen).Two, sell the phone, cut your losses and get the desire/desire hd/galaxy s/Evo 4g.
    Constantly moaning is really not going to achieve anything but cementing your feelings of frustration. It makes no difference to SE( I don’t even think they hear them let alone anything else).

  96. @zodiac…

    I have an X10, and I am happily using it. For me, it’s just a phone. If I am not satisfied with it, I will ditch it and buy another one. I bought a phone and not the OS that runs it…

  97. I bought this phone recently, lured into buying it by it’s great design and wonderful skin. I read all comments and critics on here and on other blogs as well. I’ve always been a very satisfied SE-user and I thought: “how bad can it REALLY be?”

    After using it for one and a half week, I can say it’s totally not as bad as most of you say. At ALL. It’s definately running smooth enough, not the slightest problem with that. The camera quality is what I’d expect from it. Internet is so much faster than on, let’s say, my former E72.
    Call quality.. I know what you mean there, but it’s definately good enough. No problems with WiFi or anything either..

    Alright, the update for 2.1 is too late and any critics on that are understandable, but the way some people are crying here makes me think that it’s more about them being mad there’s phones coming out that are potentially better than theirs; which makes them jealous, than that it’s actually about failures of the phone.
    The X10 is more than good enough, if not great. I’ve used a great lot of phones over the years, so I got my stuff to compare it with.
    I am definately and highly satisfied.

  98. Hi Frenz,

    My feelings… I hope I thought that, I have bought a Smartphone when I bought X10, as I was more interested in Android text input method… was expecting a good quality keyboard, ease of use (not like I have to click at 3 different places and make a call), TS and MS were not my interest.

    Yes, I believe I have read about it’s future upgrades, cause Froyo was still in a draft state when I bought this phone selling off my Nokia 5800XM.

    – When I compare text input, 5800xm was much better than X10 (try it, its even faster)
    – When I compare usability, in 5800xm I never needed to click 3 times to make a call.
    – When I compare Twitting, I never needed to scroll through the TimeScape or rely on 3rd party softwares. Tweet60 was almost able to do all these stuff….
    – When I compare chatting, I was happy with Slick or Fring on my 5800xm. Fring and Nimbuzz on X10 eats a lot battery as compared to other OSes.

    Well, I had a faith on SE to have all these features ( in the next update revision… As it was partially promised to me by SE while buying this phone.

    I am not a gamer, I am not a critic, I am not a reporter… I am a just a human.. I wanted ease of text input, speed and have something that will improve efficiency in my everyday life…

    I was not interested in 8mp camera, 720p recording, and so forth.. Yes Multitouch helps in efficient text entry. Copy, Paste, Cut etc…

    It is not that Sony lied to me, but it’s the thing that Sony never disclosed that we won’t support MT…. Poor battery life.

    Yes, buying an X10 was not my mistake, but I had many hopes when I replace old phone which is now as same as compared to X10…

    WiFi hotspot, Cloud API in Froyo, Better Exchange support, Easy text entry, Better in-call volume and overall Froyo OS architecture is much more faster than the 1.6 donut….

    The same Mediascape and Timescape might have ran much smoother with Froyo aka Android 2.2… It would have eased customers experience with this phone…

    But, disappointment…. If you use PhotoShop… compare 65K image with 16M image and see the difference.. It was not promised by Sony… But with bare “Unclean Hands”, SE said it supports… Where is the feature of 16M colors ???

    “Supports” and “implementation”…

    Wow…!!! IPhone is a real smarphone, even X6 and N8 are better… it won’t stop you and let you keep pressing back button on your every other move… You will get everything on the same screen…

    People expect more from their SmartPhones…. SE wake up. From the same price tag, I could have chosen other alternatives if you have clearly said, we will have these much instead of keeping yourself silent…

    I bought this phone, but my next phone would not be SE. I will rather go back and use Symbian or IPhone.

  99. LoL, I thought I’m one smart motherf*er, being a rebel, going with android instead of iPhone. But the joke is on me, being stuck in a three year contract with this half-assed X10, a “smartphone” that’s more useless than my old iPod Touch. Should’ve gone with the iPhone 4. Lesson learned, SE can kiss my ass goodbye.

  100. apple have no reason to sues everyone because off multitouch they don’t own it just like ikea had sued everyone because off some chair or table

  101. wow.. i have never seen so many applefags and fanboys congregate so blatently so quickly to slag off the (now) more popular competition.. amazing! and very satisfieng to see how upset droid makes you all.. its a fact that when a vendor has to resort to dirty tricks to attempt to undermine a competitor, it damages all partys.. so, keep trolling girls, u made our lunchbreak sidesplitting.. fyi you fools: the game is over, droid won, and we ALREADY own the devices.. lol.. oh, and if any tweak-hungry x10 heads want to mod to 2.x, do it, open gl delivers, just dont bawww when you lose the se native apps and tweaks..

  102. A real disappointment from SE.
    No Multitouch and No 16m colours. Just wanna make me turn to other makes now.
    And on top pf that the android 2.1 yet to be released is overshadowed by the 2.2 of other manufacturers.

  103. Sony Ericsson – Make believe – to absolute disbelieve!! shocked by such poor service to my loyal brand SE… dont know what to do.. feel like i have a serpent with no fangs.. should have gone in for a htc.. though my baby still looks the best amongst all

  104. The point of the most of the critici that in the essence the x10 is a great phone
    And that buying a Sony stand for state of the art
    With the latest and best technology, but for its money it is no state of the art but one of the dozen.
    And where others go on Sony stays behind, i expect that se like all other manufacturers keep there customers satisfied.
    If you see a customer only as a short term investor then your wrong.
    Everyone knows the most wanted improvements, more colors,froyo for the speed and longer batery life and a much better camera Sony can make this and has than a great phone out and inside
    The only things we dont like is be treathed like a child but as a full grown-up

  105. RIGHT! let me make this clear…

    People are not crying, moaning or trolling about the X10. They are only sharing their views and feelings in a typical forum debate. This is exactly what were supposed to do. The fact now that we will not be recieving 16m colours doesnt bother me although S.E’s false advertising has upset a lot of users and yeah they have the right to voice it were it will be heard.

    Deep down we all love our X10’s or we wouldnt voice an opinion on the matter. Its nothing do do with jelousy over other brands lol. Myself i would love to have seen various fixes an implementations done before the 2.1 release but hey thats just my opinion.

    Fix – Incall and ringer volume level’s.
    Fix – Contact calling sequence (shorten)
    Implement – Business Card sending & recieving.

    Nothing major just my Santa gonnaegetme list. Lol now feed on that after you come out from under youre bridge you orrible trolls lol.

  106. To I can’t believe SE do the needful and give froydo. Loyal customer are not buying phones from them as they are bad people at that they do. I get new HTC and sell SE. HTC do the needful.

  107. Selling my in november when i get some more money to afford iphone 4 on sim free, THIS IS MY last SE phone ive bought ! touchscreen compare to iphone or htc is rubish, no mt, no decent soft, guys where do u sell phones? on ebays or mazumamobile?

  108. “Rod M. September 21, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    Apple patented the multi-touch so not every one can use it for free. That is why HTC and others are sued by Apple. SE does not want to be sued so they forgo multi-touch, they will do double tap zoom only…”

    That is probably the most intelligent thing I’ve read in this yet.

    Incoming call quality – carrier related
    Lag – is this why the android community had to develop their own fix for lag on HTC devices.
    16 million colours – unless you’re after bragging rights, this completely irrelevant.
    2.2 Froyo – why, so you can have a buggy browser and even more lag due to apps loading from the SD card ??

    I think there are a lot of people on here who need to sell their X10’s, not to buy another phone, but help pay for a good therapist. Seriously, I’m not joking.

  109. I think the delay of 16M of color due to technical issue rather than marketing issue. Maybe, SE engineers still figuring out how to implement 16M of colour into 4″ of display smoothly….

  110. sue SE for false advertisement! gonna talk to my lawyer.. this makes me very upset.. i’ve been waiting for 4 months for this 2.1 upgrade.. they can’t even provide the exact date for each region until now. how bad of customer service is that for a $500+ phone

  111. Bye bye SE X10.. thanks for the awful memories.

    Just like Nokia, SE are a bunch of dinosaurs with no clear strategy or plan. They seem to only care about getting more and more hardware out with very little effort putting into making a product truly great with good software.

    Ive had enough now,, off to iphone i go.

  112. Sony has cheated its customers initial spec had mentioned the display to be multi touch ans i see a law suite in the near future

    X10 For sale ,really i am putting mine on ebay tonight

  113. i cant believe how much you people bitch. nobody forced you to buy the phone and your free to buy a new phone at any time.

    i’m sure sony is aware that it needs updates faster, and are doing all they can to fix the issue.

    i have a real dislike for people that are never content always demanding more faster updates better colours more features better battery life. Sony has to realize it will never make people like you happy wouldn’t surprise me that the majority of you are Toyota owners.

    at some point i hope for your sakes that you realize there will always be something newer faster better stronger and owning it will not make you happy, will not improve your life’s in any significant way. you all are just very sad little people with no souls.

    trying to fill a bottomless cup is true stupidity.

  114. @ Nathan

    “wouldn’t surprise me that the majority of you are Toyota owners”

    Why would you say that?

  115. @ nathan

    lmao you are nieve and dillusional, of course they know they should update the phone faster, your trying to justify the companies’ faults and calling everyone else foolish? Get a grip you know nothing about the mobile industry, the customer is always right and will always win.

    Your one of these dumb people who will believe anything these companies tell them, you clearly are underestimating the demand for updates with phones its a huge thing these days, so why dont you go and by a Nokia you sound like an old man! These phones are not aimed at grumpy men haha

  116. i wouldnt be suprised if he (nathan) works for sony ericsson, they have a small android development team for that reason they cant release these updates fast enough, its not a huge deal to them as you may think. For this they will suffer

  117. Dear Nathan : the problem is :

    1., in this price catheghory, all the competitors were releasing 2.1 at least….
    2., I am from GH198 – do yo remember? it was long time ago. That’s why I do not by “nokia” OR SAMSUNG GALAXY S now.
    3., If SE fails, it will selling accessories for GSM towers only….ok that is a business too. No One will beleive in SE. SE saying from the begining the 2.1 release, but all other competitors done it. therefore, I love SE, but I’m worried about the company future, becouse without income, it falls down.. Let’s thing to ATARI or commodore, whose were on high, and the competitors ate them.

    @ nathan

    lmao you are nieve and dillusional, of course they know they should update the phone faster, your trying to justify the companies’ faults and calling everyone else foolish? Get a grip you know nothing about the mobile industry, the customer is always right and will always win.

    Your one of these dumb people who will believe anything these companies tell them, you clearly are underestimating the demand for updates with phones its a huge thing these days, so why dont you go and by a Nokia you sound like an old man! These phones are not aimed at grumpy men haha

  118. i think the update is so long because X10 will be the first android 2.1 FW with no multitouch(Im not sure about this)

  119. @Stan
    Do you seriously believe it’s programmer’s fault?
    I’m sure that programmers at SE would have gone directly to 2.2
    Programmers just do what they are told to do by some stupid manager product.
    If SE seriously believe UXP is more important than keeping OS up to date it’s not their fault

  120. Sony Ericsson! YOUR GOING DOWN! start packing your things because in the coming year or as early of this year your company will never exist anymore in mobile WORLD anymore! people will never buy your phone anymore even if you introduce your X11 and x12!! because you never listen to your customers needs and you are so OUTDATED!! PROMISES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN by SE!! Booooooooooooo! i hate may X10!!!

  121. im getting rid of my x10 mini.. fed up of waiting for the android upgrade plus the sound quality on the video is appalling… when the upgrade finall happens will it improve sound quality on video?? if not then im moving back to nokia..

  122. My SE X10 gave 461 on Quadrant benchmark. Its higher than score for X10. Lets hope it does not dip any further after update.

    Yeah I bought this phone but that does not mean I do not have right to ask for fixing the issues that are there in it. If SE can fix basic issues which I have highlighted in past then I would be happy with this phone. It does not need any OS update to fix those issues, simple firmware updates would have done that. The OS shift from 1.6 to 2.1 is not big leap. Had it been from 1.6 to 2.2 it would have mattered due to numerous advantages in 2.2. I am hoping we do get that final OS update as this phone will not support anything higher.

    It true that this phone stands out in the android phones crowd with its elegant UI but overall user experience has been bad for me. Viewing some of comments on this blog I feel SE shipped this phone in two batches and I received the one which was in batch for bad volume issues.

    I love watching DivX and MP4 videos on this cell phone but sadly I have to connect headphones every time to listen to the audio properly. As a cell hone user you know that even if all else fail you can trust SE with one thing in their phone and that was audio quality. Sadly not with this one. 🙁

    I hope they will give us option of retuning back the X10 for X12 when it finally comes as you cannot even find buyer for this phone at half the price of what I bought. Its already selling $100 less than what I had bought it for.

  123. OMG…!!
    I m sooo upset. ..
    but not 2 give up…
    I believe dat.. SE ll launch 2.2 quickly. .
    16M nd multitouch…

    Nd guys wht abt x12???

  124. I have read alot about what the X10 is capable of and it is capable of 16m but android 1.6 was the cause of it being limited. The original release date for the update was Q4 but they have brought it closer because people were demanding it. I believe sony just wanted to get it out so the phone is up-to-date and will later add features like flash and mulit-touch, maybe the end of Q4. Over all i really llike the phone and have no issues with it, I was looking forward to multi-touch so I could use the PSX emulator but its not end of the world. I’m sure they will eventually bring another update out for it.
    I spent days days looking at each phone carefully (galaxy S, HTC desire etc) when choosing to re-new my contract and always came back to the x10, the camera is better and with HD video will blow away the other phones.

  125. It’s so bad that I can’t believe! I am so upset. I think that i’ll give up.First of all,SE said that they wii offer the android 2.1 for x10 before May,but they didn’t.Then they said that they wii make the phone to be the best android phone.But now,some badthing is coming!
    X10 for sale. send me a e-mail.

  126. I don’t need the 16m colour, I don’t need the multi touch, I just hope the bluetooth file transfer are there without using any app…

    I have suggestions to all disspointment, why don’t you guys use your x10 for the last time before selling it to learn your next phone, so you don’t need to mad with all this things..

  127. Tryed to sell my x10i today in local phone shop and they offerd me 110 pounds for it says its not worth much as it has loads of bad reviews. I told him to fuck off cost me 550 5 months ago he is selling a u
    sed galixy s for 220 as well



  129. I was going to buy an X10 but seems like a bad idea now =) any suggestions? i was thinking about the HTC Desire HD

  130. @ all SE fanboys
    I really laugh at all the people like Nathan who feel the need to defend SE tooth and nail. I’m not sure what they mean. I’m not whining or crying about a lack of 16 million colors, no multitouch or no froyo, although all those things would be nice. I do have a problem with many, many other issues with the phone I have. Like random restarting, wifi dropping out then failing to reconnect, sometimes my screen is black but the bottom lights are on and the screen won’t turn on until I remove the battery, when receiving calls the person on the other line cannot hear me for the first 15 seconds, the constant lag present in the phone in every app even 3rd party ones, constantly dropped calls (that may be Rogers fault, but my blackberry never dropped nearly as much), the low sound on the headset, the horrible keyboard, the stupid way to make phone calls. I know some of you are saying your apps may be the cause of some of these problems, and that I believe that is stupid and Google should try and make sure that doesnt happen in there app store in the first place (point for apple). What’s the point of having an app store is some of the apps cause problems to your phone or have access to your texts, emails etc if they have no use for them? I really do want to love this phone, I have tried to work around it, I really love the Android system it is great, I think that SE cheaped out on this phone plane and simple, and it is my own fault for buying it. But I bought it with the promise that it was going to be a great stable PHONE. Which in my case has not happened. If you X10 has no problems good for you! Really I mean that. But just because you encounter no problems does not mean others don’t. Have encountered these problems with 2 different brand new X10’s I’ve owned and my brothers so I know it is not some 5% or 10% with problems. And judging with what others write on different blogs, not just this one many people have the same or similar problems. Please fanboys recognize that we have real issues with his phone, I for one am not complaining about the upcoming updates that we will probably see next month, I am looking for to it, in hopes that it will fix all the problems that I see in my own phone.

  131. shit!!! “whatsapp” ( is available now for android!!!!! i was waiting for this! but too bad for us X10 users, the minimum requirement is 2.1, while 2.2 is strongly advised!

    i’m with you on this rally ….. DEATH TO SONY ERICSSON…..DEATH TO SONY ERICSSON

    that would be an obvious choice!!! i’m waiting for it too and f**k SE and X10

  132. Reading all this negative stuff makes me wonder how many of those crybabies actually own a X10. I’ve been having mine for almost half a year now and never do I have dropped calls, the call quality is good enough, the skin is just great. There is NO lag, except for when you’re swiping pictures around.. there it could be a little faster.
    I’ve been using the X10 and Desire on the side, but I’m going with the X10. Had to charge the Desire like every 20 hours, while my X10 at least doubles that.
    It’s not a bad phone. Not at all.
    And I really have the feeling that like at least half of all the negative posters here never had the X10 and are just here for bashing everything thats not iOS..

  133. @raziel

    there is a fucking lag!! maybe you couldn’t notice it!! how old are you??? :p
    try the xpiano app, you will see it is hard to play something, the lag is always disrupting the rhythm, it is between (100ms-400ms) and it keeps varying! which makes it hard for you to keep the rhythm!!

    charging my phone every 20min while i can get 16m, MT and froyo!!! that is OK with me!!!!
    maybe because desire is too cool to play with so the battery drain faster!! 🙂

    some guys here are defending SE blindly!! please open your eyes and look around you!

  134. @yoyo
    because its the best! everyone is using it (iphone, blackberry, nokia, android) (specially my friends and family) so you must have it to keep in touch with them.(keep on reading the website if you are interested)

  135. @raziel

    Good for you. I have not had call drop issues so that maybe network thing with Rogers but dont live in cocoon when X10 users who are actually using the phone complain about its lack of performance.

  136. F**k Sony. They don’t have any respect for their customers. My phone will be sold by the end of the week. Last Sony android phone I get hands down. Can anyone say motorola droid x??

  137. The point to an update is just to hv new features right….go and sell ur x10…and dont make public notice after all no one forced u to buy…
    I love my x10
    The best socia… above all tightest multimedia in d market…
    Wel customisd ui

  138. I’ve always been user of Nokia phones and I think they’re very nice, I decided to switch to an Android and the X10 was chosen by the impressive technical specifications, however, after three months using X10 I would like to know if the update will include some fixes that I are making me losing patience with an expensive device like this:

    1) the incall volume is too low to the point of not hearing what the other person says, will be repaired?

    2) the contacts menus is good, but the space to choose the number of the contact is too tight, it should be larger.

    3) the music player is nice, but the button “now playing” should always be present on the screen. An equalizer in the media player would be very welcome too.

    4) the keyboard has some bugs, it is normal not recognize some touches, confusing the key or even trigger a key.

    5) despite proximity sensor, it does not work properly. It is normal the screen does not fade when you are with the phone pressed against his face and could have the function to turn off the volume when you flip down the device, as happens in several devices “less intelligent” than the X10.

    6) The Nokia devices via bluetooth sync perfectly with the car radio from Sony is not the case with the X10, which I can not make calls via voice over the radio.

    7) The battery life is terrible, I do not want to have to get off and on APN to be able to make my battery last longer, this should be managed by the device itself, as is done with Nokia devices, is connected automatically when needed .

    8) We will have multitouch on the device?

    9) there should be better control of the volumes of the cellphone, there is a control for the alarm clock, one for media, one for calls and so on. I waked up later cuz the volumes were adjusted down. The volume of the alarm should be available on the menu the alarm clock, media player menu in media player and so on, all under the hierarchy of the master volume.

    My opinion, using the X10 is like living in a house under construction, has all, but not everything works yet.

  139. The update is going to be released by the end of this week “apparently”, but no one will get it for awhile longer till all your companys have modded it, inless you have debranded your handset.

  140. @roberto

    I think some of those issues should be resolved with 2.1 – better keyboard, music player, contacts directory, bluetooth 2.1. Unless SE have used a different speaker on the american version, I’m not convinced this is a hardware issue. These things don’t just make it past the FCC willy-nilly , trust me.

  141. @Rod H

    I don’t think you should be bashing the majority of X10 owners just because you’re having problems with the phone. Judging from the information in your post, it looks like you trolled every x10 forum on the internet just to see what other users are whinging about.
    Secondly, your sample group of 2 hardly represents 5%-10% of x 10’s sold throughout the world.
    Thirdly, you’re an apple fanboy which explains a lot.

  142. You know what’s funny, people who are trying so hard to defend SE by saying if anyone point out issues with X10 are whining and a minority and bla bla bla, when it’s the other way around, people who protect SE are whining and crying and are the minority since most people realized by now what they’re missing out w/ the lack of updates and the lack of support to address basic phone functionality in the X10 even more important in a smartphone, It’ll be interesting to see some real figures not just opinions on this and that are 5% of X10 users, wow how did they came up with that percentage. or the typical labeling anyone who disagree with SE’s failure to fulfill their promises regarding this product as an apple fan, but yet, apple fans do just that, defend steve job’s i(diot)phone an i(diot) products no matter how stupid, how overpriced they are. See the irony here? It’s just amusing. let the rants begin.

  143. @Wahab Riaz
    Wow. I haven’t done anything that you mentioned in your post. I wasn’t at all bashing the majority of X10 owners, have no idea how you came to that conclusion. I was only just telling any one reading that I was not complain about the usual (MT, 16 mil colors, Froyo) rather real world experience I am actually having with the phone. I know it may be hard for a hardcore SE fan like yourself to believe that maybe, just maybe a phone can have many problems and more than a few will have the same problems. As for me being an apple fan boy is also hilarious. It does puzzle me how much apple hate there is on this blog, I own an iPod touch and I like it. I like apple, although an iPod is all I own and all I’ve ever owned. I’m sure many on this form have also owned iPods. Apple, as hard as it is to believe for you, has a lot of positives and Android has many positives. Apple’s iOS also has many flaws, which I have pointed out on this blog. If anything I’m a SE fanboy, I’ve owned 4 SE phones. Right now my very real frustration with the X10 makes me want an reliable and stable iPhone 4, even with it’s many flaws. I have NOT written off android, and I am very open to try out HTC, Samsung or Motorola for android, but SE will never have my money anymore.

  144. Who really gives a flying fart ? That’s right, people who convince themselves a phone (update) will fill that empty void in their lives.


    You are by far the worst phone company to date.

    People stop wasting your time with shitperia X10 it is what it is, you can thank SE for that… cause i really really think that SE doesn’t give a flying fcuk about what we say.
    Sell your shitperia or wait till the contract is over, but remember to never NEVER return to Sony and ass fcuk Ericsson…hopefully maybe one day they burn!


  146. @ kiranjith

    Exactly how does this relate to SE’s firmware release? It isn’t even the same version.

  147. @ kiranjith

    Galaxy has not been out for long and is still getting and OS update very soon unlike us. Also there is test version of Froyo which can be installed in Galaxy if any one wants it.

  148. Thats it i am done with you se 12 years of buying new handsets evry 4 months us gone i will never buy a other se phone. Htc ect here we come. Good luck sony you are going to need it.
    Atleast 1 more month for update utter shit

  149. I am totaly disapointed… This phone is slow slow slow…. it’s really frustrating when you have this type of news 🙁

    Every body is going to sell his phone…. the problem is that the price will also be cheaper and cheaper

  150. that is bullshit… just plain out bullshit ..I didn’t buy an android so I could be limited, and this phone is damn limited. like seriously what the hell….i don’t care about 16m colours, but flash?! common guys what the hell…

    I’m jumping ship; screw you SE, I’m getting a galaxy S…. peace

  151. Who cares how many sodding colours it has? The difference between the X10’s display and a phone with 16m colours is not worth all the fuss. If you bought a phone hoping for pretty colours, I’m sorry but get a clue!

  152. Hey SE,
    I can’t imagine you are f**ing up with your customers this way !! I got my x10 on 29 sep 2010 and I am feeling very cheated. I can imagine all these people who got the phone much earlier and are STILL waiting for a fu**ing update….and now you tell us, after waiting for eternity, no 16M colors !!!???? Are you f***ing INSANE !!!

    My mistake, NEVER NEVER NEVER a sony ericsson phone again… NEVER !!!