Sony Ericsson market share shift doesn’t make for pretty reading

by X10 on October 9, 2010

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Market ShareThe guys over at asymco have produced some interesting data that looks at mobile phone market share data since 2007. They plotted the data in easy to understand vector charts and it makes for depressing reading from the perspective of Sony Ericsson. It’s had the biggest fall from grace bar one company, Nokia.

Nokia moved from the most ‘Dominant’ player in 2007 to ‘Fading’ in 2010 according to the quadrant chart. Looking at some of the other manufacturers, Apple moved from ‘Marginal’ player in 2007 to ‘Star’ in 2010. One ray of hope is that the smartphone industry is in constant flux. Sony Ericsson appears to have the right strategy in terms of pushing forward with Android & WP7, whilst ditching Symbian. All Sony Ericsson needs to do now is get much quicker with their software updates. The current state of play with the Xperia Android handsets has just not been good enough. Click through for the charts.

Market Share vs Profit Share: 2007 versus 2010

Sony Ericsson market share shift

Share gain/loss over three years in two dimensions:

Sony Ericsson market share shift

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