New Xperia X10 HD video sample shows improvements

Xperia X10 HD video sampleA new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 720p video sample has leaked onto YouTube from a Japanese owner. YouTube member tenchansan10 was at the Motorsport Japan 2010 event and shot some impressive footage of an x-treme trial rider. The first sample we saw suffered from noticeable frame rate issues. These haven’t disappeared entirely, but the new video is perfectly watchable, especially considering the fast action. The video is embedded in 720p quality below (click full screen to get a true sense of the quality).

41 responses to “New Xperia X10 HD video sample shows improvements”

  1. But why would they not pay attention to the frame rate??!!! 30fps is required…btw…it is supported by éclair right?

  2. @JO
    your links looks way better than the X10!!! with smoother frame rate!!

    your loyalism and “fanboyasim” to SE is preventing you to admit it!!

  3. Yeah no worries.
    If anything I’m a Nokia fanboy;I can’t stand Android and its lack of evolution. I’m just carrying around an X10 until Meego comes out in a decent form factor.

  4. The footage is good enough for a phone. As for when 2.1 comes with this crumb of an update feature I’m past bothering about its release date as it’s sure to change again and when it does I won’t notice it.

  5. LOL @ JO

    Sony Ericsson will join Nokia in the corporation graveyard in less than 10 years, unless they make some drastic changes to the way they treat their customers.
    I used to be a loyal SE customer, but now, I know I won’t be buying another SE product ever again, and I have a feeling I’m not alone on this.

  6. wtf!!!
    it luks jst as it is right now……this is wat we get after waiting for ages…….fuck u se!!!

  7. @Bandit

    LOL Maybe in the US where they’re more concerned about Tawainese crap. Gluttony is a sin my friend.

  8. There’s talk on “Product Review News” of what Android 3.0 “Gingerbread” will bring. The new software may include live video capability among other innovations. Android 3.0? Sony/Ericsson is still fumbling around, trying to make 2.1 available.

  9. The traditional way of selling phones has been to release a constant stream of new models and basically ignoring the old ones. With new phones basically being mobile computers, users expect a much longer period of support, especially regarding software. Are companies like SE having trouble adjusting to this change in the market?

  10. There’s a piece on “Product Review Notes’ that speculates what features will appear on Android 3.0 “Gingerbread.” The writer speaks of live video conferencing as a new feature. Android 3.0?????? We’re still waiting for Android 2.1, not 2.2 or 3.0. You at Sony/Ericsson should be embarrassed at your performance on this. Embarrassed.

  11. LOL @ JO

    I don’t know which cave you live in, but if you poke your head out, you’ll see that the crap made by the Taiwanese is far more superior to the garbage put out by Nokia and SE. Now isn’t that embarrassing.

  12. fake! why would someone be filming ramdon bike show with a x10 with firmware that not out yet!! just to get lots of hits you idots !

  13. What is the framerate? What codec does it use? What is the mbs rate? These questions answer how good it is or not.

    Also as far as the utube vid we see, we have no clue if the guy that made it knows what he is doing as far as rendering and codecs go.

    For a camera phone however its pretty decent, The main thing will be frame rate if they can hit 24fps (30 is NOT necessary, infact 30 WONT HAPPEN, anyone that thinks they can manage 30 is delusional)

    allot of phones (HTC Desire for one) is only 15 FPS – which is why that link looks like crap.

  14. I don’t think it looks that bad, especially the frame-rate. The coloration could be improved. For all you detractors, have you noticed that it has not gone out of focus all the while? The HTC video did and its frame rate was serious slacking.

    I’m guess the average frame rate to be around 24-26 fps on the X10’s 720p. I think the person who took this video is either standing in a shade or there is so sort of cover, the colors are a bit overly saturated, imho.

  15. Wow oh 우왕 이야 어호라 영어로 이런거 가능한가요??? 웳뷂밃릷렐ㅋㅋㅎㅎㅎㅈ숼므ㅟㅜㅡㅜㅗㅗㅑㅑㅓ퉒훓 중국사람들이 한글은 리퍼블릭 오부 코리아껀데 공정한데요!!!!!공정이 뭔단엄지 모루겟는데 속상해요 앞뒤좌우나라가 시비거는거 같음 이거봐라 unbelievable good 쏘니에릭슨 에릭슨은 뭐징 사람이름인강?에디슨 오타난건가??? 수고하세요

  16. 슨 오타난건가??? 수고하세요 블릭 오부 코리아껀데!
    겟는데 속상해요 앞뒤좌우나라가 시비거는거 같음 이거봐라 unbelievable good 쏘니에릭슨 에릭슨은 뭐징 사람이름인강?에디슨 오타난건가??? 수고하세요!
    FU디k 슨OO SONY.
    왕 이야 어호라 영어로 이런거!!!!

  17. cool..
    so thats great..

    guys just compare with the HTC / Iphone4 vedios in youtube with this one..
    Its stand more better…

  18. Dont get why people hated x10? Its a pretty solid phone. It seem like people buy phone just to play stupid app overrated games and all the useless function that are just going to kill your battery.

  19. @fred

    What’s the point in an android phone if you don’t use apps?

    You may as well go but an old brick phone our better still go buy a naff nokia!

    I’m annoyed with SE because I agreed a long term contract based on the upgradability of an android phone and SE have let customers down, I won’t but another SE but I would by another android phone!

    This really doesn’t interest me, I want 60 million colors, multi touch, apps to sd and flash but these features will never be available on the X10. Stupid SE!

  20. I agree with fred. It’s a solid phone and has a stable OS. It may not have the latest OS but overall, it does what I need. The quality of the video clip seems pretty good to me and looks just like any other quality clip that’s out on youtube, so if it is in fact true then it’s not a bad upgrade. A few more weeks and we should be there.
    Give them a break. it’s their first shot at android and with experience, it can only get better.

  21. @Bandit

    LOL. I don’t know which rock you and your supporters are living under, but Nokia & SE have had live video chat through Symbian for at least 3 years now. The novelty has already waned and guess what ? nobody used it. I still find it amusing that Android fanboys think their developments are innovative even though they’re not.

    Keep flogging a dead horse if it’ll make you feel better though.

  22. Agree with Jo… that’s why when Apple announces “Video calling on Wi-Fi only and iPhone to iPhone only” and then say “This changes everything… again!” I am lost at the applause they get. What great technology… delivering half the functionality that was delivered by Symbian 3 years ago but claiming it is life changing!

    All those that hate SE… sell your phone and go to another manufacturer. I’ve heard too many complaints about after sales support from all manufacturers, including “We don’t care, it’s your fault” Apple.

    I’ve had to call SE 5 times over the past 3 years, each time the person helped me out and contacted me the next day to check if everything was still working.

    Back to this video… it could be X10 but then it could be anything…. you can’t determine. Nice attention grabber though.

    Yes SE has fallen behind the competition a bit (and so has Nokia for that matter) but that doesn’t mean people like Bandit should be swearing at them. Don’t like it? Move… We’ll probably then see you on an HTC or Apple blog yelling obscenities at them…

  23. Agree with the fact that the genuinity of the video cannot be done. As far as I remember from the SE blog it said they will update us with the features that will be inculded in the 2.1 update. No word yet. I am assuming that SE will use the entire Q4 and will release it just in time for christmas. What a nightmare it will be. Hope it does not come true.

  24. Oh its from YouTube, how unconvincing.
    I thought 2.1 for X10 isn’t even out yet anywhere around the world (please do correct me if I’m wrong).
    What an attention grabber it is though. Funny how it looks exactly the same as my X10’s video recording.
    Oh, and are you sure YouTube didn’t reduce the video quality..?

  25. @Ian Yes, I must agree also with you. It is hardly a sample, and if it were through prem or other the project might have been setup for 720p. Hell I can create a 720p project now and import a clip from my Nokia 6600. Unless you can see the definition in the actual pixels (which I cannot) it is not even worth bothering with.

  26. GUYS! This is not actual 720p footage!! He made titles in the editing programme he used as seen at 0.16, which when he outputted the whole project, youtube see’s it as 720p. Ive had this problem many times, it’s the titles which make it 720p, not the footage.
    SO there’s still hope that the 2.1 update could bring good HD results!

  27. X10 was made by HTC.SE just made branding,camera and
    maybe design.You can check this by conneting x10 to linux system by USB.
    Linux reads and shows all data which devices send to each other,
    during connecting proces.

  28. zero 999 thats probably coz ur using the wrong driver, or Linux doesnt recognize the X10, but it does recognize the HTC..
    WHy would SE produce their mobiles with the competition?