‘Xperia X10 HD’ to land in a matter of weeks; same hardware?

Xperia X10Rumours are circulating in the French blogosphere that Sony Ericsson is set to launch a new mobile dubbed the Xperia X10 HD. It seems to be more of a marketing ploy though as the X10 will have the same hardware as existing handsets but will ship with Android 2.1 and HD video recording in tow.

If true, this means there are likely to be two Xperia X10 SKUs on the market (at least initially), one normal X10 with Android 1.6 and the other with same hardware but running Android 2.1. SE are expecting to launch these at some point later this month/early November for €479.

Xperia X10 HD

This is hardly a surprise and is a tactic other manufacturers have used in the past. For example, Acer’s Liquid phone was renamed ‘Liquid E’ once it had been updated from Android 1.6 to 2.1. However, the Liquid E also saw a RAM boost (to 512MB), but there are expected to be no hardware changes for the Xperia X10 HD (and yes that still means no multi-touch!)

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  1. I was going to say pointless but its not is it, the x10 really needs remarketing at the moment so. yeah, cool, let them do this. essentially its exactly the same as someone buying an x10 today and it being rb26 right out of the box.

  2. I agree. SE have had a lot of bad press about all of the Xperia range being stuck on Android 1.6. This gives them the opportunity to rebrand the handset as fresh and current (well let’s forget about Android 2.2 for a minute!)

    Overall a sensible move. I’m more interested to see whether there will be any hardware changes – imagine the uproar from existing users if SE included multitouch in this ‘new’ handset…

  3. It is sad that my Nokia N97 and N900 took considerably better photos than my X10.

    I think video is a small niche. I don’t think it will ever be as much used as still shots. Perhaps it is a selling point, but for most users: pretty pointless.

  4. hi just want to know where can i buy original housing of my x10… bcoz the chrome in my x10 is starting to tarnish… thanks…

    shouldn’t they work on the X10 and the software updates! whats the point of releasing this “HD” phone if it has the same hardware!?
    So what happens to the X10? damn you SE! -.-“

  6. so what happens to the X10i?
    the are releasing this “HD” and we forget the X10i? i mean… so now we need to buy the X10 HD???

  7. Sounds kinda lame… Xperia X10 HD is an Xperia x10 with update. Nothing else. People can buy a cheaper normal X10, then upgrade. No need to make a “HD” phone if specs are exactly the same.

    Can’t wait for the update tho! Can’t be long! 😀

  8. If they really release this X10 HD at the end of october, november in 2.1, it means that the X10i will get the update for 2.1 at this moment also and “become” a X10 HD, I think.
    So you should not yell at SE as they are releasing the update and a new phone with the update at the same time, it means that they are working on the 2.1 update and maybe it will be on time this time 😉

  9. Sure it’s just not a new ‘re-lauch’ avertising spec of original phone ready for when 2.1 comes out?

  10. @X10 It would be suicide to release it with multitouch wouldn’t it? it can only be the same phone but with the new software, the rerelease is probably what the delay was all about thinking about it.
    I don’t know about forgetting 2.2, this might open the door to itin my opinion…..there’s going to be a new breed of x10 owners coming soon, they’re going to need to be promised new things too aren’t they?

  11. i think its a misunderstand of “New Xperia X10 HD video sample shows improvements”
    the sample is not the phone hardware but the software ,

  12. I really hope they wouldn’t dare to release this “X10 HD” with multitouch. That would just be nasty of them.

    But, after all, this is SE. Maybe they did take all of our criticism and are planning to rerelease the same phone with 2.1 and bugfixes (in call volume, wifi bug, etc).

  13. Hahaha, so much energy is spent on media and adverts painting this phone with new name but nothing changes internally.

    HTC creates the Desire HD and it will make them money because everyone wants it. Could someone please inform SE that smoke and mirrors will only work a few times while in the meantime their reputation sinks to new lows and maybe this is why they lack a decent market share.

    The SE Circus. LOL

  14. Maybe this could actually be good news regarding future X10 updates. If they really release an X10 HD with 2.1, normally people will expect 2.2 for that device. And, since they will obviously be the same phone, that could be good news for us just X10 users.

    Ah, blah, SE’s policy is making me throw my X10 at their CEO

  15. as soon as my pre orderd htc desire hd is in the shop, my x10 they agreed to trade in
    @ antar if i could lay my hands on the ceo i want to put my x10 somewere were the sun doesnt shine, with the led flash on to enlight him.

  16. as i said there is no Xperia X10 HD the misunderstood come from enabling HD Video recording for The X10 in 2.1 firmware so stop creating the buzz about that and pray for hacking the f*****g bootloader

  17. damn, got iphone 4 but second hand dealer take too low for my X10, decide to keep it and wait for 2.1 (any chance on 2.2?)
    I want app2sd on 2.1 as the little phone storage is not enough to accomodate lotz of games..

  18. If this is true and it does sell well then I think there is a whole lot more hope for a 2.2 upgrade.
    The more people that own X10 the more pressure there will be for a 2.2 upgrade.

  19. Speculation:

    Perhaps the 2.1. upgrade indeed was ready in september, and only delayed to allow them to coordinatie it with the marketing and sale of this new device – who I am sure will be a winner under the christmas-tree…

    Perhaps it is time to fire Dogbert?

  20. that’s so stupid, this phone could have been the best of the market 6months ago and they spend their time on stupid marketing. Maybe they should think about stopping timescape and mediascape development as nobody is using it, get in some more developers and make the 2.2 work on this phone, and finally fire the marketing staff. One guy without selling experience could be sufficient to sell the phone with 2.2 at the price the providers are giving it up right now.

  21. What a load of BS, as usual from SE. What is the purpose of this move? Why charge more for the same phone with updated software when they should just focus on releasing 2.1 ASAP?
    Oh that’s right, more money in their fat pockets.

  22. gud news…
    let them re-market….
    So by End of Nov, we get 2.1…
    but its pain again,coz by the time will have Gingerbread 3.0 released..

  23. No way!
    HD function will be implemented in Xperia X10 with Android 2.1 update.
    This is true!
    Fuckin’ French who spread a fuckin’ false rumor! Fuck you!

  24. Guys please take it easy, and stop being brainwashed by the media and any rumor that any guy posts!

    SE will not release a new X10 OK! So chill out for a second. It’s obvious that what will happen is that your same X10 after the upgrade to 2.1 will be much better, stronger, cooler and snappier right! Remember all you guys fell for the x10 although it only had 1.6.

    So just imagine what would new owners or new android users feel about owning a sexy device such as the X10 with 2.1 android and HD recording capabilities, great deal right ? Specially if there was a chance to get upgraded to Froyo in the future. And till now there is no word at all from google about gingerbread so ecliar is still not that bad. And we saw for ourselves how fast and snappy eclair was on the htc desire and samsung galaxy s.

    the X10 HD may be the new name for the same X10 in the future. It make no sense at all to make two version of the x10, one with 1.6 and one with 2.1 ??! Besides most of se handsets gets updated from the factory after a while. As a result, all X10 will be launched with 2.1 in the future and not 1.6

    Cheers X10 HD owners, at least the name looks cooler and more impressive now 😀

  25. Out of curiosity. I thought most HD phones came with a HD screen. As in an Amoled screen for some brands. How on earth can it be HD without 16m colours? If that isn’t the case then yes, it’s just an X10 with 2.1 on it.

  26. Just so you know dud, I use Mediascape and Timescape…they provide everything I want in a cellphone.
    However, I do agree with you and pretty much all the comments thus far on this site.
    Sony Ericsson need to concentrate on rolling out the updates sooner rather than later (perhaps shift priorities?) and bring new features for ALL Xperia models. Even the non-android models, as there are quite a few users who still use the older models.
    That said, why not implement HD video for X10 Mini and Pro?
    They have capable hardware (much like the Vivaz Pro)…

  27. Graphical+subsystem
    Display:Type: color transflective TFT display
    Display-Color:Depth: 18 bit/pixel (262144 scales)
    Display+Diagonal: 4 ” (102 millimetres)
    Display_Resolution: 480 x 854 (409920 pixels)
    Viewable-Display-Size: 1.97 ” x 3.5 ” (49.98 x 88.92 millimetres)
    Dot+Pitch: 244 pixel/inch (0.10412 millimetre/pixel)

    So with the same panel there is no 16M colors. No update can fix it. But SE can give us a 256k instead of 65k

  28. Dear all,

    Calm down a bit. Look from the birds view on your comments for a while and ask yourselfs why you are complaining.

    You bought the X10 and liked it, now you demand FREE upgrades, why? Did your BMW get an engine upgrade when the next model came? No? Scream on BMW, they are to be shamed!

    Two main lines for making profit:
    1. The ford way, keep cost down. Produce one model and no options to increase volume and cut cost.

    2. The GM way, “Sell new cars by customer dissatisfaction.” Meaning that you once now and then upgrade with new details, new colours etc. Your neighbour drives a similar but newer/nicer/cooler car. You envy this, your old car however is still as nice as when you bought it…

    What you want here is a mix, you want SE to give you the next model for free since they seam to be capable of develop, but you did only pay for it once.

    Now SE had said that updates will come, relax soon its here! For the “normal” users, ie my collegeus at work, they have absolute no idea what Im talking about when I try to explain this, they refuse to use home replacement apps, they love it out of the box, and they are the ones that pays money.

    If there is a “HD” version comming with slightly modified hardware, it moves along with line 2 and SE finds new customers to pay for the overhead(the development etc) and therefore can give the update for free to old users, however old users might see ledd improvement.

    This is smart, called market economy, otherwise you would still be using the Ericsson Handyman and Siemens S1 Marathon from 1993…. The X10 is now “old”… true story!

  29. In the SE blog they just released 3 videos of the X10 update. Btw they show some new widgets like “Latest Call”. I dont know why but I already have this widgets on my mini. Is it just me or this were already running on mini?

  30. I think existing X10 owners should be happy about a “relaunch” as it suggests SE will continue supporting the hardware instead of churning out next year’s hardware.

    And for some of the whiners, marketing campaigns don’t take away development resources. It’s not as if the responsible people would be porting Android otherwise.

  31. @ iceman ..

    Totally agree with you like they did the k750 and then the same hardware but w800 which was slighlty modified.. so k750 could update the w800software ..

    common guys we have the most stylish phone and we would get the update a lil delayed but more stable than the Samsung or HTC

  32. @iglesias21 excuse me, but exactly which phone does have a HD (either 1280×720 or 1920×1080 ) resolution today?!

  33. woow ! I was going never to buy the x10 after the delayed upgrade. But after this and the latest videos, the x10 really looks awesome. realease the damn x10 HD and you have got your self a buyer!

  34. @ Iceman…your analogy is way off target. Asking for an free engine upgrade is akin to asking for a free upgrade to the processor or hardware, which is not what people are asking (although it will be nice to have). BMW and other car manufacturers will still upgrade softwares that run their cars, that is a fact, as all other phone manufacturers be it apple or blackberry who provides free software upgrades, that is a fact.

    On a side note, my view of this new X10HD is that since SE is not releasing new models this year due to the uproar over the software upgrades, this is the only sensible thing to do to compete for the holiday (Christmas) crowd. I am sure there will be a promise of future upgrades as well to sweeten the deal. But buyers beware!

  35. Ok it sux we all know it guys, but think about this, maybe this xperia HD is our oportunity to get 2.2 lets just hope it.
    Damn you SE! Release damn the multitouch update!

  36. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but X10 has a resistive screen not a capacitive screen and you can’t do multi-touch on a resistive screen.

    So, you could get 256K colors but you won’t be getting multi-touch as hardware is not capable of it…

  37. I love my x10, I’ve had it since April and don’t care that it’s only 1.6 because it’s much better than my old phone (se c902). If they make it even better with the 2.1 update then I’m happy, not miserable and whining ‘cos it’s not on the latest version. Oh and looking through the white papers I noticed it should support a 32gb card now up from 16gb…anyone else know if that is that correct?

  38. I too would aslo agree with Bill0151. My last phone(embarrased to say this but oh well) was the S710a(7years old) and I just couldn’t see myself with a CrApple or any other phone because that lil brick of a phone just rocked flat out for the 7 years I had it. This is my first Android smart phone and on 1.6 it’s awesome for a first timer. It takes way better pix than the Iphone4. I know this because my buddy goes Mountain biking with me and asks me to take the pix and video instead of his. If they come out with another Super Duper Xperia in 2-3 years with a 2600mah battery I’m on it like a fat kid on cake……. hint hint Sony is making a 16 mp sensor 🙂 and guess who wants it??? CrApple. Don’t give them a chance SE!!!

  39. I love my Xperia X10i as well. I’m using this on a daily basis as my work phone and coupled with the MW600 Bluetooth headset this phone is simply great. Granted, SE have taken their sweet time (to put it mildly) working with the Android 2.1 release and to hear it still might be inferior to the other manufacturer’s 2.1 upgrades, by missing key features, it is definitely not a good selling point… I hope this is just media buzz and that SonyEricsson will release a fully featured 2.1 release. If they end up cutting corners and effectively neutering their current flagship Android smart phone by releasing a cut-down 2.1 Android, then for me it’s bye-bye, SonyEricsson.

  40. Hey there folks.

    Xperia x10 is by far the most controversial smartphone on the market.
    I actually regret buying this now almost useless phone.
    SE are really pissing me off.
    I bought this phone under false advertisement.
    When I went to Store, I asked for precise things:
    A phone on android and that would evolve along side android technology.
    Required a phone with active sync.
    Required a phone who could do tethering.
    and lastly a phone who could support flash.
    I explicitey told the SE rep and Rogers rep about hose requisites and both promised me Xperia would have them by the end of summer.
    You have to understand I do not use my phone for music, video or multi-media.

    Lotsa talks, yet no real issues are properly dealt with.

    First of all, lets name the real problems here:
    1- No active sync ont the device, even if promised by SE on many occasion.
    2- No native tethering in the 2.1 upgrade(even if other phones on 2.1 have it).
    3- No camera flash integration(even if promised by SE).
    4- No flash for web browser.(even if any other android phones have it)
    5- No commitment on future OS past 2.1
    6- No 16M colors
    7- No muti-touch
    This is why this phone is pure shit.
    Nevermind the fact that SE lied to many of us to sell those future bricks,
    they arent able to keep up with market demand and just keep lying to customers to cover their own inaptitude to evolve. SE made many bad mistakes toward us clients.
    I’m stuck with a phone who is incapable of doing what I need it to do, even if SE reps assured me it would(see higher in post).
    So here my real problem:
    Because I fell victim to SE propaganda, I’m stuck with this useless goodlooking garbage phone. My reality is the following:
    I paid 200$ for Xperia with two years contract.
    Penalties for breaking my contract:350.00
    Remaining balance on phone:300.00
    Taking another contract:150.00
    Getting another phone:200.00
    Total:1050.00+ to solve this problem.
    I’m now a 1000.00 poorer and have a great Motorola Droid.
    But I’m still infuriated at SE advertisement techniques, wich solely consist of making promises they cannot or wont keep.
    So no more SE for me, unless they claim some responsibilty in this fiasco and find a way to compensate those who were LIED to.

    On another note, I hope you guys are aware that those SE motherfucker are spreading more misinformation about his product as we speak. A lot of the comments on these blogs are actually from SE people trying to calm us down and keep us on edge for their products.
    I really advise those capable(like me, yeah I’m security networking prog) to dig deeper into those sites, cause most of the time you can actually traces thoses comments and links to SE related Ips… It seems that SE is really taking us for fools, would rather lie and try to create false informations instead of dealing with us properly.

    This plus the 1000.00 flushed down the drain is why I cant deal with this crap no more.
    It is bad enough they lied to us to sell these sick and flees infested puppies, but knowingly spread misinformation and lying to its client is were I draw the line.
    No more SE for me.
    They are by far the worst smartphone company of the year.
    So, people, good luck with sticking with SE. You’re troubles are far from over.

    One last odd fact, if you call SE, theyre rep still firmly believe the update is due next week,
    (talked to a rep today and she just feed me the worst lies I’ve been served in years),
    she told me SE never said or promised that their phone would evolve along side Android…
    Well guess what, open your instruction manual that came with X10 and read it properly.
    They said, wrote it and now have the discurtesy of claiming we never said that, we never promiesd this and so on.
    Well my grandma(god bless her soul)always said:
    Words will fly away, but written words are set in stone…
    See where I’m going with that?

    Peace to you all, we shared great pain for a while, but I,ve found the cure:
    Any other android phone. I suggest you all have a great dose of it, it does wonders for your pression and nerves.

  41. Dudes, c’mon … it is not that bad…it is just a phone :)) It is a great phone…I do not agree with the guys that are going to buy a new phone just because this is not the best…. Guys it was the best when it appeared … but this happiness lasted for a short time.

    I am also very dissapointed because Soney Ericsson told us that it is a great phone and Bla Bla Bla. Ok it was a great phone for me….the first 2 months when it started to fall…. It’s also cool now.. but it’s not the same..

    Ok so my point is. We all want to have the best…but sometimes…the best is taken by another best… so we can never have the best ( If someone would travel through time and take another phone from the future….than yes…but at the moment it is not possible )

    So cheers guy…Stop being depressed…You still have an expensive phone 🙂