Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update and continuous focus officially demoed [Video]

Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update officially demoedRikard Skogberg over at the SE Product Blog has released some new videos that show us exactly what we can look forward to from the Android 2.1 update on the Xperia X10. The software is still in a pre-release state but he goes on to say that SE are close to “releasing the final candidates into external and operator testing and approval.” He reiterated the late October timeframe, which is good news (fingers crossed there are no further delays).

The first video gives us a tour of the home screen. You won’t learn too much new, we already know that the lock screen has charged from which you can mute the phone and see battery information. The new launcher comes with 5 homescreens and we’ll get more icons per screen (20 versus 16). We’re also shown some of the new widgets that come with the update including one nifty one for recent calls and another expanded quick icon widget. He also goes through some live wallpapers. It all looks relatively smooth even at this beta stage.

The second and third videos show us the quality of the HD recording and in particular demonstrates the continuous autofocus function. The last video shows this perfectly and it seems that SE have been hard at work as the focus lock works quicker than I expected it to. Check out the videos for yourself below (embedded in 720p HD).

Via SE Product Blog.

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  1. Wow finally about time we something official!!! I can’t wait to use this on my Mountain bike rides. Send that update to the U.S.A already sheesh!!

  2. HD Video recording looks absolutely incredible!!! I cant wait for them to release it. It’ll be like having the ultimate device in your pocket!!!

  3. Wow.. That looks like it has an extremely stable FPS rate in HD. :O
    Absolutely stunning!
    Just what I wanted when I decided to buy the X10. 😉

    Then what about the Japanese motorcycle video?
    Is that of an even older build than this version?
    I better hope so!

  4. I couldn’t help but notice what looked like a music widget on the left (or maybe leftmost) homescreen, is that new? Or am I missing something?

  5. So far it seems really good and it seems that they have been hard at work to give us a good update.
    Especially the new widgets, sounds really handy and practical.
    Hopefully they roll out the update officially soon(with no delays this time).

  6. Hi guys,
    Not sure if you are aware of this but there has been some developments with regards to cracking the bootloader, xda developers have got their hands on a “PROTOTYPE” X10 so the bootloader is not locked, it should help significantly in unlocking the bootloader. They have advised delaying your update through SE incase the X10 update brings increased security measures… Fingers crossed they crack it.
    Heres the link;
    If I am repeating something thats already been highlighted, apologies,just trying to help.

  7. Where’s multi-touch? Where’s 16m color? Where’s in call volume fix? Where’s photo flash?
    I waited 10 months for new widgets and HD recording?


    Hope the bootloader is cracked soon so I can have 2.2 on my phone. Leave it to hackers to get the job done, and not the multi-billion dollar corporation.

  8. @CAROOV Sorry, but your link leads to the x10 mini android development. Is it the same bootloader or am I missing something?

  9. So, they are releasing final candidates now. Which means a month ago or it was a big lie, or something really bad was discovered and they realised they have to do it from the scratch and need one more month. Neither way I don´t trust SE. If release candidates will be released soon, we are not looking at October, but at the end of November at best. Operators will not be willing to release an untested product onto the market, and SE will blame operators for delays. smart move Frik Skogberg.

  10. @ Antar

    Keep reading through the threads and you will see they have the files for a “PROTOTYPE” X10(BIG), apparently the files were the same anyways

    see comments…

    “also i got yesterday TA and SPLDUMP of a big X10 prototype too.

    Thats from the senior memeber, although his off for a week now so no new developments for the next 7 days I reckon.
    Its nothing concrete but its nice to see they are still trying to crack the X10… Was worried as I heard rumours majority develoers were not intrested in cracking it!!

  11. yeahhh what about the x10 mini pro and mini??? are they also getting the updates at the same time???

  12. @caroov why would i trust a hacked up custom rom loaded with keylogging keybords and god knows what else no thanks. As for the update its looking great hope it dont get delayed again

  13. hello SE?……I’m becoming excited again…as if a big event is about to happen…amidst the delay of the software upgrade now it has signs of finality…giving us satisfactory improvements…it pays a lot to wait…I now understand the delay such that you only want us to be less frustrated and become more happy if you release the software upgrade well tested, well developed and functions to its ultimate…god bless you guys……

  14. @ Bandit – You are a knob – do you think posting on the “UNOFFICIAL” x10 board of how bad your life is will cause something to change? You consistently same THE SAME THING! Shut up already

  15. Damn’t… I hate how the lock screen has a blue overlay on top of the wallpaper. SE better give us options for that…

  16. It looks impressive!!!! I can’t wait. Hopefully 2 more weeks.
    The OS looks fairly stable and fast, and the video upgrade is fantastic.

  17. cooool…
    e’m happy so far…

    but… let get the update in my hand, So this update is all abt HD…. is it?

  18. I didn’t even notice the bigger notification bar. So just had to watch it again :p. While I don’t use the camera, or rather video that much, I am impressed and it would have come in handy in the past when I’ve used it, so I’m looking forward to testing that out myself :). And strangely enough, makes me feel ok about the wait. Although still not everything I want in the update, so hmm but, I think I’m pleasantly happy :).

  19. Really want 2.2, relly want my phone to be as good as the desire. Otherwise i will be very annoyed, as im paying £5 more a month having the X10 than the desire, when it was a toss up between the two.

    A suggestion that I haven’t seen mentioned, but forgive me if you have mentioned it somewhere on this blog/forum, but what i something i find really really really annoying is when listening to music through mediascape, it is not possible to skip to control the music with the screen lock as possible on the iphone and ipod touch. It means you have to work your way back, unlocking the phone, opening mediaspace again, and selecting the function.

    Shouldnt there be a way of cutting out these steps ?

  20. Is it any possibility to switch tracks in mediascape using the zoom buttons on the right side of the phone?

  21. @ domsta, I totally agree and what’s more, I think it would be great if you could pause or skip track through the notification bar at the top. {though I would like to point out I got my phone for cheaper than an HTC Desire}

    Also, any news on whether this will be downloadable through a PC? Because where I am currently, I don’t get any 3G (or even E or even fast G) so a PC is the only real way I can download my phone. Having said that, I can rely on O2 UK being entirely useless when releasing the update, so I’m not really expecting to have it until December

  22. Still have to wait for a while because we will get the update sometimes in november-december…
    At the end of this month the update will be released only for a limited number of places/operators, not for everybody…so depends on your luck.

  23. There seems to be no lag in that phone 🙂

    Hope still images quality is improved as compared to my Nokia N 86, X10 takes some very inferior and grainy pictures.

    And what about volume issues?

  24. Wow, that looks really slow on Android 2.1……….. Really slow… I am glad I shifted to HTC Desire… I think the update is delayed because the lack of RAM or something is making it sloooow lol. Feel bad recommending X10 to friends and gf because it’s really not up to the task of a phone or anything else for that matter.

    Lock screen music widget, increased call volume, camera flash, and many others are must haves and deal breakers if they are not there for me, so i’m glad I swapped early.

  25. Domsta,
    try “mixzing” they have a free app w/ads & a paid app. I ended up liking it so much I went w/the paid. It has a locked screen widget, and allows control by bluetooth devices.

    It’s one of the few apps that offer a sound eq.

    has tons of settings, & doesn’t seem to keep control of play/pause stuff when not running or when you’re in mediascape.

  26. Wow fantastic HD-recordings! That was one of the major reasons why I choose XP10 and was willing to wait for the update.
    Now I can see that the waiting time was it all worth.
    I´m happy now 🙂

  27. All the folks posting comments about how fantastic this update is looking must be simple minded easily excitable idiots. You are all either so stupidly desperate to move from 1.6 or your the kind of folks who get positively animated about seeing a fly on the wall. That video shows nothing of any significance whatsoever.
    What a joke.. and that’s all round….form SE and the children posting these ridiculous comments.

  28. Zodiac is right.

    This update is pathetic, I can’t understand why everyone’s so excited. Screw moving wall papers, this phone has some critical bugs that needed to be addressed yesterday. Sony Ericsson, I feel ashamed of being your fanboy for the last 5 years, and you should be ashamed of treating your customers like morons, even if they are morons.

  29. @Zodiz and Bandit

    Please stop telling me and others what we should consider as being fantastic.
    Mind your own business – thank you!

  30. This what the X10 should have been like from the start but with 16 million colours and Flash, however this should the X10 from a mediocre phone to a good phone, some day it could even become a great phone, when the bootloader is unlocked.

  31. @Rikard- I see Best Buy here in the US will be the exclusive retailer for the white X10. Will it also ship with 2.1?

  32. @Domsta
    I agree with you, even i am looking for music control over the lock screen…

    its annoying to get unlock phone always change the songs

  33. @zodiac, @Bandit
    Your sense of value is not everyone’s sense of value.
    You are not interested in HD camera with continuous AF but someone is interested in one. It is stupid that you assume your sense is same as mass sense.

  34. @zodiac, Bandit,

    i’m with you guys, but i suggest to you guys to focus on dumping this phone as fast as you can, it is really retarded!! we learned something here (the hard way) that we should avoid SE phones in the future!!

    some people here is soooo desperately loving their phones!! even if SE released a small shiny sticker for the X10, they will be happily jumping and screaming!!! they are trying to convince their selfs that they got the best phone!!

    so guys, when you flame the phone you are hurting their fantasy about having a cool phone!. just let them enjoy dreaming…

    i was like you bashing this shit phone here hoping that all who might be interested in the x10 in the future to read my comments and have a second thought about it! that was my way to hurt back SE!! 🙂

  35. Hisham you are the shit not the phone! If you don’t care about this phone and you want us to keep dreaming, than why are you even here ??! Why do you still visit this forum ha??

    Do you understand now why I told you, you are the shit and not the phone. And you can avoid se as much as you want, do you really think you can make any different if you avoid them loool. se are back on track and they have earned 49 millions euro in their thrid quarter, compared to 11 million in their 2nd quarter. So your nothing and your worthless, avoid se and let us avoid your pathetic comments as well loser 🙂

  36. I would like to thanks all the haters for hating which result in me getting this used in such great condition at a very very very low price on ebay. Also thanks SE from the bottom of my heart for taking their times to make the update ready for me.

  37. @fact is fact: right, since when does the amount of profit a company makes say anything about the quality of their products? You should be using Nokia if you think so and I haven’t seen a descent smartphone from them in years.
    The X10 just isn’t what it had could been. SE is so horny about the mediascape crap that they will never see the light.

    The phone isn’t waste of money, it still looks good and does quite some things well but the competition is just way ahead of SE again. SE should be focusing on developing hardware and implementing Android on it. Extra apps? Fine…But keep the OS in a way upgrades can be added fast and smooth.

    My two cents…

  38. @fact is fact ass hole

    why can’t you accept the fucking fact that there are many unsatisfied customers out there!!!!
    as you are stupid ass hole are allowed to worship SE and kissing its ass, we are allowed to rant, bash, flame it as much as we want!!!

    keep on dreaming stupid mother fucker and enjoy your fucking phone SE’s bitch!

    and, here is your smiley face …. 🙂

  39. @Hisham:

    Get a grip on yourself. I quote: “ass hole”, “stupid mother fucker”.

    Looking at your post, I don’t think you deserve anymore more than the phone that is most unsatisfying to you. You are the kind of person that cries and moans, no matter what device you get.

    Seriously.. if this is your way of replying, just get out already..

  40. Edit: @Hisham: just read the post you replied to. Now I think you BOTH deserve the worst phone ever ;0

  41. After reading some of you posts i’ve come to one conclusion most of you are retards only
    Interestec in a flame contest, just grow up.

  42. That’s it? Long wait, delay update, old OS and this what SE can come up with? Too bad the economic crisis last year never kill off the company. At least that way we won’t have to endure this crap.

  43. Another one you folk, angry birds does not work on the X10, work on most other android phone though.

  44. @vekz
    well… this is the only way to replay to “a low level comment”, i went down to his level.
    sorry for the R-rated replay.

    actually i know this guy!, he is always changing his nick name and keeps flaming me whenever i post something!!

  45. My white x10 is 1 fucking stinking bag of shite!! This big cunting fridge of phone is the bain of my fucking existence!! FUCK YOU SE!! and fuck the big fat cunt at the orange shop that looked like a fucking melting candle stick who sold me this piece of scrap!!!

  46. Can we have some sort of moderating on here. Kids will be reading this and some of the language being used is just plain offensive.

  47. @ andy why dont you just shut your ass up.Just stay put fking ur lady and think of future procreation.we are children here and this is what we talk here.

  48. Have you heard yourselves. Arguing over a phone due to software honestly grow up. Theres more to life than phones and who the hell cares cos by next year we will all probs have a different phone to keep up to date.

  49. Hey there folks.

    Xperia x10 is by far the most controversial smartphone on the market.
    I actually regret buying this now almost useless phone.
    SE are really pissing me off.
    I bought this phone under false advertisement.
    When I went to Store, I asked for precise things:
    A phone on android and that would evolve along side android technology.
    Required a phone with active sync.
    Required a phone who could do tethering.
    and lastly a phone who could support flash.
    I explicitey told the SE rep and Rogers rep about hose requisites and both promised me Xperia would have them by the end of summer.
    You have to understand I do not use my phone for music, video or multi-media.

    Lotsa talks, yet no real issues are properly dealt with.

    First of all, lets name the real problems here:
    1- No active sync ont the device, even if promised by SE on many occasion.
    2- No native tethering in the 2.1 upgrade(even if other phones on 2.1 have it).
    3- No camera flash integration(even if promised by SE).
    4- No flash for web browser.(even if any other android phones have it)
    5- No commitment on future OS past 2.1
    6- No 16M colors
    7- No muti-touch
    This is why this phone is pure shit.
    Nevermind the fact that SE lied to many of us to sell those future bricks,
    they arent able to keep up with market demand and just keep lying to customers to cover their own inaptitude to evolve. SE made many bad mistakes toward us clients.
    I’m stuck with a phone who is incapable of doing what I need it to do, even if SE reps assured me it would(see higher in post).
    So here my real problem:
    Because I fell victim to SE propaganda, I’m stuck with this useless goodlooking garbage phone. My reality is the following:
    I paid 200$ for Xperia with two years contract.
    Penalties for breaking my contract:350.00
    Remaining balance on phone:300.00
    Taking another contract:150.00
    Getting another phone:200.00
    Total:1050.00+ to solve this problem.
    I’m now a 1000.00 poorer and have a great Motorola Droid.
    But I’m still infuriated at SE advertisement techniques, wich solely consist of making promises they cannot or wont keep.
    So no more SE for me, unless they claim some responsibilty in this fiasco and find a way to compensate those who were LIED to.

    On another note, I hope you guys are aware that those SE motherfucker are spreading more misinformation about his product as we speak. A lot of the comments on these blogs are actually from SE people trying to calm us down and keep us on edge for their products.
    I really advise those capable(like me, yeah I’m security networking prog) to dig deeper into those sites, cause most of the time you can actually traces thoses comments and links to SE related Ips… It seems that SE is really taking us for fools, would rather lie and try to create false informations instead of dealing with us properly.

    This plus the 1000.00 flushed down the drain is why I cant deal with this crap no more.
    It is bad enough they lied to us to sell these sick and flees infested puppies, but knowingly spread misinformation and lying to its client is were I draw the line.
    No more SE for me.
    They are by far the worst smartphone company of the year.
    So, people, good luck with sticking with SE. You’re troubles are far from over.

    One last odd fact, if you call SE, theyre rep still firmly believe the update is due next week,
    (talked to a rep today and she just feed me the worst lies I’ve been served in years),
    she told me SE never said or promised that their phone would evolve along side Android…
    Well guess what, open your instruction manual that came with X10 and read it properly.
    They said, wrote it and now have the discurtesy of claiming we never said that, we never promiesd this and so on.
    Well my grandma(god bless her soul)always said:
    Words will fly away, but written words are set in stone…
    See where I’m going with that?

    Peace to you all, we shared great pain for a while, but I,ve found the cure:
    Any other android phone. I suggest you all have a great dose of it, it does wonders for your pression and nerves.

  50. Bought the X10 Mini Pro as my first Android phone. I’ve had other SE mobiles and they all had serious issues so I was excited to see if SE could do better with Android.

    The X10 Mini Pro does fullfill my needs with Android 1.6 but there are many flaws and issues that needs improvement. These issues and problems produce growing annoyance. So I started doing some research and ended up here at It came as a big disappointment to see that SE sucks at Android too. I did have my hopes up but I guess I was too naive.
    Right now I have to hang on to this phone. I did pay a lot of money for it and won’t be looking at any replacement in the near future. So I really hope that SE gets it together even though I find it hard to believe. If SE does not come up with some sort of magic real soon I will never ever buy a SE mobile again.

    I do own other Sony products of great quality and support so I really dont understand why Sony will have their company name associated with products that are of so low quality and poor support. Get it together SE!

  51. Sony e your going to look like real noobs when the bootloader gets hacked we will be loading 2.2 roms while u are still trying to figure out what 2.2 is lol

  52. @xdafan

    Dude the problem is not with 2.2 froyo, I mean come on all of us would love to see this version on our x10’s. The thing is that will xda be able to make froyo stable,fast and with out problems and crushes on the x10? If Yes then we have ourselves a wonderful deal, but if not than why bother. I would prefer a stable, snappy, reliable 2.1 than a 2.2 that suffers from problems and keeps crushing and makes my phone not work as usual.

  53. Actually I agree with fact is fact, I think Hisham is a real bitch because he keeps bitching 24/7 about his X10. I mean come on he should be a man and take full responsibility for his choice right?! No once forced him to buy this phone anyway.

    In case he feels deceived by SE, he should sell the phone like many others did, but in Hisham’s case he is like a bitch that tells her bf that she hates him and don’t want him but in the same time she still contacts him. So Hisham stop being a bitch and either you sell the phone and admit you make a mistake or either you be patient like the rest of us.

    I’m also annoyed by all your complaining about the phone, just grow up and have a life. It’s only a phone, so STFU!!


  54. i think there is no point who wrong or who right. SE has made a mistake by not give a good support to their customer. I really hope that I will get android 2.1 soon because there are a lot of new apps that cannot function in 1.6. I will love to install skype instead of nimbuzz because i will need to register a new account. To SE team do your job, take your time but i hope the waiting will be worth it. good luck..

  55. @MrHyde
    Dude aren’t you the guy who went to the US from India, like a couple of years back? Your name is Praveen, isn’t it?

  56. SE is a lot like ATI who produce graphic cards and chips for the PC. They create stunning hardware but the software/firmware support sucks big time!.

  57. God, I’m so tired of reading comments like: “if you want to take revenge on SE, sell the phone, buy another one”. First of all, SE couldn’t care less about it because you already payed the full price for the phone or, if you’re in a contract you still keep paying them. Which brings me to the second problem: People who are stuck in a contract would be just dumb to sell the phone now because they wouln’t even get a third of the original price. And then you still don’t have a new decent phone. For many people (including me) this is simply not affordable.
    It is a fact that every other phone in this price cathegory has features like multitouch, 16M colours and a “not so stoneage” Android Version. Doesn’t matter if these features are essential or not. So I think it’s definately okay to complain when not having any other advantages or features to compensate. And I think it’s not only a “geek-problem” or something. IMO most of the people buying a phone for this price have some kind of expectations to it, which the X10 doesn’t fulfill in many ways and propably won’t fulfull them in the future…

    @JC: Also reminds me of the Sega consoles in the 90s. Different genre, same problem 😀

  58. i dont see why ya all bitchin its still a damb good phone it could be updated to the latest android firmware tomorow and some of you would still be picking faults with it just stop crying about it aint got this an aint got that its a phone can you ring out on it can you get texts and emails yeah then shut up and be patient

  59. @cruse:
    First: In a place with just a little more noise you can’t hear anything of the person you call. A fundamental problem for a phone which deserves some complatints I think. Second: If you have those priorities you could have just bought a phone for 60€ or so. As I said. For a phone in this prize cathegory you have higher expectations and I think it’s legitimate.

  60. @gennox: Seems that the hardware/software “conflict” has a history. Impressive that no one has learned the lesson yet. I used to be a pc gamer and I was a big NVIDIA fan. Their hardware was not always as impressive as ATI’s but they did create rock solid drivers that worked very well with most game titles. 🙂
    Now – I just play in my PS3. 😀 Got out of the pc gaming race because I was spending way to much money on hardware upgrades. 😉 But that’s a different story. 🙂

    SE – we need more info on the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro.

  61. @JC: Yeah, seems like history repeats itself over and over again;-) But regarding SE for me it has been quite a surprise. I’ve been using SE Phones since for 7 Years now and I never had a problem with the support or had any issues concerning hardware or software. And now there are lots of issues you just can’t look over imo…

  62. does it still come in dark blue? I want my theme color changeable or black please, so it matches the phone.
    and I want more video format playbacks so I don’t have to use this laggy Rockplayer app….

  63. Just be a little more patient and the 2.1 will rock your world! And you will see for yourselves how much wonderful your device will really be! Even SGS owners are complaining that their devices still have noticeable lag, well lucky you that’s not the case with the x10 even with 1.6 🙂

    So since the upgrade will be released very soon, let’s just act as grownups and be a a little optimistic OK dudes? Be cool, the wait is almost over.

  64. Totally unrelated but is it just me thats having problems with downloading from android market

  65. OH Boy people acting like their phone is busted or something. Sure there is some issues but it isn’t as dire as you many make it out to be.

    Like for example the Mr Hyde you could of I dunno

    1. Use Sony’s Sync, dropbox, springboard any other sync programs.
    2. PDAnet you could usb tether.
    3. Sony never promised flash ever. And if its a big deal use Skyfire.

    And why the hell would of you need to cancel your contract… buy a phone flat out. How much do any of these stupid ramblings hold weight.

  66. lool it seems many manufactures are suffering from android 2.2!! Now I respect se even more for not rushing like others and treating their customers like lab rats! Good for you se.

    If 2.1 will be fast, reliable and stable than it’s much better than a buggy froyo with tons of problems!

    These are some of the problems with moto phones that have upgraded to froyo:

    – Rebooting the phone causes it to get stuck on the Motorola logo

    – Phone randomly reboots for no reason

    – Problems with Wi-Fi connections

    – “Force close” error occurs when checking the Battery Manager app

    – Video, music, and image files won’t load

    – Music tracks cut off early

    Source :…=All+Stories…ave-solution

    And also samsung galaxy s users, reported tons of problems after the upgrade to 2.2

    This is a message for all the losers that keeps complaining about not getting 2.2!! And that keeps whining that se still has 1.6
    yes it still has 1.6 but it’s damn stable and reliable! And very soon it will be upgraded to 2.1 🙂

    se = make.believe

  67. I have also seen reports on 2.2 issues, all i want from SE is improved bluetooth and stability if 2.1 provides that i’m happy to stay with 2.1 🙂

  68. @ fact is fact

    I have had those problems already on my X10 (it’s been back for repairs 3 times already). Maybe it’s just simply down to Android, for all it’s hours looks, being a bit pap

  69. All i fucking want is a soloution to this shit fucking Wifi that switches on and off everytime my network signal drops!

  70. This is an effective way to pacify SE X10 users (like me) for the 5 to 6 month delay in the 2.1 software update. SE says “late October.” I’m a Rogers customer; we’ll see how long it takes to get to my phone. SE, your competition is getting better every day. They’re out to take food off of your kids’ dinner plates. What happens after 2.1? Is it Miller Time where you sit around and congratulate yourselves? 2.2? 3.0?

  71. @gennox: Read this. I just googled “android 2.2 problem” and believe it or not – @fact is fact is right! Both Samsung Galaxy and HTC Desire have major issues (including Wifi issues) after the 2.2 update. Seems we all need to calm down and actually thank SE for taking the time to release a stable 2.1 and not going directly to 2.2. Thank you SE. 🙂

  72. Suddenly I feel the need to laugh my ass off just thinking of those poor soules who sold their X10!. 😀


  74. @JC: Well, let’s hope we won’t have to face similar problems or new issues with our X10 2.1 update;-) fingers crossed.

  75. anyone having problems with the market it was the update for the amrket do this

    Settings” > “Applications” > “Manage Applications” > “Market” (not “Market Updater”) and click “Uninstall Updates”.

    and then itll let you get apps again

  76. hi guys, my x10 usb port is dammaged and i have to buy 3d party charger that chrges the battery, so if the does this mean i wont be able to update to 2.1 since port is dammaged and that the update will be through PC campanion? please help thanks

  77. @jc

    I don’t blame you if you laugh big time on those who made a fast decision and sold their X10’s, trust me most of them will regret such thing, after experiencing terrible problems and bugs from other manufactures. They will realize that having an older os that functions correctly is much more important than just having the latest upgrade with tons of bugs! The major reason for an upgrade or an update is to higher the performance not lower it.

    SE took so long yes, but at least they gave their selves the chance to fully test the os, unlike other companies who seems that they released the os as soon as they got it! Can you imagine that after upgrading to the wanted froyo, your phone lags, crushes and comes with tons of errors! What a shame.

  78. @falcon

    i hope so man because i don’t think i can afford to buy another phone untill next year with android 3.0. thanks 4 the answer tho

  79. Regarding update, something is better than nothing and better late than never.

    For last two days i got chance to explore my SE X10 along with my friend’s Galaxy I9000 since he wanted me to install Apps in it. I was curious to do a comparison myself, as many technical websites and professional critics over net rate Galaxy is better based on AMOLED screen, 16M, Android 2.1, sound, memory etc.
    Due to all feedback for X10, i thought i made a hasty decision to buy X10 and should have gone for other smartphones.

    Besides running in older version of Android and lesser RAM than in Galaxy I9000, all the apps where installed FASTER in X10. That fact is both had 8 GB SD cards, where both had approximately 50% usage(Truely i did not note the usage) and Galaxy had only pre-installed Apps. This opened a question in me, is there any review exists in the website where comparison and review in made purely on performance memory and processor under different conditions rather than conventional specification based Column A – Column B comparison?

  80. I own the x10 for almost 6 months now, and last week I decided to purchase a Huawei Ideos for the equivalent of US$100 without contract since I am stuck on 2 year contract with this stupid X10.

    The Ideos comes pre-loaded with stock android 2.2 even though it has half the processing power and ram of x10. It has everything that we desure like wifi hotspot, apps 2 sd but no flash support but it can be downloaded.

    All i can say is that the Ideos at US$100 and half the processing speed of x10 is much zippier, and has a much more stable call and data signal. It has clearer incoming volume and I can hear the voice at the end of the call very clearly.

    Lets compare that to my x10, data and calls dropped whenever I am in a moving vehicle. I have to go to a secluded corner just so that I can have a conversation on my x10. I dont have those issues with my US$100 android 2.2 phone.

    This is simply mind boggling, for a super budget phone to be able to function as a phone better than my super expensive eye candy which is a real pain.

  81. @sjcrows
    Go to settings->applications->manage applications. Find the android market app and hit the “uninstall updates” button. that fixed the problem for me. apparently there is something with a market update that screws things up.

  82. Hmm
    Well lets see , First of all before anyone starts to criticise me , i dont have a X10 Nor a Desire. I’ve got a Blackberry Storm. And im looking to buy a new phone.

    By the way i see it : X10 has more potential than like 98% of the phones out there but the problem is, cause of the software limits you dont use it properly.

    Another thing : I had the Desire in my hands and i must say,its very smooth and very nice to touch but god damn its ugly >< first time i saw someone take it out of his pocket i thought he had a potato or smth. Also the battery on that thing barely manages to stay up to maximum 40hours (Even then with wifi off and many stuff off)

    X10 : From what i saw has very nice HW and its soon to be updated.

    Back to topic : Im on both sides at this moment :
    -Complains : Yes SE promised smth they didnt fulfill properly and took more than they thought to bring the Update,and its not here yet so maybe the waiting-time isnt over yet.
    -Favors : Well ,eventhough SE took alot , and they said they would release the SW ages ago, constantly delaying it means they arent in their office eating donuts, they really do want to do something ,and do it well. True that 2.1 wont be as updated as 2.2 but darn ,i prefer 2.1 With timescape and Mediascape more than 2.2 with 24h battery ,wifi bugs,camera bugs and all that. Besides….Why the hell do you need 2.2 so god damn badly? The "400% performance increased" is a total lie, my friend's desire is Exactly the same with 2.2 as with 2.1 just worser in some aspects.

    Im on both sides and im still trying to decide what phone to get(still got about a month until i get enough money to buy one) But still…i think ill prefer the X10 which is alot better to look at and maybe 95% as functional with 2.1 as the Desire with 2.2 rather than a phone that looks awesomely ugly and keep it in my pocket all the time just cause i dont wanna look at it.

    Reminds me of the Porsche Panamera vs Maserati Quattroporte battle XD ..Ugly/Very Fast vs Gorgeous/Fast.

    Btw,since everyone beeing saying different things …when is the 2.1 update coming anyways?

  83. Oh Btw :
    If it was for me , id still get a Blackberry, darn happy with my Storm and not so controversial as Android but got this one for about almost 3 years now so its getting pretty old and not so capable anymore.
    Reason im not getting a blackberry : The Newest one out is The Torch 9800 with a 600(or smth) MHZ Processor which isnt the fastest one around , but you cant personalise it in anyway, only some themes. Also the camera’s arent exactly HD on them. Not to mention the fact that it costs 600€ compared to SE and HTC 420€.

    So ,wanna give Android a try.
    But still deciding if getting the X10 or not ><

  84. There’s no need to uninstall the market update. I just cleared all cache relating to google, and then logged in with my user name again. Now it works like a charm on my X10 Mini even with the new market update.

  85. ———— WARNING R-RATED COMMENT AHEAD(18+) ————

    @ fact is fact (the mother fucker)

    STOP THIS BULLSHIT, stop misleading people here and telling them craps!! don’t sugar it up!! X10 still has stone aged 1.6 OS android version and suffer from HUGE AMOUNT OF PROBLEMS!
    of course any phone is not perfect! but common!!! X10 is waaaay retarded!!! you obviously trying hard to sell this old 1.6 version to the people here!!! thank you se my ass!!! i’m sure you are working for SE now!!
    i would rather have 16M, MT, 2.2 with lag (galaxy) over nothing(X10) with lag and bad speaker call volume!!!! don’t fool people around you piece of shit!

    btw, if you changed your nick and replayed as another one i will just ignore you, grow up and stick to one nick.



  86. The comments here are priceless… Like 15 year olds fighting.

    I too am very upset b/c we’re waiting for an update that was supposed to be rolled out in May, but swearing really won’t help.

    Wait for the end of Oct and see.

    In any case, the X10 will have 2.2 sooner (xda) or later (xda, maybe even SE; depends on “X10 HD” sales IMO)

  87. To be honnest, the version the phone runs is no worry of mine. Functionality is what one should think, independent of the brand…. In case of android (so Xperia10 is not the only one) my biggest concern is the fact that they implement bluetooth but Google doesn’t seem to feel the need to implement (r)sap, which is required for the handsfree systems of several car brands. If your OS already fails in functionality, why would you start moaning at the phone manufacturers first.
    Concerning the Xperia10 itself: for me it does what it should do (for photographing and all these kinds of things I use dedicated devices); the only thing I miss is (R)SAP but as said this is more an issue for Android itself

  88. Still waiting………………………………….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  89. You lot moaning you think this is bad with 2.2 try being on 02-uk who delay updates on for any phone months after release htc customers waited 2 months after the 2.2 release to get it so think urself lucky if u aint on 02-uk youll have it long before we will

  90. What about Virgin and updates? I know they use T-Mobiles signal but how long will i jave to wait?

  91. This is really depressing i can’t wait any longer all my buddies had a android phone after me and yet they are all running 2.1 and 2.2 how must I feel and this phones price range is ridiculous compared to theirs. Sony please start investing in your customers.

    I bought my x10 4months ago.
    And have been checking this site ever since?

    I’M SICK OF IT!!!

    I’m even at a point where I think i should break the damn thing and claim from my insurance.

    But lets wait and see what Sony has installed for us the end of the month.

    Everyone here no matter what they say, Know that this device’s support is crap and that is why they come back over and over to this blog to check for comments and updates.

    Don’t be a lair and say you happy with your device when you not.

    You all know you could have gotten better.
    Especially in that price range.

    The only thing that really stands out on this device is the camera.

    For DOG sakes Try calling from the call log and time yourself see how long it takes.
    Eventually when you do make a call, listen to the low call volume or even simpler play a mp3 tell me if you happy with the quality.

    Then you compare that to a another device which has a 5 mega pixel camera.

    Even if the update is out it won’t help much but prolong the inevitable.
    They sold us crap we bought it.
    We made a wrong decision and will be carefully the next time we buy a Sony device if ever.

    I rest my case.

    PS: Just as pissed off as you are.

  92. have a strong feeling that in ‘R-RATED’ comments, R stands for Retard …

    but honestly, what did you think about buying phone?

    that someone told it will replace your home pc in 2 years? or free tickets to the moon?

    when i was picking my phone, i saw the current hardware, software, what it did, how long batterry worked, and how good to controll it with my fingers … and i did pick the SE x10i

    i dont really care about updates, it’s quite cool phone as it is, does a lot of stuff, looks really nice, and well, tbh, only time when i thought it would be nice to have multitouch, is when i installed piano keyboard program … but in same time, i’d never fit more than 3 fingers on it , no matter how i wanted it 🙂

    and no, i dont work at SE, neither selling anything, just like to chose with brains, and keep it working after as well 🙂

  93. Well I also agree with you that any person who prefers a buggy, slow 2.2 over a stable, fast and snappy android is absolutely a retarded. Come on guys, the main reason why people seek froyo is because it is known to be fast, reliable and have a lot of goodies over 2.1, so if upgrading to froyo will present more bugs and problems such as the ones presented in moto :

    – Rebooting the phone causes it to get stuck on the Motorola logo

    – Phone randomly reboots for no reason

    – Problems with Wi-Fi connections

    – “Force close” error occurs when checking the Battery Manager app

    – Video, music, and image files won’t load

    – Music tracks cut off early

    In this case I’m sure getting 2.2 is no better than getting a wm handset or a buggy symbian os. Don’t get me wrong, I would highly prefer 2.2 over 2.1 but maybe for a nexus one because it comes with plain android. Froyo seems that it has presented a lot of issues and bugs with several manufactures such as samsung and moto. Therefore, I’m looking forward for my next amazing 2.1 upgrade and I’m not going to whine anymore about buggy froyos because as I stated earlier, only a retard would prefer a buggy os over a stable and reliable one.

  94. It surprises me that some fanboys are quick to jump on 2.2’s so-called “problems” yet at the same time fails, or rather put a blind eye, to the deficiencies and inadequacies of the X10 or SE in general.

    By pointing out other manufacturer’s “problems” from the website, and not because they have purchased a product, they are just trying to mask the inefficiency, inadequacy and ineptness of SE. It is like SE telling us repeatedly, why do you need multi-touch? Why do you need 16M colours? Why do you need 2.2? If other manufacturers are able to deliver the product why can’t SE? If they cannot justify why those functionalities cannot be adopted in their phones, then they are just covering for their own incompetency and impotency.

    It is like in the novel Animal Farm, the pigs telling the farm animals, do you want to suffer if the human’s run this farm again? Yet they are suffering from the pig’s tyranny. It is the same ploy by some fanboys here to scare everyone, it is like telling us do you want froyo when it is bad and problematic, when SE can deliver a bug free 2.1? Yet they fail to highlight the problems of their own product. This is laughable!

    Can anyone tell me why a low cost manufacturer like Huawei can produce a decent and functional very low cost handset on 2.2 stock without any issues (no doubt there is no multi-touch due to the screen size or flash support, though this can be downloaded), yet a giant like SE fails miserably to deliver a reasonably functional phone? Yes a functional phone with proper call volume, and without call signals being dropped?

  95. @EpicSwindle

    Nice speech and you have a nice style of writing, however, this doesn’t mean that your correct. What you don’t understand is that no one claimed that Sony is perfect and no one pointed that Sony did the best they could do?! So, I can’t get from where you got such thing, well maybe you just made it up to make your speech more convincing , though I hope I’m wrong.

    What some of us are trying to say is that not rushing to release Froyo was a good move by SE, since most of the other manufactures are having a hard time to make their handsets stable and reliable with it. It’s all over the tech news, so please do your homework before posting next time.

    SE may not be the best but they are still not the worst, and most importantly they are not the only ones that have flaws. Anyway, what’s more important now is that if SE will provide us with a great experience with 2.1 than we will have ourselves a great deal! Because 2.1 still works brilliantly and with no problems and issues such as the people encountered in 2.2.

    And let’s face it, if you didn’t find SE products interesting and promising you would not be here in the first place right? At least I’m honest with my self and not a hypocrite!

    Finally, keep in mind that the X10 was released in early February and SE were working on it since 2009, and yet you and others compare it to handsets that were recently released. SE is a great company and it have what it takes for the challenge, just wait for the incoming android handsets from them, and you along with many others will realize how much you were wrong and inpatient for thinking that se is behind compared to others.

    Peace 🙂

  96. In the end, after all the discussions and arguments, the majority come to the simple conclusion: Sony Ericsson SUCKS.

    Good night kids.

  97. If se really sucks, I wonder why are you all here here?! Maybe because you suck in your lives as well. Usually people don’t visit places that they hate unless they are forced to. Therefore, since most of you are here under your own will then I’m sure that you still find se products interesting and promising. The problem is that most of you don’t have the balls to admit it 🙂

    So you keep turning in circles and waisting everyone’s time. Every one has the right to express himself the way he wants, however, stop being pessimistic and misreable in your lives. Because trust me pessimistic people always will find something negative to whine about, no matter how good their product is, or no matter how great their lives really are.

    Yes the X10’s is not prefect but it’s still an amazing device that has a lot to offer, if you disagree than it’s up to you, but then what are you doing here since this device doesn’t suit you and you find it outdated. Please stop contradicting yourselves, take in easy on yourselves after all it’s just a phone not the end of the earth!


  98. @fact is fact you shrimpdick

    It’s just a phone and not the end of the earth. Couldn’t agree more. I paid $500, and for the amount I flushed down the toilet, I’ll spend a good amount of time bashing an incompetent, dishonest company called Sony Ericsson.

    I work for my money, care about what I buy, and when I feel like I’m being cheated by a bunch of bitches, I stand up against it.

    The only miserable people in these boards, I imagine, are dumb pathetic fanboys such as yourself who find that it’s their duty to defend a corporation who doesn’t give a shit about you in any way, shape, or form, nor will they hesitate for one second to rob you off your cash, given the chance (notably by spreading lies and false rumors, it works like a charm).

    Will I be shocked if SE delays the update again and releases “Joyful-App”, a buggy, useless crap that finds cheap discounted shoes in Bangladesh? No.

    Because Sony Ericsson sucks. Simple. I’ll vote with my wallet in the coming years. You do the same. But given the tone in these forums, you’re vastly outnumbered. Good luck.

  99. @Bandit

    Just go get a life, don’t you have any other purpose than to bash or take revenge? I feel sorry for you honestly, no wonder why this world is full of losers, since we still have people that admit that they are here to bash and spread hatred.

    Just grow up and try to find other useful things to fill your your lousy life with other than trolling and bashing, I’m sure you will not accept what I’m telling you now since you seem a teenager, but maybe one day you will realize I’m right and you will be lucky if I accept your apology.

    peace 🙂

  100. I can’t believe you guys! Your attacking fact is fact just because he is trying to cool things down and lower the decrease of anger that was due to the postponement of the update. We all have been waiting for a long time for this update, so fighting will not help anymore trust me on that.

    I am one of the owners that is looking forward for this update and of course it makes me happy to get it, so please guys if your not happy with this update, at least don’t ruin our joy OK, I think all of us have been angry for a while now with se, and it’s time to let go and enjoy this great update.

    thanks all for your understanding,

  101. The fact is i cannot play angry bird 1.3.5 on my X10 because it still running the dinosaur 1.6 version.
    SE, if we cannot get fun from angry bird, how do you expect we use your ‘happi” but “crappi” apps.
    Most android users already downloaded angry bird (more than million) yet X10 user with so powerful hardware but cannot play good game. Just imagine u have all the latest and yet powerful computer but still running win 95. (want to say dos but at least it have GUI)

  102. If SE goes continuing on this speed to develop Android, they will win always customers, but even faster loose them. Since I thought Android was one of the main targets to get back some market on the whole world for SE?

  103. @burdie

    Is that why i cant get angry birds to work????


    Samsung Galaxy S Or IPhone 4 here i come

  104. Oops — was calling fact is fact a paid fanboy — came put as a compliment.

    It was excellent reply @Bandit for Mr.SE F.I.F.

  105. @fact is fact
    If you are happy with your phone, then I feel good for you (please feel good by other people, don’t be stupid and feel sorry for others, make love! don’t make war! Even if SE pays you, that is what I think about you).
    Many people are disappointed, so………… WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THAT?!

  106. I’m sorry but I’ve been fooled by this phone (thankfully I have another 12 days trial with carphone warehouse) I have been told that this phone will be getting Android V2.1! If I am not satisfied with it then I can assure you that I will be gone SE!

    I have never had a good phone before, but this doesn’t live up to my expectations I’m afraid!

    Just take a look at some of the basic and CRUDDY phones you can get for less than a 100 quid!

    I’m still waiting for android 2.1?!? I can’t even download flash FFS! It’s beyond a fricking joke!

  107. @Bandit lool it’s obvious that your trying to use more than one nick to support your point, so just grow up and stop this childish attitude. We are not here to fight, go fight in school.

    Back to the topic, I think the HD recording was superb! Honestly the auto focus was very impressive, and it also seems that the os is a bit faster and snappier, I just hope s/e releases it as soon as possible, I really can’t wait to get it 🙂

  108. @bandit im glad u wasted your money on the phone and given it to sony ericsson they are laughing at you n so am i haha luckily im on contract 😀

  109. I’ve thought about what I expect from a phone of this price range and here are the pros and cons of the x10:


    16m colours
    Android 1.6
    NO FLASH!!!
    Calling and texting (impossible to hear people when phoning and the edges of the touch screen are crap, also the space bar sticks)
    Battery life
    Incapable of updating with android (Proven by the fact that we have to manage with 1.6)
    Mediascape and timescape are total garbage


    Good looks
    AWESOME camera

    If you want this phone go out and buy yourself a pretty PAYG and a nice digital camera!

    SE sucks and thankfully it’s not just me that thinks it, I can assure you that I will be getting a different phone in 2 weeks time!


  110. haha if you think that I’m bandit I’m not, although I do share his opinion!

    I got the phone at the weekend, not worth the pretty shell it’s made up of!

    Can you seriously be happy with a phone that you can’t hear/text with?!?

    I was an SE fan before, just got the x10 from the cybershot c902 and was very happy with it but wanted something to go on the internet with and use pretty much like a home computer!!!

    My computer at home is naff btw that’s why I wanted something to swap it with

  111. 15th of December i can renew my contract – os iphone or samsung here i come – and bye bye SE!!!!!

  112. No reason to use more than one nick to convey a valid point megeman you cheesehead.

    @ x10fan, calling you an idiot would be an insult to all the stupid people. Singing a contract doesn’t mean SE didn’t get paid, nor does it mean YOU didn’t pay for that phone.
    Yes I paid for the X10, but with my current plan, I end up saving hundreds of dollars in the long run.
    Sony may be laughing to the bank now, but that’s a very short sighted business plan.

    @ x10hater, add the Camera to your list of cons. Compare X10’s camera to a 5mp HTC any day and the difference is instantly noticeable.
    And here’s some things to make you lol, my 4 year old SE W900 has a 256k color screen, and takes much better pictures in the dark and low light thanks to its powerful LED flash.

  113. Im far from an idiot my friend im happy with my phone thanks, You see i can afford it unlike you i guess lol, i guess you are seething haha you poor broke fool 🙁

  114. i read a post today that a guy had sold is x10 on ebay it was in mint con and he only got like £170.00 for it.that is the reality of this se screw up.They shaffted us with the launch price of over 500 now 8months latter is only worth £170.00 lets say £200.00 if your looky so that means this phone as been loosing £1.25p per day or there abouts dont flame me for my maths i used my x10s calc lol now check out ebay and look at the nexsus one older than x10 but worth twice the price. So to all them ppl who keep moaning about us moaning about sony ericsson they deserve to be flamed hell they deserve to go under.all im hopeing for is the 2.1 update adds a little value to it so i can of load it on ebay and then get me a propa phone. so hurry up and hit the big red launch button so i can update and sell. usless se usless never again

  115. @ X10fan

    Darn, I underestimated your intelligence X10fan. My bad. Not only are you in love with the shittiest Android phone on the market, you also think that by deciding to save money, I’m a poor broke fool.

    Sarah Palin called, she wants he brain cells back.

  116. @dinesh – you have to get a visa for Sweden, then you´ll have to spend a week sucking dick of Rickard Skogberg, and another week giviing him your brown indian ass. May be then he will become sweet to you and update your phone from 1.6 to 2.1 . So far there is no other way.

  117. @Alexbr
    You know something funny that video is dated from almost 3 months ago…
    I think they are just stalling the update for some reason… I don’t believe that it would take almost a year to make an outdated update for a company like SE.

    Either way this is going to ruin the brand and their credibility in the android’s phone market.

  118. Ok. I waited eagerly in sept for the update, checked my phone every fk day.. and this made me very disapointed… And i still see that they use the ugly blue statusbar wich is hard to make look good with a custom wallpaper! X10 mini pro is a great phone… but the thing i hate the most is the stupid colored statusbar! shouldve been black or the normal white android 2.1 colored. bluetooth is finaly getting fixed, and i rly hope theres live wallpapers on the mini to.. Im waiting like crazy now.. i want this damn update! so i can finaly run launcher pro..

  119. The immaturity shows in many of the posts here.
    Don’t waist your time arguing with 17-20 year old morons; It’ll only give you an ulcer.

  120. What exactly are you expecting from this update? Even if SE gave you Froyo/Gingerbread, would your life really be significantly altered? For me It will be about 10 minutes of fascination before it goes back in my pocket and I get on with life.

    Whingers here have issues with insecurity that a mobile phone will not fix. What you really need to do is go out, meet new people, join a social club, spend less time on live gaming servers etc…

  121. LOL some of these nerdy guys need 2.1 in order to pick up school girls. Their time is running out, the big iphone boys are taking all the birds. You got to understand their frustration 😀

  122. @LOL 🙂 Hey mate, at age of 15 the hormones are working, they cann’t help it.
    Nevertheless I don’t see the logic….
    They rather like a phone with an unstable OS instead of one with a bit an older OS, so I’m wondering how the girlies would react…

    By the way anyone knows the story about a certain brand in optical storrage ? It was a brand which was called as the most unstable crap you could buy in the world. All the people mentioning this kind of statements also indicated they never ever would buy that brand again and they would go for another manufacturer. What they didn’t know (and this show the funny side of humans) was that their new product, which was called ” an excellent piece of technology”, was just that same piece of unstable crap in another casing… with another brandname on it of course. With this I’m not wanting to state that other brands have SE inside (not at all), but my point is that a lot of people sometimes get blinded by brandnames and don’t even take notice about specs.

    Concerning the phone:
    What I’ve read from the XPeria X10 is: hardware is more as average (surely at release time of the phone), provided software is beneath average.
    Is there something to make up from this. I think so: in contrast to hardware, software can changed and if you don’t like what SE provides, you can try to root the thing. Those people really wanting to have the latest OS and being on top of technology should be able to do this at least, shouldn’t they (I’m not one of them by the way 🙂 ). Anyway… if they cann’t yet, it could be a challenge and a way to impress … euhm the birds ?

  123. @LOL/LOL2

    That’s exactly what I thought!!! As soon as I get 2.1 then I would get so much tail I’ll be waving it off with a stick (either that or I could throw this brick at them)

    All I’m happy about are these facts:

    Carphone Warhouse lied to me
    I’m in a shit 24 month contract starting from last Sunday
    I have the crappiest phone around until they finally stop my cruddy touch screen from sticking/not turning on it’s side when it wants to/not turning on it’s side when i want it to/phone battery lasting less time than work (8 hours) and I barely even use it at work/mediascape&timescape biggest waste of money&effort ever/things like shortcuts and things just aren’t capable/I can’t download flash
    It takes about 2 minutes to call someone up, good thing I’m not burning alive… and then I wouldn’t be able to hear them not because my eardrums would’ve burst with the pressure but because I have a CRAP phone!

    I expect more from SE and I expect more for the money I pay, not because I’m stingy or because I’m poor etc. like other people have commented because I have to work HARD for my money and I could see it going to a lot better use!

    When I finally get this update (less than a week has been too long for me and it makes me feel sorry for you guys that’ve had it for such a long time) I hope it will combat everything I have highlighted in this rant above!

    I have my old phone (C902) and I’m seriously thinking about keeping the old phone for texting / calling, general wear and tear etc. the new phone for playing games / if 100% necessary and I don’t have an arm or possibly leg to swap somebody for their internet connection that too

    … and obviously I wouldn’t get the C902 out if I was chatting a bird up, let’s be honest, got to get myself some tail somehow don’t I?!?

    I have never thought of phones of anything before more than calls and texts and until there is something better than this turd, which can barely do the basics of a phone anyway, I will still think that!

    RANT OVER (hope somebody got a laugh out of my misery!)

  124. Anybody know how to disable that continuous autofocus on x10mini coz during that process there is a little zooming in and out, what is really annoying when it is constantly focusing (due to lack of light for example).