Sony Ericsson LiveView gets hands-on video impressions

Sony Ericsson LiveViewSony Ericsson appears to be onto a winner with the upcoming LiveView Bluetooth mini-display. Overall, it has received positive comments from the wider technology community and also is something genuinely different to anything else on the market right now. The 1.3-inch OLED device is able to show incoming calls, calendar events as well as facebook and twitter feeds amongst other things.

SE-First has managed to get hold of the LiveView display and have already posted their first impressions. This includes showing us how many of the notification features work, this includes being able to set custom notifications for certain friends on twitter on facebook. Interestingly, developers will also be able to send content for their own apps straight to the device too. They have a hands-on video which you can check out below, we’ve also included another hands-on video from Sony Ericsson Russia that gives a good look at the device.

Via SE-First.

10 responses to “Sony Ericsson LiveView gets hands-on video impressions”

  1. It looks pretty cool, but constant bluetooth connection sound like a battery killer.
    However, it is a good idea. I sometimes miss a call or don’t notice a message, because I can’t feel or hear my phone in my pocket, when I am walking in crowded places.

    But it is ridiculous that Sony Ericsson released a gadget for their handsets, which don’t even support the LiveView yet. I can imagine that is makes the non-OS-geek users (aka mainstream users/SE fanboys) impatient for the OS update, even though many of them claimed that it didn’t matter if the X10 ran on 1.6 or 2.1.

  2. He also have told that price is not defined currently and later SE will add others services to application (like Skype and etc.)

  3. If it both are Bluetooth 4 then I wont be worry about battery but with BT 2.1 It wont be really nice experience I guess.

  4. Give one to every existing X10 customer to make up for the extremely slow and painful 2.1 update…. this will make up for your reputation and let people know u r serious about you phones..

  5. I know the battery life would be worse if they included a headphone port on there.. but.. that would make it a device that’s actually useful.. why carry around a MW600 style headset and a Liveview? why not have them in one device? just wait for apple to release their new shuffle with bluetooth… then Sony will be like FAIL..

  6. Ok riddle me this. Instead of looking at your phone, you end up looking at this 1.3″ screen – and then reach for your phone.