Top Android 2.1 apps to download to your Xperia X10 / X10 mini

Google EarthNow that the Android 2.1 firmware for the Xperia X10 family has started to roll out, you may be wondering what now? After you’ve spent some time seeing what’s new with the update, you’ll probably want to hit the Android Market to see what new apps you can download.

Well we’ve done the hard work for you and have listed the top Android 2.1 apps that were hidden from Xperia X10 owners, until now. We have only included a selection of apps that we were personally looking forward to, so there’s likely to be others that we’ve missed. Please let us know which ones you are looking forward to in the comments section below.

Android 2.1 and above apps

BeejiveIM ($9.99) – User-friendly instant messaging app for Android. Supports AIM, MSN /Windows Live, Yahoo!, Facebook Chat, MySpace, GoogleTalk, ICQ, & Jabber.

Business Calendar Beta – Complete calendar app that sync with Google Calendar.

Dolphin Browser HD – Updated browser with a UI upgrade, bookmark folder and 12-language support as well as page management via the address bar.

Google Earth – Use Google Earth to fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger. Search by voice for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more.

LauncherPro – One of the most popular launchers on the market.

Music PlayerPro ($2.73) – An advanced music player for Android 2.x devices.

PowerAMP Music Player (Trial) – New powerful music player for Android with an optimized 10 band graphic equalizer for all supported formats and separate Bass and Treble controls.

Skype – Much anticipated. Free Skype-to-Skype calls over 3G or Wi-Fi.

Twitter – The official Twitter for Android application. Clean UI but lacks in features over Seesmic.

Vlingo: Words to Action – Vlingo is the first & only way to send/receive messages, make calls, & get directions completely hands free!

VPlayer Alpha – The main alternative to RockPlayer. Plays pretty much any video file you throw at it (XviD, DivX, WMV, MKV and others).

WhatsApp Messenger – Smartphone messenger that uses your 3G or Wi-Fi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages at no cost.

Winamp – This beta offers a complete media management solution allowing you to sync your music from the Winamp desktop player over USB or Wi-Fi. Other features include persistent audio playback controls, play queue, scrobbling, playlist shortcuts, lock screen & widget player.

Yahoo! Mail for Android – Access your Yahoo email through this app. Features include notifications, Yahoo! contacts, attachment support, smart folders and rich text & emoticons use.

Yahoo! Messenger for Android – The official Yahoo! Messenger app that allows you to chat with Windows Live friends.

Youlu Address Book – A smart phone address book with more powerful contacts, call and messaging capabilities and a funky dial pad.

Android 2.1 and above games

Run, Humanoid, Run! – Set on a spacestation that is about to explode. Along the way don’t get shot, avoid the bombs, find keys to unlock the doors, and outrun the killer robots.

Unique Rabbit – Using only running and jumping, help Unique Rabbit reach his goals. Rabbit by the horns, and get ready for a bad hare day!

Live Wallpaper

Best Matrix Live Wallpaper
Enchanted Forest Live Wall
Hulk Live Wallpaper
Galactic Core Live Wallpaper
Snowfall Live Wallpaper
Thunderstorm Live Wallpaper

Android 2.2 and above apps: What we can’t download

Adobe AIR
Adobe Flash 10.1
Car Home
Gallery 3D
Google Chrome to Phone
TV Flash
YouTube (version 2.0.26)

119 responses to “Top Android 2.1 apps to download to your Xperia X10 / X10 mini”

  1. Great apps and good hints for after the update.
    Does anyone tested the Angry Birds on X10 2.1 ? As on the 1.6 we’re getting black screen?


  2. ive got 2.1 but its not smooth as i expected especialy entering main menu, anyone experiencing similar issues?

  3. Great App listed on the top, Angry Birds Lite work on 1.6 also, Looking for an alternative music player which supports good equalizer, Also looking a wireless video streaming software to desktop. Due any one have looked for a alternative for HTC Sense, Live Weather.

  4. @Limper:
    google earth installed without problems, but I have the same error when i try to get skype via

  5. i dont understand why skype wouldnt work on x10i, because i had skype on my phone even thought i got a 1.6.
    Im on the 3 network in the UK and it works completly fine on the 1.6 since it was already pre-installed.
    I just wanna test out sky seige on my phone 😀

  6. Does any one know when android 2.1 update for Xperia X10 will be available for India. waiting so eagerly, hitting website every 30 min.

  7. @Streamer76
    are you serious, I thought angry bird is still not
    compatible with qvga display ?? can u post some screen shots ?
    if its really working on x10 mini, it is great news.

  8. Sorry but I can’t post now pictures but I can confirm that it really works on my x10 mini pro with 2.1 🙂

  9. Does anybody know if games like Nova or Sandstorm are working on x10 with 2.1 i tried diffrent versions but it doesen’t work.

  10. @streamer76
    is it working perfectly fine, without any lags or anything ?
    i guess mini’s processor can handle the game afterall ??

  11. Yeah, there seems to be no lags but it crashed one time, but there has not been any crashes after that. You will see when u get the update how it works, or do I have to post a video? 🙂

  12. @streamer76
    well what can I say, a video post never hurts, but then, I believe you.
    It is great news. Waiting for the upate.

  13. @X10
    Cool work
    Appreciate a looooooooooot…
    Will keep posted a list here to so all can make use of …

    Thanks X10

  14. Guys can anyone tell when will the update be available in India ? SE said 1st It will be the Nordic Region and then the other kits will follow,but then did not say what kits for which region.SE common guys get your game faces on. You have already received so much criticism and you flagship phone X10 will be the company’s flagship failure phone of the year.Do something and become more professional.

  15. Do anyone know, if these games are running on Xperia 2.1: Sandstorm, Assassin Creed, HAWX, Dungeon Hunter,Skyfire, Sims 3 and other game loft games?

    Thanks 😉

  16. @everybody
    Have you noticed any bugs on the update? Or is it just me…?
    My phone @ 100% brightness becomes hot, then turns off(batterylife shows 40 degrees C). I use < 100% and it doesn't turn off by himself.
    BUT the major bug i noticed: it freezes from time to time. Why would that be? What should I do? Repair ?

  17. We cannot use Google Earth because Xperia X10 cannot operate pinch-in,right?
    Zoom-in use double-tap in place of pinch-out, but Zoom-out doesn’t.

  18. SE fanboys please excuse me for this (just ignore this comment and keep thinking how cool your device and move on)…

    FUCK YOU SE!! they let us live in stone age for loooong time!!
    and now they are proud by moving us into medieval ages!!!

    still waiting for my galaxy S…

  19. The only thing I have been waiting for since I got the phone is flashplayer. I love the updates to this, and I must say it is 50% live having a new phone:P I really hope Sony Ericsson can use most of their codes and visuals for 2.2, or we might as well drop the thought of flashplayer for about a year.

    Anyway, here is the upcoming processors for smartphones! And yes, that includes a dual-core 1.5GHz processor using (if same as the 1.2GHz dual-core) 30% less battery then our single 1GHz processor:P If Sony Ericsson gets a 1.5GHz and 1.5GB ram then their phone will be lasting for quite some time.

    With that processor, you can watch a full 1080 30fps film with 5.1 surround.
    High-performance GPU – up to 88M triangles/sec and 532M 3D pixels/sec and dedicated 3D/2D acceleration engines for Open GLES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 acceleration
    Chipset: QSD8672

  20. @ sanjay navik, u must be a really jobless person to check every 30 mins f an update, I’m sure your dad bought your phone for you, I don’t blames you, after all, your a typical indian… Oh and the bad news is that SE will be rolling out 2.1 on the 2nd week of November… too bad huh. Hehe

  21. @ sanjay navik, u must be a really jobless person to check every 30 mins for an update, I’m sure your dad bought your phone for you, I don’t blame you, after all, your a typical indian… Oh and the bad news is that SE will be rolling out 2.1 on the 2nd week of November for India… too bad huh. Hehe

  22. My observations on the X10 running 2.1 so far.

    – My phone explorer doesnt seem to sync calender.. in fact the backup app hasnt update the calender at all.. big calender issues. I still get reminders but nothing shows in the Calender
    – Its all a little freezy. Not very smooth.
    – Angry Birds works fine. 🙂

  23. @shaf

    As far as your knowledge, I am self earning person, bought this for android development.

  24. “Google Earth – Use Google Earth to fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger. Search by voice for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more. ”

    cant find any google earth on market for x10 with 2.1

  25. You have to reset your device after the update. That fix it

  26. United Kingdom

    Sony Ercisson UK will begin rolling out updates towards the end of October


    T-mobile – So far T-Mobile in the UK have announced that they will release the update towards the end of November.

    Source: T-Mobile Discussions – Discussions – Sony Ericsson X10 & X10 Mini Pro 2.1 update

    France and Brazil

    Sony Ericsson Brazil confirmed that the update will land from early November for sim-free phones and late November for operator branded handsets. David Mignot, Marketing Director of Sony Ericsson France, has told French X10 owners to expect the Éclair update in late November.

    Source: X10 Éclair update hitting France in late November plus more details on improvements | Xperia X10 Blog


    Thank you for contacting the call center of Sony Ericsson.

    Formal release of Android 2.1 is delayed untill the end of October.

    Do not hesitate to contact the call center of Sony Ericsson at telephone number 8778 0800 1. more information and support to our proodukti you can visit our website


    Customer Service Center – Bulgaria
    So it looks like the update will be rolling out at the end of October

    Source: XDA Forums

    Sony Ericsson India Android
    2.1 update alert! Folks, we have started rolling out the Android 2.1
    update globally. For India, we will start with the Xperia™ X10 mini pro
    update this week followed by X10 and X10 mini the coming week. Please
    look for the update on your phones or check for the update

  27. For anyone complaining about the os not running smoothly, try uninstalling those silly task managers.

  28. Dont complain for 2.2….. we are fine with 2.1…
    the only thing i want in the next 2.1.x release… i want 16million colors!!! Multitouch!!!

    and yeah! Tango Videocalls is cool =) Nexus Live Revamped LW and finally, Widget Locker

  29. @ sasi, m sorry but I’m not used to shitting on my mommas tits like how u indians do, its best done by indians including sucking cocks, so I’ll leave it to u guys. ROFL

  30. i rooted my x10 then flashed it to nordic countries and now i got 2.1 WOoot xD

    love it already =D

  31. Are you sure Skype works on X10 2.1 ?
    I just went to their website and it says it doesn’t …

  32. Skype is working. It worked on 1.6 as well with Nimbuzz app.

    Guys what is Quadrant Benchmark score for your 2.1 X10. I got 534 which is better than 1.6 but still way behind others including Samsung Galaxy

  33. The Gallery 3D app is already installed on the X10 after the 2.1 update, and it’s totally awsome, only you wont find it in the menu: you have to create a custom shortcut to it, using Anycut, or the built in custom shortcuts from ADW Launcher or LauncherPro.

    Search for “Gallery’ in the list of activities! 🙂


  34. Official X10 update is coming out on the 5 November 2010.
    improved and new features are coming our way according to a Sony Ericsson Representative I just spoke to you in London, these include :

    HD camera for X10 : upgraded to 10mp ( better than that of the Vivaz and iphone4 )

    CPU performance increases drastically : up to 1.5GHz ( 500MHz faster )

    Ultimate 3D gaming experience : games of up to 400MBs in size for download

    PS3/Bravia compatible using wireless technology : sync X10 to PS3 or Bravia Television to view pictures/videos ect. X10 can also be used as a wireless remote to either PS3 or Bravia Televison

    Unlimited e-mail accounts

    battery usage of upto 48 hours stand by

    install apk ( android applications ) straight to SD card, saving phone storage. 64Gb card support ( coming by December 5th 2010 )

    Live Streaming of the UEFA Champions League for free ( internet data plan or wifi needed )

    Live Wallpapers and upto 10 home screens that are capable of running simultanoeusly.

    Theme support ( additional application needed called pimpmyandroid )

    mediascape/facebook/skype/youtube ect. big improvements ( great new interfaces )

    Lock/Unlock phone with voice command or personal signature

    Call recorder

    shake function for song switching or volume control

    improved bluetooth function

    Advanced qwerty style onscreen keyboard with voice recongnition

    all i know thus far, will update once new information in known.

  35. hey guys has anyone to work skype with the mw-600 blutooth??
    cuz to me i cannot use it to make calls over skype 🙁
    any sugestions??

  36. @ sanjay
    Hey i m frm india too Today i went to sony ericcson gurgaon they told that it will roll out on 8 nov

  37. @sf — you bloody terrorist paki….

    may be you are not used to of it but your momma is … and she loves it.

  38. Well I Just got 2.1 on my generic global x10i and it works fine. Maby I would be more happy with 2.2 because its faster, but atleast we got 2.1. To me its working smooth but batery drains faster

  39. hey guys i cant seem to update my X10 mini pro …. 🙁
    & android market or any of the pre installed apps on my fone dont work
    it says ur sim card dose nt have data transmission rights….but i have activated the data transmission on my sim…. 🙁
    Somebody pls help me 🙁

  40. @andrei

    My phone keeps freezing for a few secounds. It also restarts randomly sometimes, and its really annoying.
    It seems like it freezes more when using installed apps.
    Anyone know whats going on?

  41. Hi guys..
    10th of nov and finally the update did arrive in India. I just connected my phone via SEUS and it said that i had a new software to update to. I did it and all went fine 🙂 Update just took 15 mins and overlook and quality has chaneged on the better side 🙂

  42. i’m still waiting for the android 2.1 and still i can’t find the update
    i’m from holland
    maybe some can help me to find 2.1 becouse i need the udate
    talking about it isn’t good inoff please can someone help

    greetz from holland

    dearist andy

  43. i have problem in downloading applictions from market in sony xperiax10 mini..cananyonehelp me..

  44. Ok so i have a x10 mini pro which just upgraded to 2.1 and it runs smoothly and everything.. angry birds gets a bit laggy every now and again but thats probably because my memory is filled… but anyways, i downloaded whatsapp and it doesnt work. when i try to start whatsapp it says “whatsapp messenger and your 3rd party task manager are incompatible. please remove your task manager and try again.” anyone else experiencing this? how can i fix it?

  45. Skype isnt in the market yet. I have the 2.1 android and havent been able to download skype.

  46. can this phone make the video call?? can anybody tell me how to make video call on xperia X10??? thank u..

  47. Ppl that wants 3d gallery download. Gallery wrapper on Android market. It runs Android 2.1 OS.

  48. I’ve been on the latest 2.1 version of Android on my Xperia X10 mini, but I’m not too happy with the latest update. For some strange reason, the latest system SE rolled out has been irking me and getting on my nerves a lot. I noticed my battery life drains so much quicker than it used to, and I’m not entirely so happy with the interface. The keyboard is wack, poor maneuverability too. Sony Ericsson really dropped the ball on this one, considering that they constantly delayed the update.
    Or maybe it’s just me, updates don’t seem to please me much these days. Hehehe.
    I’m thinking of downgrading back to the original Android version for my phone. However, I’m concerned I’ll be missing out on the killer apps 2.1 has. Plus I think Live Wallpapers only work on 2.1.
    The keyboard is just so damn horrible, battery life drains in a flash, it takes forever for data to load, crappy choppy Wifi, crappy maneuverability (I now frequently accidentally take some of my apps, and take them flying all over the place when I hold something down for too long. Unlike the original OS.).
    I’m sorry, I’m just not too happy with 2.1.

  49. i have updated my xperia x10 to gingerbread. There has been significant improvement in speed and feel. Dual touch is more than sufficient for non-gamers. web browsing is good with pinch to zoom but text reflow is missing. Camera is much improved. tethering works like magic. camcorder hangs a bit, but still cam is best. battery life is almost same as in 1.6. i miss mediascape, but not that much. i say that the upgrade has been proved a boon

  50. Great apps and good hints for after the update.
    Does anyone tested the Angry Birds on X10 2.1 ? As on the 1.6 we’re getting black screen?


  51. my mini has android 2.3.4 n works fine wi angry birdies, not had any probs wi any o software… yet… touch wood!

  52. I am very admire your article, very good! Also very amazing!I agree with your point of view, I’ll always look at your blog and updated.

  53. I want to upgrade my xperia mini with android 2.1 and above apps.How do I go about doing that?