UK Xperia X10 Eclair update due in a “few days”

UK Xperia X10
Whilst many in the UK expected the Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update soon after it hit Nordic handsets, it appears that it’s been delayed for a few days. According to the Sony Ericsson UK twitter account, the update has taken “longer than we hoped but we will get this update to you in the next few days.

However, they contradict themselves a few times by saying that only the date of the update will arrive in a couple of day’s time. They haven’t given a reason for the delay apart from saying that “there are tests that need to be carried out for UK.” Hopefully, it won’t be too far behind. In related news, the guys over at the SE Product Blog said that the generic kits have been made available for Russia, Singapore, Indonesia and many African countries today.


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  1. Hmm…Not good.

    But hopefully it’ll be here soon. Although ive been hearing the update slows the phone somewhat O_o

  2. well according to sony ericsson uk in a response to me they are in contact with networks about the update and a timescale for networks to release it maybe this is part of the delay as i think that most of the x10’s in uk are branded ones

  3. Tired and bored of waiting, so installed nordic firmware. Works great!
    The only thing which really pisses me off is that there is no chance to hang up by pressing power button.

  4. @no date yet, punishing us isn’t going to get you the update you dumb fucking idiot. Take your childish little jobless ass of to the disney channel.

  5. UK Xperia X10 Eclair update due in a “few days”
    UK Xperia X10 Eclair update due in a “few days”UK Xperia X10 Eclair update due in a “few days”

  6. Actually I do get why it takes SE so long to launch update here in the UK. Just moved recently and trying to move my broadband with o2 to a new flat – just to get activated (without any connections and engineering stuff) – o2 says it will take 10 working days… No wonder that each operators’ “computer says no” to any innovation here…

  7. This really takes the piss. What ‘tests’, shouldn’t this have already been done. ‘Next few days’ what the hell does that mean are we talking literaly a few days or weeks.

    We have already waited months for the bloody update and now we have to wait for unknown reasons. The very least SE could do is start being honest with its customers and give a good reason and stable date – if they infact have one.

    I have an unlocked/unbranded/generic firmware X10 Mini Pro and it seems there is a delay behind the X10 full size in releases so far so are we talking even further delays for the Mini/Mini Pro.

  8. @Adnan Hodzic, i’ve had enough of waiting for the UK update. I’m going to follow that tutorial and debrand my phone. When the UK version is actually release, is it possible to update the phone again using the UK version so its like i’ve never debranded the phone in the first place?

  9. @Ben21

    I have a Virgin X10 Mini Pro and it is unlocked/unbranded/generic and it came from Virgin, seems I am not the only one so you might be lucky and just have a vanilla phone – other people with full sized Virgin X10s reported the same.

  10. Thanks X10. @Simon – Kool. Thats a bit of luck then. We might actually see it this month. Lol.

  11. i have a feeling its gonna be delayed again for the UK. They say they need to test it out first but testing takes ages.
    You test it, you find something wrong, you fix it and test it again, and then you find another problem and so on……it wont be a few days time, the update for the UK will take much more than a few days.
    im gonna check back this website in a weeks time and see whats going on then…..

  12. @Your Mum,

    Yes, Root Explorer will take backup of original file, just make sure you save it somewhere safe, and later on you should be able to “debrand” it back to UK using that same file.

  13. The brazen dishonesty of this company is just staggering. From some of the issues some people are experiencing with the Nordic firmware it is patently obvious that they just released an unfinished version to small markets in SEs backyard where they are generally popular so they can claim they have released the update. The devilish marketing men at SE seem to have done it again. They knew they would not be able to meet the October timeline so they came up with a strategy truly unbecoming for a company the size of SE.
    I mean seriously how different can the software for the Nordics be from the rest of the world that other parts are still testing the thing. An x10 in Norway functions 99.9% in the same way as an x10 in England. The only differences are in the language and keyboard layout.
    Rather than coming clean and facing yet more outrage, they chose dishonesty(sadly a recurring theme with this company). “Staged rollout” was just a euphemism for delay.
    Word to Google and Sony….don’t let the Swedish Ericsson drag your reputations into the gutter with this diabolical nonsense.

  14. @Adnan Hodzic, where does the backup file save to? I cant find it? I need to find it so i can move it to my PC so its safe then i can continue to update the phone.

  15. I’m actually more excited about this update than my girlfriend (who owns the X10) just want to have a play, lol. Come on SE just release it for the UK, sure if the Nordic ones working without too many problems then its about time.

  16. @ Adnan Hodzic thanx me download 2.1 finaly
    i spend whole day infront of pc w8n for updatee
    Se :@ didnt show up
    using yewr way
    its too ez
    what most of the ppl does wrong iz
    guys in his tutorial he said after editing ..reboot yewr phone
    vych means yew av to restart the phone nd come to home screen again
    done just edit 1234-2352 ec stuff switch off phone nd directly connected to .SEUS
    REMEber Reboot means yew av to log onto cell againn

  17. To those of you willing to root your phone to gain access to the new 2.1 OS without fully understanding the risks involved with doing so, please educate yourself before blindly rooting your phone due to impatience.

    I’m not against rooting but some ppl don’t even seem to know what rooting means, yet they are asking for instructions on how to do it.

    Interesting article:

  18. I asked why SE haven’t just released the FW to everyone at once and there response was as follows:
    Regarding just releasing it. In principle, and especially for you highly interested “power-users” it could be very interesting. However as I understood it it isn’t even legal for us as a supplier since most (if not all) markets need some kind of type approval for mobile phones to be ok to be used in the networks. That’s one important difference to mobile phones compared to many other types of upgradeable electronic gadgets.

  19. Im on Virgin and i just went into the service menu and it says: X10i Brand: Customized and firmware is R2BA026 GENERIC. Does this mean ill get the update as soon as its out in the UK?

  20. Hi

    I have an unbranded/unlocked X10 Mini Pro I got from Virgin. How do you tell if it is generic?

    Phone software says GENERIC. File system says WORLD. Customization says 1238-0199_R3A. Someone said R8A was uncustomised version and R3A was O2 but it cant be as mine is R3A.

  21. oooogh, This could be a long one, where all my UK Vodaphone branded handset owners at? wanna see how full this boat im on is. 🙂

  22. I did the Nordic switch last night. It took me 17′ overall and got the update! Fast, easy and no issues so far…!

  23. I’m with Samboo!! Where is the X10a At&T upgrade going to be avaialable. Seriously SE you need to get your act straight. Like everyone says it’s just a rollout of FW just choose your language. I mean sheesh here I am waiting to get the additional goodies so then I can still wait for the Liveview piece?! Cmon I don’t want to lose hope here but you guys SE are seriously dissapointing me and everyone that has bought this phone. I meanow hard is it to even upgrade the phone to 256k color at the least. Not to mention that I don’t even have a PS3 to gripe about the Playnow/DLNA functions. Like someone mentioned before let the hackers do the work and make you look like overpaid bums. Time to restructure SE and have Sony(Japan) do it the right way. I love Sony Ericcson phones but it’s so hard to be pleased by such failures of people that are supposedly smarter and better at what they do for a living.

  24. yeah so us with generic customized 026 firmware, what countrys release do we actually come under? no-one has been able to clarify this. cmon nerds where are ya.

  25. Any Canadian Rogers x10a users try debranding and running the Nordic firmware with success? Thanks in advance for any info.

  26. Some 4 hours ago we received the update in the Netherlands.
    Took them long enough but i’m love this update.

    Hopefully you’ll get it soon.

  27. Well well SE Updater said there is a update!!!! WOWWOOOO For South Africa!! Must be to good to be true! But just have to test. Update Downloading 97% 98% 99% Updating 0% ~sob~ ……5%…… Updating at 1% per 2 seconds…..32%……This is where Im starting to think that I should have rather used the 2.1 FW I downloaded a hour ago and upload the Nordic ver…85%…..95%….100% WAITING Grrrr Ok its now 20 seconds and it still says Updating 100% ok cable out. and rebooting. Screen Black for 10 seconds. The longest 10 seconds ever! boot boot boooooooot. Blink Blink flash flash I must see if its 2.1!!! URG Sony Logo bla bla bla Activating phone……select local GREATE F@#N 1.6 WHAT A WAIST OF BAND WITH AND TIME

  28. outdate will not come today or tommorrow so i go sleep see you when outdate will come hq (suckers)

  29. haha i fucking knew it all because the uk probably has the most branded x10 handsets in europe means unbranded x10 users will have to wait with the branded users until the networks give the go ahead if thats the case we gonna be waiting til end of november (tmobiles prediction) and if ur on 02 probably january 2011

    Knew it. Motherfuckers can burn in hell.
    XDA won that race.LOOOOOOL
    Just comes to show how serious are those buffoons.


  31. t mobile uk are releasing update for x10s at the end of november looks like its not SE fault. Im going nordic

  32. Used a howto on XDA and edited my default.prop file to make it believe I was using a Nordic “kit”.. got updated straight away. Initially the phones slow when it first boots back up for around half an hour.. have reinstalled all 80 or so apps I had backed up and its working perfectly with no unusual lag.

  33. Yea, few days… In SE language, it will mean weeks, then months. But I’m hopeful, we’ll get 2.1 when Android 7 will be available 🙂

  34. My X10i is a Generic Global branded handset, I am in the UK and debranded the handset from Orange UK. PCC and SEUS both tell me I have the latest software however I decided to just reinstall using SEUS. Right now I am sitting with the 2.1 update set up screen

  35. se mf are the laziest assholeses I ever ever seen in the world. |This will be record how much customers can be fucked by company . this company are extremly stupid hell

  36. Ok so there seems to be a delay in the update for the UK.. does that automatically mean that other European countries (except Nordic) such as Holland also have to expect a delay in the update? Because if I’m right that should come this morning… Sorry if the answer has already been given, not gonna read all the topics 🙂

  37. A championship is ….
    in scale 1 in 10 will 15 000 000
    That is the record
    This out range the rivals!

    Olimipic stupidness company in Uk

  38. @Dutchland

    Yeee you alrigtit will come like in previouse date 25october 1 november and 2 november morning and every single morning untill 1 january 2012

  39. Did you know that being asshole you can gain the same popularity as being good comapny
    This the new rules provide by SE and Se like to being popular asshole

  40. @Simon ‘theMactivist’ Royal

    Yes 2.1 is on my phone just now. As I posted before I was not told an update was available, I merely initiated a reinstall and that was what I was given upon reboot.

  41. Is anyone in the UK able to test Yasuraka’s claims that a reinstall of the firmware via SEUS, even though it says the phone already has the latest firmware, installs 2.1.

    I can’t I’m at work.

  42. What do people come on here and throw insults directly at SE, it’s like people who shout at the TV, they can’t here you!!

    This is an ‘unofficial’ X10 site, you want to call them names go directly to!

  43. @Bob

    Im in UK with an unbranded, unlocked x10 mini pro phone from carphonewarehouse. Since I don’t have any valuable info on my phone that the default backup software can’t restore, I have decided to use the “repair” option on the PC Companion. Will update you on how it goes. Fingers crossed.

  44. @Bob
    I guess he thought it was a prank. It was my desperation that made me go through with it. 😛 It didn’t work. 1.6 still. I wish I could punch someone from Sony.

    The reinstall did speed up my phone though. Some consolation atleast……

  45. Back to hitting F5, it is then!

    Working in air traffic control I really should be concentrating on my work more, apologies if you’re stuck at Heathrow due to delays, but it’s SE UK’s fault….

  46. @Bob

    Yasuraka claimed that he reinstalled via SEUS, while I did it through PC C. Before we boo’ed him, I should have tried exactly what he said :P. Since I have some more spare time, I will try this too.

  47. To all the fanboys who typically keep making excuses for SE. Unbranded handsets in the UK have never had to wait with branded handsets for all the previous updates. So why now and in any case branded phones get their updates at different times depending on the operator.
    The simple truth is SE are not happy enough with the software to release it to any of their major markets.
    Fact is fact(to coin one of the worst fanboys your ever likely to come across) the thing just isn’t ready and they chose dishonesty rather than facing the music from angry users.
    When you see the update officially released for any of the major markets(UK, France, Germany, Italy, Holland e.t.c) then you’ll know it is ready. Until then nothing has changed from the situation we were in a few days ago except you can through one of the methods at xda, get the doggy Nordic version onto your phones.
    I will not be surprised if in the coming days, more bugs and issues are discovered by users with the Nordic version.

  48. Oooh! Well the 10:50 flight BA343 from Ibiza can circle for another ten minutes till AgentMak gets back to us!! Hope they’ve got enough fuel!

  49. I seriously doubt Android 2.1 is only 106.3 Mb. That is what the SEUS is downloading at the moment.

  50. From memory it was a UK Generic firmware I flashed with when I was debranding. I fully expected to wait a week or more for this so was in the process of going to change over to a nordic generic, thankfully I didnt need to go that far 🙂

    Haha you may boo me of course if this doesnt work for you, I hope it does though. Meanwhile I will go explore more of this update. So far it is all working smoothly and very little lag.
    P.S Angry Birds has to be the quirkiest game I have played in a long time

  51. @Bob and Ben: Well I have tried everything and failed. Its still 1.6. Where are the SE employees so I can punch one of them :@

  52. those who root or first flash to nordic den…upgrade to 2.1
    or those whose fone is from countries other than nordric & install update 2.1 nordic
    will face problems
    i did dat
    nd 😀 i came back to 1.6 😀
    il w8 wen germany gets the update

  53. Firstly hello to everyone, secondly I have just got off the phone to an o2 assistant, I asked what information she had on the se x10 2.1 update, she went off for a while and when she came back told me this ” I haven’t got any information on this update to tell you, sorry”. I asked her why she had no information and she told me this ” because the technical department refuse to release any information or make a comment”. Oo-er, me thinks i’m going to be waiting a while!!!

  54. I spoke to Orange on Sunday and asked them if they knew anything about the update.
    The team at orange are ACE and always helpfull and knowledgable. They said that they never get told about any updates and are normally last to know. They say they normally get told by the developers “oh by the way they now have this version”.

    Which seems about right as we are downloading it from SE not from orange.

  55. I emailed Virgin on friday. Still no reply. Us in the UK always get everything last because of all the silly laws and regulations.

  56. @ yasuraka
    If you give details or post a link on debarnding
    To the generic uk firmware you used to update
    To 2.1 ill try it on mine.

    I think mine is an unbranded x10i

    In the service menu ive got
    Model x10I
    United kingdom

    And the firmware is generic (after the number)
    Dont wanna go nordic but ill flash to a uk one to try the theroy!

  57. @worst regard SE
    @SE xmas card

    Boys, boys! Who you shouting at?

    SE? They’re not here! They don’t read this ‘unofficial’ blog. You could shout at anyone for the difference it would make.

    Tell you what I’ll join in….


    You’re right that does feel better…….

  58. It alll maakes sence now, thats why sony released that stuppppid pointless happinesss out appp for people in the uk. They knew about the delay alll loooong and try to make it bettter

  59. no joy so far… 🙁

    but after a reinstall of 1.6 now i cant get to hotmail in the browser lol
    used to be able to but now it wont load.. ?? anyone come across this?

  60. Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!

    It’s a fake! Although any date would have been OK, at least it would have meant I could have taken a break from these blimin X10 sites

  61. Well, I decided to say feck it and took the plunge and am pleased to say I am now running 2.1 on my x10 mini, many thanks to all the developers at xda for their work. There is absolutely no lag and I have to say I’m rather impressed although the full version of Angry Birds is taking a while to download! 😉

  62. @ yasuraka (if your still about lol)

    what version of the uk generic did you debrand to??
    UK Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016)
    UK Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA020) – i believe this one to be the most recent
    but obviously not totally upto date i think thats 026..

    if i cant get it to work with the uk one i think im gonna debrand to a nordic one and try it then but keep a backup of the original uk firmware im on now to go back to when the proper uk update comes out lol

    sorry but im getting sick sore and f***ed off with the waitin lol

  63. @ F*** Se and SEclowns
    Elaborate….. Are you HTC lovers or even worse (Sh)I(te)Phone lovers?

  64. Just realised how appropriate the Logo and slogan is on the SE UK twitter page:

    Sony Ericsson – make.believe

    Yes that really is all you get from SE fairy tales and make

  65. i heard the uk version is taking ages cos they’re gonna have loads of spy monitor stuff so they can tell if we’re gay or not and stuff like that.

  66. Fed up waiting an hypothetic update, and I didn’t want a nordic firmware,so I flashed with a generic global 2.1 firmware. Really easy and what a new phone it is! Everything works fine.

    Don’t be afraid , JUST DO IT !

  67. Official X10 update is coming out on the 5 November 2010.
    improved and new features are coming our way according to a Sony Ericsson Representative I just spoke to you in London, these include :

    HD camera for X10 : upgraded to 10mp ( better than that of the Vivaz and iphone4 )

    CPU performance increases drastically : up to 1.5GHz ( 500MHz faster )

    Ultimate 3D gaming experience : games of up to 400MBs in size for download

    PS3/Bravia compatible using wireless technology : sync X10 to PS3 or Bravia Television to view pictures/videos ect. X10 can also be used as a wireless remote to either PS3 or Bravia Televison

    Unlimited e-mail accounts

    battery usage of upto 48 hours stand by

    install apk ( android applications ) straight to SD card, saving phone storage. 64Gb card support ( coming by December 5th 2010 )

    Live Streaming of the UEFA Champions League for free ( internet data plan or wifi needed )

    Live Wallpapers and upto 10 home screens that are capable of running simultanoeusly.

    Theme support ( additional application needed called pimpmyandroid )

    mediascape/facebook/skype/youtube ect. big improvements ( great new interfaces )

    Lock/Unlock phone with voice command or personal signature

    Call recorder

    shake function for song switching or volume control

    improved bluetooth function

    all i know thus far, will update once new information in known.

  68. Hey Guys!

    I am having generic global FW on x10i and the phone says connect to PC for update….can anyone confirm if this is really 2.1?

  69. it is certainly not. its just a lie for now to keep customers excited with hope. by the end of the week our official updates will arrive.

  70. x10 mini new features with update 2.1 :
    7 MP camera with autofocus
    Live Wallpaper
    800MHz processor update
    Better bluetooth functions

  71. I swear guys PC companion is telling me update is going to be ready and will promote me for update after it finishes…hope it is 2.1 😀

    Generic global firmware x10i

  72. I gave up in the end and went with the nordic FW to 2.1… Interestingly, once you update, in the software info says:

    File System Version:

    Does this mean that SE are just going to make all generic versions under 1 umbrella? It will certainly speed up updates in the future if it is the case. 🙂

  73. it wont update you stupid idiot! why dont you dumb kunts listen??!!
    there is no official update YET!! onlt a beta update has been released.

    Yahia you are soo fucking stupid.

  74. PCC is downloading currently while I am speaking 2.1 update. that’s for sure…fuck off meme!!! you seem to be SE attacker 😛 ()|()

  75. meme you lil.e you can;t upgrade cpu. it only do 1 gz . cant make it faster by a upgrade bum ass. and where you getting 5th from ?

  76. @mr t… you find me stupid not to be sure of what is being downloaded or not…by the way I am working in the field of IT as software testing engineer so I AM FUCKEN SURE OF WHAT I SAY (2.1 UPDATE FOR GENERIC GLOBAL X10i VIA PCC) (o_O) feuw???!!!!!

  77. u lie. you fucking stupid piece of shit!! your mothers kunt!!!

    its going to work as fast as that!! 1.5GHz you puss!
    the old firmware didnt allow such speed, now with the update the phones in gonna be much faster, and i said upto 1.5GHz you fucking arse!!

  78. Yahia. go shove your tongue up your dads asshole!
    what does IT have to do with the X10 Update you puss! you dont fucking listen its a beta update asswhipe!!

  79. Official X10 update is coming out on the 5 November 2010.
    improved and new features are coming our way according to a Sony Ericsson Representative I just spoke to you in London, these include :

    HD camera for X10 : upgraded to 10mp ( better than that of the Vivaz and iphone4 )

    CPU performance increases drastically : up to 1.5GHz ( 500MHz faster )

    Ultimate 3D gaming experience : games of up to 400MBs in size for download

    PS3/Bravia compatible using wireless technology : sync X10 to PS3 or Bravia Television to view pictures/videos ect. X10 can also be used as a wireless remote to either PS3 or Bravia Televison

    Unlimited e-mail accounts

    battery usage of upto 48 hours stand by

    install apk ( android applications ) straight to SD card, saving phone storage. 64Gb card support ( coming by December 5th 2010 )

    Live Streaming of the UEFA Champions League for free ( internet data plan or wifi needed )

    Live Wallpapers and upto 10 home screens that are capable of running simultanoeusly.

    Theme support ( additional application needed called pimpmyandroid )

    mediascape/facebook/skype/youtube ect. big improvements ( great new interfaces )

    Lock/Unlock phone with voice command or personal signature

    Call recorder

    shake function for song switching or volume control

    improved bluetooth function

    all i know thus far, will update once new information in known

  80. F**k Me i come on here to find out news about updates, but all i get is a bunch of stupid childish pricks, that haven’t got anything better (or a life) to do than to type bullshit about something that most people care about.. for f***s sake go and play on you wi`s and hit some virtual big headed character, while wishing your daddy paid you more attention to you when you used to piss the bed… you poor excuse of human beings…

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  82. @ Chris

    Details please. What phone model? What network? Branded?

    How did you find out about the update, was it on the phone on SEUS? Is it legit or did ya hack your phone?

  83. its legit , and its x10i
    firmware 2.1
    build number ?
    ive nown about it for a while been waiting for it for ages, did it through the sony ericsson update service , not pc companion
    at the moment im restoring all my contacts messages and shit .. 🙂

  84. yea… right…

    and i just fucked cleopatra and the queen of sheba with 18″ dildos..
    while jessica alba hummed on my balls..

    oh yea my uk 2.1 update just finished downloading too!
    hows that for a slice of fried bullshite?

  85. ffs for those of you who are flashing ur phones when it eventually bricks on you or the apps that arent offical start fu**ing your phone dont come crying on here just wait ffs.

  86. @ Chris

    I think you might be the lucky one!! I havnt had mine yet, although your facebook link isnt working my friend!!

  87. is it not ? is it something to do with privacy settings ?
    and i dont see why the other guy starts acting like im lieing out of my arse and beeing a prick … if i was going to lie ide make up a much more stupid lie than ive actually got it and shit ide make out asif the video recording was actually 1080p or some shit

  88. @ chris

    sorry to sound bitter and bitchy, im off my meds..

    nah but seriously tho dude.. this update malarkey has got me strung up a bit
    as we all know SE are dragging the mutha-fukin-livin-daylights out of it now..

    and im sure you mentioned you had the same phone as myself (well phone specifics)
    so even the slightist touch of hope is magnified into a gigantic fukin rainbow
    of colourful 2.1 uk update happyness.. (ok that might be ott)

    but ive had a long shitty day partly to do with this update and to do with a
    gas explosion that happened today.. peeps that are resident in the uk
    should know what im referring too..

    anyway im gonna be a grumpy SE hater for a while until they release 2.1..

    (in a low monotone un-enthueseastic dyslexic groan)
    fffffuuuuukkkkkkkk sssssooooonnnnyyyyy eeeerrrriiiicccccsssssssoooonnnnnnnnnn

  89. every1 chill pill, you’ll get 2.1, but hav u ever thought wen will we (x10 owners) get 2.2,

  90. i do agree with you , sony ericsson have really dragged this on and taken the utter piss to realise this , and its even worse they arent ever going to release 2.2 or higher out ..
    and im abit annoyed that the update seems to be abit laggy but startup cleaner pro and a restard should fix that if not then they better fix it quick
    and btw yes in the pic my sony ericsson has a black digitizer and a white shell 😉

  91. lol sorry chris im not on facebook lmao!

    look hey man if you got it, you got it i dont really wanna fall out with anyone,
    but i tried and no joy… hence my reaction above..

    but i did get some weirdness.. when i tried the first time (seus) it didnt recognise my phone
    lol so that made me like wtf??

  92. Just run update service and nothing for me yet in South UK 🙁

    @Chris …your pic isn’t working for me with the new link either :S

  93. black digitizer and a white shell…

    but i will ask about the above.. EH? lol

    black digitizer?

  94. and lastly ill say the little cover for the usb connection on my phone has been opened
    and closed over the last 3 days more than a hookers legs on overtime…

  95. anyway guys and gals and creatures of the night
    im calling it a night.. ill check back again tomorrow 🙂

    @ chris – glad yuo got the update dude, not all of us may have it yet but at least its
    begining to slip through the cracks which is at least a sure sign were getting closer..

    all this over an update lol geeks will be geeks lol

    (says the guy who learns how to configure dns and web servers in his spare time)

  96. @ Chris

    Could you tell us the steps you went through to get this update?? Also did u flash the firmware?

  97. i just went on the sony ericsson update thing , did what it said to do , turn my phone of and plug it back in whilst holding the back button and all that , and it came up ..
    and i havent altered it in anyway i dont no how to haha

  98. looking good Chris…dam you, lol

    im going to sleep too, so hopefully tomorrow will bring good news *cough*

    night 🙂

  99. infact yes i did but it wasent a notification , i went to
    settings – about phone – software update and then it said there was an update available with hd recording ect… and to do it on the computer , you can obvuisly imagine how excited i got haha and the sony ericsson pc companion still said it was up to date so i did it through the update centre and it did it

  100. I’m from the U.K, and I now have this update. When I connected to the computer SE PC Companion said I have the latest software, but when I went into Settings>About Phone>Software Update and clicked Update, it came up with a sign saying update available.
    After that I just plugged it into the computer (with pc companion still saying I have the latest software) and updated regardless, and now I have 2.1..

  101. @ Rolex

    What network you on mate? Is it branded or unbranded? Which part the uk you from? as im in the midlands and nothing on my unbranded one

  102. anyone else trying that. i did it earliar but lost all my contacts even though i backed it up and still was only running on 1.6

  103. I must sleep now. You 2 were very lucky. Still waiting here on virgin/generic firmware. We will get it just stay calm.

  104. @Ben The Phone is unbranded, and I’m from London. Have you checked whether yours is unbranded in the service menu? Seems odd if not all U.K people are getting the update. Its tough waiting, but rest assured, the update is highly polished. Atleast you dont have to wonder whether its worth going through the trouble of updating! Its slow upon first start up, must be alot of background processes goin on prepping the phone for 2.1, but after about half an hour and a couple of restarts..its blindingly fast..!
    Feel so relieved that its done..and doubly so having experienced the wallpapers, hd apps, hd camera (be patient first 30 mins or so, system tasks slow playback/recording but this does subside, and it is much, much better)

    I hope it makes it a bit easier for all of you to wait knowing its infact worth that wait!

  105. Yea still waiting for ORANGE UK… I’m in India so hopefully by evening today. Fingers crossed

  106. nothing on pc companion either … Anyone in the UK with a branded handset have it yet ?

    which networks ?

  107. My mrs is on t-mobile uk, just checked hers and no update yet. Did send t-mobile a tweet, they replied saying they have no set dates yet for the update???

  108. UK orange here. clicked on repair.. now stuck on “please wait..”
    how long does it take?

  109. I have an Unbranded/Generic/Virgin supplied X10 Mini Pro in UK.

    Still no update via phone, SEUS or PCC. No notification either.

    Some X10 UK people have reported updates being available, some even got a notification.
    Any UK Mini or Mini Pro users updated officially?

  110. Updated my X10 last night in the UK by rooting and changing firmware to Nordic. Worked a treat and took about 10mins.

    2.1 is good. Not life changing but makes a good phone (which it was before the update) even better.

  111. A new day…and still…nothing!!!

    @Sharif….i don’t think your supposed to be clicking on repair…more like update?

  112. I have just carried out a check now and my phone says an update is available, I’m in the UK on O2 network. I’ll keep you guys posted if it works.

  113. @John

    Let us know. You got an O2 branded X10 or using an unbranded one on the O2 network.

    Keep us informed. I got an x10 Mini Pro from Virgin nothing here. A few reports this morning of UK people getting updates. Fingers crossed it is coming in the next couple of days at most.

  114. Im on o2, and nothing 🙁

    I bought my phone from ebay…how do you find out if its unbranded or not…i think it is :S

  115. I don’t know what your all excited about. More apps don’t work with this custom made android, there’s bugs, its confusing and a fuss to use. I’m putting putting 1.6 back on my phone once I’ve rooted it to change my brand back to the united kingdom. If you like a smooth, clean phone that doesn’t mess you about, don’t upgrade.

  116. Yet again people are getting fooled by idiots who come on here and pretend that the update is available just to get a rise out of people. It isn’t in the UK yet, it would be announced by Sony Ericsson first. Don’t waste your time trying.

  117. I genuinely have the update.

    If you can’t wait then go to the XDA developers website and check out how to debrand to Nordic.

    I have done this and the phone is exactly the same. Market is in pounds, it finds my t-mobile network fine and my 3G works a treat.

    It’s a great easy way to get 2.1 with out all the waiting.

  118. @covered, you can put the phone back to the way it was when you first baught it 🙂 so no, it doesn’t mess up your warranty.

  119. @Puddy Cat

    Agreed, when it’s released in the UK, I will just flash it back to UK firmware.

    Happy days for all.

  120. I think SE are treating us like you would treat a child throwing a tantrum. They’ll ignore us till we stop kicking and screaming, then they’ll turn round and say “Have you calmed down now? OK here you here’s 2.1” and pat us on the head as we go skipping off.

    Till next time!

  121. lol @ Bob

    “pat us on the head as we go skipping off”

    so no more info yet then? seems their twitter has fallen down dead,
    last tweet was about 20 hrs ago.. ahh the sweet agony of want versus wait..

    reminds me of being a child again..

  122. Yeah, I’m trying the technique of, if I ignore it maybe I’ll be pleasant surprised when I get home tonight…..

    It’s not working very well, F5 is still getting a good workout!

  123. @Simons, that’s exactly what I’m doing 🙂 I can’t even restore my backup with thus Swedish version? Says file can’t be read. Did you have this problem? I think its because I edited the system file.

  124. Updated my X10i last night in the UK by rooting and changing one of the system files to indicate region was Nordic. Connected to PC and 2.1 installed cleanly – bit of jiggery pokery required to get contacts showing and had to D/L all apps again – but phone is running smoothly now.

    Been off charge for 6 hours and battery only dropped approx 10% thus far.

  125. @Puddy Cat

    Never tried the back up in all honesty.

    Still quite impressed with 2.1.
    SE have done a good job with it, expecially the phonebook. before it was a pile of crap but now the phonebook is actually useful and the call screen is actually useable now. Also found messaging to be better set out.

    All in all well done SE.

  126. basically guys im all set to join the dark side and go nordic…
    ive got a uk, customized, generic x10 i

    ive just rooted it, found how to edit the file…

    thing is im unsure about doing it.. i dont really want the nordic firmware
    but i want 2.1 lol and at present this seems like the only way to get it NOW.

    has anyone in the uk (thats following this forum) done it yet?
    and if so is there a way to revert and update to the uk firmware
    after installing the nordic?

    i have seen that 2,1 can be rooted so i imagine the same technique would work in reverse

    but i dont know….

    points of view anyone?

    P.S – ive not gone through with the update yet but i have tried /settings/about phone/software update and sure enough with the edited default.prop file the update shows… motherfuxer lol

    having a real bad crisis of consience here…

  127. @TylerDurden

    I know what you mean. So tempted to say f*ck it and go nordic. Desperate for 2.1 but would really like to wait for the official uk one but it depends on how long its gonna be.

    SE really need to get their act together. This is a shambles.

  128. @TylerDurden

    Go for it. I can’t even tell that there is a difference between the Nordic and the UK firmware.

    Eveyrthing is exactly the same. Language is in english, market is in £’s, its all the same.

    Go for it man…you won’t regret it.

  129. @ jpspringall


    its quite simple to root and edit but the instructions are a touch choppy on there so..

    the links you need to download the tools to do the job are in !green!
    when you have downloaded them connect your x10i and i think ONLY X10 I !!!
    to your pc and drop the two apk files in a folder on your memory card (i just made one called root suff and copied them into there)

    disconnect from pc and at this point you will need a file browser for your phone (i use OI file manager, free from the market)

    open the oi file manager and locate your folder, tap to go into it and then run the apk’s in this order…

    1st – X10Root (it will have on screen instructions so dont worry just tap “root” and wait for a mo!!)

    then restart phone and install the “root.explorer” (again there are on screen instructions so please read carefully!!!!!!)

    after that its a matter of editing the default.prop..

    you want to start the root explorer from your app menu (slide up from the bottom and look for root explorer lol) when its open flick to the bottom and go into the “system folder”
    then find the “default.prop” file long press and from the pop up menu slide down and tap edit as txt file

    the main bulk of the instructions are on the website but ive gone through most of it as there were bits that were not very well explained..

    and lastly!!!!!

    these are the 3 lines you will need to edit to be sure it works..
    they are all in the top 6 lines but BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    when done press the left button and then save and exit. and it does save a backup of your
    original file..

    also lol

    i take no responcibility for my spelling, or any bricking of phones that might occur..
    im having enough trouble deciding if i wanna do it myself..

    ps – sorry for the delay on replying!

  130. Had the day off work today due to the tube strike and decided to do the Nord flash thing. So glad I did. Just got a text from Orange stating that an update will be available in the “next few weeks”. This 2.1 is lovely. Like a new phone again:) I love you SE you lagging ba$tards:)

  131. @TylerDurden

    Yep did mine last night.

    Pretty much the same way way you listed.

    REally easy and takes 10 mins or so.

    Go for it….be free.

  132. Hey all
    I was on UK Vodafone and went to nordic all is good! Back up the default.prop file on phone so can revert if required 🙂 enjoy

  133. @ anyone! lol

    can you get a program that lets you browse the root of the x10i on your pc to make a backup
    copy of the default.prop on your pc?

  134. Forgot to say use root explorer and it makes backup of default.prop when u save it. Saves on as card

  135. @ bungle

    thanks for that found it!! and saved a copy of it to the mem card!

    downloading the 2.1 update now screw SE UK lol ill post back later on with results!

  136. Help please. I followed the instructions above and have Nordic 2.1 but the market won’t let me download. It just stays stuck at “starting download”. Thanks.

  137. @Ben21
    Go to settings->Applications->Manage Applications
    Find Market and delete all the data in it….i had same problem few weeks ago but I’m choosing to get 2.1 legitimately so at the time i was on 1.6, you might of jus fuc*ed your market LOL
    but it might work 😀 haha

  138. Cleared the cache and all ok. Just wondered what would happen if i changed my prop file back to its original settings?

  139. Hey guys! Back and runnin 2.1 🙂

    Must say its rather lush lol

    My market works fine!! Might be a network clog?
    That or a restart needed. Mine was laggy to begin with
    But it seems to be sortin its self out nicely 🙂

  140. Why are so many people still talking about going the Nordic fw route when XDA has put a post up that includes a Generic Global fw version with a very simple to use flash tool.
    You just download the tool/fw (its all included in the one download), start it up, follow the instruction, and 5-10 minutes later you got Global Generic 2.1 fw installed and ready to go, sod the Nordic one lol…

  141. @Jamie

    You’re so right.

    Downloaded the generic global FW, flashing took ten minutes, first boot about 3 minutes. Was a bit slow for ten minutes but now I’m reveling in speedy 2.1 goodness. 🙂

    No rooting, no Nordic FW…’s the way to go. And you can always flash back to 1.6 if you want to go the “official” route – hope you’ve got plenty of patience on that one!

    You need to update the DeviceID text file with you’re device ID (get it after you connect the X10 via USB). If you don’t know how to find your device ID on Windows then you really shouldn’t be messing with flashing your phones ROM!!!

  142. Forgot to say…my contacts and settings were wiped but I just re-synced with google and phone book was back.

    Use “Settings > Sony Ericsson > Settings Download” to automatically get your internet, mms etc settings.

    I’m on Orange UK and everything is working fine.

  143. So am i Stephen…i don’t think the instructions are very good for it…in fact, theres none!

    Any help?

  144. tell me about it!¬! i’m slightly confused at the question “please connect Xperia in flash mode.” i’m not sure what this is, maybe usb debugging mode? i’m not sure, the instructions could be a bit more clear.

  145. i know they usually say, if you have no idea what things mean you shouldnt be touching it, but hey i’m a smart guy given the right instructions, just because i dont know what it means doesnt mean i cant learn or understand.

  146. Flash mode is hold down the back button while pluggin in the usb lead from power off…
    I get an error after doing that though :S

  147. i’d got the id from the device properties and updated the device id text file but thats as far as i got

  148. @ Stephen & James

    These are the steps I used to flash the ROM, I accept no responsibility if you brick your phone!!!

    1. Plug X10 into PC and get device ID (in device manager)
    2. Run SE Update Service to ensure drivers are installed (don’t worry about actually doing an update). Windows should inform you once the drivers are installed via a popup in the taskbar.
    3. Decompress the download
    4. Open the DeviceID file and change the value to the device ID you got in step 1 and save the file
    5. Unplug the X10
    6. Turn off X10 and leave for 30 seconds – DO NOT TURN BACK ON
    7. Hold the Back key on X10 and plug back into PC, a green light should appear on the X10 – release the back key when you see the green light
    8. On the PC run the X10flash batch file
    9. Wait for the prompt telling you it is complete (say “Press key to continue” I think when finished). Press enter and window should disappear
    10. Unplug X10
    11. Switch X10 on. It takes about three minutes to power up when you first turn it back on after flashing and you will see a picture of a camera and blue arrow. DON’T PANIC, be patient and let it finish the boot progress.
    12. You will now see the 2.1 setup screen

    Enjoy 🙂

    Steps 1-5 here explain flashing process, this is where I got the steps
    If you get an error saying java isn’t a valid command add the java path to the environment variables, see third post here:

  149. i used the longest device id and it did the same, just wiped it clean. i’ve heard you need to install the 32bit java if you’re running windows 7 64bit but when i try to get the 32 it tells me i already have it and when i go for the 64bit it says i also have that so now i’m stuck

  150. and there was me thinking i’d get this all done before bed time and be happy annoying my fiance in bed by playing with 2.1 all night!!

  151. @Stephen

    You only need to include the last bit of the device ID that looks similar to 5&2A641D06&0&2

    I’m running 64 bit Windows 7 with 32bit Java, not sure if it makes a difference but you could uninstall 64bit java and install 32 bit.

  152. My device id comes as 2 different ones just like James’, they are as follows, which would be correct?


  153. I have the right device id(s) so why is it not connecting…when are you supposed to let go of the back button for it to connect?

  154. As Porksome said though it should look similar to 5&2A641D06&0&2
    …i have something like that, which is why this suckkkks, lol

  155. i’ve released it at various points and still get the java update, just uninstalled java and got the 32bit version and still get the damn error lol

  156. Phone must be switched off when you plug it in.

    Hold the back button as you plug it in until you see the green light appear.

  157. @Porksome

    is my device id correct? or am i looking at the wrong thing? i’m going into devices, sony ericsson x10i, properties, hardware, then selecting the x10 i sony ericsson s0101 then into properties, details then hardware id.

  158. Open regedit then, Quoted from XDA devs link,

    “In the Registry Editor that pops up, click on Computer, press CTRL+F, and search for this: USB\Vid_0fce&Pid_adde\

    After it’s finished finding, on the right side you’ll see DeviceInstance, then it says REG_SZ, then it says something like USB\Vid_0fce&Pid_adde\5&270d2a78&0&3
    You’ll need that last bit (in this example: 5&270d2a78&0&3 Yours would probably be different). This is your DeviceID (you’ll need it soon!)

    Note: You may have multiple of these if you plugged the USB cord into many USB ports on your computer. Each USB port will give a different DeviceID, so if you have more than one DeviceID, you’ll have to choose one, and if it doesn’t work you will have to choose another one.”

  159. and at what stage do you press the any key to continue?
    i get…

    INFO: start Unable to open channel, GetLastError=0
    at com.sonyericsson.cs.usbflashnative.impl.USBFlashNativelmpl.openChannel(Native Method)
    at X10flash.main(
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException
    at jave.lang.String.(init)(Unknown Source)
    at X10flash.testPluged(
    at X10flash.main(
    Press any key to continue…

    Closes, Notepad empty 🙁

  160. That would make sence for why i have 2 device id’s 🙂
    Im playing with them though, and nothing!

  161. ok i got mine, only have 1. tried again, bloody java error again, although this time the device id changed in the text file and has stayed

  162. Just checking the process and think I see the prob.

    Run the X10flash.bat
    choose the OS version
    plug in phone hold back key then release when you see green light
    THEN press enter

    Didn’t make steps 6&7 clear in my original post…apologies.

  163. ‘java’ is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

  164. This is because the environment variable for java isn’t set. type “Java is not recognised as an internal or external command” into google, it will explain how to fix it.

    Or change the java command to the full path of the java binary file.

  165. Still nothing, thats how i’ve been doing it all along anyway…
    Do you have to have the memory card in for it to work…looking at the device id bit, it mentions something about the SEMC flash device :S

  166. Didn’t wipe my memory card, photos and such are still on it. DID wipe anything in phone memory.

  167. booted up the phone, theres a little picture of a camera and an arrow pointing down on the phone im all tingly and excited!!!
    now the sony ericsson logo…..oooh……..i think im going t bed happy.

    James its on and its working finally. my device id was strange i found the one in regedit as porksome stated then put that in the file. when i failed the first time it actually changed that id in the text file and then it worked.

  168. I think the fact it deletes my DeviceID means something is wrong
    I have just done the java thing you said, made sure thats all working…so now god knows! Lol

  169. Thanks man…im going to do a computer restart, solves some probs, maybe will help this time, lol
    Night, enjoy 2.1…very jealous!

  170. Nice one Stephen, enjoy 🙂

    James, i found the ID was deleted if i didn’t plug the phone in before pressing enter after choosing the OS in the batch file.

  171. Computer restarted, and still the same.
    You have confussed me with that Porksome…im letting go of back button once lights green, and then im pressing enter to continue…is that right?

  172. this is the sequence I used (make sure you have the deviceID in the file and its saved).

    Disconnect phone
    Turn off phone
    run the X10flash batch file
    select OS, press enter
    When prompted, hold back button on X10, plug into PC (still holding back button) then release button when you see the green light
    now press enter to continue (on PC) and sit back and wait, LOTS of line of text will scroll by

  173. I only seem to get that error if my phone isn’t connected or the DeviceID file is blank.

    I’ve got to get some sleep now but I’ll come back tomorrow evening to see how you got on.

  174. Thanks guys…im on another version of the flash now, seeing if i can get it to work through that 🙂

  175. @ you lot

    you guys trying to flash a “global generic firmware” ver of 2.1 ?

    i went the root method, had nordic 2.1 up and runnin on my x10i today 🙂
    just flashed back to a uk, customized, generic 1.6 to make sure i can revert
    and get the proper uk 2.1 when it arrives 🙂

    but in the meantime im gonna stick 2.1 back on lol
    might sound like a lot of pissing about but its piss easy to do really!
    it the feckin waitin thats the hard part lol

    well good luck guys! hope ya get there with the global!

  176. I have tried EVERY SINGLE COMBINATION OF BLOOMIN BACK BUTTON PRESSING, DEVICE ID, And i just CAN’T get it to find my phone…

    *cries* :'(

  177. Im well aware that im talking to myself at this stupid hour in the morning…
    But its failed…had the cam on the phone, just keeps restarting though 🙁
    Take 2

  178. ps, I tried Tyler Durdens method which he posted but failed at the last hurdle because my default.prop file looks different;


    I wonder if thats something specific to 3UKs firmware settings.
    Im with you guys and dont really want the Nordic firmware and would much prefer global….I was going to wait as well but since most of us UK customers have branded handsets we may be waiting a while.

  179. Well…that was abit of luck…
    It screwed up, so i used SE Update Service to restore…and it gave me 2.1!
    Dear Sony Ericsson…you don’t half know how to make our lives a bloody missery sometimes!
    Anyway, my bed time…i’ll check back with you soon 🙂

  180. @ Antony

    that seems a bit strange for a default.prop..

    im guessing your on a branded 3 mobile x10i are ya?

    you might be able to get round it be flashing to an unbranded generic uk firmware
    root yer phone, edit the .prop and away ya go..

    but i guess it depends on how desperate you are to get 2.1 lol

  181. @Tyler durden,

    yeah its a 3UK handset and that default.prop looks locked down!
    Ive rooted the phone which I wanted anyway so might juts wait now. Im not really keen on those XDA guides for flashing….dont know which flashtool link I need.

  182. Hello everyone, good morning to u, anyone got any idea when x10 on 3 network in the UK will be getting this update?

  183. @wunderloaf
    Now there’s the million dollar question! Currently we’re probably closer to finding out the location of Lord Lucan then we are of finding out how long “a couple of days” are in the SE world!

  184. @wunderloaf
    No, no I’ve heard the Lord Lucan ‘is’ Sony Ericsson and he sits in his volcano lair holding onto the update and laughing up his sleeve has he sees productivity drop across the globe as people sit and wait! He’s actually got an Xperia X15 running Android 3.4!!

  185. I just received a text from Orange. It reads as follows:

    “Great news. In the next few weeks there’ll be a software update for your Sony Ericsson X10. For more information go to”

    Fuck this, I’m gonna flash the thing….

  186. Me three lmao…lmao indeed such a joke, but hey, at least its better than SE, they told us 2 days before the update, at least i know when im getting it for real now 🙂

  187. I got that txt message from orange yesterday too even though my phones unbranded. I did a manual update last night to 2.1 using the flashtool over at xda.

  188. Info from 3 UK

    Bob on November 4, 2010
    Not sure where else to post this question on 3, no real forum to speak of.
    Can I ask when 3 will roll out the Android 2.1 upgrade for Xperia X10. Have been monitoring sonyericcsonuk on Twitter and they have said they are waiting on the Networks approval.
    Any info gratefully received.

    Moderator on November 4, 2010
    @ Bob- It is currently going through testing so should be with you in the next few weeks.

    ****** sigh!!!!!!!!!!! **************

  189. just wondering…
    anyone else think someone is gonna get sacked from SE
    for the piss take of a firmware roll out?

    maybe its like industrial espionage?
    the dude in charge has been hired by apple or microsoft to “sabotage” the 2.1 x10 release lol

    no one shall have 2.1 untill another million iphones and windows phones are sold!!
    and a little renegade faction stole the nordic 2.1 and let it fly..
    and splinter cells around the world are trying to crack it for their region lol which would explain why the update appears for the “random odd lucky x10 user” lol


  190. Hey guys and gals!
    Just asked in a virgin mobile shop about 2.1 and he
    Had no idea what I ment lol he started talkin bout
    Froyo lol

    I got a little closer with a vodaphone shop who
    Said a couple of weeks 🙁

    Either way still fek all about a uk generic 2.1

  191. Im gonna stop visiting this site and forget the update for now to get on with my life. 1 month would pass and the update is there waiting for me to download.

    Im pretty sure it isnt impossible to do LOL

  192. this is bollocks iv had this phone since it was released. with in two months i start reading all the talk about the update. multi touch and hd video recording 16 million colours and guess wot no multi touch no 16 million colour screen no flash player so wot is the point ov this update. wot r the real benefits i hope not just hd vid recording cos not that much seems to have changed its like buyin a ps3 80 gig and then havin an upgrade to a 120 gig not really much ov a difference just a little queiter and smaller is that all we r gettin from this update

  193. im gettin frustrated at how long this is taking i no it soon but come on iv been waiting for fucking ages for this and now i have a message off orange sayin and i quote great news. in the next few weeks there will be a software update for your sony ericsson x10. wtf next few weeks when others already have it in other countrys thats really takin the piss

  194. WTF Its been a few days and what cant you do that you have the last 8 months to do? after this phone i is never buys from Se again :@

  195. Hi guys,

    I seem to have lost my 3G reception after rooting and upgrading to 2.1. I do get a signal but its got the letter R next to it and Ive made sure roaming is disabled in the settings so Im not sure what else to do??
    I thought I read somewhere somebody else had this problem also? what was the solution or possible fix?
    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

  196. Im on UK generic. Was on O2 before I did the debrand tutorial possted on this site a while a go.

    Using SEUS and its upgrading, cant wait 😀

  197. yoyoyoyo i think update is now available for all of us in UKkkkkkkkkkk mine found an update im updating nowwww generic on unlocked 3 network very happyyyyy

  198. OH YESS
    Installed, rebooted and its lovely. Im sure my social and love life would infinately get better with the new 2.1 firmware :p

    Guys UK its definately on now. Have a go.

    Sorry I did lie about me not login on this site for a months haha.

  199. Most immediate disappointment is that the option to have Timescape as the homepage has gone. 🙁
    I don’t want my phone to look like a bog-standard Android! I love Timescape!

  200. Finally getting update in uk. Checked my phone this morning (no update notification) thro settings, about phone, update software and was told an update was avaiable. Connected to SEUS and it’s updating my phone as I type this. Can’t wait !!!!!!!
    Phone is X10i, uk, customized on the orange network

  201. Yaaaay good times!!! Update is coming through.
    Customised UK generic X10i
    Even though the im on orange and they told me it will be a few weeks till “their” update is available.
    How long have I been waiting for this.
    Good times!!!

  202. Nuts!
    After the “few weeks” comments yesterday, I didn’t check this morning, now I’m at work. I’m a fool!
    Anyone getting it on UK 3 branded?
    Also anyone with the UK FW see any UK additions, reasons why testing took so long?

  203. Still nothing in Belgium either.
    I’ve never seen such an amateuristic roll out of software…

  204. God knows why there was a picture on the phone with a camera and a down pointing blue arrow. Waited for a while then pressed the camera button and the phone progressed to the SE logo. That was a bit of a scare I thought SEUS bricked me phone lol

  205. Are you guys serious. I have an X10 mini on the 3 network in the U.K and it says my phone is up to date on all software. I have tried P.C companian and seus so what can I do??

  206. I feel sorry to those who rooted and changed their phone to nordic and brick their phone. Only to find out that UK 2.1 is rolling out today.

    Reminded me of this guy I was helping out on a forum who wanted to mod his xbox 360. He couldnt wait for the parts to arrive so he took parts from old electronics equipment. He procede to mod and bricked his xbox 360. Then the parts he ordered online turned up a few hours later LOL.

  207. No ive got an unbranded UK x10i.
    They keyboard has inproved. reminds me of using HTC hero on 1.6.
    Im in the setup screens and this phone is soo much faster.
    OMG This is now the best phone on the market.
    HTC Desire HD has batter issues.
    Galaxy S has only 5mp camera.
    Im sooo glad im patient.
    Well worth the wait.

  208. @Chris
    As a wise man once said, “patience is a virtue”……….
    Saying that though, I’m with 3 and with their track record I might have to de-brand!

  209. I would debrand to UK RB….026 and go from there.
    I cant imagine this phone getting much better.
    Couldnt really give a toss about 2.2

  210. Still no update availabl on my x10 O2, custom branded, handset. Is there any need for me to “de-brand” my phone?

  211. Hi

    Anyone with a Mini Pro in the UK got an update this morning? Just checked on my phone and it says up to date, haven’t checked using SEUS yet.

    Mine came from Virgin, but it has no branding and uses generic firmware (pretty sure it does).


  212. I think the updates is for the unbranded UK phone at the moment. Branded one to follow in months.

    When I first got my O2 X10i first thing I did was unbrand it cause I know O2 are slow with their updates. Be very careful though, you might brick your phone and thats the last thing you want. Once unbranded you will be enjoying the newest firmware release.

  213. Finally got it!

    I am on Orange UK.

    The update has made a good mobile phone even better.

  214. Hi

    How do you know if you have generic/global firmware or not? I am pretty sure I have as there is nothing Virgin related on my X10 Mini Pro, but still no update this morning.

    Have any UK Mini Pro users updated this morning? What is the generic firmware number?

    Also, are we getting notifications on the phone or is it via SEUS or PCC?

  215. I have an unbranded unlocked X10 mini pro, the firmware states : Generic World, which I am guessing is the same as Global Generic?
    No update yet, nothing on the phone or SEUS or PC companion.

  216. I can confirm 2.1 upgrade available on UK O2, custom branded handset from Carphone Warehouse. I was using PC Companion and not SEUS. Download and use SEUS and the update will be installed.

    Good times.

  217. just spoke with a 3 representitive online, they said 3 dont do the x10i !!!!!! i told them i have it in my hand lol, idiots

  218. Any news on the vodafone update? have tried seus amd pc companion but both say that i have the latest software!

  219. Hey guys!
    just flashed my x10i back from the nordic 2.1 to the UK customized generic firmware

    uninstalled/reinstalled SEUS

    hooked up ma phone and bang update available 🙂

    seems this is only for unbranded generic firmware
    ill post back when he install is finished 🙂

  220. one thing i have noticed right away is that the uk one
    is slightly smaller than the nordic
    nordic is about 164mb i think
    and the uk one is 156mb

    this is for the x10i tho dont know about the mini pro’s….

  221. Does any1 know if the update is available for Vodafone x10 users? I dont really want to debrand my fone if i dont need to…thanks.

  222. @TylerDurden
    hey bud im currently on generic world 2.1 was on uk generic 1.6 how did u go about the switch back? and what code did u use in the default/build.prop ? also have you noticed much difference overall? cheers

  223. Yip…can confirm UK 2.1 released (unbranded).

    I recieved the notification this morning after I tried OTA update..just in from work and installing now.

  224. Can anyone confirm that the uk 2.1 update (O2) is now available??

    I’m not having any luck getting it through PC Companion or SEUS….


  225. Hi

    Did the Mini and Mini Pro get updated the same time as X10 in other countries?

    Loads of people on here have reported UK X10 got 2.1 today, but no reports from Mini or Mini Pro users. My Virgin supplied unbranded/generic Mini Pro shows no update, nor does SEUS.

    Getting very impatient. Come on SE, get your arse in gear and roll this out properly.


  226. @ renzo

    i used a flash batch file i found on androidforums, you just need to locate your device id
    from your windows registry, and copy it to a txt file included in the files with the
    flash 🙂 start the flash hook up your x10i in flash mode and it the enter key
    to start the process.

    you will end up with the R…016 uk, customized, generic firmware which is in turn upgradeable to 2.1 via SEUS

    heres a linky 🙂

    its easier than it sounds and take only a few min to finish 🙂

  227. and to be honest the uk 2.1 seems a touch quicker at initilazing than the nordic 🙂
    and i think there is the odd difference in the settings menu..
    and! and lol the location thing works in google now, i couldnt get it to work
    with the nordic one.

    and the market seems hunky dorey too (angry birds is top! heard a number of peeps
    goin on about it and thought id check it out lol good laugh!)

    the only thing im a little disapointed in is that mediascape still doesnt have an option
    to create your own playlists… i find that a bit of a bummer as i like my tunes on the go 🙂
    but ive got a pspGo and a ipod shuffle, (one of the tiny ones lol) so im not with out
    but i think it would be sweet to have 🙂

    ive only tried on quick vid with the 720 hd res and it looks good! ill have to take the time to record something more than my bedroom lol

  228. hey guys……
    dont u still realize dat SE made us fools?????????????????

    Still begging for the update date?

    i wud like to shit on ur mama tits SE..

  229. Anyone in UK updated their X10 Mini or Mini Pro officially.

    There are loads of reports of X10 UK users updating today but no Mini or Mini Pro.


  230. @Simon
    we Simon im in the UK and with an x10i but no update, i have not seen anyone with a mini or mini pro saying that they have updated either, guess we will b the last to know lol

  231. Hey does anybody know when the eclair 2.1 update is coming out in south africa???
    Really want it to come soon for my x10, been waiting since sunday night, but nothing.
    Help really appreciated 🙂

  232. Virgin UK got mine this morning. 2.1 is ok. Battery is getting hot. Se backup and restore lost all my contacts luckily had them sync. Notice the little page browse icon is gone used this a lot for long long pages like this one, why remove it?

  233. anyway,want to get update through notification,not this we will get it soon on 3 network…

  234. Yes.

    My X10 Mini Pro updated tonight (UK, Virgin supplied, generic/unbranded). No problems with update and the phone is so much snappier.

    No notification, checked on the phone and it told me there was an update, connected it to SEUS and update started.

    New look and menus are great, a few new features, some tweaks and fixes. Continuous focus in video mode is good and works well.

    Overall I am very pleased. It is too early to tell for sure but it seems as if the battery has improved.

    The browser is a lot better, 3G reception seems better although it shows H instead of 3G in the top bar, wifi connects faster.

    A very welcome and fantastic update.


  235. SE Singapore is charging S$5.35 for android 2.1 upgrade (which is not available online in SG) at their service centres.