Arabic, Farsi fonts finally available for rooted Éclair Xperia X10’s

Arabic, Farsi fonts on Xperia X10There has been a large group of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 users that have managed to get by up until now by not having their native language support by the handset. In fact, in the run up to the Android 2.1 update, the demand for Arabic fonts in the Xperia X10 intensified. Whilst, the phone still does not support the fonts out of the box, there is finally a workaround for those using a rooted handset with the latest update.

medo18 from xda-developers has the fonts available to download (taken from another device) and some detailed instructions on how to get your X10 updated. Given the ease with which the Arabic fonts are implemented, it does make me wonder why Sony Ericsson, a supposedly global brand, couldn’t provide the fonts within the default firmware. You can check out the full instructions here.

Update: If you want to go that one step extra, and get deep system Arabic language support, then check out ce4arab where there are detailed steps to get this working. Thanks Khaled!

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  1. still no update..watafak SE..I start to doubt whether I will get the update or not..maybe not at all..

  2. “Why?” Simple. Same reason they’ve dragged out the update so long – they don\t care about the customer any more once they have your money for the original purchase. All they want now is for you to upgrade to a newer, shinier (more expensive) device. then rinse and repeat.

    We’ve seen this attitude all through the sad update saga, and will no doubt see it again as the newer devices begin to be released with (my guess) versions of Android closer to the original OS (less UXP crapware) and the X10 gets no real further upgrades. Despite the hardware being more than up to the task.

  3. Root your device and youll get the update. That’s not all! You’ll get Android Market also in your apps. My location is in Abu Dhabi. I did not wait for the update and rooted my x10 a couple of days ago… And work perfectly and smoothly.

  4. @ ilhan,

    I got this method from XDA developer. Fastest way of rooting. Let me remind you that your warranty will be gone after rooting.

    The fastest easiest way to debrand your X10 to Nordic firmware fo rthe Eclair update due out today.

    1. Root your X10i/a (See other posts)
    2. Download Root Explorer.apk (market)
    3. Open Root Explorer and navigate to /SYSTEM
    4. Push on white button in the right top corner of Root Explorer (This wil change R/O in R/W).
    5. Long Press on the file Default.prop and choose “Open in Text Editor”
    6. Change in the folowing lines the XXXX-XXXX (scroll for firm codes):


    7. Press “Menu” and choose save and exit
    8. Reboot your Phone
    9. Open PC Companion
    10. Choose Support Zone
    11. Choose Repair (Your phone will be reset and will update with the newest firmware)
    12. When done check your settings in de lock screen (menu-back-back-menu-back-menu-menu-back)
    You will need to have the phone rooted with the 1-click root.You need a version of root explorer higher than 2.12.2 as this includes the “text editor” mentioned above.

    Change the 2 lines in the above “default.prop” to 1234-8465,reboot and then run the Sony update service.
    You`ll end up with a debranded Nordic software version with the latest firmware.

  5. It seems that docomo japan will introduce some explosive surprises by tomorrow ! And some rumors state that the rumored X12 & X11 will be revealed by then.

    Let the game begins !

  6. is there any? way to add hebrew fonts as well through this in some way.seems like se don’t really care about us middle eastrens

  7. I have gote a problem in xperia x10. My phone language changed in chinese but I want in english. what I have to do? please mail me.

  8. hi dear all
    I want to get farsi language for my x10 but couldnt find any site or link to install if anyone knows plz let me knw

  9. im looking for persian language for my xperia x10 if u know how can i get it tell me plz

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