Tired of Mediascape? Get access to the 3D Gallery

3D GallerySony Ericsson has done a good job of burying the stock Android 2.1 3D Gallery deep within the software. This means that if you want to browse your photos and videos, one of the only options out of the box is through Mediascape.

If you want to know what the 3D Gallery is, you can browse it when selecting the picture frame widget (long press the home screen –> widget –> picture frame). However, there’s no other way to use this gallery as a standalone media launcher. Whilst Mediascape isn’t a bad app, it does have its flaws, so you’ll be glad to know that there are workarounds to use the 3D Gallery on your X10.


If you are using LauncherPro then you can simply execute the following steps to get access to the default gallery:

  • Long Press and click ‘Shortcuts’
  • Select ‘Activities’
  • Click ‘Gallery’ from the List and select Gallery (com.cooliris.media.Gallery) from the drop down menu

A custom shortcut can also be created in the ADW Launcher to do the same thing.

Download APK

For those that are using the Sony Ericsson launcher, the above steps won’t work. However, xeviro at xda-developers has created an APK file that basically creates a shortcut to the otherwise hidden Gallery app. We’ve tested it and it works without any problems. You can download the file here.

36 responses to “Tired of Mediascape? Get access to the 3D Gallery”

  1. Xda-dev… Can u try to get MusicPlayer.apk from I9000 to Xperia X10? Please!!! You can do it!

    Thanks for all!

  2. If I use this on my mini pro, the one finger zooming will be gone. Thankfully, the mini’s album is not mediascape and thererfore faster. I’m sticking with it

  3. @sinux
    Hey try to install Astro File manager, and brows the .apk file. This will install the app for you..
    You can get more apps from getandroid stuff (Google it). Have a nice time

  4. Hi, searched on “Sony Ericsson developer” on market found something called “test”,

    Just search for Sony Ericsson developer on market, download “test” and you will be able to add spotify in mediascape and timescape 😀

  5. Using activities shortcut is very troublesome, and the activities query also take a very long time. Just download the Gallery3D APK, install then you have the app in your app list. Later you can make shortcut, anything with it; its a standalone app after all.

  6. *sigh* Tried installing the apk instead. Now when trying to start the app it just FC’s. Guess I’ll continue to use the standard “Album” app then…

  7. Anders;
    This “test” ap in the Market, is it available to users on Android 2.1 only? Just did a search but cannot see it. I have an X10i running 1.6…

  8. @X10 or anybody – I have observed that the gallery app on X10 (above mentioned Gallery_X10.apk) is showing lot of network activity. Since it did not ask for any permissions while installing, I dont know what it is trying to access. Since it is personal data(photos and media) I have currently uninstalled the app. I urge everyone to check this
    This is how:
    Dial *#*#4636#*#*
    Click network usage

    do let all of us know whether it is true or not, Thanks 🙂

  9. @harsha
    this is actually a stock gallery of eclair android. so basically it IS there from the start, but SE simply dont want us use it, so they delete the shortcut into it. The app is actually only a shortcut to this stock app.

  10. Browsee the gallery apk with astro but can’t install it… “could not open as apk file”

  11. Lame you need a launcher or apk for it, i’m gonna try to do it with anycut(or however it’s called) wich also worked for 1.6 enabling the musicplayer app and other features. If it works, I’ll let you guys know.

  12. @OXOTHNK and @Bryan H I knew its just a shortcut, but was a bit skeptic on it as it used lot of bandwidth for some reason, so wanted to check whether this is ok or not. Thanks people 🙂

  13. Guys, i don’t wanna start a debate again but today i was playing with my pictures with 3D gallery and i was able to pinch and zoom with 2 fingers. It worked 2 times out of 10 specially when i was trying to zoom in.

  14. Loving Gallery instead of the pain in the arse that is MediaScape!

    ramih2085 – the pinch zoom effect was probably just the x10 detecting the 2 finger touch as a double tap (which also initiates the zoom)

    As far as I’m aware, the X10 is not multi-touch capable (based on hardware rather than software) – I’d be very happy to learn that I was wrong, though!

  15. That’s what i thought too but the level of zoom is really different and it doesnt zoom at the same places and level…

  16. Thanks for this. I am on the fence regarding Timescape, but I really dislike Mediascape. Thanks for this.

    Since updating to 2.1., I have begun using the 3D Gallery, and Winamp, and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks.

  17. xperia x10 is capable of doing multi touch using 2.1 gallery. pinch and zoom working well
    .i will post a video soon. waiting for a camera .try it your self

  18. Multi touch coming in Q1 2011 via firmware upgrade by SE.

    Official Sony you tube.

    Will not work with all apps because it is only a patch and its lack of comparability on all apps is why they did not release it at first. It will work in maps and even angry birds for example.

  19. Thanks for the share!
    Was looking for this! Why? Well because I downloaded the Facebook app, wanted to upload a picture, and all of the sudden it opened this magnificent gallery. So I was wondering, did Facebook just create a beautiful gallery app for android? But no, sony ericsson apparantly did.