Sony Ericsson ANZU – X10 successor caught in the wild?

Sony Ericsson ANZUIt is somewhat surprising that there has been a lack of information on Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 successor i.e. the next Android flagship from the company. By this time last year the Xperia X10 had already been announced. However, given the five-month wait between announcement and delivery, maybe SE has just learned its lesson this time round.

Anyway, an anonymous tipster has sent over an image of what he claims to be the next Sony Ericsson Android flagship. It uses the ‘ANZU’ codename and will supposedly run Android Gingerbread. It will come with a 4.3-inch display, HDMI output and be “very, very slim”. He goes on to say that SE is aiming for a Q1 launch.

We have attached a picture of the device below, which bears more than a similarity to the Xperia X10 in its styling. It shows a prototype ‘ANZU’ running Android 2.1 with kernel version 2.6.29. We cannot verify the authenticity of these details nor of the picture below. However, given the lack of other information there’s nothing to suggest these details are not true. Do take them with a pinch of salt for now though.

Update: Check out a few more pics here.

Sony Ericsson ANZU

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  1. their new flagship phone running stock android 2.1?? these idiots didnt learn anything.
    Even if its a prototype they should be running AT LEAST, 2.2…if anyone buys this phone with 2.1 android and expecting 2.2 or 2.3 update, i think im going to smack him.

  2. FIRST! this is nice, hope it not like the X10 (delays!) I’m Seeing my next phone now.. 🙂 Hope to see some specs soon!

  3. Sony Ericsson should change their slogan and target group:

    “Sony Ericsson. Old Android for old people.

  4. If this is true no current SE user will think of buying this phone. It prob start life as a 2.1 and then take 500 years to get upgraded. Im still on 1.6 :@

  5. I think sony will get better. They will take our comments and learn for them. at least they are replying to or comments, cant say the same about other manufacturers. Dont get me wrong I am very disappointed with the service we received but we will have to see what will change.

  6. Wooooooooooow amazing !!

    I’m a current X10 user and if this thing is true, I know what my next phone will be 😉

    Thank you se for offering us great products! I think when this thing will be released ( if it’s true of course) it will be released with Froyo not ecliar.

    Thanks for the news X10, you make me love your blog even more now 😛

  7. Haha, ok, maybe SE has learned i’s lesson but NO.

    Developer Phone – Nexus Two, update when the update is developed!

  8. Thry released the x8 with 1.6 they will never release it on 2:2. They only way this phone will be sucess if they keep the current SE users happy. If they can somehow get 2.2 out on th x10s before jan then might consider it if not helloooo HTC

  9. if this phone f*cked up again on the update, better change the name from SE ANZU to SE ANUZ!! 😀

  10. People who left their Comments here, should read the Text above the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gingerbread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not 2.1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. video out is a must – so thats great – and if its stock with gingerbread thats cooler.

    HOWEVER im pretty skeptical – a guy is gonna risk his job by releasing pics of this? I can see the “oops” of the iphone 4 forgotten in the bar thing, but still….

    All in all SE im sure has had to of learned a couple lessons from the X10 – so in any case the next handset should be solid to say the least

  12. looks like a hoax to me. the back and menu keys are in the wrong places. If you look at the X10/mini/pro and x8, the sequence of keys is menu-home-back. The drawings above those keys are also completely different from the X10/mini/pro and x8.

  13. Chinese Knock-off just like the multitouch con. I’m pretty sure SE’s next release will be the PSP phone.

  14. Doesn’t look like it has a front facing camera, again…

    Why would SE switch places with the Menu and Back keys? That was just as bad as the old days Motorola days where they had the dial key on the right and hangup key on the left.

    Looks good, though. Definitely my next phone, if it comes in white.

  15. […] berichtet vom “Sony Ericsson Anzu” und hält den Prototypen für einen möglichen Xperia X10-Nachfolger. Das Anzu soll mit Android Gingerbread, 4,3 Zoll Display und einem HDMI-Anschluß ausgestattet sein. Außerdem soll es sehr dünn sein. Die Quelle von sagt außerdem, dass es im erstem Quartal auf den Markt kommen soll. Das Bild des angeblichen Anzu zeigt seine großen Ähnlichkeiten mit dem Xperia X10. […]

  16. All the people who said, “definitely my new phone”, are complete and udder idiots. hands down, cause if you didnt learn anything from these blogs you should of at least learned not to buy another SE phone, they wont improve on releasing updates….. and @ asad Mulla, they wont read our comments and get better, look at all the SE customers that ranted just as much as us about the Vivaz and the Satio, and it didnt get any better when they released the X10, so if u have somewhat of a brain left dont buy another SE, even if this was true, and it had gingerbread, dont expect an update till 2012…….

  17. @james

    We don’t care about what you think. Maybe you should learn your lesson by doing your homework before buying a new phone. I know the x10 was 1.6 from the beginning and I’m happy with it.

    And yes I’m also looking forward in buying this baby 😉

    I think maybe your jelious because you won’t be able to afford it 😛

  18. Can’t agree more with power 88.

    Actually I don’t understand why people bitch so much about x10.
    Tell you a bit of my story. Before I bought x10 a while back, I was in confusion whether I should get x10 or htc desire. I did much research on both of the phone. At that time I knew that htc desire received so many praises from the reviews and I was completely blown away by that amoled screen. Also, I already knew that desire had the most updated android version at that time, while x10 used an older version of android.
    However, what made me choose x10 over desire was because I knew what I wanted in the first place.
    1. I knew I wanted a bigger screen. x10 has it.
    2. I knew I wanted a camera with higher mp. x10 has it.
    3. I knew I wanted that face recognition thing. x10 has it and I love it so much.
    4. I knew I wanted a phone with good design. x10 has it.
    5. I knew I wanted Timescape. x10 has it. And I totally don’t understand why people said that they don’t use Timescape much and bitch around about Timescape. Well, if u don’t use Timescape, why in the first place u get urself an x10? The main reason I bought x10 was because of Timescape. It is unique and no other phones have it. And until now, I still love Timescape and have to open Timescape everyday.

    I did my homework well. I knew what I did, I knew what I chose.
    So, there is no reason for me about being upset because my x10 performs. And come to think about it, android is just another bonus.

  19. @chico

    Why dun u add one more line?
    6. I knew I wanted Sony Ericsson. X10 has it.

    SE really screws up my life with X10. Been headed to service centre for 2 times. First, LCD screen dead pixel. Second, USB port spoiled. So double screwed by both hardware wise + software wise.

    Definitely my next phone won’t be SE.

  20. I must agree with both power 88 & chico :

    Seriously we all knew from the beginning that the X10 was 1.6, and Sony ericsson never promised to upgrade it to 2.2. I remember clearly they only promised to upgrade it to 2.1 at Q4 and this is what happened. Yes there was a delay but it was not a big deal and now the update is here.

    It’s really funny, when others get mad at se because competitors are ahead or are using a more advanced android version. Well if you think others are better, than you should have bought their phones, instead of buying this phone and then crying all the time about it.

    In short, it’s your choice and you must take full responsibility for it. Either you sell the phone and move on, or be patient. Seriously, you have no right to be angry and cry because of a stupid mistake that you did. It’s not our problem.

    We are really happy with our X10, and we are looking forward for more advanced phones from SE 🙂

    And god bless the owner of this blog, for updating us about any news regarding this phone.


  21. @power 88
    First i wasn’t one to cry, secondly we were promised an update, and i patiently waited, it was delayed yes, annoying, but im still here patiently waiting, to say it’s here though as someone above posted, is not accurate at all, considering it’s done in rollouts, and there still aren’t any confirmed dates, As for my complaint, as a consumer I think im allowed to complain, because it should be regarded as contructive critizism, again i didn’t complain about not having my update, but rather stated that SE wouldn’t learn from there consumer blogs and posts, and as fr the I’m upset because I wont be able to afford a new phone, is a very childish and ignorant remark considering you have no idea who i am, and what i do for a living…….

  22. Wow…its been a long time since we had controversies in this blog.

    I, for once, hope SE new phones will come with 1.6 since all the fanboys say that software does not matter, they bought it because it is a SE phone….blah, blah, blah. And 98% of xperia owners dont care what version of android is used.

    I say give them 1.6!

  23. Heres my take on it…. I LOVE MY CURRENT X10A!!!!! Now if they make a newer x10 series phone why don’t they think of one simple thing….. make it just a lil bit thicker to support, at a minumum, 2000mah battery!!! Geez the first phone is great on battery life…. once you put additional apps and tips/tricks from this blog that by the way is VERY helpful for those that have the phones and for those that sold them and troll around here GET DA FUCK OUT, go buy another phone, shut da fuck up, never come here again and stick it up your faggity ass!!!!
    What everyone wants you won’t get. It’s that simple. So like Chico says do your research!!! I did and i knew it was gonna come with 1.6 and I got it on a 2 year contract with At&T because I myself get a discount because I work for a private city. So whomever complains that they paid over $400 american dollars for it, you screwed yourselves by not waiting for options. So now hopefully it looks like some Cell providers are looking into joining forces with SE and now it can bring back some good stuff just like ol times. 1.6 rocks \;;/(-.-) while everyone elses becomes rocks,bricks,stones or whatever you want to call them.

  24. No point in buying new SE phone with 2.1 when its already available in our 2.1. If I will ever buy another SE phone it will not be next year surely.

    If this phone comes out, it will mean end of upgrades for X10 series after the final 2.1 update they promised in January or so. Bye bye 2.2 🙁

  25. What the fuck man, they are still planning to launch another high end phone with Outdated software.
    I cant believe anyone would even think of trusting SE after X10 fiasco, its 10 days since their official release of the X10 update and they still havent been able to deliver to even 20% of their X10 range customers around the world. And this wut they r busy working on, another expensive fone with outdated software, wonderful.

  26. TALK Sony Ericsson ANZU
    TALK Sony Ericsson ANZU
    TALK Sony Ericsson ANZU
    TALK Sony Ericsson ANZU


  27. yeah SE have defiantly done their dash with me and anyone i will be slaggin them off too. Lesson learned: buy a handset for what it is and not what is ‘going to be updated with soon’ HAHA soon, SE’s favourite word. Any handset is going to be outdated in 6-12months just look at apple- New handset every year and brainwashed monkeys rush out to get it. this is the world we live in. disposable society. and full of fucken whingers. hahah

  28. companies ‘leak’ photos on purpose to generate interest in particular products and all you chumps take it hook line and sinker and flog it all over blogs and create the hype for the company free while they sit back and take all your hard earned cash.

  29. @Alap and all the detractors

    If you have not been reading their official announcement, please don’t make stupid comments. It makes you look really imbecilic. Or are you?

    1. SE already said they will no longer be modifying Android kernel in the future. they got stuck and that’s why the delay. As someone who had done base-level programming, I know what they mean. I can understand if your intelligence does not permit your comprehension.

    2. The X10 update has been with the telcos long before the “end of October” deadline. The generic codes have been released to most countries, but almost all telcos are still holding back to inject their own bloatwares, logos and such. So who’re the idiots holding you hostage? I’ve my X10 updated on third day.

    3. If you cannot afford the phone, please make a purchase within your spending capacity, no one will blame you. Don’t buy and whine.

    4. If you have serious hardware problems, it’s unfortunate. The QC in China is severely lacking these days. But so far, I’ve never once had a problem with SE hardware.

  30. Sigh…. as for the ANZU, isn’t that the name of the name of a demon?

    Until I see 2.3 on the device, I will consider this a rumor, nothing more. To be my next upgrade, I need more specs and a few product-launch guinea pigs.

    However, it looks seriously like the X10

  31. Anyone who has used any of SE’s phones knows that the build quality and materials are absolutely top-notch. The phones are amazing to hold and use, but the software and time to market leave a lot to be desired. Let’s hope SE learns from past mistakes, and gets this beauty (as spec’ed) out come late winter.

    I still love SE and believe that they truly provide some unique, stylish and brilliant cameras and music capabilities on their phones.

    Thumbs up !

  32. @ramih2085 and all the others who already whine about sw version….You stupid morons…is gingerbread or any other FW newer than 2.2 released from google yet ? Ehmmmmm NO, so plz STFU and troll somewhere else….

    @james, I really dont like to be called an idiot, just because i dont have the same opinion as you…. If this isnt just some chinese crap, then this could be my next phone. As it looks like nowadays SE is the only company that can make phones that actually doesnt look like crap…

  33. @ Nikolaj

    Well said man, could not agree more ! These children keep whining for a mistake that they did by themselves, and like you said I can’t believe how people are whining now about gingerbread although there is still nothing about it in the market loooool, really funny and ironic 🙂

    Next time maybe we will see people whining about not getting honey comb 3.0 or even ice cream version 4.0, after all it seems that losers has nothing to do other than whining and complaining. Get a life will ya !!!

    After all it’s just a phone not the end of the earth douche bags.

  34. We are all frustrated about the se response to software updates but i think all at this blog agree that se makes good phones i.e. top quality and good se software like timescape/mediascape.
    a friend of mine here in Greece buys a new phone almost every month with latest addition HTC Desire but at the end he uses X10i. i work with him and i have seen them all, still X10 is on the top!!! no matter the software.

  35. lets face it. in my experience, I bought a W850, one if the best phones I used. Nice OS, with 3G. I could do lots with that phone, browse the internet, read arabic SMS and websites. It never broke; So, I came back to Sony Ericsson because they made a very good quality phone. However, the X10 has a real good hardware, but lacked support. I had to use 3rd party software to read arabic SMS, and I have to root the phone to put arabic language to browse the internet! I think the Xperia team not doing a good job. An update took a long time to be delivered, but lacks basic stuff! Thankfully XDA did give me some support, which they are not entitled to do so! My only source of feedback from Sony Ericsson is one person, Rikard Skogberg! He is doing a very good job, one person answering millions of people around the world! You know, the X10 is not a cheap phone, so I saved a lot of money to buy it. If people were upset, I understand. I don’t blame them. The lesson learned here, we need to do more research on product before buying and not rush in getting it.

  36. @ chico e1 guess every 1 has their appenyen and alot off bullshit in this blogg but i gues urs topp avery bullshit in here ….. do anothere home work u may undrestand sony ericsson bullshit marketing

  37. if this phone will have the new 16 megapixeli camera …an the 3.0 android sistem …ON REALESE …i will by it ..=)))

  38. Everybody is complaining about the old software….

    But honestly, why do you need the newest software?

  39. It’s a pre-preduction phone! It has a test-build of android on it – so many things in the picture say pre-production. I’m pretty sure that we are close to a reveil of next SE flagship. That’s def. not a mock-up!

  40. @fact is fact
    You are as usual SE ball sucker…
    If you like SE, let it be.. why the hell you are blaming the others who was betrayed by SE and got frustrated ????????????

    Dont you think the guys who spend money, dont have the rights to speak? and you blame it as whining ????

    U better cont.. eating SE balls.. u crap

  41. The Generic code was released on last week for x10i in India, Still seus or pc companion doesn’t have it….
    Bull shit!!! its been very long waiting…. Enough SE release the shit. Lets end these bullshit waiting

  42. @Mr. Doc
    Well said dude…. they are SE ball suckers …..

    @ Nikolaj & @ fact is fact – FCK U Guys

  43. @fact is fact

    When you go to shop and by apples, very nice apples that look so tasty, but when u get back home u find out they are rotten. What u do? Blame yourself being stupid for buying them in first place. Thats the same with SE. Nice design, lots of promises, but ROTTEN.

  44. Like someone who commented earlier, I too hope SEs next phone is released with 1.6. Would really love to see the look on the faces of all the mindless fanboys.
    As for this phone, if it’s being developed with 2.1, then it will in all probability be released with 2.1 with the promise of an upgrade to froyo.
    This once again confirms my opinion that SE simply try to manage android to maximise sales. They use its popularity to sell SE phones and that’s all.
    If you want android “STAY AWAY FROM SE” but if your a SE fanboy then I suppose you’ll buy their CEOs excrement if they offered it for sale.

  45. The name is not ANZU its F U

    Go on and buy it and fuck yourself by waiting for the updates just like we did for x10. Se will launch the new phone that wont support any updates. So that they can ditch that phone and can work on a new one which they are doing rite now. You people at SE should be shot at sight. FUCKING MORONS

  46. we are not ball suckers, but we are not that stupid to buy a phone and then whine about it like a 12 year old kid. We know what we want and we do our homework first, that is the reason we are happy with out phone.

    Unlike you who made a bad decision but instead of being a man and admitting you were wrong, you keep crying all the time! I’m not telling you not to complain or be annoyed. But I’m telling you to take full responsibility for your actions, instead of blaming se, why don’t blaming your self for being a jerk !

    If se was a sucker company and you were fooled by this sucker? then what does this make you ? a sucker and a douche bag as well. Only a man will accept my words, but since most of you are teenagers you will just keep swearing and reply me with nonsense. No one has enough logic to reply me with reasonable ideas, just some kids.

    But I am really very glad that there are still very wise people in this forum that agree with me. And are against all the whining and crying!

  47. I just want to point out that I admit that SE could have done much better with the X10, yes it could be better for sure. However, this is the first android phone for the company and I think the overall performance is really good.

    Le’ts just compare the first phone of android of samsung and htc, honestly they are pure jokes ! And let’s not forget that se manufactured the X10 from 2009, not like most of the competitors that made their phone in 2010. So I seriously think they are moving in the right track, and such mistakes will not happen in the future, trust me on that.

    And besides if SE were doing bad, why do you think they are gaining more profit now ?? they gained 12m in Q2 whereas in Q3 they gained 49m, this tells you that most of the customers are satisfied and happy. So please don’t be angry with my words, but you just need to be patient. Being patient will not make you feel misreable and terrible, the same way your feeling now.

  48. @ fact is fact

    Dude I really think your a very wise person, and what your saying makes total sense. I agree with every word you said, and god bless you.

    Some people really need to grow up and stop complaining, se already released 2.1 and yet some people are still complaining ??! I can’t believe these people, really they are sick and need to find a shrink to cure them.

  49. makes the X10 look like a joke.
    No seriously, all the trouble with the x10 and now this? Hold on, why a 2.1? The HTCs are running 2.2s soon!

  50. I was like Power 88, indecided between Desire and X10, well X10 has it all, but about the Timescape, i really cant find it usefull. First if you have it on widget, in the main screen, the Messages will appear and will show the content, which i dont like because of privacy when u leave your phone in a table with people around.
    When you scroll your messages in timescape, you have to scroll a lot and slowly so u can see where is the Message u are looking for , or the contact.
    But i may be wrong, and u can tell me better ways or how did Timescape helped you with the phone. It has indeed very cool interface, i admit it!
    Just giving an opinion, and i am open to learn more about Timescape.
    ABout the software, mine is for repair for the 4th time, in guaranty time in Vodafone, i might get one New for sure, i dont know if i will put this situation on hold there and wait for a better phone in Vodafone.

  51. This phone is rumored to come out with 2.3 gingerbread o.s, and if it doesn’t than just don’t buy it people, but don’t bad mouth and bash the phone before it even comes out. So my advice is wait until it comes out for the criticism.

  52. so this is how SE got big, selling phones to idiots. after all the trashing, flaming, all the complaints against SE’s lack of support for its X10, you see they’re going to come out with a NEW under-supported flagship running 2.1 (again with promises of “update” to Gingerbread) and you get horny? you should be shot.

  53. fact if fact,
    once again you contribute pure stupidity to the debate. You seriously want to compare a SE phone released in 2010 with samsung and htc phones released in 2008/2009. How idiotic is that.
    All you fools who keep coming out with “oh it’s SEs 1st android device” are just exactly that… fools. That argument would only hold water if the x10 was SEs 1st smart phone. I mean seriously how much different can it be to port android onto their phones from say porting WM or Symbian which they have enough experience of doing.
    All the failings of the x10 whether it be from the outdated OS version or from the lack of certain features and functionality all stem from one thing and one thing only. SEs greed and shameless profiteering.
    They release outdated software to maximize sales of future releases and don’t implement multi-touch because they don’t want to pay for the license.
    Let me reiterate, everything they do, they do to maximize profitability.
    I am not one of those who spends his time ranting at SE cos that’s a waste of time. I write these comments so that dissatisfied users can see the company for what it is and make their choices appropriately. Having said that, I also enjoy having a go at the mindless fanboys(the blind who just follow the blind) in perpetual free fall down that bottomless pit of superficiality, stupidity and mediocrity.
    Why? do I hear you ask…. because they are the very worst examples of humanity and deserve to be tackled head on with no fucking holds barred.

  54. @ian

    it´s not a mobile phone any more.;)
    all what I need from my phone is to call somebody and not to wach a TV via HDMI in HD

  55. well guys alot of abuse flying about in this post.
    surely people bought the x10 like i did cos it looks great and was running android and was told the the update would come at the end of Q3 but delays happen.
    some people dont buy it for timescape only, i havent even set mine up, dont really care for it to be honest.

    i can agree with people moaning about the update which for some IS NOT here, 10 days in and am still waiting and its very annoying and am envous of the people that do have it, i would of liked to hear more from SE about the updates as communication goes along way and makes some people feel better as their in the loop.

    I think i will buy SE next phone if it looks like the X10 with a good size screen matching that of apples or samsung, it does need multitouch that a big boost.

    if anyone in the uk on Orange and has the update can you let me know please,


  56. hahaha dont like SE? ok shut up and buy HTC, Samsung, Nokia, LG, etc etc
    I dont understand the problem with software 1.6,2.1,2.2,9.9 …
    If you like 2.2 ok buy Nexus please stop and talk about x12 😉

  57. En Movistar Argentina alguien contesta esto (la mayoría de los operadores no tienen ni idea):
    “E Antonozzi: Hola gente, buenas tardes.
    Les confirmo que próximamente estará disponible una actualización de Android para el Sony Xperia X10, aquellos que deseen podrán actualizar a la versión 2.0 y en el primer cuarto del próximo año estará disponible la versión 2.1. Cualquier otra novedad la comentaré por esta vía.” Me deja más tranquila … saber que recién el año que viene, nuevamente tendré un SO anterior.

  58. So now we know where all the resources went for the current xperia upgrade. This is my last Sony Device.

  59. I am sure this phone is also goin to be loaded with good hardware but outdated software… Just like X10!!! SE will provide us with all good hardware but won’t provide any software to fully utilise the hardware!!!

  60. @ All SE Fanboys, What are you talking about? Just style? Uou wanna show-off your phone or you wanna use it? The receiver volume on X10 SUX big time. you guys knew it would be 1.6 and that’s true and I knew it too. What makes me mad @ SE is their lies about MT and 16M color and fix for receiver volume!!! I cannot agree more with James and others who get screwed by SE as I am one of them but thanks god, this is my last SE not because of their product quality but because of their lies and false advertisment.

    I won’t call anybody “idiot” because every single of us have different opinion but I have the right to speak my idea and I don’t stop it.

  61. […] Hocherfreut nehmen wir Gerüchte zur Kenntnis, nach denen Sony Ericsson an einem neuen Android-Smartphone bastelt. Und was für eines: 4,3-Zoll, hauchdünn, Frontkamera, 1080p-Videoaufnahme, HDMI-Ausgang, Gingerbread. Wenn’s denn stimmt. ANZU soll das soll Gerät heißen und ich verspreche beizeiten, nicht allzuviele schlechte Wortspiele herANZUziehen. Zwei Fotos existieren bereits, zeigen aber noch ein Eclair-Android. (Xperia X10 Blog) […]

  62. hi if you cant update your fone..take out yor battery …wait 30 sec…
    put it back and do the update….it will work…!!!!

  63. MY first opinion
    “Sony forget about me until your software will be up to date !!!!!
    there is no 2.2 android where gooogle announced 2.3
    What the fuck !
    Software are bullshit
    Come on sony do release the bulishit :(”

    read the specyfication below

    I love the the spec in side the phone
    .Home› Sony Ericsson phones› Sony Ericsson X12

    Posted: 10 Nov 2010
    Market Status: NOT yet released

    This is the Sony Ericsson X12, which is also known as “Anzu”. There are wild rumours going on in the industry that this phone is supposed to be the next flagship device for Sony Ericsson, with 4.3 inch display and – most important of all – with either Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or 3.0 (Honeycomb) on board.

    image courtesy of Xperia X10 Blog

    Not rated Not rated .Share
    .Show Full Specs
    Compare Sony Ericsson X12 specifications
    also known as Sony Ericsson Anzu

    General info
    Phone type:Smart phone
    Network technology: Network technology – Referes to the kind of network technology used. Three major technologies are used today – TDMA, CDMA and GSM.
    GSM: GSM – Global System for Mobile communications. A world standard for digital cellular communications using narrowband TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access), which allows up to eight calls at a time on 800 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies. Introduced in 1991. Is the standard most commonly used in Europe and Asia, but not in the United States. GSM phones use a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) smart card that contains user account information. Any GSM phone becomes immediately programmed after plugging in the SIM card, thus allowing GSM phones to be easily rented or borrowed. SIM cards can be programmed to display custom menus for personalized services.GSM provides a short messaging service (SMS) that enables text messages up to 160 characters in length to be sent to and from a GSM phone.

    850, 900, 1800, 1900
    .UMTS: UMTS – Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service, also called WCDMA, is a 3G (Third Generation) packet-based transmission of text, digitized voice, video, and multimedia at data rates up to 2 Mbps. It is based on GSM standard and is supported by major standards bodies and manufacturers
    900, 2100
    .Data: Data – Shows the particular phone’s type of data. the major mobile phone data types are GPRS, CDMA2000 1xRTT, EDGE, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, UMTS, etc.
    .HSDPA:HSDPA 10.2 Mbit/s
    .HSUPA:HSUPA 5.76 Mbit/s

    Design: Design – Phone design type
    Form Factor: Form Factor – Refers to the form factor of a phone. The main handset designs are bar, clamshell, slide, swivel

    Display: Display – Phone’s main display
    Technology: Technology – Refers to the type of the color displays. There are five major types: LCD, TFT, TFD, STN and OLED

    .Physical Size:4.30 inches
    .Touch Screen:Type:Capacitive
    .Proximity Sensor:Yes
    .Light sensor:Yes

    Smart Phone: Smart Phone – Phone that has capabilities, not usually associated with phones. Usually it has some of the above features: – Email, Web browsing – Personal information management – LAN connectivity etc
    OS: OS – Operating system, which is the software that enables and controls the basic operation of an electronic device. The major OS for mobile phones are UIQ over Symbian, Microsoft Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition, Microsoft Mobile for Smartphones, Linux, Palm

    .2.3 .

    Camera: Camera – Camera specs
    Features:Auto focus, Image stabilizer, Video stabilizer, Face detection, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Geo tagging
    .Video capture:Video capture:Yes
    .Video capture resolution:1280×720 (720p HD)
    Music Player: Music Player – Audio support such as MP3
    Supports:MP3, AAC, AAC+, WMA, WAV
    .Video Playback: Video Playback – Video support such as MPEG4
    .Internet browsing
    Internet Browsing: Internet Browsing – Capability to access special Internet sites using the mobile phone
    .Location Based Services

    Capacity:Capacity depends on system memory
    Features:Caller groups, Multiple numbers per contact, Search by both first and last name, Picture ID, Ring ID
    Calendar:Support: Support – Capability to store scheduling and event information in the phone. Some phones also offer the ability to sound an alert or vibrate to remind of upcoming events
    .Alarms:Support: Support – Shows that the phone has an alarm, which can be set to go off
    .Document Viewer:Support:Yes
    .Other:Calculator, World Clock
    EMS: EMS – Enhanced Message Service – a type of extended SMS. Allows users not only to send plain text messages, but also to include pictures, animations, melodies and formatted type.
    E-mail: E-mail – Shows if the phone supports email features
    Supports: Supports – Shows what e-mail clients the phone supports. The major are IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Other e-mail protocols available are Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Blackberry Connect, Visto, Seven Always-On Mail
    IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Microsoft Exchange
    Memory Expansion: Memory Expansion – Capability to add additional memory to your phone.
    Slot Type: Slot Type – Shows what type of additional memory can be added to the particular phone. Eight major memory slot types are available: MMC, SD, CF, Memory Stick Duo, miniSD, RS MMC, TransFlash (microSD), Memory Stick Pro Duo
    microSD, microSDHC
    Bluetooth: Bluetooth – Low power radio technology replacing the need for wires connecting electronic devices such as personal computers, printers, palm top computers and mobile phones.
    Support: Support – Shows whether the particular phone supports Bluetooth or not
    .Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi – Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) – used radio waves (RF) or infrared signals to send and receive data over the air. Most popular WLAN solutions today is Wi-Fi (802.11b and 802.11g) standards. 801.11b provides data speeds of around 11mbps while 802.11g can go up to 54 mbps.
    Support: Support – Shows whether the particular phone supports Wireless LAN or not
    .Version:USB 2.0
    .Headphones connector:3.5mm
    Other features
    Sensors:Accelerometer, Compass

    Android 2.3???
    how is wrong ??

    Second impression i fther will be 2.3 i will like it 🙂
    but only 2.3 android

  64. Few things to improve

    i want equalizer
    I want usb 3.0
    I want dixv, avi(…..),<<<<<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<
    I want full Xenon flash
    I want 1080p recording
    I want some kind of optical
    I want 4000mAh battery at least
    I dont care about slimest!!!!!
    I want 16 gb internal memory
    I want 1 gb ram

  65. i mean optical zoom
    I don’t like mediascape !!!!!
    I want the media player which is in sony bravia an playstation
    I want full dlna compatiblity
    Cans some one pass this to twitter

  66. Q1 next year? That will mean Q4 at least for SE! Not that I’m bothered anyway, if its not Gingerbread then might as well stay with my x10 until my contract runs out.

  67. I loooooooooool at people think that newer software is gonna make your life easier but believe it or not sony ericsson is the best vendor I had c905 it was absolutely great but I wanted a smartphone after a year so I got 3 iphones at the end I just got a refund then I got the galaxy s and that really sucked big time simply because all of samsung software is a copy of Iphone and that phone was in for repairs about 7 times and was still broken lets not mention htc because their phones are rubbish quality had to change 3 different desire hd phones due to build quality and unbelivably the one I have now is full of software bugs my brother has got the x10 and hell he is happy and lover it I will buy a se smartphone as soon as it comes out bs long as its android I dont give a shit if its android 2.1 or 2.2 I want something that actually work I kinda guess i’ve been really unlucky with phones in the past 10 months after changing so many phones I want to come back to se as it seems the only company that can make decent phones oh and i’ve decided to use my c905 after all those unlucky breakdowns and let downs by companies

  68. those who bitch about x10, go ahead and change your phones. taking it out here wont make anyone’s day brighter. do your homeworks properly on what you actually want and what the market has.

  69. All I gotta say is WOW!! To the people that complain about bad SE is with this and with that. If you’d done your research then why did you buy this phone?! LOSERS!!! It’s obvious that some of you don’t know what your talking about. Yes I too am upset that the current X10a is running on 1.6, but I’m happy with it because it’s my first smartphone and it does what “I” want it to do. When I go MTB riding with my buddy who has an CrApple I phone4 and asks me to take pictures,video and track where we go, that should tell you enough already.
    What people don’t discuss here is that that phone(ANZU) is quite possibly THEE PREMIER Flagship phone for SE. Take a look at that Camera sensor because it could be the 16 MP(link provided for you losers that don’t do research The only way to achieve true HD is being like the Droid X and others that have an HDMI output.

    The only way to achieve a 10/10 star is if ran with minimum bugs on the stock system(either Eclair,Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb or Cocoa Puffs ), lasted 1-2 full days without charge(depending on usage/network and any other mods),if it has the first 1.5-2.0 Ghz or new age dual cortex that we never heard of and last but not least had at a minimum a 2000mah battery that has the capacity, well to be 2000mah!!!

    Seriously it does not have to be thinner and if SE had any brains left after the numerous headaches from customers/support teams/developers they would get Cameron Sino or Mugen to make them the batteries instead of themselves wasting money to make them.

    Last but not least if you really wanted to blow everyone out the water just add a 8.1mp sensor that’s on the current X10a(I LOVE my phone) as the front facing camera. And call it a conquest!!!

    Like I said before My phone(X10a 1.6)rocks \;;/(- -) and yours don’t!!!

  70. […] Μια φωτογραφία που είδε το φως της δημοσιότητας μόλις χθές έχει προκαλέσει ταραχές στα Fan Boys της Sony – Ericsson. Η φωτογραφία δείχνει μια νέα συσκευή της σειράς Xperia με την κωδική ονομασία ANZU η οποία σύμφωνα με φήμες που κυκλοφορούν ευρέως θα αποτελέσει την ναυαρχίδα των κινητών της ιαπωνοφιλανλανδικής εταιρίας. Η εποχή μάλιστα της «διαρροής» ταιριάζει απόλυτα και με την περυσινή εμφάνιση του Χ10 ενώ η κυκλοφορία του 5 μήνες μετά δείχνει πότε περίπου θα εμφανιστεί και το ANZU. Το νέο android smartphone θα έχει την έκδοση Gingerbread (αν και στην φωτογραφία φοράει την έκδοση 2.1), η οθόνη του θα είναι 4.3″, θα  έχει HDMI output ενώ θα είναι πολύ  λεπτότερο από το X10.  [via] […]

  71. can someone tell me which firmware is stable because i flashed my phone to nordic firmware last nov 2 to get the update early and the issues im encountering are, the camera shutter has no sound, no haptic feedback even it is turned on and no soud on audible selection and on audible touch tone. i did reinstall the software by reupdating it using SEUS, it was fixed for just like a minute and the stupid issue still occurs! its not that really bad issue, just want to know if NORDIC firmware really sucks! can i flash it to UK generic? or does that firmware also encounters some issue? THANKS!

  72. […] In addition to the PlayStation Phone, it looks like Sony Ericsson is also planning its next flagship that is to replace the XPERIA X10. The leaked phone is known as ANZU or X12 and runs Android 2.1 OS. The phone has a large 4.3-inch touchscreen and HDMI output. It is also said that the ANZU will support 1080p Full HD video recording. [xperiax10] […]

  73. I just stopped by xda, flashed 2.1 and rooted, installed JIT, and removed all junk and my X10 is a completely different phone!
    Took out Timescape, moxier, etc etc. Even deleted the SE home and have only launcher pro plus. The results? Super fast and smooth (even with any live wallpaper), 7 screens, way more customizable… Now I don’t even look at SE blog, just straight to xda 😀

  74. ooohhhhh… I just love Sony Ericsson customization, ohhh god look at timescape and mediascape. i dont think any other company can be sooo creative and innovative. thanks Sony Ericsson….looking forward to this phone.

  75. pootila x 10 myre….Kunna updation.poyi uuuumbada myra sony ericcson kanthhhh.pooranmareeeee
    ana thayolitharamaada eee phone

  76. Ich habe gedacht ich habe eine ‚Smart’-Phone gekauft…aber es ist eigentlich eine ‚Spion-Phone für Google! Ich kann keine Daten von meinem alten Handy auf meine neue übertragen, keine Kalendereinträge oder Notizen oder sonst was ohne das ich eine Sony- oder Google-Konto habe! Was machen die Leute die keine gute Internetverbindung haben?? Warum muss ich meine persönliche Google zur Verfügung stellen? Erhalte ich Geld von Google wen die mit meine Daten bzw. Bewegungsprofil auch Geld machen?? „Big Brother Google is watching you“ Es ist dass letzte Mal das ich eine sog. Smart-Phone kaufe.