More details and pics of the Sony Ericsson ‘ANZU’

Sony Ericsson ANZUOur tipster has come back to us with some more details surrounding Sony Ericsson’s next Android flagship, codenamed ‘ANZU’. The phone is an early prototype currently running Android 2.1, but will use Android Gingerbread on retail launch. Even in its current state the phone is said to be very fast (no idea of CPU or RAM for now) but it will record at 1080 resolution and come equipped with a front-facing camera and HDMI port.

As you can see from the pictures below, the handset is very slim (thinner than the Galaxy S) and feels “very solid” in the hand. The display was also given particular credit with “very crisp” and “vivid colours”. There’s no idea what kind of display it is using, but let’s at least hope SE has implemented multi-touch this time.

Interestingly, our tipster goes on to say that the phone may be branded as a BRAVIA phone instead of XPERIA, which would certainly be a departure. Current Xperia X10 owners will be glad to hear that the loudspeaker and in-ear performance of the ANZU is much clearer/louder than the X10.

Sony Ericsson ANZU

Sony Ericsson ANZU

Sony Ericsson ANZU

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  1. Looks good, but slim would me lower battery duration. The features seems mouth watering, but after using the Xperia X10, I would have to say that the X10 has good dimensions for a smart phone…

    SE need to follow up on their product branding, remember what happened to the CYbershot. Where is it now? Same applies to the Walkman… Seems like Bravia is next

  2. This is annoying. I want one. If it does multi-touch and all the iPhone sleekness then I felt I just bought myself a labrat (x10). I have a feeling this is what SE originally wanted, not the x10. I feel cheated. But I’m starting to want one. If it makes my x10 look like a bloody joke then screw you SE and give me one of those…

  3. I think its an imitation of the X10i,. and i think this one is gonna have more problems,… meaning with updates and things like that,. but i wouldnt go and sell my X10i to get this Anzu,.. let it be bought from some so we can read the comments they post about it.

  4. The only disappointing thing that i can see from the pictures is that the camera only has a led light and not a xenon flash

  5. I still remember back before X10 came out, they showed the X10 running Donut 1.6 but rumours were that it will run Froyo 2.2.
    What happened to that now?

    And now they are showing ANZU that will be expected to run Gingerbread 2.3 but right now, the phone is running Eclair 2.1.

    You know where I’m getting at? If it’s not there, don’t believe it or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life with that phone as I have with my X10.

    I can’t even play Angry Birds properly because it doesn’t even have multitouch.
    Don’t even talk about the HD recording that topped at 14 FPS recording a video of an orchestra performance. Yes, 14 FPS! ¬_¬

    Yes, Sony Ericsson kept their promise on the update after 9 torturous months but most of the features in them are half baked!

    Man.. I wish I were rich and can afford another phone. I’m still stuck with it because I’ve also signed a contract with it. Yippie! ¬_¬

  6. Sony and multi-touch — HAHA what a hoot!

    They are so $hit scared of apple they will NEVER implement it in ANY phone!

  7. If it is going to be a Bravia phone. Then it’s definitely coming over here to Japan. The Xperia saved NTT Docomo’s bacon this year in their fight against the iPhone. They’re sure to be bringing out the successor. I hope this all pans out.

  8. Come on Sony ericsson 4″ scree Max but prefer 3.8 for a phone.

    And do what you do best PUT a Xenon Flash on a Android Phone…………

  9. I don’t care if it bakes bread and drives your car for you! I will never buy another SE phone again.I am on my third replacement X10 phone and about to be on my fourth and on top of that still no US update. Never again!

  10. Wow.. seems gonna be a great phone.. But i am worrying about the OS they gonna use again. Wish this will use latest android as it released..

  11. Sweet jesus… That thing looks damn sexy! Large screen with sleek thin body and 1080p video recording?! Wow. If this thing comes early, it’ll be awesome.

  12. My wishlist:
    1. No multitouch – why do you need multitouch when single touch is better?
    2. 64k colours – the eyes can only see so much colours, so why do we need so many colours?
    3. We dont need the latest firmware because we don’t want a phone with bugs, just look at htc and motorola owners who complain on other blogs about phone restarting itself, etc. Best to go with 1.6 as it is a proven platform.
    4. We dont need adobe flash as it will seriously undermine the processing speed of our phone.
    5. We want timescape, mediascape and moxier mail as these are the best apps ever developed.

    Anyway, we all buy this phone for the good looks., it is only a phone to use for making calls, sms, and browsing the net.

    Its not life and death if we dont have those functions. SE always produce good quality phones.

  13. Why does everybody always talk about the X10 as a fail?
    I don’t get it.
    I’m very happy with my x10 mini.
    It is my best mobilephone ever (and I owned a few… no more Nokias or LG’s for me…)
    I really mean it. Ok the update came late… but donut was bugfree (as far as my experience goes)
    The phone does everything I expect and more.
    Its my daily companion.
    I browse the net, use my agenda, update my facebook, sms, call… play games.
    At least real tests where done before rolling out an update… 2.1 seems bugfree to me.

    a happy se user


  14. WINDOWS PHONE 7 ??????????

    Sony Ericsson cannot afford the software development team typical Android vendors have SO WHY DON’T THEY GO BACK TO WINDOWS MOBILE!!!!


    WAKE UP.

  16. You guys need to stop jerking off over multi-touch. I can play Angry Birds just fine on my x10. Apple has brainwashed you to make you think it’s a necessary thing when it’s really not.

    Anyway, this ANZU business is pretty exciting. I just hope it comes to Rogers so I can upgrade for a reasonable price when it’s released. It’s the next logical step for me since I love my x10 (I would probably marry it if I could). Looks slick, can’t wait!

  17. I really want that update too. But some people are over reacting. I still think the xperia x10 is a great phone with android 1,6 android 2,1 would make it even better. And sony ericsson has learned from this but I wouldnt call this a fail. so just wait patiently for the update. and for the anzu? whats the difference with the x10? side of the shiny back and the different flash and the HD on the back :p

  18. while im happy with my x10, its not good enough for a 2 year contract. i.e it was out of date as it launched, so will feel very out of date when the contract runs out. that means many owners will not be feeling as fond of the brand as they suffer the final year of no joy with the phone.

    sony have never really cared about their customers, the need to “own” formats like atrac and repeated “mp3” players locking down the users more than others, the memorycards they promised would be the defacto standard (no one told sd that), the rootkits etc.. and now with this phone they showed again, no regard to the users needs, only their own.

    if it isnt able to follow the google android roadmap, it shouldnt be allowed the android logo

  19. Most existing SE customer won’t buy this due to lesson learnt in SATIO & XPERIA X10.
    Most new SE customer won’t buy this as they heard too much discouragement & frustration from existing SE customer.

  20. @andrizzoid

    You might as well ask SE, you’ve asked everyone else and they’ve turned you down. You do know you’re going to die a virgin don’t you!?

  21. i know why they r not updating now! new phone coming out so dont give a flying fuck about the old one what a set of wankers fuck sony ericsson im getting iphone next wankers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. not even going to consider getting this phone. After having to use 1.6 on my x10 for far too long, i will never buy another SE phone.

  23. 4,3″ is probably a bit too big for me, but sounds like a nice phone otherwise. Hopefully SE will release a phone with a 3,5″-3,8″ screen and xenon flash… that would be an instant purchase for me.

  24. Why the heck would Xperia X10 owners be happy to hear that this new phone has a better call quality ?????

    NO…they would be PISSED OFF.

  25. @furshizzle
    There is two of us then mate, I will never go for xperia again, my contract runs out in October next year. I hope HP releases some more masculine hardware then Palm Pre is.
    Nethertheless WebOS is smart and quite good with updates, android in SE flavor is a joke comparing to that. I even prefer it more to my wifes iPhone 4. Apps have not been bad, threre is so much rubbish on the android market.

  26. Be careful of who leaked.
    You are reflected in the Piano-black body 😛
    1:Sony Ericsson employee from the situation.
    2:The setting is the quality of the company’s conference room tables and floor coverings.
    5:Medium build
    6:Not wearing glasses
    7:Buzz-cut short hair
    8:No beard
    9:Light blue jeans
    10:Dark green knit sweater
    11:Aged 20 to 40 years, may be 🙁
    12:Mobile distinctive design (or camera)
    13:Jesus! What is this collar ? 🙂

  27. I will never buy a SE phone again. They better prove that they can deliver timely updates and not just roll out a good phone. They left their X10 flagship lagging on the updates, work on the next version, leak a few pictures, and repeat do the cycle again. Just take a look at the Satio and the X10. Their track record is horrible when it comes to updates.

    No updates makes current customers very uninterested and unhappy. You get that Sony? What good is a new phone when you will leave it in the dark and just work on the next phone?

  28. KooKoo, what are you smoking? 1.6 is a proven platform, yes but then so is windows 2000….. Froyo is also a proven platform and I own both the X10 and HTC desire and believe me I have no issues with rebooting and most of those who do have faulty handsets, its not the software to blame.

    Its nice your living in your dream world, convincing yourself that you dont need a software update and that your X10 is just fine as it is, but you need to wake up. And who buys a smartphone for its good looks? seriously….

    Ill be steering well clear of the new SE phone, they didnt deliver with the X10 so I have no reason to believe they will deliver with any other handset

  29. So SE have the time to work on this shit and develop the 2.1 for it but Cant Give us the update on time :@
    Most of us are still waiting for the 2.1 update !

  30. @Xander – why arnt x10 owners happy, because most x10 owners are only 6 months into a 2 year contract. most of us wont be getting that phone as we are locked in. unless we spend $1000 to break out, and thats quite a good reason NOT to be happy

  31. I cant wait for the people who said they will never buy another SE phone.

    I for one am not interested in the slightest. i still have 19 months left of this crap then im GONE!! HTC and Samsung are the new big boys.

  32. I think ths is another of those hoax they pull on u (like the xperia multi touch scenario and the articles of the same). Furthermore, why is the prototype bearing the logo ‘xperia’ if it is supposed to be called ‘bravia’? Another photoshop, x10?

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    For all the noobs who are claiming that se doesn’t update their devices, what are you smoking ? SE is one of the best companies regarding their updates, trust me they are not samsung. Satio received 3 updates, and one of them gave it WVGA recording after it was VGA.

    Also, X10 received several updates which made it faster and also fixed few bugs! Or did you forget all this? By the way releasing the 2.1 a bit late doesn’t mean that se doesn’t support their devices or doesn’t update them. Sorry your wrong and you seem you don’t know what your talking about. Any true se fan knows that sony ericsson really do a good job with updating their devices, but for noobs I won’t blame them because they don’t know anything.

    I really don’t understand why you claim that se don’t support their devices? se promised for a 2.1 upgrade for the X10 and now it’s out ! So yes they did fulfill their promise.

    And now the X12 !!!!

    se= make.believe

    And yes we still believe !!! And let me tell you this, most of the X10 whiners will get this phon, if not now later! just mark my words. Because after you try a se phone, it’s just hard to let go 🙂

  34. Forget the Android 2.1 update, get the Anzu going a.s.a.p!
    I hope SE get’s this one right the first time, it looks very good and has everything to make it a succes.

  35. All I gotta say is WOW!! To the people that complain about bad SE is with this and with that. If you’d done your research then why did you buy this phone?! LOSERS!!! It’s obvious that some of you don’t know what your talking about. Yes I too am upset that the current X10a is running on 1.6, but I’m happy with it because it’s my first smartphone and it does what “I” want it to do. When I go MTB riding with my buddy who has an CrApple I phone4 and asks me to take pictures,video and track where we go, that should tell you enough already.
    What people don’t discuss here is that that phone(ANZU) is quite possibly THEE PREMIER Flagship phone for SE. Take a look at that Camera sensor because it could be the 16 MP(link provided for you losers that don’t do research The only way to achieve true HD is being like the Droid X and others that have an HDMI output.

    The only way to achieve a 10/10 star is if ran with minimum bugs on the stock system(either Eclair,Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb or Cocoa Puffs :)), lasted 1-2 full days without charge(depending on usage/network and any other mods),if it has the first 1.5-2.0 Ghz or new age dual cortex that we never heard of and last but not least had at a minimum a 2000mah battery that has the capacity, well to be 2000mah!!!

    Seriously it does not have to be thinner and if SE had any brains left after the numerous headaches from customers/support teams/developers they would get Cameron Sino or Mugen to make them the batteries instead of themselves wasting money to make them.

    Last but not least if you really wanted to blow everyone out the water just add a 8.1mp sensor that’s on the current X10a(I LOVE my phone) as the front facing camera. And call it a conquest!!!

    Like I said before My phone(X10a 1.6)rocks \;;/(- -) and yours don’t!!!

  36. The Anzu is the best smart phone I have ever heard about !!!

    The features are truly mind blowing

    if it appears to be true, I think SE truly will be back in the game and will dominate the smartphone world in no time.

    The cheap plasticy galaxy s is no match at all for this true beast!

  37. They arent only late on 2.1 They are already late on 2.2. And for those idiots that dont think 2.1 was needed, you are being retarded. There are a very large percentage of the Android Market that REQUIRE 2.0+ apis. The reason it took so long was not because 2.1 was buggy or because donut was “a proven platform”. That just stupid. Stock Android is as stable as it gets. Ask any Nexus 1 user. If you’re going to fuck with the software at least support it properly. Releasing 2.1 when 2.2 has been out for 6 months is not supporting it properly

  38. Oh, it looks soooo good, the specs look like they could turn out real nice.. But Im just not sure I could trust SE again. Maybe not this flagship, but the next one, I’ll consider coming back to what, i thought, was once an amazing brand. Although.. I am sort of a loss of who to go to next. Im not going apple and samsung and htc seem to be a bit.. bleugh. But whoever makes the next Nexus (if there is one) 😀 sold.

  39. Well as a very happy X10 owner I have to say this looks like an excellent upgrade!!!
    I’m really liking 2.1 so far, and am glad SE put the effort into perfecting it.

    Obviously SE are going to be able to punch out updates quicker in future, as they would have learnt a lot about android with the X10 series.

    SE make gourgeous hardware. I hope they do a WP7 device like the X12…….

  40. Outdated firmware, assuming SE is stuck on 2.1 and move no further. And relying on their “user experience” of Timescape and Mediascape, perhaps moxier mail too? Will it have multi-touch, 16M colours, flash support, wifi tethering, apps to sd? It will be interesting to see how SE markets this one, I would love to see the sales figure when it is released.

    Some fanboys mentioned before who would want to carry HTC Desire HD 4.3″ of brick, too large, cannot fit the pocket, cannot fit the palm, etc. I wonder what they would say of their own 4.3″ SE piece of brick? Now some even say it is so wow, wow, wow….hypocrites!

  41. Bravia is a name Sony uses for some electronics in Japan, mainly televisions, I think. The name will resonate in Japan, though I’m not sure about other markets.

    I think we can afford them one chance after the fiasco that was the 2.1 update. Here’s the main thing to consider:

    They’re planning to release this phone with 2.3. The X10 is currently sitting on 2.1. Now, the major difference between the X10 and this new Bravia phone *should* be hardware. Bravia having a better camera, sleeker design, larger screen, everything about the hardware is going to be better. However, if they use the Android OS as another way to wedge in a larger difference between the two phones, we’re in trouble.

    It’s going to come down to this: If the X10 doesn’t get 2.2 by the time this new phone comes out with 2.3 we can be certain that SE has learned pretty much nothing about software updates and customer satisfaction. I’ll even be nice enough to give them a two month window. Update my X10 to 2.2 (or more unlikely 2.3) within a reasonable window before or after the Bravia phone and I’ll likely be willing to stay on.

    Unless we see other companies start pumping out far more powerful devices in the near future. The X10 released pretty much at the end of that generation of shiny new smartphones, being in some ways obsolete on release.

    Whatever the case, there’s no way I’ll be a day 1 sign on again for SE’s phones, or anyone else’s for that matter.

  42. AMOLED, 3.0 ANDROID., 1080p, 4.3″, HDMI, YEAH!!!! 1 ghz DUAL CORE, 1GB RAM, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA can imagine that?

  43. I remember drooling over similar pics when the X10 was announced and waiting anxiously for it’s (long overdue) release. Then I actually played with an X10 in store, and my heart dropped. While the hardware is totally drool-worthy, the XPERIA experience just isn’t good enough to match the likes of HTC & it’s Android brethren. Here’s hoping the speculation can morph into realisation; let’s hope that this phone arrives with promise and then delivers; let’s hope Sony Ericsson can climb back up ontop of the phone market where they belong. And let’s hope we really do get a BRAVIA phone to go with my BRAVIA TV, Blu-ray player, etc. That would totally blow my mind if Sony really opened up to the way Samsung & LG are innovating with DLNA across their suite of products. These are all entertainment devices; they SHOULD share content in the home via some means. Give the consumers what they want! And please let me return to referring to myself as a Sony Ericsson fanboy without feeling ashamed in public…

  44. Bravia phones in Japan are called Bravia because they can be used to watch TV, hence the TV branding.

    I doubt that overseas versions of the phone will have a TV tuner inside, and therefore should not carry the Bravia brand.

    Chances are that this phone will still be an Xperia… possibly an X12?

    I was thinking about upgrading to the rumoured PlayStation branded Android, but now this phone is leaked and I’m not sure again 😉

    I do hope that Sony Ericsson get their OS updates sorted out, though. Would it really have been that hard to give us 2.1 six months ago?

  45. Still, complaints aside, Sony Ericsson really seem to be moving in the right direction now that they’re focusing on Android.

    The X10, Mini and X8 have all sold quite well in many markets. The Mini and X8 in particular seem to have found a sweet spot in the market for people who want a nice looking fast phone at a reasonable price.

    With more models coming, let’s hope that SE invest in a bigger team to bring us the software in a much more timely manner.

  46. Looks pretty good. Im not going to buy a new phone for a while. For you haters, don’t like it than sell your X10. There is the really why iphone 2g are shit from the past.

  47. Dear, I inform you that today November 10, 2010 at 17:00 hrs connect
    PC COMPANION my phone to the PC and the update was available android
    2.1, confirming that at least for the x10 MINI version of the telephone company CLARO CHILE already
    the update is available and works perfect.

    X10 MINI E10A
    Android 2.1 Update1


  48. I would like more focus on the current X10 ‘s out there, the X10, the X10 mini, The X10 mini pro, since they only got the update couple days ago for some people. How many people actually considering buying the ANZU?
    @ fact is fact, I disagree, SE is not best company, they are the sixth world wide currently, took too long to release a 2.1 update, and they are afraid from Apple to release multitouch on the X10. I praise XDA’s work, they root the X10 within 15 hours since the nordic release; they provided the update for unbranded phones; they even provided arabic language. my wow will go to XDA not SE.
    I for one, not even considering ANZU or PSP phone. The SE Xperia team is a let down to be honest.

  49. @ fact is fact, why the hell are you so up there? It’s a freaking company not some religion. It’s sad to see someone so lost in marketing and pr.

  50. thank you @Gordon Shumway for not being like half these idiots just bitching about SE being stupid and whatnot. obviously there not cuz you all bought this phone. they’re new at Android and practice makes perfect dumbasses. and this is coming from a guy with an x10a 1.6. unlike you guys i have patience

  51. @fact is fact

    U think SE will release this phone 1 Q4 of 2010? Its Android3.0 the new OS,
    Look at the phone, it has 2.1 still.. not even 2.2…
    They commit to have 3.0…

    its SE it will take another 7 months for development.. and another 3 months for release…
    so total of 10-12 months.. By the time every one will have android 5.0 in their phone…

    Also my buddy, if u love SE, let it be… why the hell u are crying out to be like a baby who seen candy……

    My ass u foot.

  52. @ dav

    why r u so mad at someone elses comment its just speculation, get a grip n grasp the english language instead of butchering it. you are mad at se for releasing late updates still if u dnt like it buy something else

  53. Few think to improve
    1 android 3.0
    2 usb 3.0
    Full xenon flash
    Some kind of optical zoo
    I want equalizer
    Want 12 mpx
    I want wi f I. N
    I want oled display
    Want battery 4900 mah
    Full dlna compatibility

  54. The truth is: HTC makes the best android phones in terms of hardware and software, the lag behind in camera shooting quality and multimedia though.

  55. Uh, I just noticed something. It looks like the “back” button is on the left side and the “menu” button is on the right side. That could mean two things. 1: SE are stupid for doing that cos everyone will be used to the opposite from X10. or 2: this is fake

  56. The hype about 2.3.. is pointless I kinda love 1.6 it fils smoother if not for d compatibility of app ill go back to 1.6
    Any issues wif task manager closing ur network also if yes how did u0 solve it on ur x10

  57. Ewww. Chrome keypads and chrome lining all over the phone again? That just plainly SUCKS!

    I guess SE hasn’t learned from the X10’s fading chrome. You’d have to wear gloves while using the x10 to prevent the chrome from fading! Pfft.

  58. Superb ! The EVO 4G or Droix X that European 3G+ customers have been waiting for since last summer, being left down by both HTC and Motorola ! Plus it has a Front Facing Camera, that we hope will suppport both old lower res European 3GPP Visiophony, so we can continue have Visio calls with freinds, + new HD Visio-Over-IP capability hopefully working with Skype HD and consors. 1080p HD recording and 4.3″ screen are SUPER, hope resolution could be at least HD-ready 1024×720, instead of a lower VGA variants. Want multi-band 3G, w HSPA+ up to 42Mbps,… and LTE on top ? Only missing for me here is the Kick Stand of the EVO 4G, but may have something else to make it stand properly when whatching Videos and TV on it.

  59. If good features I’ll get it. My 1st 3G phone has been the Sony Ericson V800 under Symbian. I loved it, and even bought 2. But then SE had no follow-on and when I had to up-grade 2Y later I bought a N95-8GB, which has been a desastrous experience : The best Hardware of its time with the WORST Symbian implementation I ever saw ! I lost 4 points of driving licence due to Voice Recognition NEVER WORKING on that phone, due to bad SW stack provided. I hate NOKIA for that and will not buy that brand again.
    I looked at X10 last year, was not bad but outdated version of the SW stopped me.
    If this one goes with Androïd 2.3 (2.2 is mini for me), and has up-to-date network (3.5G HSPA+ 21Mbps mini, multi-band for World coverage, plus WiFi N, and Bluetooth at least 2.0), and Top Multimedia features, I may even take 2 again (2x lines). Already love it.

  60. fuck that im never buying a SE again . after all this disaster they put us through? How can you people actually even think about buying it !!
    anyway I’d love to see the current x10 owners buy this phone and the same fiasco starts just like what happended to the x10. I will laugh the shit out of me and on top of that I’ll keep in touch with their blog so i can keep posting on how stupid it was to buy a SE product again ! LOL

  61. Great, I can buy this one and get rid of my X10… it seems that is the only way I’ll ever get an update to 2.2!

  62. LMFAO Really? After the X10 debacle, I bet they are going to launch the Anzu on 2.1 citing unforseen bugs with 2.3 that are being worked on, then make the people who were suckered into buying it wait for half an year before giving them 2.3 and in that much time, another technology shift has taken place and people who moved on from sony are gonna sit back and smile, while suckers who bought it are gonna rage on and on.

    GF Sony Ericsson. You guys fail at Android.

  63. @nitin really ? fail?

    have u seen their sales figures this year?

    Yet u still buy their phones and slate them lol. No doubt u will buy the next new one. Just frustrated n impatient consumer lol

  64. @x19. I’m over SE sonny. My X10 is stashed in it’s box in my collection of old phones. I’m using the Desire and an N900 now.

    The sales figures were due to suckers like me who had a history with SE. Hell, I even had 2 Ericsson phones before SE was formed. After this crappy experience, that relationship is over. 2.1 my balls. Happily using 2.2 on Desire.

    Love to see fanboys grasping at straws to defending someone who screwed them over so hard. That’s the reason that I don’t buy Apple. Silly fanboy crowd.

  65. can someone tell me which firmware is stable because i flashed my phone to nordic firmware last nov 2 to get the update early and the issues im encountering are, the camera shutter has no sound, no haptic feedback even it is turned on and no soud on audible selection and on audible touch tone. i did reinstall the software by reupdating it using SEUS, it was fixed for just like a minute and the stupid issue still occurs! its not that really bad issue, just want to know if NORDIC firmware really sucks! can i flash it to UK generic? or does that firmware also encounters some issue? THANKS!

  66. […] According to their source, the XPERIA X12 boasts of a generously sized 4.2-inch 854×480 resolution touchscreen, 8.1-megapixel camera with Exmor R lens, face recognition and tracking, 720p HD video recording, WiFi (b/g/n), noise suppression, HDMI, 3.5mm jack, and runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 processor. In addition to that, it reportedly also runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. For more pics, you can check it out at the Unofficial XPERIA X10 blog. […]

  67. If the dimensions are correct, that is not a phone, but more a ‘tablet’. That said, if the device does not support Adobe Flash (yes, some of us do access sites which require Adobe Flash), then it will fade into the sunset rather quickly. As an XPERIA X10 owner, I could not saddle myself with this phone based on my experience with the X10. I wii have to wait on actual user reviews and not just paid blogs.

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