Xperia X7 and X7 mini Windows Phone 7 handsets outed?

Xperia X7Sony Ericsson management reaffirmed at their recent results that they will be concentrating their efforts on Android and Windows Phone 7 (WP7) handsets in 2011. We’ve come across a video that seems to leak the specs of two handsets in SE’s WP7 range, the aptly titled Xperia X7 and X7 mini.

According to the leaked specs, the 4.3-inch Xperia X7 will run a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset (MSM8260) and will come with an 8.1MP camera (with 720p HD recording) and HDMI out. The X7 mini will come with a 1GHz Snapdragon (the older QSD8250 chipset) with a 3.5-inch screen and some excellent imaging in the form of a 10.1MP camera with 3x optical zoom and xenon flash.

I’d take the information with a huge pinch of salt as we did notice some typos and the pictures do not seem to be of actual devices and are more akin to a schematic. It is also a bit strange that the younger sibling would have the better imaging abilities, not something SE has done in the past. However, if the optical zoom is to be believed than the phone won’t be thin which may be why it has been left out of the WP7 flagship to maintain a slim profile. The slides suggest a Q1 2011 release date. Check out the video for yourself below.

Xperia X7

X7 mini

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  1. wow if this is true and the stats seems reasonable true then it seems that se is steppin it up a notch! these 2 and the Anzu andriod device! 2011 is going to be a big phone fighting year! =D i was set for the dell venue pro but if the x7 is true! its gona be my next phone for sure!

  2. x10 wont get past 2.1 but tbh i couldnt care less, sure flash player and multitouch would be great but other than that i aint really giving a shit. i know somewhere down the line maybe a eyars time ill have a different phone when i upgrade, i hate the look of windows phone its too much of a piss around to get to certain screens.

  3. How do you decide between X7 and X7 Mini?
    Will there be an X7 Mini Pro with pop out kb?
    10.1MP, 3X Op, Xenon…Wish my X10 had all that,
    L.E.D. insufficient as flash.
    Works great as flashlight in dark….
    Will they let me trade in my X10?
    Is X7 Series getting Gingerbread?

  4. After playing with 2.1 for a few hours, I’m thankful that it’s slightly faster and more responsive, but the UI is way too customized. The X-10 could have been so much more than Sony let it.

  5. I hope that will be also new Xperia with android 2.2 – 2.3 and 10 – 12 MP camera with 3x optical zoom and xenon flash

  6. Hey Mike (I’m also Mike)… X7 mini has more parameters because it will buy more and more people, and you know why? because it has a 3.5 display and a smaller and smarter in your pants or shirt :)) …and there are only specifications and not final design

  7. Should of call it Xperia W7 instead.
    Not sure why they would the same code (X) with android (yeah, I know X1 is winmo phone)

  8. If SE not upgrading X10 beyond 2.2, I will stop buying SE phone no matter how good is the phone. I will also discourage all my friend s from buying it. As all of them know I am true heart SONY fans. If I stop buying SE product, they will sense something is wrong.

  9. is this the number kit of the Indian version ?


    Correct me if I’m wrong.


  10. Oh look! It doesn’t say Multitouch though all WP7 phones is required to have one!
    Interesting… XD

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  12. @fact is fact
    No you are wrong
    1235-2965 for Luster white
    1235-2964 For Black x10i

    What happen to the blog fonts?? Bro it was amazing with the older version. please switch back

  13. Dudes we are soon going to update to 2,2 since x10 is a beast. So be prepared. I dont know when but in 2-3 months we wil get 2.2

  14. Guys, SE has no plans to update the X10 to 2.2. There is one more update due in Januaryish time (was supposed to be December) but this won’t be for 2.2. It wouldn’t suprise me if this update never arrived given the hassle they had getting 2.1 to work.

  15. 2011 is gonna be crazy for phones. I get to upgrade in may. Dunno if im goin for the Anzu/X12 or the Nexus S. Should be able to get the Nexus on a good deal by may. Im deffo stayin with Android.

  16. Ill only get Anzu/X12 if it comes stock with gingerbread. Not if it comes with a “PROMISE” of an update.

  17. clearly fake, after all if SE launched a windows 7 phone it WOULD BE RUNNING 6.5 FOR AT LEAST A YEAR

  18. Fake or not… if Sony launches the xperia w/ the Win7 phohe OS, I’ll kiss Android goodbye.
    I had the opportunity to have hands-on testing with the T-Mobile HTC with Win7 and I was jaw dropped. Very zippy, touch screen really fast, apps fast, very well integrated and Apple crisp quality screen.