Xperia X10 update hits Germany for generic and O2 handsets

Xperia X10 update hits GermanyJust a quick heads-up to let you know that Germany is now rolling out the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 update for all generic handsets along with those on O2 Germany. We believe the generic German update started rolling out last night but Sony Ericsson Germany officially confirmed it this morning through their twitter account.


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  1. I’m glad I’ve rebranded my handset (using the 1-click-root method and editing rather than waiting this long for the German update to roll out!!

    Android 2.1 is a huge improvement over 1.6.

  2. From Ireland, updated experia x10 to Eclair

    first impression, its a lot faster over donut and UI response it better

  3. Woot!

    It’s not publicised yet, but I just hooked my Orange UK branded X10 into SEUS and am now downloading the update.

    About fecking time!

  4. O2-UK update’s scheduled for today but nothing so far as of ~3pm, though SEUS has been updating daily for three days in a row, whether not it’s related I don’t know…

  5. can someone tell me which firmware is stable because i flashed my phone to nordic firmware last nov 2 to get the update early and the issues im encountering are, the camera shutter has no sound, no haptic feedback even it is turned on and no soud on audible selection and on audible touch tone. i did reinstall the software by reupdating it using SEUS, it was fixed for just like a minute and the stupid issue still occurs! its not that really bad issue, just want to know if NORDIC firmware really sucks! can i flash it to UK generic? or does that firmware also encounters some issue? THANKS!

  6. don’t know if it was mentioned here already, but the update for Belgium X10i is online.
    got the message when i tried software update on my phone.

  7. I just got my 2.1 (live in Belgium)
    Looks very nice. Fast reaction time. i can finally play Angry Birds. 🙂
    Up until now, I like it.

  8. Im on Orange UK still cant update?????????????? i get the mesage saying update available, i connect phone and says software upto date

  9. I’m on o2 Ireland, my pc companion updated today so I thought the udpate for me was ready, but when I connect my phone it still says ‘Your phone is up to date.’ Anyone know when o2 Ireland will get it?

  10. I have the message on my phone that says update is avialble tells you about 2.1 etc, then i go to update on seus and it says i already have the latest software (Orange UK)


    Okay, you’ll see I posted above that 2.1 was ready? Well it turned out SEUS was lying to me. Spent ages downloading and reinstalling,…so I eagerly reboot to find that I’m still on 1.6, only due to the “update”, I’m now back to factory settings and have to reinstall all my apps/contacts etc…

    VERY annoyed. Have contacted SE Customer Services and made them aware. All they can say is that my phone (1232-4290) doesn’t have the update yet, and they’re not sure why the SEUS software is telling me it is, and then fooling me into reinstalling 1.6.

    The words “chocolate” and “fireguard” spring to mind,…immediately after “About as useful as a”.

  12. whoever says 02-uk have it thats bs 02-de and by the sounds of it 02-irl have it but not 02-uk thats just poor, we were told 15th november (well the week of) meaning that germany and irelands tech guys can do a good job in a small amount of time but the uk one is just useless

  13. Im finally on 2.1 (Orange UK) just now restoring my contacts etc, first impressions very laggy but hopefully this will ease off. Thanks to lancs26, i downloaded the CURRENT version of seus and it found the update, currently pc companion says software is upto date so all Orange UK users use seus to update.

  14. @kolja

    vodafones came out 2 days after the uk generic release they were the first provider to release it

  15. yes mine was very laggy for a while. Nice and smooth now. took about half an hour or an hour, something like that.

  16. thought 02-uk would get the update out before orange but i was wrong yeah they gave a date of commencing 15th but when asking for any update on today they wont answer us at all which is starting to make me think it was all a stall cos 02-de and 02-irl both have the update for some reason 02-uk take so much longer, not impressed with the fact they wont say any more, just a simple no its not today would be good but they wont answer. 02-uk’s tech guys are nutoriously slow!!!!

  17. @connor

    02 germany released it but no word on vodafone youur best contacting vodafone about that vodafone uk were the first to release the update here in the uk. seems to be that 02-uk and vodafone have the same problem they take forever with an update

  18. im resolved to having to just wait for 02-uk to get their arses into gear and give us the update well orange has now beaten 02-uk to the update

  19. After trying all day trying OTA updates, and SEUS, I un-installed SEUS and downloaded a new copy from SE and installed it. I then deleted the contents of the db folder in C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db . I then followed usual steps to check software on the phone using SEUS and got my new software update that way. I’m on a branded O2 UK handset and I can confirm I have 2.1-update1 with a baseband version of M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404006 Build 2.0.A.504

  20. yes finally my X10 is updated to 2.1…
    used SEUS to install it, PC Companion didn’t find an update
    Mobistar – Belgium

  21. Orange UK downloading 2.1 now!

    Taking too long, been +40mins this normal or jus internet connection?

  22. camera with the arrow pointing at the phone is normal with this update, leave it for a few mins and it will start up

  23. I’m on o2-uk, but my x10 is branded as german gerneic.. i dont know why as i bought it sim free in the uk.. anyways, it updated to 2.1 on satutday, and i can tell you its a massive improvement and well worth the wait 🙂

  24. Is no-one on T-mobile?!?!!? I’m still waiting for the official update. This sucks. No-one even mentions them.

  25. Orange UK branded handset, updating to 2.1 now…. bout bloody time! and thanks for letting me know Orange… nobs! didn’t even know until i came on to this forum lol

  26. Sehr geehrter Herr XXX,

    die Software befindet sich derzeitig noch im Test, wann hier eine Freigabe erfolgen wird können wir zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt leider noch nicht angeben.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Telekom Deutschland GmbH

  27. @Quincy ME

    Hasn’t T-mobile merged with Orange? Wouldn’t the update be released the same time? if so, the update is out now… give it a try.

  28. @damian

    which vodafone? yodafone uk or germany because if its uk they released it two days after generic release, if its germany you may have to contact vodafone on an eta

  29. @steve

    What?? Vodafone UK. I did not get it. my phone keeps saying you are running the latest version… how do you know that?

  30. @damian

    its been well known for ages vodafone has released 2.1 its on the sony ericsson site i suggest u check a previously article on this site. check ur phone code to the ones on the pagethat are already released. your nubmer is located underneath your battery it starts its 8 numbers long. check iot against the kits already rolled out if urs is there then its been released

  31. @damian

    some people have said trying pc companion instead of seus usually solves the problem ur best checking ur number first to the kits already released if it matches and both seus and pc companion wont work i suggest u ring vodafone

  32. i bought a new x10 mini on o2, but it was already unlocked to any network. I’m now on Vodafone so will i have to go back to o2 to get the update?

    So confused:-s

  33. @ steve

    Well, I checked the kits number and my number does not appear on the list.
    So frustrated…

  34. Hey there,

    I’ve a problem regarding the contact photos on xperia x10 after the firmware update. The quality of every contact photo decreases enormously while dialing a contact or being dialed by one. However the picture is saved and also displayed in the normal addressbook application in good quality (it also happens when I take a photo directly from the 8MP camera..). This bug just appears while dialing. Has anybody a clue how to remove this bug?

  35. I already updated them with my original version of the photo, but it didn’t work out. I can see the original photo while displaying the contact infos, but it’s still the stretched one, when I phone somebody.

  36. im 02-uk still on 1.6 and my pic of my brother on caller id comes up blurred and has done for ages even stretched and tbh why the necessity when u ring someone ur not looking at the screen so seems pointless

  37. @damian

    i suggest u ring vodafone uk and ask them why ur phone hasnt been update if you dont mind me asking whats is ur batch number? it shud be just 8 numbers long

  38. @ Lee

    I’ve tried it with PC companion and SEUS. Looks like T-mobile users are just sat twiddling their thumbs watching everyone else get it until the end of the month (supposedly). Although, from the posts on here it seems I’m the only T-mobile user! 🙂

  39. Steve,

    I don’t know if they will be able to provide information.
    I have 1232-4285, which is not in the list. I hope they add more.
    I could just send them an email asking.

  40. @Andy_man

    I don’t think so, I would sugest you to keep your Vodafone sim and wait, if you do that you will probably have to update again.Remember that network providers have to release their verison too.So do not swap sim’s just yet. I know what you mean, it would be good.

  41. I contacted Vodafone (UK) yesterday to ask a the simple question of when the X10 2.1 update can be expected? After being passed around to FIVE times. I got the answer of “I’m not sure sir” at this point I laughed and put the phone down. Imo I don’t think we will see it until January. I am tempted to debrand, the only worry I have is crewing my phone up. The last time I debranded my handset. I constantly had no service apart from when I was at work and that because was near a Vodafome mast!

  42. I’m so glad to have a generic unbranded x10 mini and 2.1 since last week. (location: Gemany)
    these provider-brands – no.

  43. Yeah 2.1 isn’t that bad. I *think* the call volume has increased (just a bit)
    Battery seems to die faster though :\ (ORANGE UK)

  44. Updated to 2.1 screen goes black whenever I make a call, stays black when finished, freezes, unable to use any buttons or return to the main screen, wish I stuck with 1.6 as I could at least use my X10 as a phone.

  45. Camera with a arrow pointing at phone guys, it remains so 2nd day in the row. dont know what to do,cause it is not starting up… ;(