O2 UK X10 update now released, T-Mobile says next week, Vodafone still quiet

O2, T-Mobile, VodafoneWe thought we’d just update you on how far along the UK operator’s are with the Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update. The good news for O2 customers is that the update finally started to roll out this afternoon. T-Mobile have also updated their customers, tweeting that they expect the update for the X10 family to land next week. This just leaves Vodafone UK customers, who unfortunately remain in the dark. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as Vodafone Australia who aren’t expected to see the update until late December!

For all other users waiting, we have updated our previous post regarding which kit numbers have the update. This has been updated as of today (19 November). Click here for the full list.

78 responses to “O2 UK X10 update now released, T-Mobile says next week, Vodafone still quiet”

  1. I’m still waiting for Vodafone. Is there anyway I can debrand my x10i and get the UK generic 2.1? :-s

  2. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s almost december now and there is still no goddam update for ATT!!!!! AHHHHHHHH

  3. Vodafone did put update out here! I updated over PC companion 2.0 and I’m running SI Vodafone operater. 🙂

  4. For those asking about the AT&T Update, consider this: The Canadian release of the X10a was on April 15. Rogers Canada barely did anything to the OS except add a Logo and a couple of minor pieces of software. Canadians started downloading the update on Nov 8. The US release of the X10a was August 15…a full four months later. I don’t know what AT&T has done to the phone in terms of extra (probably useless) programming. The extra programming is probably the reason for the longer wait time, but have some patience. Canadians waited nearly four months longer than you did for this update.

  5. mind ur own business Micheal we want the fucking update (at&t x10 owners) if its not back im either smashing x10 or returning back as for sony it sucks im so disapointed in them i was a big fan i have a psp, sony bravia, ps3 and i got this fone like 2 months ago expecting the update on sep.

  6. I debranded my X10I and had this update weeks ago, glad o2 has finally released the update, but im glad i didnt wait and chose to debrand 😀

  7. On branded O2 UK handset and like many others have got the 2.1 upgrade installed. Have to say it is a huge improvement. Phone is LOT faster and user interface is much slicker – at least we got there in the end!!

  8. Why dont all you clowns of kids piss off with your first comments.
    It’s a blog not a sack race.

  9. @Mr.A relax on the breaking your phone lol. i have AT&T x10a and getting frustrated too, but blame AT&T for their lagging of simply branding the damn update. They have spotty service and cant do anything right! Can we Americans get at least some kind of date as where we will get it?

  10. any one know how to update the xperia x10 mini on a mac? please help i want to update…but cant! the SE Media Sync software for the mac doesnt work…it only transfers music and pics

  11. Unfortunately, the 2.1 update for the xperia x10 mini pro has its own problems. Here are a few: When in the phonebook, if you scroll down the list and select a contact then press the back button, it goes back to the top of the list. Thats very annoying when you are editing your contacts. I used the built in backup app, after restoring from the backup, it messed up a lot of my contacts putting wrong numbers to names, how annoying is that?!!! Sim access is still very limited and bluetooth headset volume is still rubbish. I am still disappointed!! This has to be the worst phone I have had so far.

  12. MacUser.

    I faced the same problem, there is no software for mac, i had to activate bootcamp, and install windows on it, and download pc companion, and voila….I have 2.1

  13. Im glad to report that South Africa has received the update and is not as usual the last to get it!!

    Just remember, that the phone can only use flash player, after we get andriod 2.2.

    Hope the update arrives soon for all!!!!!

  14. What, there’s still handsets out there officially running 1.6? Wow…that’s pathetic…glad that I flashed to nordic weeks ago, late december would really piss me off.

  15. anyone know where i can download a keyboard like the one used on 1.6 cos the new onw doesnt have the left right arrow key

  16. Wtf happened to the never timeout option on the display menu? It wont let me turn dusplay timeout off.

  17. OMG! another week without news. We’re almost in December and no Fking update yet? Ridiculous.I wonder, what is this hold all about?

    PS: Last!

  18. I’m currently running 2.1 on my x10 and am SERIOUSLY disappointed. It’s absolutely UGLY! Everything that was sleek and trim about the x10 on 1.6 is gone. Is there any way to go back to 1.6? or to at least make it look like it did with 1.6?

  19. Really pleased with 2.1 considering all the moaning I’ve read about it. Sure it was slow at first, but now everything is very smooth. No complaints here, although multi touch is still badly needed.

  20. This is the exact reason why I debranded from Vodafone at the first opportunity I got. I have no idea why they take so long in issuing any updates to their customers (although I expect it’s to do with the “can’t live without” 360 bloatware).

  21. noodles. Theres nothing to be concerned about. Many would call it technology “over” 3g. Aslong its there you’re internet/data should be working fine 🙂

  22. @ kamss1 ahh cheers got a bit worried. Read it suppose to be faster then 3g. Doesnt seem there much of a diffrence

  23. im on vodafone uk and the update is available for my phone but when i connect my phone to pc companion it gets near the end of the prepare section and says there is a error and cannot download update!!..pls any help as it is annoying me keep trying

    cheers david…

  24. Just got update. i am with Meteor in Ireland. I connected the phone to PC Companion and it said I had the update. Kept going through but it would not install. I went to SONY Website and downloaded SEUS (Sony Ericcson Update Service) Followed instructions. Done in about 10 minutes. Excellent. Thanks

  25. the god damn battery goes down much quicker with 2.1 others say it last longer like fuck i got more battery use out of my phone on 1.6 than i did 2.1 and why is google talk always running in the background and wont stop!!!

  26. im dissapointed in the battery life, could just be my phone but i think the battery life is terrible now drains worse than ever and even when its charging at 100% the battery starts to drain ive got task manager apps etc but no luck at all im seriously getting annoyed with it

  27. @ Steve
    I had the same problem with 1.6 until I learned to start turning things off. Get the Task Killer and set it to be extreme. When the phone goes to standby it kills the majority of apps. 2.1 rocks. I’m loving it.

  28. How the hell do you want me to prove it? I just connected my phone to my pc and pc companion said there was an update availalble

  29. Just got update message and started the update – Vodafone Australia branded X10 mini pro (1238-9717). Updating though PC Companion.

  30. I honestly can’t answer that for you mate, i’m on vf and i’ve just installed it….hopefully you will get it soon as well

  31. Just checked on PC companion as people said that update is out, my phone hung when I connected it to my pc, I had to take batt out, then PC companion said update was ready…just installed it but honestly very nice looking but I think it is a bit slow, you will notice when you turn on your live wallpaper or scroll down on the menu. Disabled MMS and it works a bit better but it is not ok.not smooth.I recommend to turn it off and then turn it back on once update is done.[Select import contacts after update in setup screen].

  32. hey guys, connected my vodafone x10 this morning and it said there was new software to load, went through the process and 2.1 is now installed. like ebveryone else says, its a bit laggy to start but im sure it will speed up. not had chance to play around with it at all yet, but all looks ok.

  33. Vodafone 2.1 is definately out, updated mine last night, my sister updated her x10 mini. And froends from collage updated theirs too! Rather than waiting to get the update messagr in the notification bar, do it manually and it will tell you. The update is brilliant. Takes a few minutes to speed up to normal
    But its excellent!!

  34. Updated mine last night to 2.1. I’m on Vodafone in the UK. The big negative point is that it now won’t send text messages over 1 SMS message in length! It also won’t do what it used to do in 1.6 which was automatically convert to MMS when over 3 SMS in length! And I use SMS more than anything else on the phone!

    Pretty unfortunate but not surprising with SE.. 🙁

  35. its not out yet dudes, stop spamming, the last post was also on the vodafone website………..

  36. Vodafone update is out, but only certain areas of the UK can install it
    Thats why Vodafone haven’t released a statement saying its out. Just like sony ericsson have done its being released in sets, and will be rolled out fully by the end of the week. Some people will have it some won’t
    But should be there before the week is out.

    Source: Vodafone customer services

  37. I am downloading 2.1 now.

    Branded T-Mobile UK. I manually checked for updated software and my phone and it told me an update was available. Its here 😀

  38. HA! first bug found. set the alarm on, turn the phone off=the alarm wont go off!
    It used to work before update.(slept in yesterday)
    -Now it is possible to turn phone off while charging it. 🙂
    Not possible to disable several keyboard settings such as key caption(I don’t remember how it was called, but it would disable the key recognition while you re pressing the letters..
    Not possible to exit internet browser anymore?
    Loving the interface though,poor battery

  39. Got the update last night on Tmobile uk. Didn’t get the message they said they would send checked for updates manually on the phone. From what I saw last night seems a lot quicker, restored everything including the apps from the Market (downloaded the latest backup restore before updating)

  40. I can confirm I am on UK Vodafone and am now running 2.1 on my X10. Vodafone are useless and blatently ignorant on this issue so ignore anything you read on their forums. In order to update your phone if you are on UK Voda, go to the SE website and download the SE update service (SEUS) to your laptop or PC. DO NOT use the PC companion to check for updates, use the SEUS program instead. Follow the instructions and when you connect your phone, it will tell you that there is an update available from SE. Download the update and follow the on-screen prompts. I bought my phone through Voda and this is the official Voda software, it comes complete with their bloatware! Phone is improved quite a bit under 2.1. I still cannot believe that this is available yet Voda are not informing customers. Make sure you back everything up though and use a 3rd party app to backup your phone apps as you will lose the lot when you update!

  41. Guys t-mobile has started upgrading its xperia from yesterday onwards. Pc companion might not work, its better to download the software update app from sony ericsson website n thn tryit. Happy updating and enjoy the Eclàr on our xperia!

  42. It says on the vf website that the update has been postponed due to problems with text messages . Any one else seen this

  43. t mobile have released the uk update i got it on sunday the 5th december a bit late but i got it