Custom Froyo ROM for Xperia X10 landing next week

Custom Froyo ROM for Xperia X10The xda-developer ninjas recently brought us the first Android 2.1 custom ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. They’ve since been beavering away and are now close to making the stock Android 2.2 (Froyo) firmware available for download next week. This will include Flash support and even faster performance (Quadrant score of 2,588). A dual-boot feature is also planned allowing you to boot into either Android 2.1 or 2.2.

As before, the firmware is only likely to be at a beta stage and will likely have a reasonable amount of bugs. However, it will undoubtedly by polished over time and bring considerable benefits, especially considering that Sony Ericsson hasn’t made it clear whether the X10 will officially see the Froyo update or not. Click through for the quadrant benchmark and proof of Flash performance.

Custom Froyo ROM for Xperia X10

Custom Froyo ROM for Xperia X10

Via xda-developers.

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  1. Forget the buffoons at SE, leave it to the good folks at XDA to get the job done.


  2. @giannhs

    yeah dude, they are!

    Just kidding.. ofcourse they’re not, wait and XDA will also provide something for the minis and X8. (SE will surly dump the minis and focus on their new phones)

  3. well atleast this will get rid of half the impatient drones that moan about sony ericsson not releasing 2.2. lets hope this doesnt mess up your x10 then you cant moan at se for that

  4. It’s remarkable what the guys working (presumably) part time on this as a hobby can come up with compared to the official developers. This is without full access to the boot loader too if I understand?

  5. ..l..

    first dot is my first finger…
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    last dot is my last finger…
    second last dot is my forth finger…

    and, the big line between these dots is my MIDDLE FINGER to Sony Ericsson.

    fuck you SE… grow.

  6. @x19: Dude, I dont normally use abusive words in forums, but I really have half a mind to give you some…what’s your pet name? Old tortoise?

    this is real cool…following the original xda thread fervently…these guys are amazing…please do donate if you are going to use the rom

  7. If i am one of the lazy sucker at SE, I will download a copy of custom 2.1 to see how part timer speed up X10 10 times better than them. Also download custom 2.2 (even in beta version with bugs) to see how these genius make hardware compatible with froyo 2.2.
    See how dumb SE are? They cannot get MT works perfectly whereas others already master on it. (Recently bought Toshiba Folio 100 with Froyo 2.2, even it is their first android pad, MT is working)

  8. Fantastic work by the devs at XDA.

    I’ll definitely try this out next week, since it will have dual boot and be able to switch back and forth between the stock 2.1 and new 2.2 rom.

  9. I agree that this is good news, but I still feel that I need to defend SE a little. ONLY a little though!

    I agree that SE can definitely work faster than they have been to get updates out. Whether that means more programmers or more testers, they should do it. However, this blog post points out the exact reason why SE takes longer than XDA. This product is likely to have multiple bugs. There are likely to be many minor updates to address each of those. By the time XDA has everything ironed out SE could (assuming they were trying) already have 2.2 out. Then again, SE might only be releasing 2.1b or whatever they call their minor update (after the “MT” patch).

    I, for one, will wait to hear what SE has planned for the X10. If 2.1 is as far as they will take it, I might start playing around with the phone to improve it on my own. That’s assuming that I won’t lose functionality in the process.

    SE suggests that they support the phone for it’s lifetime, and indicate that they calculate 2 years to be that lifetime. With the (re)-release of the X10 HD, those 2 years might start now. But if they say “All we can do now is improve the Timescape/Mediascape layer” after only one year, it’s probably time to go to other sources.

    Looks like my phone could be in for a fun ride come next summer (or earlier).

  10. Wat about the mini and pro?
    Will they get it toooo?

    Anyone please reply for dis………
    I am using Pro

  11. It would be great to have Froyo on the X10, but my question is, it will support MT or this will never come to the X10?

  12. It looks like our miserable run-in with SE and their mindless fanboys is finally coming to a very happy end indeed. It’s just great news… but I think I’ll wait until all the relevant parts are fully functional(gps, wi-fi, camera, 3g, before I try it out. I for one will donate when the time comes. A big thank you to the devs, keep up the great work. It will make the x10 usable for at least another year if not more. Kudos

  13. I read these posts and I wonder who gave a bunch of 10 year olds xperias. Sony cannot just turn out a 2.2 like these guys can. Outside of working with carriers to meet their needs, they also need far stricter bug testing, you have millions of xperias out there you cannot release a flawed update because of the potential of bugs which could lead to numerous problems for both the software and hardware. XDA can do what they want and their users know what they are getting into. This isn’t a benefit Sony has, this in now way means Sony hasn’t dropped the ball in terms of updates but there is a huge difference in what they are able to do.

    I think we will get 2.2 but I think they will want their new X12 sometime with that feature exclusively. And update the Xperia x10 probably late q2 early Q3 when the X12 is updated to 2.3

    @Unknown the only way to add flash to the x10 is to use a work-around browser like skyfire.

    @ Michael I would think its two years for their support, but I think Sony will count the one year its been out rather then start at the Xperia HD.

  14. Honestly XDA I will donate. I have never donated before to forums I will be honest about that but this is just amazing. To do this for us is simply outstanding and I think that everyone should to show or support for this rom and further custom roms for this phone in the future. They have provided me the answer for the this phone and have stopped looking around to get another one to replace this one…Thank you again…

  15. Se will definitely implement 2.2 in xperia x 10 after ANzu launch & I’m going to try this now

  16. @Dan
    I seriously doubt this phone will see 2.2 from SE. Once a new “flagship” phone comes along SE tend to drop the old one. If they do bring it out bonus but just look at their record and you’ll soon see that it is unlikely. Let me give you the best example of this, enter stage left, The Satio.

  17. I think SE products has a really good hardware and if some guys bring us a better Software development than SE then doesn`t matter who makes the work to get de best from our phones. SE sucks in it`s software department.

  18. Se r u hearing these what ru doing making silly phones like psp phone its use ur mind n givr more facility in what u have xda member can done it n u r i think sleeping some where ur brain not ur money n wake up n seee how other r far frm ur product n ur still same. I cant say more than that well grt work xda

  19. First alot of salutations + appreciations for xda developers… This is really what we can’t hope from SE… Great job. Everybody should donate. They have done a great, superb and outstanding job for us…

    Fuck you SE… Learn from xda devs.

  20. @JerryGC

    MT is coming to X10 with UX updates in Q1 2011.


    I think that’s bit different. Satio is running on Symbian and you know there are hardly any updates from Nokia themselves on the older version of Symbian.

  21. Great news, but I would rather wait and see what are the options out there in the market.

    Agree with Zodiac @ November 22, 2010 at 4:56 PM. Yeah…to all the Fanboys who said give SE a chance as the X10 is their first attempt at android, I am sorry dudes. Japanese companies like Panasonic, Toshiba, Fujitsu and even Casio are releasing their first android phones, some are attempting a first time phone product.

    I am sure they will do an even better job than SE. Yes, let’ see how SE will handle the Japanese competitions.

  22. If the X12 (or whatever) comes out with 2.2 it will be a lot easier for developers to port the new firmware to the X10.

  23. if this custom ROM is stable and doesn’t have major bugs, i urge all of you to donate something to XDA, i for one know i won’t be getting any poorer by giving 10 euros to those people for a job which is worth a whole lot more than that. us users need to show our support for XDA since all we’ve got from SE was a bunch of crap and “maybe later” attitude from their incompetent ass-sitting, cofee-drinking and time-wasting developers.

  24. so i debrand with global firmware it means it is a custom beta 2.1 by xda developers_??? its not official. theres something missing in that update? i want to know even so 2.1 is a very good move, let me know please., and good job developers from xda

  25. @ stars – You know what! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH U ^_^
    XDA does deserve our support, those guys are amazing, and are making SE look bad, like oooommmgggg, so bad. Sony should drop Ericsson and just go with Google. It would be SG! I’m gonna donate 20$ US to xda, also I would like to donate as well to you, for having a great update to date information on the world of Xperia, you guys Rock! ^_^

  26. Hello …. I have a question here … SE is planning to release an update for multi touch during Q1 next year …. Say if i use the custom ROM will that update work ?

  27. @ Andy The key difference between the satio and the x10 were Sony’s dedication to the platform. Sony is not longer interested in making Symbian products, but would like to be a leading Android maker. I do agree with Sony’s past support being not up to snuff, but i believe we haven’t heard much of the 2.2 update, because the x12 will be launching with 2.2 and people might not be interested in a new flagship which is only pretty much a refresh then a truly new product.

    While I know little of the tech details if Sony is able to update the x10, they might also be able to update the rest of the x10 fam and the x8 or atleast cover a fair amount of programing between the two. That is alot more bang for your buck then treating the x10 as a stand-alone phone. I do expect this to be the last update and do it probably around September. Sony would have basically given us an update roughly every 3-4 months and cover its promise of an update to end of life.

  28. “Sony should drop Ericsson and go with Google”… now that’s the best advice anyone could give Sony because Ericsson are really doing a number on their reputation.

  29. NICE…VERY NICE….Congrats XDA DEVS..

    Q1 2011 SE will update X10 also with Pinch zoom.

    Now is it possible to implement pinch zoom in the comming custom roms?!

    That would make the phone almost complete and finally a worthy gladiator in this arena of android warriors.

    So….good hardware and finally good software.

    Cheers 😉

  30. For those fanboy supported SE, you don’t see how important froyo 2.2 to us, or me. I don’t care about MT, i hardly use it even i owned iphone 4. The thing i do mind is apps2SD but not the one you rooted your X10 2.1.
    For your info, apps2SD moved your apps to SD card after installed, but X10 only gave less than 512MB (my read 400MB) for apps installtion. For small apps you can installed then moved. What if some big games in Iphone cross platform to android and required more than 400-512MB space? Some genius already created apps to help to install directly to SD card without going through sequence of install – move – sometime cannot moved…. But this apps only available in Froyo 2.2. (correct me if i am wrong)
    Is our X10 having top hardware? I doubt it, game performace lose to Galaxy S, internal apps memory also failed to match Galaxy S of 1.8gb.
    So bring 2.2 with native apps2SD with additional app to install directly to SD card will at least put X10 to better position to compete with its rival. (this should come from SE CEO to screw his team for not able to compete with others like samsung etc)

  31. Huge THANKS to the XDA guys for coming up with such updates when SE (a big respected company) have failed me and thousands more for what XDA have done and are continuing to do.
    I’m donating to XDA and to for bring the wonderful news to me. I can’t wait to load 2.2 on my X10. I will finally be able to see my site on a mobile device to my clients (since it’s all flash)
    SHAME ON YOU Sony Ericsson!

  32. How is it possible that a custom X10 firmware with Android 2.2 gives more than 6 TIMES the performance of the SE Android 2.1 (or 1.6, not clear from the graph)??????????

    Either they are loading it with too much extra crapware, or they program their base firmwares like crap. Seriously, it is not acceptable to have such a huge performance difference for the same hardware…

  33. I’ve been running the Froyo alpha release from the chaps on XDA for 24 hours now. No music playback (inc. notifications, alarms, ringtones, so on vibrate) but everything else is pretty much working and its verfy, very stable for an alpha release.
    I will be donating tomorrow (pay day! yay) and urge anyone else tries it do the same.

    See a few questions above from X10 Mini and Mini Pro users. If you look on the XDA thread ( they dont have an X10 mini-pro to test with, so the more donations they get the more chance they can get one to test with 🙂

  34. Hey x10user_india,

    do you think anyone (forget SE) gives a fakk about you, you stpid junk sand gipsy?

    STFU and go back humping your cows, garbage sand gipsy…

  35. Mattz November 24, 2010 at 11:19 PM ADB is generic for all Android devices, obviously use the X10 not a G1 in this case! 🙂

  36. @fakkyou_garbage_x10user_india : You Grow(respect the technology), and I really love to be called as Gypsy… Thx 🙂

    Again, it’s a personal experience of my with X10, good hardware but rubbish software from SE, I was looking a chance to show my middle finger to SE since a long tym… Now, I got it. I am very happy for XDA, excellent work so far. I am watching SE…. the billion dollar company is competing with Two clever Developers…. Insane for SE.

    We were expecting the further updates from SE for this expensive device, I have paid my hard earned money, not bought it from my 2nd money… If a good software is possible and easy to deliver, why SE didn’t do?? Android is an open software…. There is no mean to lock Android’s opennes, it is against the market trend.

    I am not worried people criticize me, but happy that XDA did what I wanted… Kudos to them.

  37. im surprised , so many stupid boy´s said bad words about SE . do you think SE will support you during all life ??? when u bought SE X10 mostly of you didnt know what ANDROID is , and if someone know what ANDROID is why they choose 1.6 ?
    is nothing shame for SE . stop saying bad words


  38. @distributor don’t be fan-boy. Reasons for why i bought X10 is that i was using SE W995 a very good phone. then i was searching for android. X10 hardware is good but don’t tell us shit like the we don’t know what is andro. i don’t cry for that i don’t have 2.2, but all andro users want to have newest version.

    SE will catch up in 2011 however it sounds.

  39. The rom also support xperia x10 mini ? Please answer because my x10 mini click 2 times when I click 1 time. I think new rom fix it since the bug started since the android 2.1 update. Thanks

  40. @distributor

    I think you just mentioned me:) This is my 7th SE phone and although I obviously knew what Android was, had no idea what version it was up to, and would probably have never had cared if I had not started googleing my phone. Has to be said though, I would like this 2.2. Not militantly, but it is nice to have new stuff to play with.

  41. I’ve had a little play with 2.2.2 and it’s remarkably stable and once they fix the camera and music issues it’ll be well worth using as a main system.

  42. Hi guys
    I installed it but for some reason is not working as they say, and nobody from xda come up with a reason or solution why that happened
    i only got some custom 2.1 rom not what you see in the pictures or movie.
    My advice is to wait untill they will come up with a better release