Xperia X10 goes up against 8 other smartphones in display shootout

Xperia X10 goes up against 8 other smartphones in display shootoutOne of the biggest considerations when buying a new smartphone has to be the display used. This not only includes factors such as the size of display used, resolution, and whether multi-touch support is included (us X10 owners know this point all too well!) But you also need to factor the display technology used – whether that be LCD, Super LCD, IPS LCD, AMOLED, Super AMOLED and even ClearBlack AMOLED. Phew, that was a mouthful!

GSM Arena has gone through the arduous task of pitting nine smartphones against each other (including the Xperia X10) comparing the displays of each. The X10 didn’t fare too well, scoring “below average” for contrast and viewing angles. However, it wasn’t the worst of the bunch and personally I find the display very good for reading text (I’m not a fan of the pentile displays on some of the AMOLED derivatives) and it also has quite good legibility in the sun. In case you are wondering, the handsets that scored highest were the Samsung handsets utilising Super AMOLED, the iPhone 4 with its Retina (IPS) display and Nokia’s ClearBlack AMOLED display in the C6-01. Click here for the detailed shootout.

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  1. Wanna bet the person conducting the test was using 1.6 with auto brightness enabled, and/or did not realize that you can turn the brightness up manually…

  2. Wait till the PSP Phone comes out with it’s rumoured Bravia display, that’ll be some dominating stuff lol :O

  3. You also should have mentioned that the Xperia X10 has the best LCD screen out there. Because they mentioned this in the review as well.

  4. @fact is fact

    That’s right, the best LCD screen that sucks ass compared to almost everything else in the market. Enjoy your Craperia, It’s my last SE phone.

  5. How many times do we use the cellphone under the sun…. While AMOLED is the future, check out the battery consumption for the same….

  6. Actually on closer look , we are at no.1 in LCD category .. beating HTc desire HD and LG e900
    and other screen are of advanced technology… like AMOLED , SUPER AMOLED

    so under the given category we are No.1 …

    and also as one said above , i doubt whether they turned off the auto brightness option , coz when i copmpared mine with Samsung S galaxy , it didnt turn out well with Auto brightness on .. but when turned off , it was very bright than Galaxy S ..

    and to add ours is only at 65kcolors .. that too should be considered…

    so on the whole , we have the best screen….

  7. @fact is fact

    Don’t garble a statement, the whole comment is :
    “The XPERIA X10 does best of the three LCD-equipped handsets, but that is still good enough for a seventh place only.” LOL…

  8. @Bearsom, Unless you have serious comprehension problems, the comment you quoted means exactly that the X10 has the best LCD screen in this comparison. I think its just your brain that got garbled from hating.

  9. The PenTile displays look really bad in person.
    The gaps between pixels is really distracting in a lot of situations.
    I would never recommend a PenTile display to anyone.

    I’m pretty happy with my X10. It works pretty great outdoors if I crank the brightness. Almost all the rest of the time I have it on the lowest setting because it saves battery.

    They should have included a BlackBerry for comparison.

  10. Regardless it is top or bottom 3, X10 is forever looooooooser as it only display 65k color. The people review it should have their eyes check/remove/change.

  11. @burdie: even with only 65k color, X10 managed to beat the other LCD screens. I watch HD clips on my X10 a lot and they look great bc its still a 4″ high quality, high res screen with a high pixel count. if you think a technical difference that you can’t even tell with your naked eyes in every day usage makes X10 a loser then may be you need your head examined.

  12. Guys let not forget that the X10 has the second best resolution after the iphone 4 😀

    Considering the X10 is the oldest phone among all the competitors, I think I’m proud of how good it’s screen really is. And I will be looking forward for the future screens from Sony which will probably be either S-LCD or OLED screens.