Competition: Win a 3600mAh Xperia X10 Mugen Power Battery

3600mAh Xperia X10 Mugen Power BatteryDisappointed that you didn’t win one of the MW600 Bluetooth headsets we had up for grabs recently? Well we’ve got another compo you can try your luck at. We are giving away one 3600mAh Mugen Power battery for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 that retails for $96.95. If you’re interested to know a bit more about the battery, you can check out our review here.

After the nightmare we faced in picking a winner through Facebook last time round, we’ll be doing this competition the traditional way, through this website. To enter the competition all you have to do is leave a comment below. We will pick a winner randomly when the competition closes at midnight (GMT) on Monday 6th December 2010. Good luck!

Rules: 1) Please leave a valid email address as we will be using this to contact you, 2) once contacted, if we do not hear from you within 48 hours we will draw another winner, 3) only one entry per household (remember we can see your IP address), 4) this competition is open to our readers worldwide.

653 responses to “Competition: Win a 3600mAh Xperia X10 Mugen Power Battery”

  1. I’d love to win a free battery…

    Have you ever been trekking through the mountains using the phone’s GPS, compass, and app to search for “hidden” treasure (read: geocaching) but also wanted to make use the nice camera or 720p recording… only to find yourself with the battery depleted and phone shutting off when you are still stuck somewhere in the mountains?

    This battery would be great for that!

  2. Well, I actually won one of the MW600,

    but… what the hell, I want the big battery as well !!!!!


  3. Yes Please. Hell knows why they didn’t distribute the X10 with a better battery anyway. If you use apps regularly (Which the phone is specifically designed to do), you end up needing to charge it every day!

  4. I find xperia the best android phone out there.. Battery upgrade would be nice to have 🙂

  5. Oh, well, that looks like enough reasons to chime in the comments section…though I don’t have much more to say than “pick me!” 😉

  6. Following your tweets and updates regularly..I think I deserve something..heheh..Must say, nice job with the website..I can write many good things about the website once you confirm this battery for me…hehehehe..nah just kiddin’…All the best to all of us!

  7. Donkey Kong keeps using his ‘Shoot Barrels at Mario’ app on his X10, however Mario keeps winning because DK’s battery keeps running out! Help Donkey Kong beat Mario by providing him with a new battery!

  8. Hey guys,
    Loving my phonebook update really tidy having everything linked! However, something funny is going on when linking my contacts with apps such as skype, whatsapp and moxier mail. My contacts are appearing in my phonebook as per the username. Weird….anyone else getting the same thing.

    Nice new battery will sort it! 🙂

  9. i really can use one of those…XD
    greetings from the end of the world (CHILE) to the entire team, who let us now the last news about our favorites devices of SE. My X10 will thank you too guys…see ya!!! 🙂

  10. This is a great to know that mugen 3600mah battery will be given this time I hope that i will get this through this contest.

  11. This battery would’ve made my great phone perfect,really wish I’d win.
    Great site,visit it daily 🙂


  13. Please pick me!! Your website has done that I haven’t thrown my Xperia x10 in the trash. I Love <3

  14. I must say, after having the X10 for a half year or so I am ver very happy with it. Sure there are phones that today have better specs. but the phone development goes extremely fast right now. So I am glad I picked one phone that fills my needs and can stand the tides of time for a while at least 🙂

  15. I love xperiax10 – you’re nice guys… Waiting for new OS updates just to read all the comments again…

  16. Brazil is following the Xperia X10 Blog!!!
    In the struggle for more power … I want this battery!

  17. i never seen a blog
    conducting competetion and pampering the bloggers with gifts,
    i love this blog……..:)

  18. Dear Santa (

    I have been so good this year, therefore I deserve the battery.



  19. Since I leave my wifi and gps on all day my battery life sucks. This would be a good addition to the phone. Please.

  20. The amount of times I’ve thought that the last 10% will last until I get home only to and watch it die on me 🙁 lol

  21. Sorry i am late

    Please i required this bttery i am chaging my phone 3times

    Please please please

  22. Theres nothing better than messing up sexy elegant look of Xperia 🙂
    …but doubled battery life doesnt sound bad…

  23. I’d like to get rid off my charger for a day! It’s very troublesome to bring it wherever i go.

  24. I was going to buy one of those but I had no idea they retailed at just under $100, that’s too expensive for me

  25. I already have one, but it’s terrific! I took the phone with me for a week in Cuba recently, didn’t make any calls with it, but used it for a few text messages and as an alarm clock. Worked extremely well, 10 days and still at about two-thirds charge.

  26. Oh my god i love this site, always the best xperia x10 news and leaks!!

    i really want to win!! pick meeee!!!!

  27. Please pick me im literally tired of charging my phone all the time its one of those silly repetativr chores in life
    Thank you

  28. You keeping us updated as usual,always on Xperia x10 with the latest.
    Me winning for a change on your website,that would be the greatest!!
    I will keep posting you updates,whenever i find something new to write.
    You pick me my email adress,so i wont have to charge my x10 every night!!

    Regards Rico.

  29. As awesome as the battery life of the X10 now is running 2.1, a spare battery is still useful.

    Pick me!

  30. Hope the lady of luck smile at me….
    3600mAh Xperia X10 Mugen Power Battery will makes my life full with power 🙂

  31. You are always told to “Wear something bright at night” on the TV and magazines.

    Last night when I went to the shop, I wore a White Hat, White Coat, White Trousers and I got hit by a fucking Snow Plough.

  32. i read about this battery , it’ll be an awesome piece of kit for my X10! good prize good prize 😀

  33. While the battery itself is bulky, I wouldn’t be unhappy with twice the battery life (or twice the time actively browsing with battery life remaining the same).

  34. I need this thing… I travel so much, but my x10i battery life so fucks. So i want to win it 🙂

  35. I hope I win this time. Would be a great addition to my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 running Android 2.2 (Eclair)

  36. You’re doing a great job 🙂 I checked this site more then twice a day before i bought my X10 and i still do after i bought it. Keep it up !

  37. ♥♥ Xperia Blog ♥♥ ♥♥ Mugen Battery ♥♥ Come to daddy :D…. I NEED IT….

  38. Like all competitions i enter, y can bet some one who sleeps on piles of money wins it 🙂

  39. Sounds good ! between orange and tmobile sharing signal and 2.1 . my phone lasted 2 days and 13 mins !! hope i win

  40. Nothing worse than waking up in strange place with a dead phone, this battery would elimnate the awkwardness after a long night at the bar

  41. I’m actually in Sweden at the moment and the battery life is quite good… I can only assume that the components are running at optimum temperature at -13oC 😛 That must be why SE publish such stupid battery life stats. Still, wouldn’t say no to a longer life battery! 😀

  42. I really would like to see such improvement in my x10, really huge amount of battery life would be great! I’d like to show it to my friends and at last close their mouths speaking of x10 battery drain 🙂

  43. Hopefully you don’t pick me!!!!

    Reverse Psychology FTW

    (side note, you guys do an awesome job here keep it up 🙂 )

  44. Figured what have I got to lose. 😉 I got the Xperia X10, and this was the first website I found when looking for tips/help…since then I’ve bookmarked this site and return almost daily to get information as it becomes known!

  45. “3) only one entry per household (remember we can see your IP address)”

    You’ve got to be kidding! What about dynamic IP? Never was lucky to win in a lottery.

  46. Hi,
    I am a huge fan of your website, allow to use this message to thank you all for the tips and updates about the Android 2.1 software upgrade; was really helpful.

    I live in Southamerica (Bolivia) and would love to try this new battery in my X10.
    Best regards,

  47. Hey you guys at Xperia Blog… you really rock… pick me 😉 greetings from Peru

  48. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^___________^

  49. “Power to the people!”
    <3 a High capacity battery!

    X10a running on branded 2.1 with Swype and skinz

  50. Looks fat…
    makes x10 look thicker…
    but a better battery life…
    Looks good…
    Good 4 gamers 😉
    bad for da style (ruins the sexy look of x10)
    One of these would make x10 awesome (no battery problem 😀 )

  51. Wow!!! Really?! If I get chosen then I would love to see how long Endomondo would run on the phone. Pick me as the guinea pig!! 🙂

  52. Like Donkey from Shrek once said:


  53. “Apple, this is where you failed” is what I will say when I will be walking around with 3600 mAh POWER! *Insert Evil Laugh*

  54. I agree with DerekNobuyuki; so often you forget to charge or you use some really intense app (e.g. Pocket Legends), and it just drains you. Then when you need it for something, oh I don’t know, relevant, it dies.

    I keep mine on the charger when I’m at my desk because it drains so quickly. Still, awesome comes with a price.

    Oh, and I want the battery. 🙂

  55. Hoping to win this battery. GPS navigation is murder on the battery unless you have a car charger.

  56. I think The Mugen Power 3600mah battery is the MUST HAVE BATTERY if stay out for work for longer periods, I HOPE TO GET “

  57. That’s sweet!! I wondering to buy this one for me as a christmas present, but now I will win!!! 🙂 Much comfortable!

  58. I love kept me upto date on the release of the 2.1 sysrem updates while i was tearing my hair out much love to ya people

  59. The only thing I’m really happy about is that many of you crazy people never attempted to comment until it came to getting a price loool.

    Anyway, it’s really good to know that a lot of people are still interested in our gorgeous X10 😉

  60. This will double or triple the length of up time. Battery is thicker so needs a different back plate.

  61. Got to have one of those… use my awesome X10 so much that battery is almost flat every day when I get back home from work……. Need the extra Juice…..

  62. Having one of these would be so good for when you want to use the camera for long periods of time 😀

  63. I am sick and tired of having to charge my x10 every day now that i am running
    android 2.1

  64. Thanks for keeping us up to date with updates for X10…..kept me sane. Otherwise I think I would have flushed the phone. Very happy now Android 2.1 is a big improvement.

  65. A mugen battery would fit nicely on the long business trips. 🙂 And thanks for the great reports keeping us up to date!

  66. Just upgraded from old faithful (6 yr old) LG phone with external antenna to xperia X10. WOW but old faithful’s battery held a charge for a week. Extended battery would be heaven. Thanks for keeping the information out there for us.

  67. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS! My phone dies whenever I need it the most!!

    There were times I was stranded and I needed to call someone or GPS directions, and times when I needed to capture memories.


    I love the X10 and I would love to use it at it’s full potential – without it dying at inconvenient times lol

  68. its a good product but makes your xperia from sleek into a brick.
    Im sure SE had ideas of making a bigger battery but didnt want to ruin the design of the product, because would you get your xperia if it looked like that in the first place?
    No, most of you wouldnt.

    And i dont know why all of you are acting like such babies man!
    “oh pick me pick me!! waa waa”
    …..=_=…people people, it doesnt matter if you say your the biggest fan or you really need the battery because of your sopping stories, dudes, they will pick the winner at RANDOM, they dont read through and think “oh, i like his comment, i pick him”

    Read the whole article instead of the title. Think logically, 1000+ comments at the end, think they’ll be bothered to read it, would you? no

  69. …and one more thing, if you really want to win this and im sure the logical people have already done it.

    Keep commenting, keep commenting and commenting, then you’ll will increase your chances of winning by probably 5%-10%, less if more people reads my comment and comments loads.
    Or even better, just keep commenting every second, then your chances would tend towards 30%.
    ..or..a programmer who can produce a program to extract comments from this article and display it at random with the same email but different names would be even better.

    just trying to help you guys 😀

  70. I think I should have gone to specsavers I could of sworn it said a battery for $95 … I thought I was being indulgent getting a spare battery for £10…

  71. I have been using the Mugen 1800,and thats awesome It makes the X10 last much longer,than the original battery So with the biggest Mugen 3600 it would be just amazing I need it badly

  72. My luck is not lucky, but hope says be hopeful. Xperia X10 would do much better with 3600mAh Mugen Power battery. For competition Win OR loose – I am happy that all XPERIA X10 owners WIN

  73. My x10 came only with a 1500mAh Li-Poly battery. How about others? I am from Philippines. Anyway, I WISH TO WIN. Goodluck to all of us 🙂

  74. Really need that battery, pick me. India doesnt even have such accessories in the market

  75. That would be awesome christmas gift. I sometimes travel with my bike,my tent and my X10 for many days in the nature (although that’s in the summer of course).Had to take other (dumb) phone with me as well on those trips cause X10-s battery didn’t last. Now there’s a chance it’d turn for the better.

  76. I would love to have this, I have 3 Batterys for my X10 and rotate through them while not at home. It’s such a pain taking my case off to replace the battery all the time >.<

  77. Would be awesome to have a backup battery, right now I am resorting to stealing my wife’s whenever I forget to charge mine.

    Thanks for the contest!

  78. I just got my Xperia X10. This battery would be a nice start to what will be lovely relationship once we get the 2.1 update.

  79. The only thing missing in my Xperia x10i is this great mugen power battery!!!!
    I m sure some inhouse person will win it!!!! if my luck is greatest only then i will win it!! so comment on it to win it, u will win it only if u mean it, u will win it only if u hav seen it, SO I M KEEN TO WIN!!!!! Cheers Guys!!! x10 Rocks!!!!

  80. This would be nice to have , even more better would be a 2.1 update for my x10a.damn you three aust!!!

  81. I need this battery more than my heart transplant….at least then I’ll have something that finally works properly and I wont die knowing I have a rubbish battery in my x10i.

  82. Well this would be the best upgrade for my X10… no matter how “sleek” the phone might be, it’s not useful if it’s dead after a couple of hours of heavy usage.

  83. Hey why not me?

    I already love the phone! It just rocks… n if you delete the mediascape or timescape then whats the use of the phone?? So a heavy battery is definitely required! Gimme one!

  84. Dont think ive ever won anything, and a battery life of mote than 12 hours would be a great crimbo pressie, so pick me!!!!:-/

  85. My battery doesn’t work so I’m hoping I win this 😀 or I’ll just buy one :\ woooooooooooooooooo

  86. Thank you for your wonderful website and twitter feed. I really appreciate having this resource for free. If I win the battery it would just make it all the sweeter 🙂 I told all my android friends about his place so you should get some new members soon! Thanks again!

  87. please pick me i really need this battery my business is getting ruined because my x10’s battery keeps running out. im afraid i’ll lose the job. so please pick me.

  88. My X10a can really make use of the extra juice. I have 3 days with this thing and the battery is almost useless

  89. I bought a larger capacity battery for my X10 not long ago, but found the new case to hold the larger battery did not fit correctly. Does anyone know if this battery is any better? For ~$100 I’d expect so!

  90. Hey guys,

    I want this battery.. I would love to have more time to play with my X10.

    Thanks 😉

  91. Had my x10 a while now, and that 4.0″ on full brightness really drains away the battery. Perhaps some pity may be shown to a beloved reader?

  92. i just traded my iphone 4 for a black x10….. and freakin’ love it. never will i ever bow my head to the iphone again. whats that? sorry x, ill be right there!! … my x10 needs to be plugged in for the night, she just cant seem to go more than a day.. pity, i wish something out there could make her last….