Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) details officially unveiled

Android 2.3Google has officially released details on its next major Android milestone, Android 2.3 (aka Gingerbread). The main improvements include NFC support, a new keyboard and text selection tool, Internet (VoIP/SIP) calling, improved copy/paste functionality and gyroscope sensor support. It is also the fastest version of Android yet released. New developer features includes enhancements on the gaming side that fits nicely with the Sony Ericsson Z1 (Playstation Phone) rumours.

Along with the Android 2.3 announcement, Google has also announced that the SDK is now available as well. The first device sporting Gingerbread is the Nexus S that has also been officially announced today. Hopefully, Sony Ericsson plans to launch its new range of handsets with Android 2.3 in the not too distant future (assuming lessons have been learnt!) Check out the Android 2.3 video after the break.

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    Enhancements for gaming
    Native input and sensor events
    Gyroscope and other new sensors, for improved 3D motion processing



  2. it would seem all the speculation on gingerbread was just that…speculation and baseless I might add. Still it is another step forward for the mighty android. Good stuff.

  3. This blog is about x10 only, not about its succesors. Please, Stop talking about non-related topics(Pspphone, z1, even x8, it’s not part of the x10 family(x10, x10 mini, x10 mini pro, it’s part of the XPERIA family). So… We should make a poll…. will SE ever implement 2.3 on x10? Or an online petition….
    If u would have 2.3 on your x10’s, what would u do first? what would u use?

  4. Lets look at it this way, Sony Ericsson promise frequent updates on their phones for a minimum 2 years after release. We have a year and a bit to go.. what can SE be doing in that time,surely at least 2.2 will be in there, they cant spend over a year fixing little bug updates… can they?

  5. Dear XDA developers… (x-mas wish list)

    Please forget about Froyo and push a flash rom for Gingerbread.
    Forgive the bunch of idiots at SonyEricsson trying to make pocket change money on new and meaningless devices, “accessory packs” and destroying the loyalty of the large base of current customers.

    Thank you

    Cookies and milk migh not be present, I’m just plain hungry.

  6. smart move by SE imo. the zeus will be released running stock 2.3 and marketed as a developer phone for android gaming

  7. Best Buy, the huge electronics chain in America just announced that it will start to sell the new 2.3 phone before Christmas. I would not call that speculation but the real thing.

    Check Best Buy web site and you’ll see it.

    How many years away is the 2.2 for Sony Ericsson, let alone 2.3.

  8. Are you completely ignorant or just trolling??

    All current leaks suggest the playstation phone (Zeus or Z1) will launch with Gingerbread (2.3) while the successor to the X10 (the Anzu) will hit the market with Froyo (2.2). These are real phones that will undoubtedly be released very early next year (January/February IMO).

    Either way, the Nexus S won’t be available for sale before 16 December, so this probably means nobody will see Gingerbread before then. Even nexus one owners won’t get the 2.3 update until the “Z1” comes out.

    What do I base my information on?? Years of marketing experience.

  9. Well, I like my x10 mini pro, but when I’ll have some budget to spent I will go for HTC, I’m tired of waiting. If SE will prepare 2.3, OK, it give sense since they just finished 2.1 and they need 2.3 for they playstation phone so why bother with 2.2? Bu NOOO, SE will spend time on 2.2 because they must done road plan which was planed a year ago ‘:]

  10. Yeah SAMSUNG NEXUS S is a leap forward, X10 a dive to the dark ages.

    NEXUS S, wow, wow, wow….I love SAMSUNG, so progressive! I can’t wait to get my Nexus S!!

    SAMSUNG, you can.believe! Wow, wow, wow. Thanks Samsung for making me believe.

  11. @andrei
    Its his blog, not yours, you don’t have to tell him what he should and should not write about. If you don’t like it don’t read it.

  12. I hope this comes with “extra heavy duty” vibration, just for those lonely nights (if you know what I mean)

  13. And what about gingerbread min requirements that’s been roumored around.
    Still nothing official from google, right?

  14. Never again am i buying a SE, it was the biggest mistake every!!!! the updates take ages and we’re still on 2.1!!! thats pathetic. Next phone will has got to be a HTC or Samsung!!!

  15. In X10 Blog reading 2.3 Gingerbread kind of weird as we knew very well “someone” claims its hardware not good for 2.3.
    But it is good to share info on latest android development here to remind us how slow SE is getting 2.1 to X10, and we should count how long it takes SE to deliver 2.2. I have no faith at all on SE will roll-out 2.2. They rather save their brain juice on PSP Phone etc.
    Anyone able to confirm PSP Phone will support real PSP game? And do we foreseen custom firmware M33, or Gen-D etc. to patch the console (or should i call it a phone).
    SE, why not putting a hybrid android + PSP so that when we hace custom firmware on PSP game, we won’t demand you on android 2.X – 3.X

  16. @Jeshurun
    My comments weren’t dirrected towards the owner of this blog. They were dirrected to people talking about other brands, than sony, or other sony phones. Like…gingerbread comes, what if se will implement this, instead of froyo, on x10? u never thought of this before? I just want to stay positive, and think ahead. And sry for the misunderstanding. (Look at the guys before me, talking about 2.3 ONLY for psp phone, but not for x10, and the “NEXUS S” guy, below you.)
    To clear this up, I never said anything towards the owner of this blog, which i respect. 🙂

  17. @Burdie The z1 will be running the z-system so its not really PSP games, but rather focusing in on games under 15 bucks. I bet we will see some PSP games, but this is not a PSP phone many our thinking in their minds. The PSP is pretty much dead in the water, and SOny is prepping the PSP2, so I think the z-system will probably be like the downloadable games PSN/XBLA games on the consoles, but rather for the next handheld.
    @T-rex Those leaked specs have to do with the 3.0 update which is probably honeycomb. Its designed for tablets more so then phones.

  18. It is taking forever for ATT/SE to get the 2.1 out to users in the US, I doubt that we will ever get 2.2 or 2.3.

  19. sooo then guys…

    is this “gingerbread” actually going too hit the X10??
    cus im currently debaing weather too update too andriod 2.2 or just wait for “gingerbread”…
    any one who can help me with this problem i wud be much greatfull

  20. LG´s Optimus 2X is the best phone on the market, Nexus S aint got noting on this baby!

  21. Android 2.3 for xperia x10 is gonna be amazing !! Thank u android and sony ericsson cant wait to see the update !!!!!

  22. im glad my x10i might be getting android 2.3 in q2/3 this year but will the screen still be stuck at 65k or will you release the full 16m colours it is capable of? also for anyone thinking about this the x10 will not be upgraded past 2.3 which is fair since it is last years phone granted it is still high spec but we all have to move on.

  23. hi all I’m going to buy the x10 in a week but i wanna no should i use android 2.1 or Gingerbread – Android 2.3.3 and if i use Gingerbread – Android 2.3.3 will i still have the time scape app ??
    and if i used Gingerbread will i be able to update to the official Android 2.3 when released ??

    please help me 🙁