Xperia Play – The official name for the Playstation Phone?

by X10 on December 21, 2010

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Xperia PlayEver since the first rumours of the Playstation Phone started, we’ve wondered what name Sony Ericsson plan to use for the phone. All of the rumours pointed to SE branding it under the ‘Xperia’ brand and now we can reveal that the gaming handset will almost certainly go under the ‘Xperia Play’ brand.

Pocketnow first came up with some evidence in the form of a European Union trademark filing using the ‘Xperia Play’ name. However, we dug a bit deeper and found that a whole bunch of XperiaPlay domain names (including com, net and org) have been registered by a PR agency called Jung Relations.

Jung Relations is based in Stockholm, Sweden (where Sony Ericsson is based) and one of its clients is, you guessed it, Sony Ericsson. Long term readers of this site will know that a few months back we stuck that ‘Unofficial’ mark on the home page banner. The reason for this was due to SE’s lawyers getting in touch saying that we were infringing their trademark. We would imagine that SE has registered these domain names, to stop other people setting up sites like ours and ‘protecting’ their brand.

In related news, Pocket-Lint has said that the Xperia Play will launch at MWC and will hit shops in April. “Sony Ericsson is going big on this one”, said their source, “but although it will get a Feb launch, it won’t be in shops until April”.

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