Sony Ericsson LiveView update due in January 2011

Sony Ericsson LiveViewThe Sony Ericsson LiveView Bluetooth micro-display is one of the more innovative devices released for a while. The remote display acts as a conduit for your Android smartphone, enabling you to display incoming calls, send messages and check your twitter/facebook updates amongst other things.

Whilst the idea is a good one, the LiveView is by no means perfect and suffers from a number of bugs including an intermittent Bluetooth connection. The company has confirmed that it will be releasing an update in January through SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) that will address some of these issues.

There are now also a number of third-party developers that are adding plug-in support for their applications. Check out a selection of these below.

• Moon Phase Pro: 3D interactive simulation of the moon.
• LiveView HTC Music plug-in: Music plug-in for HTC phones.
• OI Shopping List: Shop easily with your LiveView.
• FakeCall for LiveView: Trigger sounds and vibration on your Android phone.
• LiveView ContactCall plug-in: Lets you browse contacts and initiate a call.
• LiveView for Cycle Hire: Quickly access and safely access docking station statuses for London’s TfL Barclays Cycle Hire scheme.
• LiveView Weather plug-in: Show current weather forecast in your location.
• SportyPal: Motivational training tool that gives you a view of your workout.
• Launcher plug-in: Display your application icons on the LiveView.
• Smart Training: GPS tracker tool, post your training record.
• Where am I LiveView plug-in: Shows a map of your current location.
• LiveView PowerAMP: Control any music player.
• Gmail for LiveView: Gmail notifications plug-in that also lets you read the first part of the e-mail.
• news alert: RSS notifier for
• Calendar plug-in: Gives you an overview of your calendar and you can scroll and dive into a daily agenda.
• Twitter icon plug-in: Shows your Twitter icon or a QR-code so that you can spread your Twitter-url.
• Mode plug-in: Profile manager that lets you switch between silent, vibrate etc.

Do you have a LiveView? What function do you find most useful?

Via SE Product Blog.

14 responses to “Sony Ericsson LiveView update due in January 2011”

  1. haha, what a coincidence you post this when i refresh the page. The liveview could be successfull, as long as its got a more stylish layout to it, it needs to look more like a watch when your wearing it as a wristband and be a lot thinner when your not. If it was like that, id get it. 🙂

  2. I read somewhere that LiveView’s battery life is somewhere around just 7 hours. If that is so, there’s no point in bringing this outside your house, which makes it defeat its own purpose – portability.

  3. I use the PowerAMP plugin a lot and ‘Where am I’ is great too when I’m lost on a walkabout.
    I’d prefer if the build was a bit less flimsy.
    As far as the ui goes I would like to have complete control of what icons are displayed and in what order etc. The idea of piling all the third party apps into one subfolder is quite annoying already and will only get worse as more apps are made available.

  4. What function do you find most useful?
    The watch function.

    P.S. Srsly. The watch works once you connect the Liveview after booting; it does not need to remain connected to the phone. The other functions require a constant connection to the phone, which I cannot manage right now whatever I try.

  5. […] some fantastic plug-ins for the Sony Ericsson Live View, heres a list of some of them as posted on **The unofficial Sony Ericsson blog** • Moon Phase Pro: 3D interactive simulation of the moon. • LiveView HTC Music plug-in: Music […]