Sony Ericsson confirms new Xperia range for MWC in February 2011

SE new Xperia range at MWCSony Ericsson has officially confirmed through a press invite that it will showcase its new range of Xperia smartphones at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. Sony Ericsson will be holding their press event on 13th February at 18.00, a day before the show kicks off.

You can check out the press invite below, but given how much has already been leaked on the ANZU and the Playstation Phone (Xperia Play) it will be interesting to see whether there is anything new/surprising. The date’s already marked in our diary and we can’t wait to bring you the latest news as it happens.

SE new Xperia range at MWC

Via Eurodroid.

42 responses to “Sony Ericsson confirms new Xperia range for MWC in February 2011”

  1. I can see it now. They announce a new line of phones to be released sometime in in the year. When they are finally released, they in come with an out-of-date OS, and customers have to wait 6 months to get an ‘upgrade’ to a newer OS that’s already outdated…

    Oh wait, that’s what happened with the current line.

    I don’t care about the Playstation phone. I won’t buy SE again.

  2. At least this means that SE won’t be completely abandoning the Xperia line in the coming year, which means I just might see an upgrade to 2.2 (or even 2.3?!?!!?) instead of SE just ditching this line and working on newer things. This gives me hope. One can hope, right?

  3. My experiece with xperia x10

    SE hardware:nice (A)
    SE Service: (F) NON EXSITANT, updates take 6 months MINIMUM
    Android version: always 2 versions behind. (D-)
    Battery: (C-)
    Warranty: (C-) Not international.
    Commitment for future Fix: (D-) “there are no decisions on version x as of yet” UNTIL TODAY 12.23.2010 xperia owners dont know if they are getting 2.2 or 2.3 updates
    Recommend to others : HELL NO

    Google (x10 low ear head set volume), forget the problem, look at there response. we know about the problem, but no fix is addressing it.

    phone announced, phone comes out 6 months after, it will be 2 or 3 version of updates behind. and other companies will just tear the news with their new updates.

    SE used to be awesome, but now, i will never buy SE product again. i went through enough, those updates change many things, 1.6 Google voice works, 2.1 it does not work, 2.2 does work….. why would i ever buy a SE ever again?

  4. I won’t consider the new phones until after I get 2.3 on X10. If not, Samsung or LG is definitely the next choice.

  5. @WAEL
    sorry I make spam before
    I agree with you!
    By the way if any one want to rooted phone do not update to the lates version
    other way it will not be possible

  6. New line?
    I sold my xperia x10. Why?
    You know why!
    I’m enjoying a Samsung galaxy S now!
    and it will stay that way.
    Crappy SE support. No commitment. No loyalty towards

    They will lose in the end.

  7. 100% agree with Wael. They’ve also lost me as a loyal customer. Good luck Sony, good luck leeching off of your rabid fanboys.

  8. Its confirmed (sarcasm) that they will both be running android 1.5, stay tuned for a 2013 update to 1.6 and as some stage within the decade a 2.1 update….

  9. SE service suck everywhere. Moved from South Africa to New Zealand, took my X1 with and when I needed repairs, SE NZ refused, because it was not purchased in NZ 🙁

  10. The only solution if you constant upgrades and the best customer support is Iphone, that will be my next step…

  11. @ wael
    100 I agree

    They blow the service!
    I like phone 🙂 but service 🙁

    SE -SSLLOOWW ericsson

  12. @ wael

    This just take ages to get already outdated update!!!
    AND then the country discrimination GO the HELL

    >>>>> X10 new update no root <<<<<<<<<<<

    No way!! NO SE any more with this update speeed

  13. There is no doubt about previouse post

    BUT performance of SEPSP is worst than X10

    SO What are the spec??????

  14. “”Nick December 24, 2010 at 5:08 AM

    Its confirmed (sarcasm) that they will both be running android 1.5, stay tuned for a 2013 update to 1.6 and as some stage within the decade a 2.1 update….”

    Don forget! IN 2013 nordic country will get update but India, USA, and other branded wil get in 2020

  15. Whatever complaints u all guys make of the XPERIA series……………..;-p
    Its one of its kind…………………keep rocking u all BRilliant engineers behind that design and elegance and most important.

    I dont give the FUCK for the VERSION of the ANDROID……………=)

    Its blended perfectly to give max performance and all of it

    SALUTE to its INNovative TIMEscapeTM and MEDIAscape TM and the most amazing UI(for those of dont understand what UI means, go ahead and google) i have ever seen in the mobile device

    Love u guys………….keep developing………………i believe in you guys……….Cheers!!

  16. @Dark Max(9)
    i tottaly agree with you.
    galaxy s is crappy piece of plastic. oh, with upgrades 😉

    Can’t wait to see new models

  17. Actually the Galaxy S has been out for 6 months and most people don’t even have the 2.2 update yet. If you read the Samsung blogs you’ll see the same thing – F.. Samsung, never again etc..
    We all made the mistake of buying SE’s pilot Android phone, but I don’t think they will make the same mistakes again. Look at the live view for example- it’s already receiving an update.

  18. just because SE made a mistake people start bitching. people make mistakes, yes?
    if they keep repeating this, then yes they’re shit. but for now, I wish bitchers be quiet.
    oh and for those not using xperias anymore, stop bitching here as well!

  19. I love SE, however it is important to say what is worng and what is right!

    I love The Xperia, however there is a lack of support, and there are many things that can be done to improve. That been said, I think that SE should do more upgrades and more often, especially with phones that cost a lot !!! and are supposed to be the flagship , like the Xperia X10.

    On the other hand, love the phone !!! best SE phone I ever had, no regrests whatsoever.

  20. iam gonna ask you SONY ERICSSON some questions.
    answer these if you were born to a single dad. you know that samsung did nt even promise with its
    galaxy s that they will provide 2.3 in the future during the launch of the phone but they are giving 2.3 you know that htc didnt even promise to give 2.2,2.3 to all their devices but they are giving to their phones. you know that dell streak ,motorola updated tjeir phones to 2.2 and will provide 2.3 to some of their phones. you people know the value of money as you people kept huge price tag for your fucking phone.

  21. I have no idea why SE is in Android business – they have nothing to offer except their brand name.
    Android isn’t their OS; hardware is made by HTC, their GUI is a cosmetic waste of effort, their locked handsets lock out users, their upgrades are up to a year old, their Apps can’t be removed so they just hog memory… WTF? SE, either come out wish something original or give up but either way, stop polluting Android market!

  22. WHOA!
    All I have read is people wailing on SE!

    I am not at all disappointed anymore with my X10.
    However, a lot of friends I have who went for alternatives that I was considering before purchasing the X10 such as HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S etc, ALL have had major hardware problems such as Touch Screen completely packing up, phone freezing up and turning itself on and off randomly. I have not had a single problem like that with my X10.

    Is that not one of the most important things to consider about your handset? The fact that it actually works and doesn’t keep breaking? RELIABILITY thats the word I’m looking for!

    Also with the new handsets coming up being labelled as part of the XPERIA range, I think we will only get more support as opposed to the existing range being dropped like a hot coal which most people here seem to think is what is going to happen!

    Aaaahhh Rant over…

  23. I bought my X10i while my friends recommended me to buy HTC phones. I love its design. But now, I swear to God that I’ll never buy any SE phone again! Why? You known why! Until now, though my X10 was updated to 2.1 but its major problems still exist!
    – Low in-call volume
    – Touch screen is not responsive enough.
    – Performance is bad
    – Super-slow update, bad customer service.
    – 8MP camera? Hell no, its pictures look even worst than pictures that captured by my iPhone 4.

    I will find a way to sell this holly-crap SE X10 and never ever ever ever buy any SE phone again!

  24. The Xperia Play is not a ‘PlayStation’ phone. It is likelier to be a phone designed with hardware controls to play games purchased from the Android Marketplace. No official source from Sony has called it a PlayStation phone, and the PSP branding itself is missing from the handset. It will be a massive disappointment to those who genuinely thought it would be a PSP phone, but this is because of what they expect. It may actually be a very good handset, but I seriously doubt Sony will brand it as a PlayStation product. It would just be capable of playing crummy mobile phone games, the ones they make for Mum’s and Dad’s so they could show their yuppie friends how cool they are.

  25. @vijay Your head is fucked up, read again what you posted. It does not make are licking se ass with that, briliant engineers? Blended for max performance? Get a grip.

  26. Hey VIJAY!!! why dont you go and screw yourself with your xperia in your ass… I purchased SE xperia mini pro and surrendered to SE service center in just a weeks time.
    1. The back panel was loose and squeaky…all SE engineers are ass without holes…..
    2. The phone freezes and restarts after replacing 2GB card with 8gb MicroSDHC
    3. It came with 1.6 when everybody was using 2.2

    I used to a great fan of SE after my first SE t68i then K750i then Some more and finally Xperia the biggest mistake of my life…SONY IS NOT COMPETENT ENOUGH TO MAKE MOBILES ANYMORE…SE ENGINEERS HAVE NO TECHNICAL EXPERTISE…I will wit for GOOGLE NEXUS or SAMSUNG GALAXY Q series


  27. MINH…you stay out of this…we all are infuriated just because we were duped by SE…


  28. VIJAY…you go and google first the improvements in Android 2.2/2.3 from 1.6 you are using….OK google is developing android and they are polish OS with every new version…OK…you carry on with 1.6 while world goes to Android 10… because yours is optimized for max performance…you retard…

    Engineers dont make squeaky phones…if they do so they are not engineers….Check Xperia mini pro wikipedia page…You imbecilic

    Where are you VIJAY???Ass hole…come and blog you son of a bitch….

  29. And why Xperia 10 mini /mini pro has 3 press buttons…why they dont have touch buttons or soft press buttons…did anybody found ‘Underscore’ key on their keypad and where the hell is ‘Back’ button on qwerty….Idiots..Who the hell designed Xperia mini pro series….Shoot the bastard…you come to me…I will shoot you rascal…

  30. @venki That is literally the funniest comment I have read in a long time on the internet. Your average english couple with your apparent anger really gave me a good chuckle so thank you 😀 Especially the “answer these if you were born to a single dad” part.

  31. You who yelling about SE could you please stop doing that? You only make fools out of yourself. @Mehdi Missous say you have average English, I say it’s even lower than average English.

    First: SE has a long check list to get the software stable, that they have to go through to be able to garantee that the phones will not be bricked when new software is sent to customers. Yes Googles code isn’t that perfect, because it’s develloped for one kind of hardware. That is why you can’t get the latest update direct when Google releases a new version of Android.

    Second: Blame your phone companies that you have bought the phone from. SE sends the update to them, and then it is up to them to send out the update. And they want to test it too. So there you are, delays. Yes, I know this from first hand.

    Third: If you want a bleeding edge software in your phone (for no bloddy reason, what I can tell, except catching the first buggs), you should not buy these phones, you should not buy HTC or Samsungs either. You should buy a Google phone. Want tested phones with tested hardware, buy a phone that have been tested.

    Fourth: Even HTC has dropped support for old Androide phones, which they said they would upgrade. SE has not done that.

    Fifth: Stop bitching and startwriting some reasonable, constructive critique. Because SE will not read this site (it isn’t theirs) and you just make youself stand out as really big fools (in best cases).
    Or just buy a new phone and got to a web site for that phone and start bitching on how that is bad and tell everyone that SE X10 was sooo god and this new one is crap.

  32. […] On the plus side they believe the 4-inch display will use the same Bravia Engine found in the Xperia arc. They couldn’t test out any games as the Playstation Suite portal is not live yet. However, despite this they weren’t sold on the button placement, saying that it was difficult to rest your forefingers on the shoulder buttons comfortably. They also weren’t able to test call quality and the internet, but the handset is believed to have dual mics for noise-cancellation purposes (much like the arc). Look for the official announcement of the device in less than a couple of weeks at MWC Barcelona. […]

  33. I’d be mad to get a SE again. I had the X1, which went terribly bad at some point. Now the X10i, super slow device. Im done with SE. Im sooooooo done!!