Stop crying. Sony Ericsson UK says its Android 2.1 update is better than 2.2

SE UK twitterIn what looks like a very misguided comment, Sony Ericsson UK has further enraged Xperia X10 owners in light of news that their handsets won’t be upgraded to Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later. The SE UK team tweeted the following:

We believe the features included in the Android 2.1 phone are on par with, and in many cases better than, a vanilla installation of 2.2.” Obviously the team is doing its best at damage limitation given the number of customers querying why they are not getting the Froyo update, but a comment as ignorant as this is just likely to frustrate X10 owners even further.

SE UK twitter

Update: Sony Ericsson has got in touch with a full statement regarding the message it was trying to convey in its above tweet. Here’s the statement in full:

“We believe that the current Xperia range on Android 2.1 coupled with Sony Ericsson’s proprietary upgrades and unique hardware delivers a user experience that is on par with, and in many cases better than, a vanilla installation of Android 2.2.

We’re planning another upgrade to bring new features (such as for example multi-touch for Xperia X10) to the current family of Xperia™ smartphones in Q1 2011.

Our priority right now is to keep enhancing the user experience of the existing products through coming updates and to deliver a fantastic range of smartphones in 2011 that are all on the latest possible version of Android – that is a target we are determined to hit.”


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  1. cmon even vanilla 2.1 was better then 2.1 from SE, much faster and without that crap apps like time/mediascape

  2. Sony with that attitude by by – there is no native exchange sync no combined email no single calendar . I have had it so up yours

  3. Stop crying,

    i say my old VW Käfer is better than a Porsche 911.

    Stop selling you liars,
    good am i lucky that i bought a HTC Desire HD seven months after i bought this se X10.

    Because i knew that these liars never wanted to support this phone longer as they bring out the next one.
    Bunch of….

  4. i don’t think SE gets it… i didn’t pay $$$ for a phone that will not have the same features as froyo and beyond. i bought this phone to see what android phones are all about. how the fck am i supposed to do that when they stop their upgrades at 2.1?? technology changes all the time…sucks that SE can’t keep up with it! i bet the ARC will be the same!! they’ll have the gingerbread update and nothing else.

    oh, and how long will it be until we see these little “updates”… another year??


  5. With enough complaining, X10 is now getting multitouch. Who’s to say SE won’t cave again?

  6. If they will not update us to 2.2, can someone please tell me how to get a flash player on my x10 – as most websites use flash now!! Browsing is hell!

  7. Seems it´s going to get better with the updates from now on… Read this.. About the new phone SE Arc

    Sony Ericsson has slimmed down their Mediascape and Timescape elements; the former gets an optional media widget on the homescreen, while the latter is now slimmed-down and optional rather than mandatory to use. They’re also been uncoupled from the underlying Android OS, which Sony Ericsson says will allow them to upgrade the platform far quicker than on the X10 and other variants. One of the company’s 2011 priorities is to push out upgrades on a more timely basis.

    Hole articel:

  8. If the problem with updating the X10 is time/mediascape, then scrap them. Their useless anyway!

  9. Then F()cking open the BOOT loader… if u guys cant let the XDA do it..







  10. They probably mean that they haven’t buggered up 2.1 as bad as they could 2.2. So yeah, small mercy that they left it alone.

    I’ve moved on from SE, just keep coming back here to check developments, because I’m very bitter about how I was shafted over the X10i, and each new snafu leaves me with a rosy feeling at my decision to abandon these losers.

  11. Best is very relative. It looks good, but then, so do a bunch of others. I would definitely not call this “best”.

  12. Well, this just means that I will NEVER buy a SE product again…
    Once my contract is over.. BYE BYE SE.. and I will NEVER recommend again any SE Product

  13. jaja, como si no pudieran tomar el firmware del arc y ponerlo en el x10 con los respectivos controladores

  14. Oh Sony…just as your winning us over with the arc which looks fantastic you stick two fingers up at your loyal customers. Well fuck you, you lost this customer. One year of updates when everyone knows mobile phone contracts are at minimum in the UK at least 22 months for a high end phone.

  15. 2.2 isn’t better? Really? Multitouch, Flash, ABILITY TO INSTALL APPLICATIONS ON THE SD CARD, tethering, SPEED improvements according to the laggy home and application screens, overall and games speed boost – more fps, where’s the hell DLNA you were talking that X10 will get it in the december ???? Just put your’s X12 in the … Welcome HTC!

  16. Oh , Now They think They’re So Smart ” … We Believe 2.1 is Better Than 2.2 … ” ??? What the Hell ? It Was Better For Them To Shut Up ….

  17. heeeey, it’s super cool come on guys. 🙂 2.2 is NOT 4,5 times faster than 2.1 and if u enable JIT + other fixes/workarounds u wouldn’t get more than 4,5… come on.!! S.E. = 10/10 phones. design, build, software etc. 0,0..(n times 0)..01/10 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT(+ their incapability of being honest, that they CAN’T or DON’T WANT to develop further versions of Android for the x10). VANILLA 2.1 is 2 times faster than S.E.’s version. VANILLA 2.2 is 4 times faster than S.E.’s 2.1 version. THESE ARE FACTS. WHAT THE FUCK. they think we’re stupid or what? oooooooor, maybe’s just a marketing stuff. x10 will NOT HAVE MULTITOUCH. after almost 6-7-8 months…HEY, we just DISCOVERED OUR PHONE HAS MULTITOUCH, how about we make an update and enable it? JESUS CHRIST. if i would be able to hack the bootloader, i would install gingerbread, and release it for all u guys. (`m an x10 owner myself). Let’s SUE SE. who’s with me?

  18. What do I want really – to be honest the only thing I need extra that I can think of is Flash 10.1.

    I’ve been waiting on 2.2 just for Flash 10.1.

    Give us that and we have one up on Iphone users.

    Skyfire is good up to a point but can’t do Flash 10.1.

    With Flash 10.1 we could use the phone as a small TV using Wifi.

  19. i don’t want froyo
    i want gingerbread
    if these have same requirements why i cannot have it?

    whether we need to do a damn petition, to get gingerbread?
    come on Sony, we dont like to cry, we like fresh system on phones dat we already bought.


  20. I figured they’d do this.. Thats why I rooted my x10. I just download the apps I need to move my apps to SD card and all that. Once XDA finalizes their 2.2 rom for the x10 I’ll install that.

    It sucks SE isn’t going to upgrade us to 2.2 but as long as I have a rooted x10 and I can install XDA’s 2.2 I’m good.

  21. This SE service war against its customers probably will end sooner than we can imagine . I think SE is flushing their money for ad campaigns to the toilets, they can save money and quit this android business right now. 🙂

  22. @kay
    u`ll install 2.2 based on 2.1 kernel(2.6.29)? SE SUCKS. they`ll need to crack the bootloader, to make 2.2 fully functional. even if u install 2.2, it will have 2.1 specs(no tethering, PORTED flash and PORTED gapps) to simulate 2.2, but it’s actually not 100% 2.2, because it’s incomplete.

  23. I fell like i drank to much
    But my blod does not include %
    Are we in a cirucs?
    Are they Clowns
    or they try to make us clowns

  24. What else now? They are hopeless! also stuborn as they don’t open bootloader so that other people could work on it. They are patethic.

    Some guys out there called xda are working hard to get this phone a proper software and i see progress on them.

    For people regarding again Multitouch and tethering, the hardware of this phone does not support that, so stop crying for that. My x10 is rooted and the tethring apps clearily said that. They are going to leave this phone on the past and carry on with other new phones.

  25. I think we should hit them where it hurts. Any time you see a review for a new SE phone make a point of writing a ‘review’ of your experience of SE’s service record in the comments.

  26. I don’t care about 2.2. I never expect it to come from this shit company. Now only things I want from this phone is MT and performance issues resolved.

  27. If the multitouch will be like other thing in Se (over used pussies -technical support ) better if they just leave it as it is!!!

  28. How could you do this to us SE? I just brought this phone 1 month ago thinking it’d be nice to have an Android phone. And I’d also expected monthly updates. Now I feel like a fool for trusting you guys. If you’ve made your decision, then that’s ok. But please include these two features in your next update, I won’t want anyting else.
    1. Flash Support
    2. Move Apps from Phone Memory to SD Card
    Please Please Please!!!

  29. wow SE is just trying to get their customers back that moved on because of the x10 family… i guess the moral of this whole fiasco is if the phone is too good to believe and is made by SE they’ll probably just screw u over

  30. Typical fanboys like fact is fact always believe:
    – 2.1 is good enough (i still think that he works for SE)
    – 2.2 will come as SE will keep thier promise (again, some mother fxcker at SE announed that before, further prove that he works for SE)
    – people will worship new SE phone like the new “Arc of Justice” (ya true, now we want justice)
    now 2.2 not coming, where the hell is he?
    Now i do hope X10 UK user can officially fuxk SE UK (the HQ) for misleading kind of legal action as we from other country only with little force. Hopefully you can do something like the return/refund case of Toshiba Folio 100 in UK recently

  31. Any game programmer out there can help angry x10 user to develope a new android game like “Angry Bird” so that we can throw x10 phone to SE…… the first level should be x1, then x2, satio, x10, x10 mini, x8, and finally play and arc… when the combined points reach certain level, the player will gain galaxy s, desire HD etc etc.
    If really you want to develop it, please make sure it is compatible to 1.6-2.1 so that we can play it. And remember don’t make the game too large as we do not have app2SD kind of utility to move it to external SD card

  32. Brilliant… well, I’ve been using a 2.2 image from the XDA guys and I like it so much (speed, speed, speed…) that I decided to keep it despite the camera driver not working yet… I don’t really care at this point if it never ever get fixed, at least when I press the phone app there are good chances of it opening within a second (reliably… with the SE firmware sometimes the phone would just not respond to any input for no apparent reason).

    So yeah, their engineers can give themselves a pat in the back for being able to convince their management that they did a terrific job on that project and move on to their next fiasco…

    This is funny how I felt bad recommending an Android phone to my friends until I saw an HTC phone in action… even then I could not show how great the OS was, because the phone have so many issues it’s not even funny! it was embarrassing to take it out because you’d never know how it would behave, if it behaved at all…

    So yeah, I made sure nobody I know got an SE phone (plenty of iPhones, a few HTC…)

    Have fun!

  33. SE
    If you decide not to give 2.2, then don’t bother to give us MT. Save all your energy or brain juice and wait for the disappointed SE user to tell you the future of SE.
    One of your great supporter is from Taiwan and i going to bad mouth SE in some taiwanese forum (in fact, already a lot). I do hope same goes to Japan, US market so that SE die completely.
    Only the sales figure and popularity of their phone will awake them and we have to show our anger to them. We don’t want them to make their come back with play or arc, let’s make SE die forever.

  34. SE seems very cocky now that they announced the x12 that they are willing to insult our intelligence with a comment like that.

    Believing in SE is like believing unicorn exists.

  35. That’s just a MARKETING ploy, so people will not buy the now cheaper, older X10, X8, X10mini, etc, and buy the new high end phone with the latest and greatest Android OS…

  36. Yikes lots of folks around here needing a cookie and a nap says I.
    @ Demute – what on earth do you hope to gain by randomly trolling reviews of other products, other than annoying people who probably don’t care two hoots about the extraordinary mental anguish that SE has put you through?

    We all made the choice to buy a handset with a customised version of android (what, you didnt do your research before buying?), not an open-source hardware platform. Personally I love my X10 (albeit a non-stock build), and there’s nothing like reading these tantrums to start the day with a smile.
    Peace be upon you

  37. This is my second se phone. The first was a work one and it was terrible. I thought I’d give them one more try as companies can change… I like my x10… sure there are some difficulties…. the screen seems to play up sometimes and the build quality isn’t great but it is generally good. The software updates and support are terrible however. I’m not returning to se again as a customer; back to HTC for me.

  38. Bye bye SE. If you treat your customers like shite and then expect them to say thank you, then you’ve only yourselves to blame when you get bad publicity.

    But then again, just like iSheep, wave a flashy case and most of xSheep will be buying the new version Xperia.

    But not me. Anything but SE.

  39. @burdie
    I’m loving the idea of that game … should be a “seasonal” option on the current Angry Birds” 😉

    But yeah, SE are annoying. I have to say, once MT and Performance issues are sorted, I won’t be tooo bothered about no 2.2 🙁

  40. If SE says 2.1 is better than 2.2 –
    – Adobe Flash Player
    – Apps to SD card
    shud be the worst feature ever made to android, shud n’t it?

    OMG….. u shitting M Fuckr SE. U get lost. I regret spending my money on ur shit

  41. Since i knew that their new handset will with gingerbread, i was know that they will skip froyo development… But this is not a marketing plan which is fair to us as a x10 user.. Now they officially announce that they really skip froyo.. That’s not a matter.. for them.. But for us.. I admit that i’m a SE fanboy for the past 10 years.. My 1st phone is NK3310, that was year 2000. Later my 1st SE was K700i. I love it coz it come with most of the latest on that time… Then i do own another S700i after couple of months… And k600, k810, w595, p1i, g900… x10i is the 1 i currently have.. But now i’m ready to quit from SE. Last time, i always recommend a SE to any who ask opinion on having a new phone.. But now HTC is my recommendation.. Just because SE marketing plans and the developer team had disappointing me so deep. No matter how good is their design, 1 day soon, Sony Ericsson will split back like the old time to Sony and Ericsson as predicted by ??(don’t remember who) few years ago.. This is cause by their own management team that always failed their user.. Bye bye! SE! U ‘make believe’ on..

  42. what a joke.

    no flash?

    think i’ll constantly be using handsfree as i’m too embarrassed to get my phone out of my pocket.

    next phone WILL NOT be a sony ericsson.

    doubt i’m alone.


  43. big liar,
    oiit .. I will not be fooled again after the experience has x10. God .. please forgive the sin of the SE who has fooled his million fans

  44. Their further explanation does not make me (or most X10 owners from what I’ve read) feel any better. Unless SE is planning to implement *ALL* the following features into 2.1 on the X10 series, it’s not going to compare to 2.2:

    – JIT compiler
    – V8 javascript engine
    – apps2sd
    – USB tethering and WiFi internet sharing
    – MS exchange support
    – voice commands
    – OpenGL ES 2.0

    And even then, we still are unable to install apps that simply require the OS version to be “2.2”.

  45. Yeah, this is just nasty. SE, ffs, if you are going to abandon the house at least leave us the keys you greedy bastards.

  46. Well thats rather good, they says that in 2011 want make updates for all xperia’s family to the newest android versions – even if ill need to wait half of year i want them to do that! Multi-touch and moving apps to sd is the priority!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Calm down….my phone does everything I need it to do with the latest upgrade….how about you all chuck in a dollar….buy an X10 and let Cyanogen have a go at fixing all your woes.

    ‘Wah wah SE I’m never buying one of your phones again!’…..there are young people committing suicide probably even in your city…every single day! How about you put your energy into complaining about that and trying to fix it….instead of a phone.

  48. 2.1 is not better than 2.2 or 2.3. Sorry but in future i dont buy another sony ericsson. Let’s go to school to learn by another brand (lg, samsung or htc). Adios

  49. thats juz a marketing trick that SE use….. SE annouced the ARC(wtf phone) to making more money…. and they think we(x10i user) will trade in our phone and buy ARC….. F*CK U SE….. SE drops x10i user becoz they know no 1 will buy this piece of SH*t anymore…. they juz wan making more money with annouce new phone….juz c 2 months more…. and SE will drop the arc user and annouced a new phone….

  50. Good bye SE, my family will NOT buy your product you treat us like hell!, I do believe your financial Statement on Q1 2011 will “Free Fall” down to earth!, hope RIM, Apple or Nokia will occupied the Market..!! Shame on you !

  51. @ Jason. Just stfu if you dont know shit about android. If your phone does all you need, one costing a third as much from the HTC stables would suffice. What is the use of a flagship device to have no support?

    Yeah, your Xperia can do flash/ air/ a2sd/ mt/ etc. Or yeah your phone is about 4 times faster than other sods, then I’d say your statement is true.

    XDA is a replacement for lazy fucking cretins like those @ SE. It isn’t a cure.

    People like you have your SE honeymoon still on and will probably buy any shit they churn out, but I think those that actually give a damn are through with this company.

    Telling irritated people who paid top dollar not to complain about what irritates them but to go and solve issues happening in the real world? My advice to you STFU, stop trolling and GTFO and go do the same yourself while you let people who havebeen let down air their opinions.

    Personally I think these so called fanboys are frikkin employees of the company. Who in their right mind would be happy about “no platform updates”? Or maybe they should just be institutionalized.

  52. I am korean user
    I hate your policy. SE.
    Our conversation has no is only one way thouth.
    This article was sarcastic.
    I will do my best explaining your trash policy in korean forum of x10

  53. I thought se learned his lesson with the 2.1 delay…buy NOT.a lot of dissapointmen se…a lot! a lot of se fans are going to htc or apple… I think I’ ll go for a Desire hd too…

  54. Whinging morons – get over it. Both you and SE made a mistake but that doesn’t mean I won’t consider buying the Xperia ARC when it’s released since it looks like an awesome phone. This was first generation SE android and I think they’ve learned a lot over the last 12 months.

  55. Dear Mr ************************,

    Thank you for contacting the Sony Ericsson support centre.

    I can confirm we believe a further Android update for the X10 family of handsets would not drastically improve the user experience. Our developers included features in the Android 2.1 handset which is on par with, and in many cases better than, a vanilla installation of Android 2.2. We will continue to provide system updates to the handset, but this will not include an update to the Android platform.

    As you are clearly upset by the decision I will pass your feedback on to the relevant department.

    Kind Regards,

    Sony Ericsson UK Customer Services

  56. @JO – Then buy your ARC you moron! We’re not here to influence others to not buy their product. We’re here because of poor customer service.

    Good luck with your ARC. 6 months from now, 3.2 will be all over the world and you’re still waiting for your Honeycomb update.

  57. i bought xperia x10 mini in a dream that sony will update its android version. i bought the mobile just 10 days before… but this news makes me to throw my phone.. y cant sony update the android version,, surely its going to lose a lot of customers because of this..

  58. The xpieria family is the newest product of SE so y they pissed us off so fast?! is no even newer fone than x10 (just arc WILL BE) and they actually have no support for them? That’s like a big shit not a good firm. I hope no one will want to buy this fkin shit ARC and u will have to update ur older phones to make money u suckers!! Hate ya, bought my x8 few weeks ago but now im sure i’d buy another one (HTC) if i’d know that i know now. SUCKERS and nothing more go to hell and fall down with all ur SE.

  59. I have finished with this S*** Company worst ever… I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo PISSED ***

  60. damn.. where is the promise of SE? they say x10 family will get 2.2 froyo but where is the promise.. it’s just a bullshit right.. oh shit man, i don’t want to buy SE product again coz they don’t keep their promise.. go to the hell SE..

  61. Phew….Cold sweat, I was almost buying Xperia X10 last week, fell in love with it when I first saw it. Now No upgrade to Froyo means No good…No SE. Will switch to more promising Droid base smart phone such as HTC, Samsung or even Garmin Asus.

    Sony Ericsson, you can forget about launching new Android phones in 2011..nobody is going to like the way you do thing. UPSET:(

  62. Well I must say I am very disappointed that it seems Sony Ericsson have decided 2.1 is enough for this phone, like most others posting here I expected/hoped that SE would have the same software upgrade policy for Android as their competitors??!!

    I have this phone on a 24 month contract so by the end of this period the software will be well out of date (it seems). The phone cost me approx £300.00 plus the contract cost of £10 per month and I was informed that this phone was a premium product at time of purchase, however after 6 months of ownership the SE support certainly doesn’t seem premium compared to competitors like HTC and Samsung.

    I am not going to resort to bad language, however I must say I am extremely disappointed by SE’s lack of support for their customers. I will say that I will bear this in mind (like many others in the same position) next time I come to renew my contract. Sony Ericsson if you want my repeat business, please review your software update policy for the X10 as it is a great phone that is being let down by poor support. You must be aware that phone networks are supplying this phone on 18 month/24 month contracts so your support should continue for this period also. Especially at these prices!!!

  63. Give a shit what do you thin IDIOTS from SE give me froyo 2.2 and think what u want …

  64. I have had Sony Ericsson from my first phone, and from a cheap company like ZTE then ok I dont mind if their are no updates but for Sony Ericsson then they just sound lazy and only care about making new products, very dissapointing.

  65. This certainly is full of the crap. I am still waiting for SE to update my T610 to the first version of android. They do not wish to play ball at all !

    I won’t feather the nest of SE anymore

  66. i don’t want froyo
    i want gingerbread
    if these have same requirements why i cannot have it?

    whether we need to do a damn petition, to get gingerbread?
    come on Sony, we dont like to cry, we like fresh system on phones dat we already bought.


  67. I am using 2.1 Android but want to upgrade to 2.2 wants flash in my phone and also want to move apps to sd card. If its true than i am going to sell my xperia soon, bye bye SE.

  68. I really hope SE will loose almost their customers in this, new year and Xperia Arc will be big fail like i said in prev comment.

  69. I want Android 2.2 – that’s what I paid for. The X10 mini’s storage is much too small if you can’t use app2sd!
    I AM crying for Wifi tethering and flash support !

    MOTHER F****r

  71. i know its frustrating for you guys and im sorry to rub salt in the wounds. But After the fiasco with 2.1 i gave it to my gf who is more than happy with her mini pro, specially as she doesnt need all the latest features, long as she got fb and a few apps to play games on shes happy. Me on the other hand did the most sensible thing and went and got a desire hd from htc. Least i know that i will be getting a few updates with them until my next phone choice. Im going to monitor forums and write ups and hope se claw back some credibility. After all the speaker and picture quality on the pro i thought was fantastic! They lost me for now but maybe not forever, lets hope they learned massively from this!

  72. Im on line with “Rob” – most I know are happy with the X´s – but as time goes bye – we all change to the latest hardware anyhow. So by the time SE would be ready with an update – we would be long gone – using the next X. How long does a phone last – I havent had one longer than 10 month – My X10 is from marts last year – so all in all – it has already last longer than any other I´ve had past 15 years.
    But – pls SE – do´nt try again – to be “smart”.

  73. i’ve been sony fans almost 8 years…
    what da F**K!!!! i just bought my x10 few months ago after hearing all those promising shits~!!! and now????
    it’s one after another… SE, how come 2.1 better than 2.2 that support flas,apps2sd,multitouch and etc ?
    it’s like you’re fucking with your loyal customer after all those promises…
    to me it’s like a car dealer company (SE of coz) saying, honda civic engine is way superior and faster than a ferari engine???
    way to dissapointing.
    we, the SE fans, as we going down, we’ll bring you(SONY ERICSSON) down with us…
    F*CK YOU S*NY ER****ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. I’m trying to find a vanilla 2.1 ROM that will work with my Xperia X10… can someone point me in the right direction…ppppppppleeease??????

  75. Okay, so how can you know that vanilla 2.2 is better than your final mother f*cking crap 2.1, huh? If you’re you trying to satisfy your customers with this holy bullsh*ts, sorry maybe it works for the other but not for me. Fuck it never buy SE phone anymore. Listen up, X10 don’t even have a multi-touch screen, how pathetic. Changed to Iphone.

  76. ^epic failurE



  77. Lets take a look SE.
    Is there anyone do the same things like U?
    I rather tell that:
    “You should buy a SE phone because it good and don’t you ever think about software update….any update is not good (due to SE UK above)”.
    Ok don’t sell android fone anymore SE it’s not your business because android is now 3.0, SE is 2.1 and there want to stay there forever.

  78. “We believe the features included in the Android 2.1 phone are on par with, and in many cases better than, a vanilla installation of 2.2.”

    You really disgust me now SE, from which way did you think your 2.1 is better than vanilla 2.2? Are you kidding at your customers? YOUR 2.1 DONT EVEN HAVE MULTITOUCH AND FLASH, ACCEPT IT VANILLA 2.2 IS MUCH BETTER. DONT DISSAPOINTS US WITH SUCH RUDE WORDS.
    Selling my X10

  79. I still don’t understand why do sony ericsson wants to hurt phones and people and create a mess.

  80. Note: I like my xperia X10. But….
    If this phone was such a screw up and sony wanted to keep their clients happy then they should give their old customers a discount or a free product up grade? Not leaving them holding a phone they just got 5 months ago and will be stuck with on a 2-3 year phone plan that is already out of date compared to the other android phones. Not supporting their old product and focusing their efforts only on new products. This may help get some new clients but may piss off their old ones. Losing customers instead of a growing clientel.

  81. X10 biggest load of rubbish ever built, just tried to download and install new android 3 and it only gets to get started page and goes no further. Complete and utter waste of moneyt, will not ever buy SE ever again

  82. im not able to upgrade my 2.1 to above.
    without dng FLASH , is Der another way to upgrade my phone
    plz tell me im very disappointed 🙁
    mine is Sony ericson walkman E16i