New Custom Android 2.2 ROM for Xperia X10 released

Free X10Zdzihu from xda-developers has released a new custom Android 2.2 (Froyo) ROM for the Xperia X10. The release is timely considering that Sony Ericsson yesterday officially confirmed that the X10 family will not see an Android revision beyond Android 2.1 (Γ‰clair).

The ROM is currently in Beta and can be installed through xRecovery. A hot fix has already been released that addresses wi-fi DNS and ringtone loop issues. The first beta release of the FreeX10 Froyo 2.2 custom ROM can be downloaded here.

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  1. Where SE fails, XDA always delivers.

    Anybody know a thourough guide for rooting the X10 for absolute dummies?

  2. Have been running it for 48 hours or so, great ROM very stable and no issues with it at all. The main non-functioning aspect is the camera, which I never use personally anyways BUT the mega talented dev. guys on XDA will have that working soon no doubt.

  3. Gotta give it to the guys at XDA, i’ve been running this ROM myself too, and besides the camera not working, it’s great, it’s stable, smooth, and so much faster than the stock se rom, it’s ridiculous. Obviously it will never be perfect, since the boot loader is locked down, but great work nonetheless.

  4. @Janus
    just install z4root app if you are not on the latest firmware

    than use flashtool ,and install the rooted latest fw to your phone …


  5. I too would like some guidance on easy rooting and then installing teh new custom ROM please….

    so far have relied on just the SE updates, but am truly disheartened by them now…

  6. Even though the custom android 2.2 already been created last time, the issue is i’m not desperate for android 2.2.. it is the service provided by the SE, not even a year and this x10 already phased out… this doesn’t make sense… conclusion is i still want SE to provide the OS updates!!

  7. Se just join the android dev team for business only. I never like se support but always end up buying their product. Ive own a x1 once. Se left it rot while people in xda giv it air to breath even in it dying time. Credits to the genius at xda.

  8. It’s amazing how Zdzihu can make a 2.2 rom with a tied-down system (like having one arm tied behind his back) and yet SE (with all it’s so called skills) can’t.

    Well done Z!

    And to the likes of SE and all those (Micro$oft et al) who wish to cripple a product we paid vast sums to buy, I simply say… Fuck you…

  9. thats it i fucking hate SE!!!! they’ve fucked X10 users over a park bench!!!

    on another note, apart from the camera not work, what else is not working with the custom 2.2 rom??
    and a guide to installing it will be much appreciated!!!


  10. Rom works well enough, not stable or complete enough for daily use.

    If you don’t feel comfortable dealing with random issues then I don’t recommend trying this until it is a proper release.

  11. Sent my plea to Sony just now:

    Sony ericsson,

    What have you done?
    Have you lost your mind

    Your saying that no 2.2 update for the X10

    We had 1 major update for the X10. 1!!!!!!!!!
    The iphone has how many. Counts… 3 before it is discontinued fully. When you first released this phone you claimed it could kill iphone. You also claimed that you intended to be the android leaders. If you think about that today from our point of view, it is a good joke. By cutting off the x10 for your new fancy phone, which in my opinion looks ugly anyway, it just shows that all you do is scam us our Β£450 we payed for this phone. I and very many other people now feel like beta testers, and we also feel like you used us.

    You said that the 2.1 update was enough yesterday.

    This comment was as untrue unfair stupid thing to say. You know what 2.2 brings. You develop android for christ’s sake. If you cant be bothered to code and code rachael anymore, then allow us an optional google Stock 2.2 update for the X10 at least.

    My comments

    You were once a very strong brand providing us with excellent phones and once competing with the likes of samsung and nokia. You made internal job cuts. It in turn cost sony ericsson.
    If you think that im going to move to the new phone and that ive had the x10 a long time, let me just tell you ive had it 13 days!!
    13 days later after christmas was X10’s doomsday.

    Please sony, ive been a long supporter of your brand. Please allow us one of these three options:

    (in order of our preferences)

    1. Develop a 2.2 with Rachel UI

    2. Develop a plain Google stock 2.2 for us

    3. Open the Bootloader for other developers.

    I also want to say that gingerbread surely cant be hard to port to the x10 now its on the arc. I think its a shambles that youve basically said

    ‘we’ve given up with the x10 because we’ve had enough of coding rachael for it and we love our new excellent arc’

    Its like saying stuff you x10 owners, buy the arc. Im afraid thats not going to happen. youve simply let yourselves down even more.

    Im not writing this for myself, im writing it for everyone with X10’s, x10 mini/pro’s and the x8’s.

    We know your releasing new phones, you cant let it be an excuse for discontinuing with the x10. I’d thought cutting off the satio you had learned your lesson, but my faith and belief in you has now crumbled

  12. I will upload Froyo when they have 95% of things under control. I need this phone to function on a daily basis. But so far, I’ve had better experience with a bunch of part-time enthusiasts than with SE, the manufacturer of the X10, who sold their customers out.

    After 15 years with Ericsson, it seems like a very good time, and with such a great reason, to move on.

  13. When in the hell are they comin out with the last update for seus users sigh im still waiting for that…and how long will it be before i get this one …..i refuse to root my phine so i guess for all of us who dont mess with our phones are shit outta luck… personally i dont care about the updates tbh i just want the incomin call volume issue solved grrr…

  14. the custom android 2.2 might be lost for the HD video recording, MT and camera problems… i’m expecting for all these abilities maintain….. thus is what should SE provides..

  15. if this is the way how they making money in business it’s stupid, if there is another new phone released in Q4 of 2011 what next? arc will be phase out for no updates just like the faith of the x10? now still gingerbread 2.3 might be after updated to honeycomb 2.4 they will stop the update for arc and focus on the new products. This is the way how SE gonna ruin up their business losing the confidence and the customer’s heart… no one will be having the confidence of purcahse their future products as nowadays there’re alot of people giving a negative replies on SE… i cant even really see more than 10 positive comment on the xperia arc page… all people are shitting on SE…

  16. i dont get it. whats wrong with 2.1 ? my x10 with 2.1 upgrade is working pretty smooth and fine and all the market apps are accessible. why go for 2.2 ?

  17. Rohit> The biggest reason is the JIT java compiler. It is so to speak the engine of the java execution. In Android 2.2 they have made hughe improvments to the speed resulting in up to 5x the speed of the one in 2.1. Now everything might not go 5x faster but the speed increase should be noticable.
    Then we have tethering. I was looking into a Kindle but since I believed I could use the X10 as a WiFi hotspot then I could go for the non 3g-version but now I must rethink.
    You can also install new apps to the memory card and not be limited to the internal memory.

    These are for me the most important reasons for me and I was really expecting them to come. But of course for some people it might not matter at all.

  18. Rohit> Not to mention, the up and coming 2011 apps will mostly require a latest OS.

    Remember being stuck with 1.6 and the Angry BIrds came out with a minimum requirement of 2.1? That will happen more often since we’re stuck with 2.1 while the Android developers move on to 2.3 and 3.0

  19. @Mark- Isn’t that link a little old now?

    @aranny2001- 2.4 is not Honeycomb, it’s updated Gingerbread likely to released soon.

    @rohit- If your happy with 2.1 fine but not all X10 users are and we deserve more!

    For any body wanting to install Z’s 2.2.1, first you either need to root firmware 2.0.2.A.0.504 or if you’ve updates to 2.0.2.A.0.24 you’ll have to use Bin4ry’s flash Tool to downgrade to .504 and then you’ll need to root and install xRecovery also by Zdzihu. – Bin4ry’s Flash Tool – Xrecovery by Zdzihu

  20. since another ‘Jamie’ just posted my new name is now Jamie T on this forum.
    Anyway, ive had a reply from Sony Ericsson when i sent my requests to them.
    The reply is avaliable at:

    Hmm, its a good thing they just didnt say no 2.2 and thats final to me. Some hope maybe.

  21. Jamie T i cant see anything on the link you posted it on…. what actually is their reply?

    LONG LIVE XDA!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Been using this ROM for two days now (With Hotfix3 now), I must say that (Camera issue aside) this ROM kicks so much ass!

  24. What improvments from the 2.1 1update .. I just got this phone and want to make it more efficient obviously… what are the big advantages?

  25. installed it, i found it good enuf over the rachel. I even installed the adobe flash player to surf flash based websites and works like charm. tried and was able to view strem over megavideo. Kool, Moreover, in india since voice search doesnt come with SE official firware, this custom rom gives u that too,AWESOME. to list all this down
    – Super responsive keyboard
    – Flash based web surfing
    – Super Smooth
    – quick boot
    – better mail
    – Better Gallery, mediascape was Tooooooooooooo Slow
    – Music player widget is very handy
    – Choppy video Player (not very disgusting though)
    – No Camera support
    – Wifi tether isnt yet ther.
    eagerly w8in for the cam fix

    JIYO XDA!!!!!!!!


  28. to all custom rom android 2.2 user i’d like to ask will the HD recording and MT available for that? thx

  29. I updated to 2.0.2.A.0.24, now I want to downgrade to 2.0.2.A.0.504.

    How can I do this? I know i need Bin4ry’s Flash Tool, but what else?

  30. @JayJ, Yup old link. But it’s still applicable to our cause. Just shows how many X10 users want 2.2. Over 23K signatures, that’s almost half of Sony Ericsson UK’s Facebook fan page likes. lol

    @Topic, Z = God. SE got no shit on him. πŸ™‚

  31. Can’t wait to try this! Is Facebook integration with phonebookworking? Also any timescape alternatives? πŸ™‚

  32. to all custom rom android 2.2 user i’d like to ask will the HD recording and MT available for that? thx

  33. Works great? I am using it second day, its 10x faster than stock 2.1 update1.
    But from the first install i have had some issues, i have removed it and reinstall again, and it is absolutely perfect so far.
    I reccomend all X10 owners to update, its perfect!

  34. Peeps,

    Firstly a BIG thank you as we know by the powers of Grey Skull (que He-Man) XDA will allow us to do things SE Sucka’s turn a blind eye too.

    Any idea how long before the camera feature is available? Only reason I ask it that I’m partially blind in one eye and rely on SE camera for scanning barcodes for my weekly shoppings etc.

    Love you all still πŸ™‚

  35. Well I must say I am very disappointed that it seems Sony Ericsson have decided 2.1 is enough for this phone, like most others posting here I expected/hoped that SE would have the same software upgrade policy for Android as their competitors??!!

    I have this phone on a 24 month contract so by the end of this period the software will be well out of date (it seems). The phone cost me approx Β£300.00 plus the contract cost of Β£10 per month and I was informed that this phone was a premium product at time of purchase, however after 6 months of ownership the SE support certainly doesn’t seem premium compared to competitors like HTC and Samsung.

    I am not going to resort to bad language, however I must say I am extremely disappointed by SE’s lack of support for their customers. I will say that I will bear this in mind (like many others in the same position) next time I come to renew my contract. Sony Ericsson if you want my repeat business, please review your software update policy for the X10 as it is a great phone that is being let down by poor support. You must be aware that phone networks are supplying this phone on 18 month/24 month contracts so your support should continue for this period also. Especially at these prices!!!

  36. Please all, does the Custom 2.2 ROM solve the problem of the unacceptable low call volume on the X10??

  37. @ Chuka
    I cant tell u 100% but I think that incall volume is a little bet louder.. i cant said it for sure. Just have a try, if no u always can come back πŸ˜‰

    JAI HO!!!!!!!!! XDA.

  39. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    is the new custome rom dual boot-able??? and if i dont like it will i be able to restore back to 2.1 with any problems??? any help would be most greatful!!!

  40. hello people, can one some body tell my if me can install the new multitouch when it cames out with this new custome 2.2, thank you very much

  41. Hey guys! Umm I dont think this rom is dual bootable.
    But all you need to do to go back to se 2.1 is a reinstall
    Of the software using seus.

    Ive done it twice while trying this rom
    And each time I got the latest 2.1 se firmware πŸ™‚

    As for multitouch, id say its a matter for the xda guys to
    Impliment it into the rom via an update or maybe in the
    Final build of the rom itself when they have it working πŸ™‚

    Its a nice rom alright but after using it myself im gonna wait
    For it to become a more stable and for the cam to work
    Before id use it daily.

    I just think it takes the piss outta se that a few guys can
    Deliver what they cant, on a locked bootloader no less lol

    Se should be ashamed of themselfs. I mean
    A corporation such as them bein outdone by a couple of guys
    Developing in their spare time lol

    Must say i envy the skills of the xda guys πŸ™‚
    But more power to their elbows!

    Anyone else see a pattern here?
    Sony make a device, and someone from the outside hacks it
    And makes it 100 times better than sony do lol

    Psp anyone?

    Still rock on xda! Ill be watching the 2.2 rom development from here on, and when its done I dare say ill donate!

    Great work Z. πŸ™‚

  42. Just bought my x10 last week december still top of the line as phones go within many providers up here in vancouver canada – paid $560
    bought cuz it has concidered a “very powerful device”.
    could have bought a dual core laptop with tuns of ram and hd space for that price – instead I get a phone that is still needing to work out its quarks and a commitment from a company to not fix the problems. I tend to agree with most on disappointment of sony.

    odviously windows or google phone is going to far surpass SE – just for the simple fact that years later these companies offer updates for previously released things.

  43. i installed the 2.2.1 rom and it is very good. incredible speed and response. for the choppy videos issue, the solution is to install mvideoplayer. works great.
    now i am only waiting for the cam fix.
    thanks z and xda.

  44. I think it is great that this people can do this nu SE dont say that they can not the say it is to expensiv with the media and timescape and it takes to long to get the time and mediascape on 2.2 and SE have not stop the updates they are working on mt and thats an update

  45. Will this work on a Mini Pro?

    Will this work on a Mini Pro?

    Will this work on a Mini Pro?

    PLEASE ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Many developers have released custom ROMs based off Android 2.1 for the HTC Dream and Magic for awhile now but most were not fully working. Devs had been waiting on updated hardware drivers which supported the Android 2.1 kernel and those were finally released earlier this month..After several weeks of a lot of hard work the team behind is close to releasing a public beta of their latest ROM version CM 5.0.7 Ds.

  47. SE YOU SUCK !!! I was searching so much and the only phone i planned to buy was the x10. It’s being an android phone what’s the meaning of if it does not allow any updates. That’s crazy and makes no sense. Wow, what a market stratergy to market ARC but but no thank you SE we don’t want any of phones from now on. Either u give the x10 the update which it deserves or you lose all android fans using SE phones, it’s up to you !!!

    An angry x10 fan

  48. Yep they will, because by that time I will be so p….d because by that time
    my x10 will be so outdated, that I will hate SE. And word of mouth I will give about
    SE won’t be nice. I will badmouth it wherever I can. So good luck with your new
    phones, I hope you never trick anyone in buying them.

  49. is the 2.2 rom rady for the x10 mini?

    i have also contacted sony and they say they will not be updating it. people power must work they can’t just ognore customers

  50. what a despicable way to do business, and what a remorseless lack of respect for your customers. i’ve had an x10 about 4 months now….would never had bothered with one if i knew there’d be no updates past a belated 2.1….scumbags, do you realise how much these phones cost to normal working folk?

    like other people have said, if you arent going to update why dont you open up the code for others? as good as the arc looks i’ll never buy any sony product ever again on principle….

  51. Hey you guys…. Sorry for the shoes.. but this thing this 2.2 update does it work for the smaller one the x10 minis.. ????? this in need to know basis

  52. I got the X10 on Christmas and it has been a terrific phone for me, but that’s because I updated it to 2.1 thanks to XDA. Seriously, if the community can do a better job at coding than the actual company, that is a huge problem. XDA might as well just buy the entire phone. Screw Sony Ericsson. I’m moving on to the i9100 right when it becomes available to the United States. SAMSUNG FTW!!!!!

  53. I tried installing my xperia with xda developers android . But my phone has crashed . It freezes at the sony ericsson logo .What do i do to get my os back ? Pls help me out immediately