T-Mobile UK gets exclusive black Xperia X8

Xperia X8Wondering where to get a black Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 in the UK? Well T-Mobile UK have opened a pre-order page for the handset and claims that the black colour is exclusive to them in the UK. The phone will start shipping in January along with a free Cardio Trainer app and arm band. Price plans are unknown right now, but if you’re interested, you can register for updates here.

Update: Looks like T-Mobile does not have an exclusive. Three.co.uk is also selling the black Xperia X8 on PAYG.

3 responses to “T-Mobile UK gets exclusive black Xperia X8”

  1. i have this Phone and Trust me..don’t buy this phone, you’ll regret later..
    I’d rather recommend buying the i phone, Samsung or HTC

  2. And after SE have said there will be no update to 2.2 for the X10 family as well as the X8 who in their right mind would want it?
    I bet T-Mobile must be well happy at being saddled with an exclusive lame duck phone,
    It won’t be long before they’ll be giving away a SE phone with every bag of crisps you buy.

  3. youre kidding arent you? after seeing how youre treating your FLAGSHIP PHONE customers ? sorry ill pass ! £450 and now left out in the cold ? nah ill pass